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I suspect I had the most attentive service in the place; my water and wine were always topped off. He was pleasant though, and we had some light conversation, where I was from, how I liked Munich, etc. The place was busy enough that he had a lot of tables to cover and therefore could not hover too much.

I am still a novice at being an exhibitionist though and my experience level is low. So when I figured out he was trying to look down my shirt, I will admit my first reaction was to sit in such a way to make that tough. By holding my shoulders up and sitting straight, the front of my shirt would not offer much of a view. Later though, after a little wine and with a little daring, I wondered what kind of reaction I would get if I was a little less rigid.

I could sit and hold my shoulders a certain way that would prevent a look, but the converse was also possible. To say I did it accidentally would not be honest, but later in the meal when he got into his standing by my side position, without making it obvious; I changed my posture and leaned forward to give him a good vantage. Believe me – women know how to do that. It was difficult for me to tell just how much he could see, but when I leaned forward a bit and reached for my wine glass, I could feel the front of my shirt had a couple of inches gap from my skin. I held the position for several seconds.

I leaned back as before and said 'thank you'. As he brought out my main course, he had a larger than normal smile.

"My pleasure."

I thought his comment was true. I congratulated myself on my daring, just a little innocent teasing. So it is with some reservation I admit late in the meal, when no one was looking, I unbuttoned one more button than I had all night and did the same little show. Now I was confident he could see most of my right breast and bra cup. The reservation to admit this is this kind of behavior is not usual for me. I tend to be rather conservative. More of an elegant style of dress rather than the slutty look I don't like. So maybe this is the best way to describe this situation - an otherwise elegant looking girl allowing a glimpse.

I am confident to this day he did not think I was onto him, or that I was helping to let him look.

Nothing else happened. We conversed some more as I paid the bill. I had to work again in the morning, so I could not stay out late anyway. But I did stay long enough to have one more glass of wine at the bar. A couple of guys tried to hit on me. I was not harsh, I was even friendly, but the language barrier was a problem. I did not lead them on and I ended up going back to my hotel about midnight and fell right to sleep.

Day 2

My meetings went very well in the morning. We had a successful outcome on the legal matter which was my reason for coming. I had been the conservative girl that day. The total librarian look, a navy business suit and skirt, with a white blouse underneath. I like this suit, and while it is not revealing in any way except that it is trim cut, but I still think it conveys a style that is attractive on my body.

We had expected the meeting to go all day, but we were finished by lunch. The German lawyers we met with took us out to lunch, almost a celebration. We drank champagne and everyone had a good time.

Now came the best part, I had expected to be working with the lawyers all the rest of the day before I would move on and go home. People were scrambling to look for alternative travel times and it ended up being cheaper for me to stay on and leave when I was originally scheduled. My boss left it up to me. He was going to go back early and said we could absorb the added cost to change the flights. However, even including the extra hotel day and meals, it would still work out cheaper to stay. I thought – what the heck – Munich in the summer is nice, might as well enjoy the rest of the day off.

By the time everyone scattered, checking out of hotels, getting alternative flights, etc, it was about 2:30 pm. I wanted to run again, but I needed a little more time to clear my head from the lunch champagne. I walked around a little outside and did some window shopping. I had changed into something more casual and then went back to put on my running stuff.

My other stuff was still with the hotel laundry, so today my running clothes were skimpier. I had on some tighter, shorter running shorts. Imagine biking shorts but not as long and you get the idea. I had on a sports bra, but instead of a T-shirt like yesterday, today I had on a tight little sleeveless tank top with a lot of midriff showing. Even though I look good in that outfit, I am focused on the workout. Sweat can be sexy, but I don't find it attractive on me. Maybe others do, but I have a difficult time thinking I look great once I am out there for a while.

I went out as usual near the English Gardens, going past the nude section on my way out. I was only beginning at the time. I was surprised as I saw Sabine and Karl walking toward the same spot as yesterday. I stopped for a second to say hello.

