tagInterracial LoveMy Black Step Daddy

My Black Step Daddy


Chapter 1

My name is Joy. Let me first start off with by telling a little about myself. I am a freshman at the University of Texas and studying to be a nurse. I have been living on campus and it has been okay so far. I might not be a model but I have no problem finding a man either. I'm 5'8 and a brunette. My hair stops right at my shoulders. I'm a 36c in bras. I don't have a problem finding a man but I been so busy. Despite what movies and TV has taught me college has not been non stop partying and sex as you would expect. It's spring break and I'm going to visit my mother.

I decide to drive to her home which was cheaper. My parents have been divorce for two years. My mother moved to Houston after the separation. I decided to live with my father because I wanted to remain around my friends in high school. I always told my mom after graduation that I would visit her. I guess I been hesitating because she remarried. I haven't met the guy or even seen a picture of him. I was still in a state of shock that she actually remarried.

I arrive at the address that she gave me. The home seems nice from the outside. I rang the doorbell and my mother answer the door. She greets me with a big hug and even bigger kiss on my cheek.

"Baby, I missed you so much." That is what my mother said as she squeeze the life out of me. She opens the door so I can come in. I have to admit the house look even better on the insider. I spent a couple seconds just admiring the inside. I could tell my mother has been very busy decorating this place. I remember before my parents she watch HGTV religiously.

"Wow. Mom this place looks great. I see you been busy." I told her still in awe. "Yea, Jason and I have been busy getting this place just the way we like it." She said to me. Before I could ask about Jason a tall black man walk out of the kitchen. "I see that you made it safe and sound to our humble abowed. I'm Jason and I heard so much about you." Once he was finish he shook my hand. His hands were strong and rough. A nervous "Hello" escape my mouth while I was still trying to compute what I was seeing. My mother was married to a black man? Now don't get me wrong. I'm not racist or stuck on stereotypes. It's just when my mother told me she was getting married again no way was I expecting it to be a black guy.

Jason had to at least be about 6'2 or 6'3 and from the look of his body you could tell he live in the gym. If I had to guess he was an athlete and probably still spent weekends with friends playing basketball, flag football or something. "You must be tired from the drive. Well make yourself at home because this is your home." As he said this he kiss my mother on the cheek and gave her a playful slap on her bottom. "Debbie, I have some yard work to do. You girls catch up and tonight I will take you all out to eat." My mother giggle like a school girl and for the first time ever I saw lust in her eyes. She watch Jason walk away and the look in her eyes was that of hunger. She waited till Jason was outside and ask me "So what do you think?" I was still trying to take all of this in. All I could muster was a "He seems nice." My mother lick her lips. "Oh he is more than nice." My mother said that in a sneaky way.

"MOM!" I said still not believing my ears. I never heard my mother speak or act in the fashion I she is today. "I'm sorry Joy. It's just that Jason has brought out a side of me I never knew was there." My mother's answer had me thinking. My mother was always the shy house mother. Well that was when she was married to my father. I could tell that she was happy and a different person than the mother I knew all my life. Could all of this be the result of one man? I had a friend in high school who email me time to time since we went off to college. She went off to Georgia State while I was at UT. She email me on how the diversity at Georgia State was different from where we grew up. Reading her emails I could tell that she was enjoying being expose to a brand new world. She even told me she started dating a black guy. Jessica's emails told me how she was falling in love with Tyrone. How he made her happy and she even told me about the sex. How Tyrone had the biggest cock she ever saw. How her nights were full of screaming, moaning, pillow biting and sex so good her pussy could still feel him after he was done. I thought about the things Jessica told me and seen what has happen to my mother. Is this what dating a black man does? Is my mother having the same experience Jessica was having? This is the question that was eating away at me while my mother was giving me the tour of the house.

My mother and I spent the rest of the day talking. I told her about school and the courses I was taking. I told her that Dad was okay but like always has been caught up with his work. She ask me was I was seeing anyone and I answer truthfully no. She told me that I should relax and that college shouldn't only be about work and studying. That I should learn how to have fun and relax. I couldn't believe my ears. This is the woman who would get upset if I brought home anything less than an average all of sudden telling me I should "chill"? Mom later told me that she met Jason at a book store. He made small talk over a book that my mother pick up and ask her out on a date. My mother told me how shock she was but was intrigue by his offer and took him up on it. They had several dates before Jason ask her to marry him when they had a picnic at the park. Jason was a successful accountant my mother told me. It was weird to see my mother like this. When she spoke of Jason you would think they were teenagers still courting and not a married couple in their 40's.

