tagInterracial LoveMe and the Garbage Man

Me and the Garbage Man


The garbage men pick up the garbage in my neighborhood every Monday and Thursday and I'm usually outside. I wave to them and they wave back, at Christmas I always have a small gift for them and because of this they know me. There is one guy in particular, his name is Jerome that always catches my eyes. Although it's early morning when they come to get the garbage it's usually already sweltering by 8:00 am (that's the weather in S. Florida) and his t-shirt is plastered against his sweaty body and his muscles are evident as he moves to pick up the trashcans.

"Hey Jerome, can I ask you for a big favor?" I shout out one Monday morning.

"Sure Mrs. S, what can I do for you?" God, if he only knew!

"I need help with this old dishwasher that I need to throw away, I was wondering if you could help me get it to curb."

"No prob Mrs. S." he says and tells the guys to drive around the corner and come back and pick him up as he is going to help me.

We walk to my back yard where he picks up the heavy machine on one end and I pick up the other and walk it to curb.

"Would you like some water Jerome? It's so hot already!" I can feel my t-shirt sticking to my bra where my big breasts are straining to pop out of. Being so close to this man is making me dizzy, his raw smell is making my nipples so hard they hurt. He looks down at my chest and notices as he nods his head yes.

We walk into my kitchen and as I go to grab a cup, I accidentally brush my chest against his arm. He grabs me by my arm and makes me face him.

"You know Mrs. S, I've watched you for a long time, you are a beautiful woman and I've always wanted to know what it would be like to kiss you." Without any further words, he bent down and kissed me, slowly at first licking and nipping at my lips with those incredibly thick full lips of his.

I moaned softly and that was all the encouragement he needed. He lifted my t-shirt while still kissing me, deeper now, his tongue in my warm mouth, his lips completely surrounding mine, the feeling of kissing a soft pillow. Suddenly I needed to know what the rest of his body tasted like and as he fooled with the clasp of my bra I kissed his face, his neck, his shoulder blades. Awww, by breasts were now free and his rough hands were kneading and pulling at pink nipples. I am not a young woman, but my breasts are full and soft with great big areoles and small pink nipples that were now hard as bullets. He moved his head down and started to lick and suck them.

Suddenly the garbage truck blew the horn and he let go of my tits. He looked at me and told me to go to my bedroom and get completely undressed. I looked at him as if he was crazy but I obeyed him. He was at the door of my room not more than 3 minutes later as I finishing taking off my silk, wet thong. He whistled softly as I laid on my bed completely naked, my pussy throbbing with the need for this black man. I thought to myself that I must be crazy, god what would happen if my husband found out about this?!? All thoughts were washed away as I watched him take off his t-shirt and unfasten his pants. He had an incredible body, muscles rippling all through it, the black boxers were now coming down and I caught my first look at his huge black cock. I was paralyzed by it, in awe of it. It was about 8" long and twice as big as any man I had ever been with and it wasn't even fully hard yet!

He moved over to the bed, "Have you ever had a black cock before Mrs. S?" All I could do was nod my head no. "Then I'm the one that gets to make you a slut for this black cock, cuz baby once I'm through you will be begging for this and I will be able to have you anytime or anywhere I say. Come on over here and lick this cock, this is what you want right? You want to suck my big black snake."

He wasn't really asking me, and of course, he was right. I got on my knees in front of him and just the smell of him made my cunt contract and wetness ooze out of my ready pussy. I took his cock in both of my hands and looked at it as if I had never seen one before (well, I never had seen a black one!) I put my sweet pink lips over it and licked with my tongue, trying to get all the taste of him, then I licked down the shaft, all the way to his balls, taking each in turn into my warm mouth. One hand cupped one of his hard ass cheeks as the other moved to the base of his shaft. My mouth was now back at his purple head, and I took as much I could into my mouth while my hand stroked the shaft. Oh god, it felt so good in my mouth, I wanted more! I took it deeper into my mouth than I had ever taken any man and still I wanted more. My head bobbed up and down as I worked my hand and my mouth over his incredible organ. I wanted to worship it. My cunt was now dripping, so badly , I just wanted more, more, more of it.

"Damn woman, you know how to suck cock. You like this black cock in that pretty white mouth baby? You want me cum all over your pretty face." All I could do was moan as I continued to suck and fuck his cock with my face. He held my head with his hands and made me take him deeper, I thought for sure I would gag, but I didn't. I could feel his cock get bigger in my mouth and I was hoping for him shoot his hot spunk down my throat, but just before I thought he would cum he stopped me and asked me to get on all fours on the bed.

I quickly obeyed, pushing my ass up as I waited for him to take me from behind. Instead of entering me, he got on his knees behind me and started to lap up my cunt juices as a dog might, with his tongue flat and hard. The thought of his lips and tongue on my pussy were too much and I could start to feel the tidal wave that was building inside. My moans let him know that what he was doing was pleasing me more than words could describe. He was methodical in the way he was eating me out, flat tongue, all the way from my clit to my puckered asshole and back. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore he stuck his tongue deep inside my cunt and one finger into my virgin asshole another 2 clamping either side of my clit. It was just sensory overload and I started to cum so hard I thought I would faint.

Before I would recover, I felt him behind me. I could here his voice, like molasses dripping above me. “God baby, you tasted so good, now I’m gonna give you this black cock. Tell me what you want baby, tell me how bad you want this black cock inside you.”

“Please fuck me, fuck me your black cock, fuck me hard and deep in my white cunt baby. God, I want you so much please, please, please.” I could not stop rambling, just telling him how badly I wanted him inside me, how much I wanted his thick hungry snake in my cunt.

And then it was there, pushing against my aching cunt, my lips opening up for him in the dance. It hurt at first and I thought I would not be able to take him. “Relax baby, damn, you’re so tight girl.” He talked to me while he slowly put himself in me, a little at a time, letting me get used to his girth, to his length. Then he started moving in and out, in and out, slowly, in perfect rhythm. God, it felt so good.

I moaned loudly, “More baby, please give me more.”

“ In due time my slut. I want to work this pussy till you’re screaming.” He kept on stroking me, slowly, all the way in, then almost all the way out, till only the head remained inside me. It was maddening! I wanted more.

I began to beg him, “ Please fuck me harder baby, please, please.” He finally complied, his movements faster now. Like a piston inside me, I felt his cock totally fill me, stretch me. Nothing had ever felt so good to me before. He took my long black hair in his hands and pulled while his other hand held on to my hip.

“Is this what you want bitch, you want me to fuck that white pussy hard?”

“ Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard with your black cock.” I started to clamp down around his cock, cumming in waves so incredibly delicious that I wish I had the words for it. I felt him speed up and suddenly, I felt his hot thick cum deep inside my pussy. Oh god, so good, I came again, screaming just as he said I would.

He dismounted, finally letting go of my hair. I rolled over and crawled towards his limping cock while my cum-filled pussy dripped all over my marital bed. I took his near flaccid cock in my mouth and licked it clean of his cum and my cum and the delicious cocktail they made. “I’ll be back here Thursday bitch. Make sure you’re ready for me,” he said as he kissed me gently. “You’re one hot piece of ass, there are many things I need to do to you.”

I felt myself get hot again just from his words. “I’ll be here Jerome. Waiting for you.”

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