Mother's Halloween Trick Treats Son


She had a flat, toned stomach, no doubt from all the tennis she played and all the swimming she did. If only he knew it was from all the basic training, martial arts, and survival conditioning she had. Then, as if he was watching his woman and he were her man, he watched her remove her blouse, carefully fold it, and deposit it in her laundry hamper. Switching back and forth from camera one, full room view, to camera two, full length mirror view, there she was in full color on his computer screen in her sexy bra and short skirt.

"I love her big bra. I love her long line of cleavage. I love how the top of her tits jiggle when she walks. Take off your bra Mommy. Take off your bra. Show me your tits," he said stroking himself a little faster to the image of his mother in her sexy, white bra.

After having masturbated while holding her bra and feeling and sniffing her panty several times in the past, he knew her bra was a 36 C and her panties were his sexual dream makers. He loved her sexy underwear. Glad that she had the body to wear bikini and thong panties instead of granny panties, he couldn't wait for her to remove her short skirt.

He watched her standing there in her bra and short skirt while he stroked himself to an even harder erection. He watched her unbutton, unzip, and remove her short skirt. Viola! There she was in her bra and panty. As if she was standing on a beach in her barely there bikini, she stood in front of her mirror in her sexy bra and bikini panty. A sight to behold, an image he's never seen, he stared at his mother in her sexy lingerie while stroking himself.

If only she knew he was spying on her, she'd be so upset. If only she knew he was watching her undress, she'd be so mad. If only she knew he was about to see her naked, she'd probably ask him to leave her house. Yet, whether she'd be upset, mad, or throw him out of her house, none of that mattered, at least, not right now that she was about to get naked. The only thing that mattered now was that his mother was giving him a slow striptease show and he was finally going to see his mother naked. He prayed she didn't turn off the light. Wow, how frustrating would that be if she turned off the light right at the good part?

"Oh, my God, my mother is an absolute MILF. She looks so hot in her bra and panty. I can see her pussy mound and her pussy slit as if I'm there in the room with her," he said talking to himself. "She more looks 35-years-old than 48-years-old. How did she get such a hot body? I'd love to feel her while French kissing her. I'd love to feel her breasts through her bra and her ass through her panty. I'd love to remove her bra and suck her big tits. I'd love to fuck her. I'd love for her to fondle my cock while I play with her titties and finger her nipples. I'd love to watch her fall to her knees and take my big cock in her mouth," he said slowly stroking himself to all that he was saying and all that he was watching. "If I zoom in I can see her ass crack through her panty every time she bends forward at the waist. That's right Mommy give me a sexy show. Bend over for me again while I imagine fucking you, my sexy, little bitch."

Indeed, in the way she slowly undressed and in the way she paraded around her bedroom, she acted as if she knew he was watching her and she did. She acted as if she was giving him a slow, personal, striptease show, and she was. Teasing him with her motions while seducing him with her body, she took her sweet time undressing. She suspected that she was driving him wild with his incestuous lust for her by playing her part as the victim instead of the predator and she was. Pretending to be oblivious to the four bedroom cameras watching her, not reaching for a robe to cover her semi-nakedness and never looking directly at the cameras, Elizabeth sashayed around her bedroom in her sexy underwear. Knowing he was watching her, with her bra and panty her favorite, sexy outfit of choice and one that showed the shapely contours of her body, she was having too good of a time exposing herself to her son. She imagined him masturbating to the sexy image of her and he was.

Christopher clicked from camera two, the view from the full length mirror to camera one, the view of the entire room. Then, when she unhooked her bra without removing the straps from her shoulders and her cups from her breasts, she mindlessly walked around her room while busying herself touching that and moving this. Staring at his computer screen as if watching paint dry, he stared at her bra straps while waiting for them to fall. Ever so slowly and gradually as one bra strap slid from her shoulder to her upper arm and the other bra strap followed too, he held his breath waiting for her bra cups to fall and expose her breasts to him with every nonsensical movement of her hands and arms. When her fallen bra cups were just about to fall from her body to expose her breasts, she did the unimaginable. She moved her bra straps back over her shoulders.

"God damn it! Why'd she do that? Take off your bra Mom. Show me your tits," he said.

