Mother, Sister, MIL, SIL & Lottery


"Absolutely you can cum in my mouth and I'll swallow you too John," she said nodding her head yes as if she was a bobble doll and as if she needed the extraneous nodding movement of her head to reinforce her verbal answer in the affirmative. "It wouldn't be much of a blowjob if you didn't cum in my mouth and if I didn't swallow," she said with a shrewish kind of laugh.

With no redeeming qualities and with nothing attractive about her, he really hated her laugh. It was then that he realized having never cummed in her mouth before, always cumming in her hand or on her tits that she's never given him a real blowjob. Then, again, he's never given her a check for four-hundred-thousand dollars either. If he knew this before, facing the consequences and dealing with the repercussions later, he would have given her a rubber check for the sake of her blowing him and swallowing him a long time ago.

"What's gotten come you? In all the Valentine's Days we've celebrated together, you've never given me a blowjob on Valentine's Day. And even on those rare occasions when you sucked my cock, no doubt, while thinking of Keith Ledger, you never allowed me to cum in your mouth, forget about you swallowing me. I don't get it. Why now?"

He looked at her as if she was going to back out of her promise to blow him and to allow him to cum in her mouth. He looked at her in the way that she was looking at the check and disbelieving that it was real.

"Duh, silly. You've never given me a check for four-hundred-thousand dollars before either," she said looking at him with a smile. "You giving me a check for four-hundred-thousand dollars on Valentine's Day, of all days, gave me an epiphany John. I've been neglecting my wifely duties," she said sucking him while stroking him before removing him from her mouth to speak. "I've been taking you for granted. I haven't given you the sexual pleasure that you so deserve," she said teasing his cock with her tongue before taking him in her mouth again.

It was then that he had an epiphany himself when realizing that he held all of the power. Money is power after all. After giving his wife one-million dollars, actually four-hundred-thousand dollars after the cash payout and taxes, he still had nine-million dollars, actually, three-million-six-hundred-thousand dollars after taking the cash payout and paying taxes. When it came to money for sex, he wondered if all women were so mercenary or if it was just his wife who was such a money grubbing bitch. When all the other lottery winners had no imagination and boringly announced that they were going to quit their jobs, buy a house, a new car, and take a world vacation, John's fantasy was to have sex with all the women he's been sexually fantasizing and lusting over while masturbating.

Never having physically cheated on his wife, just mentally, and being that he was married for so long, he didn't know many woman outside of his family and extended family. Tired over just lusting over women, after having a steady diet of sexual frustration and blue balls with his wife, Connie...Camille...Carol, yeah, that's her name, he was curious what it would be like to have sex with another woman. Wanting to have an affair, the only women he'd dare approach were the only women he knew, his mother, Linda, his sister, Anne, his mother-in-law, Marianne, and his sister-in-law, Samantha. First things first and not wasting any time, he decided to test his mother. A dangerous plan and one that could backfire on him to ruin everything, nonetheless, he decided to solicit his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law for sex. In the realm of you don't ask, you don't get, he hoped that his money would open the door for him to have an intimate, albeit incestuous, sexual relationship with his mother and sister and a forbidden, sexual relationship with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

* * * * *

"Hi John. How are you? What are you doing here? You never visit me," said his mother hugging him and giving him a kiss. "Is there something wrong? Is everything alright? How's Carol?"


"Your wife?"

"Oh, she's good," he said. "I just wanted to come by to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day mother," he said returning her kiss on the lips and hug. He took a step back to stare at her body through her clothes, a body he hoped to see naked soon. "I also wanted to share my good news with you?"

"Good news? Is Carol pregnant again? If she is pregnant, I don't consider that good news at her age."


"Besides, you have two children in grade school and junior high school, why would you want a baby?"


"Unless, of course the baby was an accident," she said. "Was the baby an accident?"

"There is no baby Mom," he said finally getting her attention enough to interrupt her.

"Then, if everything is okay and Carol's not pregnant, why are you here?" She gave him a motherly look as if he had hooked school. "Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I hit the Power Ball, not the jackpot but enough to make a difference," he said watching for her reaction.

