tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMeeting a Transsexual Vampire Ch. 01

Meeting a Transsexual Vampire Ch. 01


I consider myself a fairly tolerant person. I judge each person on their merits, not their skin color, gender or even sexual orientation. I'm even in favor of the Vampire Rights Amendment, but I must admit, unlike other groups people discriminate against, they make me uneasy. They claim that all they want to do is peacefully co-exist with humans, but how many people did they kill before there was synthesized human blood? To my knowledge, I've never even encountered one, but ever since they "came out of the coffin" a few years ago, we know they are out there and I do sometimes wonder, are they a threat to us all?

Either way, I doubt I ever encounter one, considering they use to eat people, simple logic says the vampire-to-human ratio must be low, and while I live in a fairly populated area (Northern Arlington, Virginia) right out of DC, I have no reason to think I would be unlucky enough to encounter one. Or at least that's what I tell myself when I see the Vampire spokesman on TV, advocating equal rights, or even when I see the synthesized blood at the local convenience store, but I try not to give it much thought.

So this Friday, a bunch of co-workers were planning on going to happy hour at this bar down the street from work. I'm the new guy in the office, having just moved up from North Carolina a few years ago, so while I'm not particularly close to anybody at work, I needed to make some new friends. I've been in town for about 3 months and haven't had sex since I've been here. Most guys would say the same thing, but for me, it's definitely a lack of trying. I've never had any problems with women, and there are plenty here, but my job is really stressful. It's not a hard job, but there's the 6 month probation period, where I could get fired without cause if my supervisors thought I wasn't a good fit.

So it's Friday and I'm at work, trying to get this website up when my boss Walt comes walking over. He stands over me starring before he finally says, "Jackson, get your head out of your rear, that last posting you submitted was full of errors!"

Walt is about as an obnoxious boss as you can have. For starters, he insists on calling everyone by their last name like we're in the military. And he blows everything out of proportion, big time. "Gotcha Walt, I'll look over and correct the errors" I said.

Of course that wasn't enough, so Walt adds, "Jackson, it's not the weekend yet, you still got an hour left, so take some pride in your work before I find someone who does!"

"I'm on it, won't happen again" I tell Walt, hoping he walks back to his office and lucky for me he does.

Charles, whose desk is fairly close to mine, waits till Walt walks away before looking at me as whispers, "what an ass."

Charles is a nice guy I guess, but totally clueless when it comes to web work. He probably makes more mistakes than the entire floor combined, but since he was the starting QB at the same high school Walt went to (some 20 years later than Walt), he could do no wrong.

I just laughed, resigned to the fact that I have to deal with Walt being an ass and talking about him won't make it any better. I open the page Walt was referring to, and comb it over looking for the mistake. After like 10 minutes I find it. For the date, I used dashes (-), instead of slashes (/). "What the fuck" I mumbled under my breath.

I resubmit the page and within a few minutes I get an e-mail from Walt saying, "much better, let's work on getting it right the first time."

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Walt didn't leave his office, which everyone was happy with, and when five o'clock hit, we all left the office before Walt could find something else to bitch about. I grabbed my jacket and headed to the elevator, when Charles came running up behind me, "Dave, you still coming out tonight?"

I sighed and answered him saying, "I don't know, after a week of that Walt, I wouldn't mind just heading home."

"That's why you NEED to come out, to get that ass hole out of your head" Charles said. He could tell by the look on my face I was unconvinced. "Look Dave, I'm going, Seth and Rick are as well and even Tina and Jessica are gonna hang for a while. Come out with us, get a few drinks and you may even find someone to take home, someone to work you frustrations out on," Charles said with a slick smile.

Finally I began to nod, which made Charles happy, and I said "Sure, no promises on how late I'll stay, but I'll go."

Charles just patted me on the back and said "good decision man, I promise you'll have a great time."

So he gave me the address, it was a bar called "1223" and I headed over there with everyone else. I'll never understand parking in DC, it's always a cluster fuck, but luckily I found a garage that was open all night within walking distance of the bar. It was a $20 charge to get in, but there was an open bar. As soon as I walked in, I saw Charles and the gang through the crowd towards the back.