The day pass on and Jason took all three of us to a Chinese Restaurant. He told me my mother told him how much I love Chinese food and figure I would like this place. Jason seem like a genuine nice man and from the food in the restaurant had good taste in food as well. We spent the evening talking about movies, sports and just about every subject imaginable. During the evening Jason and my mom were feeding each other their food. Most of the night was spent giggling, tickling and jokes. I wonder did all of their meals consist of the show I was showing. I was starting to feel like the third wheel. I have to also admit I felt a little jealous as well. Seeing my mother and Jason made me realize what has been missing in my life. I said before I have no problem finding a man but the thing was I haven't been looking either. After dinner Jason drove us home. He had one hand on the steering wheel and the his other arm around my mother. We arrive home and my mother said we could order some movies tonight and stay up watching them. I told her I was sleepy and wanted to get some rest. She kiss me good night and told me if I needed anything just wake her up. Jason also wish me good night and told me that he would show me around Houston tomorrow and if I wanted to I could even go shopping on his dime.I wish them both good night as they sat on the couch and prepare to watch a futuristic movie staring Justin Timberlake. I headed upstairs and while looking back I saw them snuggling together. Mom seems like she really has found happiness.

Later on that night I woke up from my sleep to go to the bathroom. As I walk to the bathroom I heard some noise coming from downstairs. Mom and Jason must have left the tv on. After I finish going to the bathroom I walk down the stairs. As I grew closer I heard the noise more clearly. It was moaning. Did someone leave the tv on Cinemax I wonder. Before I could even finish walking down the stair I saw my answer. My mother and Jason were having sex on the living room floor. I sat on the stair hiding watching them. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My mother was on all fours completely naked as Jason was behind her. He was naked as well and eating my mom from the back. His large brown hands spread her white butt cheeks as he trace his tongue from her pussy to her ass. Jason was making sure his tongue was licking ever inch of my mothers ass and pussy. He went so far as to stick his tongue in her ass and fuck her with it. My mother let out a long sensual moan. Jason hands grip her ass tighter as he force his long tongue deeper in my mothers ass. My mother put one of her hands between her legs. Oh my god she was rubbing her clit as Jason tongue fuck her. She was rubbing her clit viciously as Jason's fingers fuck her pussy and his tongue fuck her ass.

I was in a state of shock. I knew I should be rushing back up the stairs right now and trying to forget everything I am seeing. Yet I can't move. It's almost as if I am glue to witness this. I would be lying if I didn't admit that there is a warm feeling growing between my legs. A feeling that I have not felt in a long time. I can't believe the sight of my mother and her lover having sex is having this effect on me. My mother arch her back and shook real hard. I know she just had a lovely orgasm. Thanks to my black step daddy. Jason stood up and my mother crawl towards him. Seeing Jason standing up I saw what I couldn't before. I could see his cock and my oh my. My black step daddy cock was huge and thick. His cock was as thick,long and I could see the veins. His head was big mushroom one. Jessica told me her black boyfriend had a thick mushroom head too. In her emails she spoke her his thick head made all the difference when he was pounding her pussy. How his head was touching her G spot with each deep plunge until she squirted. My mother look up at Jason grab his cock and planted a kiss on his tip.

"Remember the Rules Debbie. No hands." He said to her causing her to smile and releasing his cock. My mother took Jason's huge cock in her mouth with no hands. Her mouth wrap around his head and gave him an enthusiastic suck. Her tongue lick all over his shaft. My mother look as if she was using her tongue to trace the veins in dick. She tried to deep throat as much as she could of Jason's massive cock. She wasn't getting far but that wasn't going to stop her. My mother's head move up and and down on his cock while Jason's hands massage her head. I never would have guess my mother was a spectacular cock sucker. Seeing her white mouth wrap around Jason's dark meat was a sight. That warm feeling between my legs was growing stronger. I found my fingers tracing my crotch through my pajamas. That feeling down there was going from a warm tingling to a moist feeling. That feeling grew even stronger when I saw Jason's large strong hands grip my mother's head as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. All I could is Jason groaning and my mother gagging as he fuck her mouth.

