tagLoving WivesMy Dad's Wife Ch. 6

My Dad's Wife Ch. 6


We lay down on the bed for some time. Suddenly Roy started kissing me. He kissed me lightly on the lips, working his way down my neck and shoulders, driving me wild with desire. I moaned as he started to kiss and lick my tits.

With a circular motion, starting at the outside and working in to the nipple, he licked each in turn, making the skin slick with his saliva.

I felt an erotic chill run through my body as his hand started sliding down, down, I could see as well as feel his hand moving slowly down my stomach, past my waist, pausing just above my mons. He looked at me in the eye as his fingers slid through my short-clipped curls, I bit my lip as his hand brushed gently over my labia, in a moment, he knew as well as I did that they were beginning to become damp and sensitive.

One of his fingers slid between my moist lips and dipped into my wet pussy. "Ohhhhhhh... Oh my God...Nooooo...Aggghhhh... Agggggghhh..." my voice trailed off as I closed my eyes. His middle finger swirled around my hard clit, making it swell and throb even more as he went. A little further his finger slid in, until it started to enter my slippery vagina. "Ohhhh...Noooo..." I cried, as my pussy quaked and trembled. I bit my lip even harder as the reality of my situation struck me; Naked, restrained, vulnerable to a man who claimed he could torture me with orgasms. I closed my eyes and relaxed as his finger plunged deeply into my wetness, probing, rubbing, and stimulating me. Without realizing it, my hips were soon moving in time to the motions of his hand. Beads of sweat broke out on my brow as I felt a wonderful familiar tingling growing behind my belly. My limbs strained at the restraints as I realized that I was about to cum. "Ohmigosh... uhhhh oh... my... GOSH!!" I cried out as the another powerful orgasm shook me. I started breathing again as I opened my eyes to see him smiling down at me. "Hi Dipa," he smiled, taking his fingers in his mouth, " Sex *is* your weakness Dipa, and you will cum for me like you never have before."

"Dipa, I haven't even started making you cum yet - you'll see I'm *very* good at it, and I really enjoy my job." With that, he reached down again and slid two fingers deep inside of my dripping pussy. I moaned as he pulled them out and put them in his mouth. "Mmmmmmm - I really enjoy my job Dipa. "

I now realized the significance of all the mirrors in the room. A glance at a mirror slightly off to left gave me a perfect view of my widespread legs and exposed pussy. I was fascinated and embarrassed. I blushed a little, but to my dismay, my nipples stiffened with excitement – (I could see them in a mirror hanging from the ceiling!) He had turned away from the bed. He turned back toward me with a smile on his face - not one that looked mean, but rather like the cat who was about to eat the canary. I smirked at the thought - that it seemed I was the canary! "NO!" I whispered, "you are going to hurt me!!"

"No, no Dipa," I will bring you only pleasure." He rolled around my right leg and settled there, squarely facing her exposed pussy. I felt a twinge of embarrassment, along with a familiar feeling that sexual situations always gave to me. I felt his warm hands touch my mound, causing me to jump involuntarily. I watch in the mirror as he expertly my mons veneris, then gently slid his hand along both labia. Standing, he rubbed his hand over my genitals, avoiding letting his fingers slip between my labia again, but making me hotter by the moment nonetheless.

He gently massaged that area to the sensitivity of my sweet young pussy and making me squirm even more. I sighed at the warmness of the sensation, and tried not to buck too much when his fingers applied a cream to the inner margins of my labia. You should be glad I didn't use menthol." he smirked. He gave the cream a few more minutes to saturate my curls, occasionally massaging it some more. Somehow, I was a little surprised to find my hips gently moving again in concert with his motions. He smiled at me again. "You are a very sexy, and very sexual woman Dipa."

"Uhhhhh," Just as I felt myself to begin cumming again, he stopped. I'm close to cumming already. I grinned wickedly, " I wasn't in control of my body." This was probably sixth time in a row and I donot know who many more times I will to night I will cum? Oh god.

By now, my arousal had vanquished my embarrassment, and that surprised me- but I was happy that at least I seemed to be in control of my emotions. I felt his fingers spreading my labia again, and shielding my inner labia. I consciously willed myself to remain still. He smiled again, " A woman's body is a thing of beauty, a wonderful machine that can give so very much pleasure to both herself and the man she loves." He ran his fingers gently over it, up one side and down the other. I bit my lip again. "So very nice and smooth," he smiled. "Your pussy looks really lovely, see?" He motioned at the mirror, and I moaned gently as his fingers slide over and over my mons and labia.

He began to gently kiss my left knee. I giggled as he slowly moved up my inner thigh. The he began alternating between left and right inner thighs - each gentle, wet kiss getting closer to my pussy - which was beginning to saturate and drip as I watched him, mesmerized. Closer, closer his lips made their way to my steaming slit. I could feel myself shivering with anticipation already. Just an inch or two away now, I could feel his hot breath waft across my labia as he made the trip between thighs.