Obviously not wanting to cum yet, needing to at least see her tits first, Christopher slowed his stroking, no doubt, until she removed her bra and he saw her tits. Having never seen his mother's breasts before, other than in a down nightgown glimpse of bits and pieces of her breasts, the desire to see his mother's tits were understandably exciting. Without further delay, he watched her unceremoniously remove her bra. Her breasts were right there in full view of cameras one, two, and three. He instructed his printer to print out a few candid shots of his mother's naked breasts as she paraded around her room topless and naked but for her panties.

"There they are, my mother's tits. Wow! She has a rack. So big and so shapely, I love my mother's tits. She must be cold because her nipples are erect. Gees, they're really erect. Maybe she's sexually excited. Maybe walking around her room makes her horny, which is why she's parading back and forth. Maybe the breeze on her nipples makes them hard. I wish I could feel her breasts. I wish I could finger her nipples. I wish I could suck her nipples while sliding a hand down the front of her panty to finger her pussy. I wish I was there inside her bedroom with her," he said slowly stroking himself.

She walked around her bedroom jiggling her breasts as if she was sportswriter, Erin Andrews, in her hotel room while being spied on by some pervert in the way that he was perversely spying on his mother. Stroking his cock a little faster, he stared at his mother's breasts while watching her walk that way, the other way, and back again. Obviously not caring what she was doing or why she was walking around her room so much, he was content just staring at her big, shapely, jiggling tits.

"Maybe if she agrees to go to the swingers' Halloween dance with me, maybe after a few drinks, maybe if I could get her drunk enough, she'd allow me to see her tits and/or feel her tits. Maybe we could share a room and while she was in the shower, I could barge in on her on the pretense that I needed to pee really bad. Maybe if she was drunk enough, she'd open the shower curtain while I was there to show me her naked body as she toweled herself dry. Maybe if she was drunk enough, she'd even ask me to help her wash her beautiful body. Nah, my mother isn't like that. Except for my dad, no doubt, a virgin when she married and a forever faithful wife, she probably hasn't had sex with anyone before and during her marriage and even after her divorce," he said putting his mother high upon his loft pedestal.

She sat in front of her vanity mirror and he switched to camera three. With his printer busy printing topless photos of her to expressly use for the purpose of masturbation later, more candid color prints followed of his mother sitting there topless in just her bikini panties. Topless, vulnerable, sexually aroused, and horny from stripping off her clothes and showing her son her nearly naked body, Elizabeth was fully aware that her son was watching her from every conceivable angle imaginable. Brazenly, as if she was sitting there fully clothe or as if she was an actress acting in an R-rated movie, Elizabeth played her part perfectly for the camera. As sexually aroused showing her body to her son as she imagined he was seeing her body, she wished she was in his room masturbating him before sucking him. Eager to give him a dancing breast show, she picked up her brush and counted as she brushed her long, lush, blonde hair one hundred times, fifty times with her right hand and fifty times with her left.

"Just look at those tits dancing. I love her big tits. I love her big nipples. She has fabulous breasts. I love watching her big, boobs bounce and jiggle with every movement she makes. Bounce those tits Mommy. I'd give anything to touch them, feel them, fondle them, caress them, and suck them. Oh, Mommy, I want you. Mommy, I love you. I wish I could cum all over your big tits after cumming in your mouth. Blow me Mommy. Suck my cock."

Done brushing her hair, Elizabeth stood to face camera two again. Knowing her son was a breast man, she was intent on driving him mad for her big tits. She moved closer to the full length mirror and, as if she was Joan Crawford telling Cecil B. DeMille that she was finally ready for her close up, she walked closer to the mirror to give herself a breast exam and to check her breasts for lumps. Feeling, touching, and squeezing them, checking one breast before checking the other, she lifted each one of her big breasts while staring at them in the mirror.

"Oh, my God, just look at those tits. I'd love to give my mother a breast exam," said Christopher. "Hold those tits up for me Mommy as if you're about to stick them in my mouth to suck. Oh yeah, Mom, show me your tits Mom," he said stroking himself faster.

Holding her breast up to the mirror as if offering her tit up to her son, she reexamined one before repeating the process with the other. Stroking himself faster and faster, he was nearly ready to cum at the sexy tit show his mother just gave him. Then, unexpectedly, when she ran her palm across her nipples, he stopped stroking himself to watch what she was doing.

"What the Hell is she doing? Is she playing with her nipples?"

As soon as her nipples became more erect, she fingered them. Pulling them, turning them, and twisting them, she played with her nipples while sticking her hand down her panty to finger herself. He watched her knuckles moving inside of her sheer, white panty. Then, removing her hand from fingering her pussy, she licked and sucked her fingers before lifting her breasts to her lips to suck them, first one and then the other.