"Hey, look who finally made it here," Charles said over the music. I walked over and saw nothing but empty shot glasses on the table. Charles stood up to greet me and told me, "Stick with me and you can get any girl in here."

I just smiled at the notion that I needed his help getting girls, so I didn't appear rude. I may not have been a high school QB, but I was definitely a catch. I was about 5'10 with a pretty good physique, light brown skin and I had a pretty good job. So I figured I would at least try to enjoy myself, so I got a round of "1800" for the group.

The night went on, and I have to say it felt good to be out. I danced with a few girls, but nobody in particular, I liked. What was surprising was how great a wingman, Charles was. Both Rick and Seth, who I would describe as a bit geeky, were definitely dancing with girls who I would say were out of their league. Charles can't close the deal for them, but he does seem to get the girls warmed up for them so that's really cool of him.

I was getting tired and thinking about leaving and began looking for Charles to tell him. Eventually I saw him in the crowd, dancing with a very pretty red hair girl, who was strangely eye fucking me from across the bar even though she was dancing with him. She was shorter than Charles, who was 6'3 or so, but kinda tall for a woman. Maybe 6'0 or 6'1, typically taller than I go for, but she was absolutely gorgeous. As matter of fact, most white girls aren't my cup of tea, but I couldn't stop starring at her and apparently she couldn't stop staring at me.

The song changed, and she began walking away from Charles, with her eyes locked on me. Charles had this disappointed look on his face, like he wanted this one for himself, but my focus quickly shifted back to her. As she walked closer, she never broke eye contact with me. I looked around, thinking that maybe she was looking at someone else, but I didn't see anyone else she could've been looking at.

When I turned to face her again, she was surprisingly right in front of me. I jumped back, surprised at how she got so close, so fast, when she grabbed my back brought her lips almost to mine and said "I love this song."

She turned around, and began to grind on me, while the song played. There were no words, we just danced. The song seemed to last forever, which was fine by me. I didn't want her to leave and hoped that she didn't want to leave.

When the song ended, I heard her simply say "your friend is jealous."

I smiled and said, "he's cool, but he thinks he's the shit."

She just laughed and asked, "what's your name?"

"Dave" I answered

"Well sug, my name is Toni," she replied.

"Well Toni, can I get you a drink?" I asked.

"No thanks, I think you've had enough for both of us" she answered. I felt a bit rejected, thinking maybe she was ready to move on the next guy, but soon she added "I don't drink alcohol, it doesn't really agree with me, let's just dance"

We danced quite a bit longer and this time, I took my attention off her just long enough to notice that yea, Charles was jealous. Toni must have noticed that I took my attention off her, so she turned around and kissed me. This was a very aggressive kiss for someone I just met, but for some reason, none of that bothered me. When our lips broke, Toni simply smiled and said, "I used him you know?"

I looked at her confused, and she explained "I saw you talking with him earlier and figured you were friends. I knew if I got close to him, I'd get your attention eventually."

I smiled and said to her, "If I knew, I would have found you."

Toni then looked me in the eye and said, "Then let's leave here and head to your place."

Without as much as a goodbye to anybody else I was here with, I left. And I couldn't do it fast enough

I was no stranger to one night stands, but something didn't feel right about her, something was wrong, but I couldn't quite place it. And maybe it was the alcohol, but I just couldn't resist her. Walking to my car, we were all over each other. I wasn't sure if I was willing to wait till I got home. We finally got to my car and Toni leant me against my car and kissed me one last time before looking me in the eyes and saying "drive."

We both hopped in, and I began to drive to my house. It wasn't far, and since it was still slightly before midnight, the city traffic wasn't that bad. The whole way to my place, Toni was rubbing on my legs and starring into my eyes. A couple times I almost swerved off the road, but soon enough, we got there.

I had a small 1 level house. When I moved up here I found this house that recently went into foreclosure, so even with an unstable job, I bought it.