Then, suddenly, I felt my body stiffen with excitement as he kissed me directly on my smooth mons. Then gently down one labia and up the other. I shook with excitement as his lips inflamed me further. I could feel my inner lips getting hot and swollen with arousal as he drew nearer and nearer to them. I felt his thumbs spreading my labia even wider. He looked at me in the eye and said hoarsely, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating Dipa, and the test of your pussy is as well." He dipped his head again and my back stiffened as his tongue gently pressed against my throbbing clit. "Uhhhhh, Ohhhh God, Ohhh yes, that's sooo good, Yesssss, ohhhhhh, yesssss " she moaned as his muffled voiced echoed an "MMMMmmmmmm," as he tasted my seeping pussy.

Our muffled voices made a sexy duet together as he slowly and carefully explored her whole pussy with his lips and tongue. He seemed to get to every possible spot - missing none - and seemed to know just what to do to best stimulate each sensitive area of my quivering pussy. I moaned out loud each time his treatment sent a luscious sensation through my body. His ministrations were very effective - and very specific. He seemed to have a technique that caused me the most wonderful feelings depending where his mouth roamed. His lips seemed to "wrap around" my outer pussy lips, sliding from the base of each up to the top where they met above my clit. One side, then the other - I figured it was no mistake that his lower lip nudged my hard clit each time they slid up to the top of my labia. For my inner labia, he had a way of sucking them into his mouth and gently nibbling on them. I could feel him sucking them in between tightly closed lips, and each time he did, I moaned in pleasure. For the opening of my vagina - he seemed to first press his flat tongue against it, then slowly stick his tongue in as deeply as he could, making me back arch and press against his face as much as I restraints would allow. He moaned with pleasure every time his tongue discovered a new pocket of my sweet sexy juice - and it was a vicious cycle - his tongue, in the process of seeking out my juices - he caused me to create more. My clit got the most stimulating treatment of all. First he probed all around it with his tongue, the sides of his tongue touching it on all sides - making me writhe in pleasure and occasionally jump. I braced myself as he finished the circle around my clit - knowing that now he would focus in it directly - and I was already very close to cumming again.

I watched him lift his head briefly - almost as though he were studying how to proceed. He looked up at me and I could see how his face was covered with the slick juice of mine excitement. I saw that the look on his face was one of genuine bliss - as well as the look on my face I imagined. His eyes had a dreamy, far-away look as he gazed up at me. I knew then that he wasn’t kidding about enjoying his "work" - and at the moment, I adored his "work" as well. I was unable to look away as he lowered his mouth again to my throbbing pussy, I saw his lips form into an "O" and then felt them close around my stiff clit. I moaned and lay my head back and closed my eyes - he knew that he was about to bring me to a very intense orgasm - and I relaxed as much as I could to enjoy him taking me there. I felt his lips wrap around my clit, his tongue gently flicking it, swirling around it. I let out a huge sigh as my body shuddered with pleasure.

His mouth didn't concentrate on just my clit - that would be too intense - he seemed to quickly move over my whole pussy, again and again, up and down my inner and outer labia, tonguing my vagina, sucking and swirling around my clit. I was so close now, my back was arching up off the bed, in spite of the restraints, I could feel my pussy starting to twitch and my hips beginning to buck. I wanted so much to reach my hand down and run my fingers through his hair and feel his head working against me - maybe even pull his lips tighter against me as I began to cum. My arms tensed in the restraints and I began to moan out even louder as I felt my orgasm begin to well up from deep inside me. My hands clenched and unclenched as I tried in vain to touch something at this time - my need for even more closeness. I wanted to touch my face, my breasts, my pussy - hold it open even wider for him.

The bed I was restrained to began to shake with my body as my orgasm came crashing over me in wave after wave of pleasurable spasms. My mouth opened and a cry of passion came from deep in my throat as every muscle in my body stiffened with ecstasy. Such warmth and tingliness came from within me that I cried out loud and without self-restraint. His lips still wrapped around my throbbing clit as I came, wave after wave of heat sweeping through my shuddering body. I’d never had an orgasm while restrained before, and the sensations in my body were magnified by the tenseness of my muscles. He continued to lick and suck on my climaxing pussy as I slowly came down from my orgasm, keeping gentle stimulation going to make me orgasm last as long as possible - but not over stimulating my sensitive clit. My breath came in deep, ragged pants now as I slowly relaxed and enjoyed the warm afterglow of such a huge orgasm.

“OOOOOOH MYGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOD!” I panted out when I could finally speak. “I’ve never cum like that before!” I saw him rise up from between my legs and come to my side. He ran his warm hand over my stomach and breasts and bent down to kiss me hot, swollen lips with his slick, wet face. I too kissed him back hungrily, tasting the juices of my orgasm on his lips, moustache and chin. “No - you never have cum like that before Dipa, but I can assure you, that was just the beginning. One of many, MANY strong orgasms you will be having over the next several hours. Are you sure you don’t want to talk now?” I grinned back at him.

His fingers, his mouth, and his dick, all of it made me climax. I would climax one after another my mind-blowing climax. Then it hit me; I came back to the realization that I was being raped. I told myself that I had no control over it. I told myself that it was only a natural thing for my body respond like this to all the sexual stimulation that they were giving me and that was all it was period.

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