"Fuck me! Are you kidding me? First she fingers her pussy and now my mother is sucking her own tits. I'd love to barge in her room and offer her my help. I'm so horny. I'd loved to touch, feel, fondle, and caress my mother's big tits before fingering, pulling, turning, and twisting her big nipples. I'd love to suck my mother's big tits in the way that she's sucking them now. Wishing I could masturbate her, I'd love to finger my Mom's pussy while sucking her nipples."

Slowly, as if giving a paying customer a good show by bending at the waist, she slid her panties down her toned stomach, over her round ass, and down her shapely legs before turning around to expose her perfect pussy to her son. Show over and, no doubt, bedtime. She was naked. His mother was naked.

"There it is, the money shot and what I've been longing and waiting to see, my mother's cunt. Her pussy is right there. Oh, my God. I don't believe she's naked and live on my computer screen. I figured her for a bushy beaver or a trimmed pussy, I never figured she'd be bald. I'd give anything to watch her shave her pussy. I'd give anything to cup her sweet pussy, to part her lips with my finger, and tickle her clit while fucking her with my long, stiff finger before licking her. Oh, yeah, definitely, I'd love to lick my Mom's pussy. I'd make her cum with my fingers and tongue before mounting her and fucking her. I'd love to make her my sexy bitch."

Now naked, Elizabeth walked around the bedroom. She looked at her books as if looking for a book to read and went through her videos as if looking for a video to watch. Then, still standing there naked, turning this way and that way, she turned on the television and flipped stations before turning it off.

"I'm so bored. I'm so lonely. I'm so horny," she said for no one to hear but for the secret surveillance microphones installed by her son. As if she was an actress in a porn movie, running her slow hands all over her naked body before pulling up her pussy lips and inserting her finger first in her pussy and then in her mouth, she said, "I wish I had a man to lick me and fuck me. I wish I had a big, hard cock to suck."

"Oh, my God, in a million years, I never would have thought my mother would be horny and want a cock to suck. She's my Mom. Even though I know she's a woman, I never thought of her as a sexual woman. Even though I know she must have had sex once to have me, I never thought of her having sex. I never figured she sucked cock. I figured at her age, sex was over," he said staring at his mother's naked image. "Come to my room naked Mom and I promise you won't be bored, lonely, and/or horny anymore," he said stroking himself faster. "I'd lick you. I'd fuck you. I'd offer you my cock to suck. I love you Mommy."

"I love my body. I love touching, feeling, and fondling myself," she said just as she reached in a drawer and pulled out her vibrator and dildo.

Ignoring her nightgown, she sat on her bed, moved to the center, fell back, and spread her legs wide while Christopher clicked on camera four, the view from the overhead light over the bed. He couldn't possibly have a better view of her pussy unless he was her gynecologist or her lover licking her.

"Fuck me. Oh, my God. Like mother like son, here I am masturbating and my mother is about to masturbate too. If only we could masturbate together. If only I could masturbate her and she could masturbate me, how hot would that be? While positioned in the sixty-nine position, if only I could lick her while she sucked me, I'd be in Heaven," he said watching his mother touch herself.

"I wish I had a man's fingers inside my cunt instead of my vibrator," she said teasing her clit with her vibrator. "I wish I had a man's cock inside my mouth instead of my dildo," she said sticking her dildo in her mouth and sucking it.

"I wish I had the balls to walk in her room naked and ask her if she needed a finger, a hand, a mouth, or a cock. Wow, look at her bald, naked pussy glistening. If I were there now, I'd lick and finger her pussy. I'd make my mother cum. Look at her tits. If I were there now, I'd suck her hard, erect nipples. Mommy, I love you. Mommy, I want you. Mommy, I want to lick you. Mommy, I want to fuck you," said Christopher stroking himself faster to his mother's masturbation show. "Mommy, mommy, mommy," he said stroking himself faster.

Closing her eyes, Elizabeth aroused herself by fingering her pussy first before using her vibrator on her clit. Then, once aroused, she abandoned her vibrator for the dildo. Slowly sticking the dildo deeper in her cunt, turning and swirling it around while moving it in and moving it out before moving it all around, she fondled her tits and fingered her nipples with her free hand. Taking up the vibrator again, she ambidextrously pleasured herself with both hands and both toys at the same time.