We got to the door, and once again she was all over me. I fiddled with the keys, trying to open the door and eventually I opened it. I walked in and started taking my shirt off when I noticed Toni was still standing at the door way. She had a very coy smile on her face when she said, "Aren't you gonna invite me in sug?"

I walked back outside, hugged her around the waist, while she wrapped her legs around me, and said "get in."

The next stop was my bedroom. I carried her back there and threw her on the bed. I attempted to climb on the bad after her, but she pushed me back a bit, and began to take her shirt off. Toni was surprisingly strong, but my attention was soon on her naked breast. They were stunning and I figured I'd try my luck at getting closer to her again. This time as I got closer, she almost, in one motion grabbed me and spun me on my back, and I landed at the head of the bed.

Toni then straddled me and began pushing her tongue down my throat. After a few moments, she moved down and started kissing and sucking on my neck. Every attempt I made take control, to get her on her back and get her pants off was unsuccessful. Toni simply laughed and said "soon enough sug."

Toni soon stopped kissing on my neck, looked me in the eye and said with that same coy smile as before "loose the pants." I took them off without a second thought, and threw them on the floor, but by the time I turned around, she was wearing nothing but her red panties, almost the same red as her hair.

I couldn't believe how lucky I was, normally girls this hot required putting in some type of work, but she did it all for me. Toni found me, she said let's leave and now she's basically begging for me to fuck her.

Toni once again pushed me on my back, but this time she pulled my dick out, and began to give me the best blow job I've ever had. She immediately swallowed all of seven inches of me and slowly licked her way up towards the head. She circled the head with her tongue and then dove back down until her forehead was up against me. Once I was fully worked up, she swallowed me again and began going up and down on my dick with her mouth, so fast I couldn't hold it anymore and bust in her mouth.

She took it like a real pro, swallowed and smiled. Eager to please her now, I grabbed her and said "your turn."

She began to blush, and this time I rolled her on her back. It definitely felt like she let me flip her, but that didn't really bother me. Once on her back, Toni began to blush, and then lift her hips up to take her thong off.

And then I saw it. An almost fully erect cock, pointed right at me. Now everything made sense. Why she was stronger than me, and why so eager to come home with me, she was a transsexual.

I felt bad for her. She basically was giving herself to me, but I'm not gay and wasn't going to take it any further, despite how attractive she was. I tried not to jump back, because I didn't want to offend her, but simply said, "I'm sorry Toni, I didn't know."

She again smiled at me, not like before and simply said "Am I not attractive to you?"

Again, I felt bad. If she had a pussy, I'd be face deep in it now. "I told her, she was attractive, but I'm just not into those type of girls."

She smiled again and said "Thank you for not saying you weren't attracted to guys."

There was no reason to insult her, so I just smiled and asked Toni, "no hard feelings."

She said, "No, only thing hard now is my cock, but why don't you let me suck on you again."

I was tempted, but decided against it, since it would be wrong to lead her on, but I did offer to take her home.

Toni's face suddenly got more serious and said, "O, I insist sug." And with that, two fangs dropped into view.

"Oh Shit," was all I could manage to say before she pounced on me, rolled me over on my stomach and dug her fangs into my neck. All I could feel was an excruciating pain in my neck and her fully erect cock resting between my butt cheeks before. The more I tried to escape, the more she held me down, till I finally passed out.

The next day I woke up face down, completely nude in my bed. For a moment, I believed last night had to be a dream, but when I saw the blood on the bed and on my neck, I knew last night was real. I was thankful to be alive and I was pretty sure she didn't rape me. I'm confident that I would've been sore back there if she did, assuming the part about her having a dick wasn't just a hallucination.

As I stumbled around, falling every few steps, I saw that it was 3 o'clock pm. I couldn't believe that I was out for so long, but I guess that was a side effect of getting bit by a vampire. Once I got to the kitchen, I saw a note.

"Hey hon, had a great time last night and thanks again for dinner. You probably feel weak and tired, but get some vitamin c in you, and you'll be fine. You were a real gentleman last night and since you were, I did my best to act like a lady. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night, love Toni"

I simply threw away the note and contemplated what I should do.

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