"Oh, how wonderful," she said giving him another big hug and another peck on the lips. "I'm so happy for you," she said smiling widely. She took a step back and, with her hands still on his shoulders, she looked at him as if he had just graduated medical school or law school.

So far so good. By not asking him for any money she passed his unofficial gold digger test with flying colors. He figured his mother would pass any test that had to do with money. She, of all the women he knew, wasn't like that when it came to money. His mother, after all, was a good woman and a kind, caring, selfless woman who placed her children's importance and happiness over her own.

"Thanks Mom," he said glad that she was his mother albeit sad that he was unable to entice her with money enough to have sex with her.

"What are you going to do with all of that money?" Suddenly she looked at him all dreamy eyed as if he had money hanging out of his pockets and as if all of his clothes were made of one-hundred dollar bills.

"I haven't decided yet," he said looking at her funny when she gave him a look that he had never seen before. She made him feel as if he was an internet billionaire and she was his friend's mother, who was a cougar. "Why? Do you have any ideas what I should do with the money," he said baiting her with his unofficial gold digging test again.

"You know, John..." she said falling quiet for a few, long seconds, "being that you won all of that money..." she said falling silent again while looking at him with the look that only a mother can give her son.

'Oh, oh, here it comes,' he thought to himself. 'She's going to ask me for something.'


"Do you think you could buy me a car? My old one is dying. It hasn't been starting lately. I replaced the battery, the starter, and the alternator but now my mechanic said that there's some sort of electronic glitch that has something to do with a computer module."

"A car? Seriously? You want me to buy you a car?"

Et tu Brute, alas, when he couldn't even trust his own mother not to reach in his pocket, who could he trust? Yet, if his mother was more interested in money than in her morality and sexual principles, perhaps she'd agree to having sex with her son in exchange for him buying him a car. Moreover, his hardest sell, if his mother would exchange sex for money, maybe his sister, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law would give him sex for money too. Surely, he thought his mother would be the most difficult one to approach to offer her money for sex but now she had him wondering. With her already telling him what she needed, it was now up to him to tell her what he wanted.

He took her all in with a glance. Unlike his plain Jane wife, his mother was attractive, especially for a woman her age, sixty-years-old. If he didn't know how old she was and happened upon her in a bar, he'd hit on her while thinking that she was 50-years-old. As far as he was concerned, big tits always made women appear younger, perhaps because he was more focused on their tits than on their faces. Unless they were blonde, big tits always made women appear smarter. Definitely, big tits made women appear more sexy. Obviously, it was a given that his mother had big tits.

"It doesn't have to be an expensive car or even a new car," she said. "Just something dependable, economical, reliable, and something fun to drive. How about a new BMW?"

"A BMW? How about a Chevy Sonic?" Going from an inexpensive used car to a new BMW in just one breath, he dug his heels in the carpet as if readying himself for a tough negotiation.

"Whatever you think is best," she said with a sad sigh and a hurt look that already made him feel guilty for not jumping at the opportunity to buy his mother a brand new and much more expensive BMW. "If you think putting your mother in an unsafe, little car over a car that has safety features galore, along with German engineering, is the way to go to save a few dollars that's entirely up to you. I'm not about to tell you want to do with your money," she said giving him a shrug. "God forbid, but just my luck," she said making the sign of the cross, "I just don't want you to feel guilty at my funeral if, God forbid, I was killed in a car crash, a crash that I may have survived had I been driving a Bimmer instead of a Sonic."

"Well, I'm sure that there's a car between a Chevy Sonic and a BMW that's just as safe as the BMW but cheaper mother," he said. "How about a nice Buick? Dad always drove Buicks."

"A Buick? Buicks are for old people," she said shooting him a dissatisfied look. "Whatever. That's not up to me," she said with another shrug. "It's not my money. It's your money. You don't even have to buy me a car, if you don't want to buy me a car," she said. "I can walk, take the bus, or," she said pausing to wipe a non-existent tear from her eye, "hitchhike."