They were wearing shorts and T-shirts. They recognized me and said hello. I mentioned I was just starting my run. They responded I could join them after I was done if I wanted.

I thanked them and said, "Let me see how I feel when I am done, but thank you for the offer."

I thought about them the whole time I was out running. Going nude in the park yesterday had been on an impulse. Normally I like having a blanket, etc and not starting out all sweaty. Also I wondered by joining them if I was giving any kind of wrong signal.

It was another beautiful day and I felt good. Running is a great joy for me. I enjoy the form of exercise as well as reap the benefits of staying in shape. The only time I hate running is when I have stopped for some reason – sickness, too busy, whatever. Getting in shape is horrible, but once I am in shape, everything they say about a 'runners high' is true.

I did not make up my mind during the entire run, but as I finished about 45 minutes and made my way back to the nude section near my hotel, I decided I would at least talk to them for a minute and see if I was interested or not. I ran up to the section and then walked about a hundred yards to where I had been the day before. Karl had seen me approaching, gave a wave and smiled. He must have said something to Sabine as she sat up as I walked up.

They were both nude again of course. I was dripping sweat from my run.

"How was it? You were gone a long time, is that usual for you? We thought you had decided to skip sunbathing today."

I mentioned I try to get out 3 or 4 times a week for about 5 miles or so depending how I feel. They offered me some water, which I gladly accepted.

"So why don't you join us?" Sabine asked.

"Oh, I don't know, I really need a shower."

Karl chimed in, "It is up to you, but we don't mind."

It is funny, but I still had not made up my mind on whether to join them or not, even to that point. So it was really on impulse again I thanked them and I sat down, "maybe for a little while".

They had a large enough blanket that there was plenty of room. I sat down next to Sabine while I drank some more water. I sat in my running stuff while we chatted.

They asked how my evening was yesterday. I mentioned I went to the spa and then Roma's, they knew both places.

"Do they do the nude swimming at that place still?"

When I answered yes, they both sort of recalled with a smile.

"Yes, it has been a little while since we went there, it is a little expensive, but a nice place."

We talked a little more and I realized I should either go back to my hotel or if I was going to stay I should shed my running stuff.

Finally, I started to unlace my shoes. I was not looking right at them, but I got the sense that they noticed and smiled. As I started to lift off my top, I looked over and said, "These are even going to be more disgusting to put back on later. Yecch!"

They laughed. I removed my bra and then stood up to remove my shorts. I had on a small thong under my shorts, but instead of taking them off at once, I slipped the shorts off first and then stood up and slipped off my thong. They were not staring as I stripped down, but I had the feeling they were both watching. I could not tell if anyone else had enjoyed the little show or not, but once I lay back down, I did not care.

I laid on my back first next to Sabine. We continued to make small talk, for example what each others plans were for the evening. As we talked, I realized I had not thought my evening plans through yet. I said I might go back to the spa for a while, after that I was not sure.

Karl said, "What do you think, we have not been to that spa for a while?"

It was clear he was speaking to Sabine, but I also got the impression they were asking if I would mind if they came.

Sabine said, "Maybe, I am not sure."

I thought it was just polite, they had been so friendly, so I said, "Sure, why don't you come?"

"That might be fun."

I turned to lie on my stomach with my arms folded under my head. Sabine did the same.

Sabine said, "Beth, you have a white butt, make sure you don't burn!" She said it laughing.

Both Karl and Sabine had deep tans and no lines whatsoever, so it was clear they were poking fun at me.

"Haha, so the two of you enjoy making fun of white Americans. Good sport."

We all realized it was all in jest, but it was funny anyway.

"We enjoy making fun of all Americans, but white ones are best."

Sabine sat up and put some lotion on my back. "Here, let me."

I did not say anything as she smoothed the lotion onto my back. She finished with my back rather quickly and then moved directly to my butt. It was not sexual at all, but it did feel good. She moved to do my legs next, all of it without any discussion. It still felt good, but I would not say it was like a massage at all. She did one leg, then the next. I will say Sabine did not miss any spots, but nothing at all too forward.

