tagNonHumanMelissa's Holiday Trip

Melissa's Holiday Trip


It was a cold, snowy, winter day. The sky was overcast and flurries floated from the sky. Inside her nice warm house, Melissa was packing her suitcase. It was her normal once a year drive up to her mom's house for Christmas. She was looking forward to it and had everything ready. She loaded the suitcases into her nice Lincoln Town car. She smiled as she made sure the house was locked up. She backed out of the garage and waited for the garage door to close before she left. She was going to be gone for a week and didn't want her house broke in.

She headed out of town and decided to pull off at a gas station and look at the map. She found a state road and smiled. It was going to save her at least two hours of driving. She filled up the car and was on her way. This road was an old road and not used much by people. She didn't realize what she was in for.

She found the turn off fifty miles out of town. She looked down the two lane road and began to doubt it. Snow had piled up and was almost ten inches where she was driving. She looked in the rearview mirror and decided to turn anyway. She turned and found the road slick and snow covered. She headed down it as her GPS told her where to go.

She cruised and listened to the radio. The GPS kicked off and the radio lost signal. She looked around the old highway and found mostly empty houses and ran down barns. The fields were over grown and she noticed not one set of tire tracks in the snow. She came up on some curves and slowed down. She kept going as the road got enclosed by trees along both sides. It was a scenic drive for her. She had a week before Christmas, so what if this drive took longer.

She was driving hours later and realized she was alone on the road. She was doing about fifty five and looking around for a rest stop or gas station. She didn't see the curve ahead. She looked straight and hit the brakes as the car slid out of control. She steered into the slide, but it wasn't working. The car flew off the curve and dropped down into the snow and slid into a tree. She was knocked out from the air bag. Mellissa was out cold as her car was damaged badly.

In the woods, he heard the crash and looked around to find the noise. He walked out and saw the wreck. He watched and waited for the driver. He didn't want to be spotted. He smiled as he realized it was a female in the front seat. It had been a while since his last encounter with a female and wanted it again.

Mellissa woke up and looked around and saw the tree and her hood popped open. She unbuckled and got out. She sank to her calves in the cold snow. She looked at the car and looked around. She was in trouble.

He smiled at the blonde woman in her tight black slacks and tight button up blouse. She was about thirty two and sexy. She had long legs and a nice rack. He decided to get this one before she got away. He looked around and went towards her. Mellissa got her cell and called a wrecker. No one came to that area. She found one that was at least two hours away. She told them she would wait. She got her coat on and walked up to the highway. She looked around and decided to go find a house and see if any one was there. He followed her as he hid in the tree line.

He had been there for many years and had gotten away with many evil things. He wasn't human but made of snow. He had come to life by a witch that wanted his girlfriend for herself. So one winter she seduced him and made him into an evil snowman. She planted his mind full of sexual ideas to be used on women. She also planted the murder aspect. He had killed almost every person along the highway and screwed the women. He wasn't a nice frosty.

Mellissa was now his next victim. She was alone, wrecked, and sexy. He smiled as her tits bounced with the steps. He needed her body and was going to have it. He tossed out a snow ball. She felt it hit her ass cheek and she spun around looking.

"Who's there?" She asked as he smiled as her nipples hardened.

She watched and listened. Nothing but the wind was there. She turned and continued the walk. She wiped the snow off her ass and picked up her pace. She saw a house up ahead and looked behind her. She kept her pace up as he snickered and tossed another snowball. It hit her hard in her tit. She grabbed her hurt breast as he laughed enough for her to hear him. Mellissa looked as her blouse was soaked and showing her pink lacy bra. She hurried her pace more as he followed.

She got to the drive way and stopped. The house was empty, but a snowman sat there starring at her. She went up to the porch and found the door open. She walked inside and saw the place in ruins. He turned and smiled and sank into the snow, he had powers, she was going to find them out.

She got to the back of the house and she saw the snowman by the back door. She stepped back as he winked. Mellissa screamed as he threw a snowball and it smacked her in the face. She fell to her ass as he burst through the door. She looked as he grabbed her ankle and pulled her towards him. She struggled and cried for help as he laughed at her. He held her down by the throat and smiled at her.

"No one around for miles and miles honey. Just your sexy little body, and my ice cold cock!" He said as she saw it sticking out. "That's right, ice. Long, hard and cool baby."

She struggled as he pointed at her wrists. Ice appeared and held her arms up and to the floor. He pointed at her ankles and let her legs spread, the froze them to the floor also. Mellissa was crying as he smiled and pointed at her mouth, a gag of ice shut her up. He laughed as he ripped her blouse open and popped her bra off. Her nice c cups were revealed and she felt the cold lips of the snow man sucking her nipples as he prodded her pussy with the large hunk of ice cock. He peeled her tight slacks off revealing her pink thong. He hooked the string and then pulled the thong off showing her shaved pussy. She looked as he buried his face between her legs and ate her out. Her body betrayed her as the cold lips and tongue invaded her warm pussy. She moaned as her cum began to flow. He gripped her tits and teased them as she squirmed with pleasure. He sank his ice tongue deep into her and released the cum. He then slid up and rammed the large cock into her.

Mellissa's eyes widened as the cold dick entered her tight pussy. He was invading an area that hadn't been invaded in a while. She closed her eyes as her body still kept betraying her mind. She felt him get a good rhythm and he was pounding the sexy blonde. She was getting off as he dug deep into her pussy. She felt her cum pour out around the cock. She opened her eyes as she felt the cold cum shots filling her pussy up. He grunted and thrust hard and deeper. She closed her eyes and fainted, he finished doing her and left the house. She was left nude and screwed.

A while later, Mellissa sat up holding her head and looking down at her bare body. She looked for the clothes and they were gone. She found a thong by the old couch and put it on. She walked outside and saw the wrecker by her car. She stepped outside and fell into the snow. He held her legs down and arms in place. She wiggled as he sank his ice dick into her again. She went to scream as snow packed her mouth and her body slowly was engulfed in snow. Mellissa was his, he was screwing her as her car was towed by her.

She watched as the wrecker stopped and the driver got out. Mellissa was stuck but saw the female driver. Then the snow man noticed the females tight outfit and smack Mellissa's head. She fell to the ground limp. He uncovered her and went for the woman. She looked and saw Mellissa. She went to run to the blonde, but slipped and fell to her ass. She skidded into a snow drift backwards. She went to get out, but he held her arms and waist. She fought as her tight sweater was torn off and her jeans were ripped along the seams. She looked down at her black bra and panties.

"Stop!" She cried as he stripped her.

Her legs were lifted and the cold dick was ramming in and out of her twenty one year old body. She was crying as her cum was flowing. He pumped the tight wrecker girl hard and deep. She wasn't as tough as she thought, but nice and warm. Her body betrayed her and let the snow man have his way with her skinny, little body. He filled the red haired pussy up and left her sitting in the snow drift. He pulled Mellissa to her and laughed as he went back into the woods.

The women woke up and ran to the truck naked and violated. They sped off as he watched them. He turned and went to his cave and retired for the night. He had worn himself out. The two women never spoke about the encounter, but the stories the wrecker girl had heard, was true. The snowman was a horny, sneaky, and powerful man. The holidays were great for him.

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