"Mother, of course, I'll buy you a car. Me buying you a car is not the issue. The issue is buying you a fifty-thousand dollar car or a twenty-thousand-dollar car."

"I see," she said. "You can buy me a junk box for all that I care," she said giving him sad eyes and a pouty look.

He struggled with what he wanted to say next to his mother. He thought twice about asking her the question but masking his request with uncertainty, he allowed her to fill in the blanks.

"So," he said jumping in the deep, incestuous pool headlong without even first checking for water, "if I buy you a car, what are you going to do for me?"

"I don't understand," she said looking at him with confusion before giving him a long stare. "What am I going to do for you?" She looked at him as if he was her ungrateful, problem child. "Don't you mean to say, what else am I going to do for you besides birthing you, caring for you as a child, and raising you while spending whatever extra money I had on food, clothing, and a college education for you?" When he put his head down in shame before lifting his chin with lust, she went in for the kill. "No longer able to wear my bikini, I still have the stretch marks that you gave me, thank you very much," she said.

The image of his mother prancing around the backyard in a white bikini, that once was wet allowed him to see her body as if she was naked, hardened his cock.

"Bikini? It's time you wore a one piece mother," he said.

"Helen Mirren is seven years older than I am and she looks fabulous, just fabulous in her bikini. If she can still wear a bikini at 67-years-old than I can wear a bikini at 60-years-old," she said with the stubbornness of an 18-year-old woman wanting to leave the house with a revealing skirt too short and a top cut too low.

She stared him down while sticking out her hip. In the way she acted, one would think she was his child instead of his mother. In the way she looked so shapely when she did that, as good as Lana Turner wearing a tight sweater or Jane Russell in any one of her old movies, he could see her wearing a bikini.

"Okay, Mom, you wearing or not wearing a bikini really isn't the issue. I just thought with me giving you such an expensive gift as a car that you'd give me something a little extra in return for my generosity," he said staring at the impression his mother's big tits made in her blouse.

With his wife being so small breasted, a man living deep in the valley while surrounded by big breasted women and a man feeling as if he's been denied the pleasure of big breasts, he's never felt and sucked big tits. As if always wanting to be an adventurer, an explorer, and a mountain climber, he needed to scale the mountains of mammary glands that always cast a shadow over his erection. He always wanted to experience a busty woman and his mother, albeit sometimes a handful in her demands, was quite busty. Definitely she was a full C cup, maybe even a D cup. Other than in a magazine or in a movie, having never seen, felt, and sucked breasts larger than an A cup, he wasn't qualified to know the difference between a C cup or a D cup.

"Something a little extra?" She looked at him with curiosity. "What on Earth do you mean John? Explain yourself." Obviously uncomfortable by the heat of his leer at the huge impressions her breasts made in her blouse, when her nipples made their appearance through her bra and blouse, she folded her arms across her big breasts. "What do you possibly want that I have that I already haven't give you?"

Being that it wasn't cold in the room, with the sudden and unexpected emergence of her nipples, he wondered if his mother was sexually aroused by his suggested implication. Maybe she knew exactly what he meant by him wanting a little something extra. Maybe after all this time, especially with her being alone for so many years without a man in her life, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Not knowing how to tell her what he wanted without sounding crassly perverted, just wanting to blurt it out instead of beating around the bush, he paused again with his inability to express exactly what he expected from his mother.

"Carol hasn't been the loving wife lately," he said looking at his mother to see if she got the hint. "I've been so horny lately Mom," he said staring at his mother's breasts again when she unfolded her arms.

"Horny? That's too much information John," she said putting up her hand as if her hand was a mini stop sign to bring this sort of conversation to a halt. "I really don't want to know about your personal, private sex life. What you do or don't do behind closed bedroom doors is your sexual business and not mine," she said looking at him with curiosity.

"I'm sorry mother but that's my point," he said about to continue when she interrupted him.