"OK, you are now protected."

I looked up at her, "Thank you."

I really enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin and now I did not have to worry about burning. It would have been easy to sleep, I felt so good. After maybe about 15 minutes where we were mostly quiet, I turned over and sat up. Sabine was still lying on her stomach and Karl was sitting up. He reached over and handed me more water. This day had not turned out the way I planned; much better. The chance to relax was unexpected but I was grateful.

Karl handed me a bottle of oil and gestured that I should put some on Sabine. He was smiling. Fair is fair. I shifted so I was kneeling and squirted some of the oil onto her back and started to smooth it on. Sabine had her eyes closed, but she was smiling as I applied the oil. Like she had for me, I also rubbed it onto her butt and legs. Almost as soon as I finished, she turned over.

"Time for this side." She continued to keep her eyes closed.

I reached to hand the bottle over to Karl, but he held up his hand and nodded that I should do it.

"Alright, but this is not fair, I did not get both sides." They both laughed and it was clear my comment could be taken in several ways I had not intended.

OK, this was a little awkward, but just a little. They were fun. I squirted a little of the oil onto her stomach and smoothed it in. I have mentioned before that Sabine had a nice body, lean without my curves, but certainly she had a feminine appeal. I thought about whether to come to her breasts last, but I thought it would be too awkward that way and decided just to plunge ahead. I squirted a little more oil onto the middle of her chest and shoulders. I started with her shoulders and upper arms on both sides. Sabine continued to have a small smile during all of this and I looked up for a brief moment to see that Karl was watching all of this with also a little smile.

I reached across and smoothed the oil onto Sabine's left breast. I did not linger long, but long enough to cover everything, and also long enough that her nipples hardened up. I moved over to do the same thing to her other side. Karl had been caressing her calf near him, but he stopped when I moved to oil her legs. At least I could follow her example on me, so I did one leg first. I did not go up too high on her leg. I then did the other leg closer to Karl. I squirted some oil on her upper thighs and lower abdomen and dove in. As when Sabine had done my back side, she just went fast over sensitive areas, so I did the same. Very quickly I did her upper thighs and pussy area. It was over very fast and did not carry any sexual innuendo.

Sabine leaned up on her arms and said, "Thank you Beth, that was very nice. Let's do your front side."

She sat up and gestured for me to lie down. I thought that it might be better if I were to just do it myself, but I thought that it was harmless fun. I followed her example and lay down. Interesting, Sabine more or less followed the same order as did on her. Probably the biggest difference was the second she started on my stomach I could feel my nipples harden up during pretty much the whole thing. It certainly was not cool out, so you can conclude it was more anxiety.

I opened my eyes for a minute and smiled at Sabine. I saw that Karl continued to enjoy the sight of the two girls oiling each other up. When she rubbed the lotion onto my breasts, I will only say she spent a little more time rubbing it in than I had. I will also say that while she went quickly over my pussy area, she definitely did not miss any areas and her finger had slid across my pussy as she did my upper thighs very well.

As before, once she was finished, I enjoyed just the feeling of relaxation, but I did remember to thank her as she had done with me.

"You are quite welcome."

We had all been relaxing for maybe 15 minutes when Sabine asked if I wanted to help her do Karl. I leaned up on my arms as I considered my response.

"The two of you have tans and don't really need any lotion at all. So this is just for enjoyment, right?"

"That is partially true, the oil is good for the skin, but you don't need to feel uncomfortable. We are having a good time in your company. Let's not spoil it." This was Karl talking.

Sabine followed, "Yes, don't worry Beth, we are just joking. You can if you want but that is OK if you don't."

I mean I really probably was not that comfortable helping with Karl, but the comments made it really awkward to back out too. That is maybe not the best way to phrase it, maybe better was that their comments put me at ease. What the hell, I would never see them again and nobody knew me here. To be completely candid, he was also a nice looking guy, it might be fun.

"No, I will help. Every man needs to have a day like this once in a while."