"I wonder what she thinks about while masturbating," he said. "I wonder if she thinks of me while fucking herself with that long, hard rod. If I didn't think she'd kick me out of the house, I'm barge in naked on her to ask her if she needs my hand, my fingers, my mouth, and my cock." Instead, stopping stroking himself to watch her, not wanting to cum just yet, Christopher watched his mother pleasuring herself.

Giving her son a real masturbation show, when she removed the dildo from her pussy and replaced it for the vibrator, she moved the dildo to her lips and licked off her pussy juices from it before taking it in her mouth as if giving a blowjob. Twirling it, licking it, moving it in and moving it out, she sucked her dildo as if she was sucking a cock while teasing her clit with the vibrator. She continued pleasuring herself with her vibrator until...

"Oh, sweet Jesus. Yes, that's it. I'm cumming. Oh, baby. Oh, my God. Lick me Christopher. Lick Mommy's pussy while Mommy cums in your mouth. Feel my tits and finger my nipples while licking me. Make Mommy cum and Mommy will suck your cock. Oh yeah baby, I'd fucking blow you. Mommy will let you cum in her mouth and Mommy will swallow you if you make Mommy cum. Cum for me Christopher. Cum. Cum in Mommy's mouth."

"What? What did she just say? Lick me Christopher? Lick Mommy's pussy? Make Mommy cum and Mommy will suck your cock?" Wanting to hear what she said again to make sure that he hadn't imagined it, Christopher replayed the video and watched his mother pleasuring herself all over again.

"Oh, sweet Jesus. Yes, that's it. I'm cumming. Oh, baby. Oh, my God. Lick me Christopher. Lick Mommy's pussy while Mommy cums in your mouth. Feel my tits and finger my nipples while licking me. Make Mommy cum and Mommy will suck your cock. Oh yeah baby, I'd fucking blow you. Mommy will let you cum in her mouth and Mommy will swallow you if you make Mommy cum. Cum for me Christopher. Cum. Cum in Mommy's mouth."

Switching back to camera four and to real time, Christopher watched his mother have an orgasm. Obviously his mother wants him as much as he wants her. Yet, even though he now knows that they both want one another, fearing she'd kick him out of the house, how could he cross the incestuous line to have sex with her without looking like a perversely perverted son lusting over his mother? If she ever found his cameras and if she ever knew he spied on her, she'd disown him. Even though she said that she wanted him to lick her, even though she said that she'd suck his cock if he made her cum, and even though she said that he could cum in her mouth and she'd swallow him, that may have been just pillow talk during the heat of her masturbation session. Nonetheless, now that he knows that she wants him as much as he wants her, he needed a plan to seduce his mother. Maybe the swingers' Halloween dance was the way for him to do that.

"I'll pressure her to attend the swingers' Halloween Masquerade dance with me on the pretense that I need her to make someone jealous, but who? I need to find a woman her age or older and not as good looking," said Christopher talking to himself. "Maybe once at the dance, after plying her with alcohol, she'll allow me to feel her hot body while dancing with her. Maybe once back in the room, she'll have sex with me. Only, she'd never go to the dance with me. She's too uptight. My Mom's not a swinger. She's not a slut."

Christopher turned off his computer and stopped stroking himself to rethink his plan to seduce his mother.

"She's just a lonely woman alone masturbating in her room while thinking of having sex with me in the heat of the moment. Just as she'd never attend the dance with me, she'd never have sex with me. How could I be so perverted to think those incestuous thoughts about my own mother? After all that she's done for me, how could I so disrespect her by installing cameras to watch her strip naked? I feel like such an unappreciative cad only, I couldn't help myself from wanting to see my mother naked and if I had to make the choice again of respecting my mother by not spying on her, I'd spy on her again," he said for only himself to hear.

The next morning, even though he felt guilty about the incestuous thoughts that he had for his mother, he was unable to stop his voyeuristic perversion. When he heard his mother running the water in the bathroom, he monitored cameras five, the one by the bathroom mirror and camera six, the one by the shower. Not wanting to see his mother sitting on the toilet, he purposely omitted a camera for that location. There she was standing in front of the bathroom mirror in her sexy nightgown brushing her teeth. He stared at the impression her nipples made in the sheer material of her nightgown and, as if the first time seeing her tits, he stared down her nightie at her breasts when she leaned in the sink to rinse.

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