"I don't know what your horniness has to do with me and with you buying your mother a car but I told you not to marry that woman," she said wagging her index finger of I told you so. "I told you that you'd sleep in a cold bed," she said furrowing her eyebrows when she obviously and suddenly noticed the expectant sexual look on her son's face. "I told you, if you marry anyone in that family, to marry her sister, Samantha. Aside from her mother, Marianne, who's a total slut, she's the hot one of the bunch."

"I know Mom. You were right. I never should have"

"Carol. Your wife's name is Carol, John. Perhaps if you remembered her name, at least, you'd have a better chance of getting lucky," she said with a laugh.

"Lucky? Other than winning the lottery, when it comes to sex, it's been a long time since I've gotten lucky," he said giving her the eye.

With a face full of shock and shame, she looked at her son with the sudden realization of what he wanted her to do for the sake of him buying her a car.

"What are you asking of me John? What do you want in return for you buying me a car?" As if it was twenty years ago, she gave him a long, hard look as if he was asking her to take her car to go out on a date. "Are you asking me, your own mother," she said pausing and putting a hand to her blushing face, "to give you, my son, sex?"

He stepped closer to her and kissing her on the lips, he felt her abundant breast through her blouse and bra. Her big breast felt so good in his hand and he couldn't believe it when his mother allowed him to continue to feel her breast, albeit through her blouse and bra without resistance. Wondering what she'd do if he did, he so wanted to part her lips with his tongue and French kiss her.

"Take off your clothes Mother and we'll start our new BMW discussion from there."

"Take off my clothes? How dare you!" She looked at him with rage before softening to give him a look of sexual excitement. "Seriously? You want me to strip naked? You want to see me naked in exchange for buying me a new car, a BMW?" She looked at him all dreamy eyed. "Is that it?"

"Yes mother, only, as matter of fact, instead of you undressing yourself, I'd rather undress you. I'd love to undress you, mother, myself while touching and feeling you in places where no son should ever touch and feel his mother," he said with incestuous lust in his eyes.

As if she was thinking over his proposition and weighing her options, should she or shouldn't she, while he thought of all the times he masturbated over his mother and imagined her naked, they stared at one another until Linda spoke. He thought of all the times she inadvertently flashed him up skirts and down blouses. He thought of all the times he wanted to touch her and feel her while having sex with her. He thought of all the times that he barged in her bedroom while she was dressing or undressing on the pretense of having to tell her something important, when he was hoping to see her topless or naked. He thought of all the times he wished she'd open his bedroom door while he masturbated and a few times she did.

"Let me see if I understand this," she said making eye contact with her son. "If I allow you to strip me naked and touch and feel me where no son should ever touch and feel his mother, you'll buy me a car?"

"Yes mother," he said reaching out his horny hand to fondle her other breast through her blouse and bra.

Offering no resistance to his horny hands feeling her breasts through her clothes she paid his hands no never mind. As soon as he felt her breast, her nipple poked him in the palm of his hand. Mindlessly, as if he was innocuously playing with a button on his shirt or unlocking a safe that had a combination lock, he fingered her nipple through her blouse and bra. He watched her look down at his fingers fingering her.

"A new car?"

"Yes," he said pulling out his mother's other nipple with his fingertips that suddenly emerged through her blouse and bra.

"A BMW?"

"Yes," he said reaching around her to feel her round ass through her short skirt before reaching beneath her skirt to cup her panty clad pussy in the palm of his horny hand.

After all of these years, he couldn't believe that he was feeling his mother's cunt through her panty. All it took for her to allow him to touch her and feel her sexually was the promise of buying her a new car, a BMW. On the promise and the pretense of buying her a new car, he wished he had thought of this years ago.

"What the Hell? For the sake of having a new, safe, reliable car, a new BMW, be my guest," she said with a shrug while already allowing her son to have his wicked way with her body by feeling her through her clothes. "So long as you buy me a car, a new car, a BMW, you may strip me naked while touching me and feeling me everywhere for all that I care," she said with a sexy laugh while holding out her arms by her side as if she was a fashion model being fitted for a dress. "There's no harm done. I'm your mother after all and you're my son. I'd rather you have your wicked way with my body than a stranger."

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