So Karl and Sabine traded places, so he was in between us and lay down onto his stomach. This ended up being more of a massage than either Sabine or I had, but it seemed more natural that way. Between the two of us, we could have finished him up in 20 seconds if the objective was to finish quickly.

We were working on the same areas at the same time. We both started on his back, me on one side going up and down, Sabine on her side. We then shifted so we would each go across to the other side and pull back, me on the upper shoulders and Sabine on his lower back. We alternated a little bit each. I was essentially following her lead, so whatever she was doing on her side, I would try and more or less copy on my side. We did his back for about 10 minutes.

"Ah, you two are wonderful."

We then moved to his legs. Sabine started on his calf and worked her way up, me following her moves on 'my leg'. I did not go up as high on his thigh as she did; maybe an inch or two lower than her. This part was also like a massage and I am sure he was enjoying the twin masseuses. Sabine then put some oil onto his butt and like before, I followed her lead. I gave a few light rubs, but I wonder with all the hands if he was able to tell Sabine had been significantly more intimate than me.

We finished up his backside and my fear was confirmed. Sabine said, "OK, turn over."

Karl wasted no time at all turning over. I would not say he had an erection, but he certainly was not completely relaxed either. I mentioned previously I had not seen an uncircumcised penis up close before, so I will admit looked some. It was interesting that only a small portion of the head was visible.

Sabine looked up at me, "Still OK?"

Karl did not say anything, but he was looking up at me. Probably what overcame the thought of backing off at this point was that we were in the middle of a public park. While there were a lot of nude people around, I also knew there was no way for things to get out of hand. So as Sabine had poured more oil onto his chest and started to smooth it in, I felt comfortable enough to join even though I did not say anything. Both of us continued in a kneeling position on each side of Karl.

I mentioned before that both Karl and Sabine are both completely shaved and that improved the quality of the experience. I am not denying that the thought of touching this nice looking man carried some appeal, but I did not want to let things get out of control either.

Karl's build was also lean, not at all muscular, but you would not say skinny. He must have done something to stay in shape as his muscles were definitely toned. As with his back, this ended up being a combination of oil application and massage. As before, we were symmetrical, I worked on my side in tandem to what Sabine was doing moving up and down over his chest and stomach. Then she moved to his stomach and I to his chest, going all the way across and back. We then moved down to do his legs.

We started on his calves and moved up slowly. I should mention that Karl was a little above average in dick size, not too thick but I would have guess he was probably around 7-8 inches when fully hard. He was not fully hard now, but the problem, and the reason to bring this up now, was that his dick was lying to the side onto his thigh, the problem being it was on my side. So as we started to move up his legs, Sabine noticed also and gently reached over to lay it on the other leg away from me. We both looked at each other and smiled.

Karl also had a small smile as we continued on his legs. While we were both rubbing his thighs, from time to time I could see that Sabine was going up higher than me so that she would slide her finger against his balls. I did not have the guts to follow that move.

So things were not entirely symmetrical. Karl had reached around with his arm to caress Sabine's lower back, but he had not done that with me. We were practically finished. I had my hands on his calf and thigh and continued to lightly rub as Sabine poured a little more oil over his upper thighs and pubic region. I did rub his hip region but I did not follow her lead this time. She lifted his dick and gave it a few strokes. He had his eyes closed, but he had a big smile on his face during this part. He continued to caress her back, but now also reached around to lightly touch my lower back. This was the first time he had touched me during any of this.

He did get hard during this part. Sabine looked across at me and smiled.

"Karl has a good one."

I smiled, "Yes, very nice."

I had not touched him intimately, but I had moved my hands to have one on his thigh and one on his stomach. I was glad that we were not in a location where anything could happen. I was certainly stimulated by the entire experience.

She continued to hold his now hard dick and moved up to kiss him. It was just a gentle, light kiss but while she did that she moved her hands to his shoulders. I was left touching his stomach and thigh while I looked at his hard dick. About half of the head could be seen now.

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