"Take it baby. Take this black dick. Swallow it like a nice slut." Jason repeated that over and over to my mother. It was the soundtrack to her getting her throat abuse by the huge black cock. Every now and then he would take it out giving her a chance to catch her breath. During this pause my mother was trying to catch her breath and wiping the mixture of saliva and precum from her mouth and chin. "Feed me that black cock daddy. Choke me with it please." She said while teasing his dick hole with the tip of her tongue. My mother has channeling her inner porn star right now. Is this the side of her that Jason woke up. He was playfully slapping his cock against my mother face. She was trying to catch it like it was a worm and she was a fish. Finally she caught his dick and suck it hard and fast. Jason was fucking her mouth before but it seem like my dear mother was doing the fucking now. She grab a hold of Jason's waist and start fucking her own mouth with his dick. "That a good little slut. Take daddy's black dick like the nasty slut you are." He said looking down at her seeing my mother bob up and down on his cock. This act continue non stop for at least 2 or 3 minutes before Jason's let out a huge groan. He must have been near and the thought was not lost on my mother. She grab his ass and force him deeper in her mouth. Jason let out a savage cry. As if he was on the battle field and someone ran a blade through him. He was cumming and my mother would not release his cock from her mouth. I could see her trying her best to swallow all of Jason's seed but I could see some of it was sliding out of her mouth. He pull out his cock out of her mouth and gave it a couple jerks. He shot a couple ropes of cum into her eager waiting mouth and the last landed across her face. My mother scoop the cum that landed on her face with her fingers and suck them clean. I notice now that my hand was now inside my pajamas bottom. I had my panties pulled to the side and was slowly rubbing my clit. I didn't care that I was masturbating to the sight of my mother being use as a cum rag. I was in a whole new world. I wanted to cum. No, I need to cum badly.

My mother turn her ass toward Jason. She was back on her hands and knees teasing Jason with her white ass. My mother maybe in her 40's but she kept her body up. Her breast were the same size as mine and hair color the same. Many people said if I want to know how I would look 20 years from all I had to do was look at her. Jason seem to enjoy her body very much. While my mother was in the doggy style position Jason came up behind her. What was amazing to me his dick was still hard even after shooting his load all over my mother's face. My black step daddy guide his huge hard cock into my mother's wet white pussy. He didn't start off slow. He grab my mother shoulders and begin to fuck her fast and furiously. All I could here is my mother moans which were turning into screams and their bodies slapping against each other. Almost as if it was applause for the spectacular pounding Jason was giving my mother. She was moaning "Jason" and "Fuck me daddy" over and over. Jason had no problem obliging my mother's request. His large brown hands rub all over her body while his dick plunge deeper and deeper into my mother's wet womb. I'm pretty sure when he is finish she will be very sore down there. His hands squeeze her breast as he went even faster. My mother's pussy was very wet. I could tell because I could hear a wet smacking noise coming from her pussy. He was now pull her by her hair as he fuck her harder and faster. I see how my mother fell in love with this man.

My mother was getting fuck like a dirty slut by her black lover while I spy on them. My finger rubbing across my clit viciously. I was so close to cumming. My toes were curling as I lean my head back. My fingers were working across my clit while my mother was getting pounded. As I felt my climax nearing my mother yelled out "I'm about to cum." I guess like mother like daughter because I was coming too. A chill travel through my body as I shudder and shook. Oh how I needed this. It's been so long since I felt like this. I was still reveling in my own orgasm but I notice my mother was having her own. She was screaming Jason's name over and over as she was coming all over his dick. Jason continue to fuck her hard and deep as she climax. My mother couldn't take it anymore. Jason took one more deep plunge in her pussy causing her to squirt all over Jason's dick and the living room carpet. Jason's hands squeeze her waist as he drive his dick over and over in my mother's soaking wet pussy. It wasn't long till my black step daddy told my mother he was about to cum. He took one last deep thrust and drove his cock as deep as he could before letting out a giant roar. My black step daddy was cumming inside of my mom's pussy. My mother body start shaking even more than when she was getting fuck. I wonder did Jason's hot seed cause her to climax all over again. I never had a man spray my insides with him cum but I heard the feeling is tremendous. Jason pull out of my mother cause his nut to slowly fall from her now red and battered pussy. They laid on the living room floor and Jason took my mother in his strong arms. She rest her head on his chest as he held her tight. He kiss her forehead and wipe the sweat from her forehead. My mother look as if she was falling asleep in her husband arms. I notice Jason was looking at me now. "OH SHIT. He caught me." I thought as I hurry back up the stairs to my room.

I couldn't believe it. He caught me. He knows I was watching them as they had sex. My mind was racing now. Will he tell my mother? Will he confront me? Was he upset? How could I ever look him in the eyes again without feeling ashamed and embarrass. How could I ever look at him the same without picturing him naked? Without thinking of that big brown snake hanging between his legs? Without thinking about the way he punish my mother's pussy with that magnificent cock? Oh my god. I didn't even notice while laying down in my bed my hand found it's way back inside my panties. I was thinking about my black step daddy's cock. I was so jealous of my mother. I wanted to feel what she and Jessica have felt. I wanted what they had. I wanted some black cock. While I lay in my bed with my pajama bottoms and panties around my ankles I was thinking of Jason. I wanted his black cock and I close my eyes to replay the events I saw. I wanted my black step daddy's cock and I wanted it soon.

to be continue

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