tagIncest/TabooMy Daughters and Me Ch. 02

My Daughters and Me Ch. 02


Thank you for the kind feedback from the first installment. I'm trying to give you the exact details of what happened, how it occurred and how I felt during this time. It is a very different lifestyle that we're leading but we wouldn't change it for anything. Please enjoy and I look forward to any feedback you may have.

...As I worked my way down Jenni's chest to her nipple I was trembling with excitement. I wanted to please her like she pleased me but I was so damn horny that I wanted to continue that intense feeling that I had between my legs. I took her nipple into my mouth and realized that I've never done this before. What am I supposed to do? Well, I decided I'm going to do to her what I like done to me. I started licking the nipple back and forth flicking my tongue across it while groping her other breast. I would nibble at it and then started to apply pressure with my mouth as I started to suck it. God I was so turned on! And from the sounds of it, so was my Jenni.

"Oh yes mom suck me, feels so good. Don't stop momma please don't stop!" I continued my assault on her pretty titties alternating from one to the other. I snaked my hand down her body and started stroking her pretty pussy while my mouth was pleasing her firm breasts. I brought my hand to my mouth and licked my fingers to moisten them so I could rub her pussy. As I brought my hand to her pussy I noticed that I didn't need my spit on my fingers at all. My daughter was soaking wet down there and my fingers were gliding up and down her lips with no resistance at all. How the hell am I to concentrate on her breasts when I found something new and exciting to play with?

I left Jenni's breast and went up and kissed her with reckless abandon. My tongue was doing tricks in her mouth that it had never done before. As our tongues were dancing with each other we were both moaning and caressing each other on my bed. I pulled away and told Jenni that I wanted to taste her. "I want to taste your pussy Baby, let momma please you like you pleased me."

"Yes mom, please taste me, I want to cum for you so bad. I want you to taste my juices, I want to fuck your face."

I kissed her one more time and started my way down her body. This beautiful woman at my disposal is my daughter but all I could think of was the lust that I was feeling and how I wanted to taste that young pussy that was there before me. I placed my tongue on her lips and traced the lips up and down with my lips. Jenni was softly moaning as I worked my tongue up and down. Her clit was standing at attention and I teased it with an occasional swipe. She tasted so sweet. I can't describe the taste but it was kind of thick but not sticky. I could not get enough of it. I darted my tongue inside her pussy and started to work my tongue in and out of her. I was still darting occasionally at her clit but didn't want to work on it quite yet. My face was covered with her juices and I started grinding my pussy on the bed as I was eating my beautiful daughter. Yes, my pussy was on fire as I started to pound that bed with my pussy.

"You taste so good Baby, I just want to make you cum. Please cum for momma, I want to taste your cum Baby"

"Yes mom, I'm so close please suck my clit, please mom, suck my clit"

I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking it like I was sucking on her nipple. As soon as I started sucking, Jenni let out a scream that she was going to cum. "I'm cumming momma, yes , yes, yes yes, here it comes!!!! Aaaaaaawwwwww!!!!"

My daughter was cumming into my mouth and I drank all that she could give me. I continued to suck that clit and would slip my tongue in her pussy and tongue fuck her from time to time. After Jenni told me to stop and pushed my head away I came back up top and kissed her tenderly while she recovered. We held each other and I could feel her heart beating in her chest. I was fondling her pretty breasts and felt her heartbeat going a mile a minute. Jenni pulled my head up to hers and kissed me like lovers do and attacked my mouth with her tongue. After our kiss ended she said "Mom, I can't describe what I just felt. That was so fuckin' awesome. God, that felt so fuckin' good!!" It must have felt good because my Jenni only cusses when she gets excited. But I only heard that when she was mad. I guess It stays true even while she's having sex.

Jenni was kissing me softly along my entire face telling me that she wanted to kiss and taste her cum on my face. It felt so good feeling her lips and tongue dancing all along my face. We looked into each others eyes and just stated laughing. "Well, what now Baby? What are we going to do from now on?" I asked my daughter these questions not expecting an answer but this day full of surprises was about to continue.

"Mom, I want to continue making love to you. I've never lusted for anybody like I have for you or enjoyed making love to anybody like I have for you. Please tell me that we can continue? I want to continue this and love you like no other person ever could."

My poor little baby was serious, she wanted my assurance that this would continue, what was I supposed to say? Of course I told her that I wanted it too. "Baby, you have taken me to heights that I've never reached before. There's no way in hell that I could never go there again. I want this to continue. I want to make love to you whenever we can. I love you as a mom but I love you as a lover too. You turn me on so much and I can't believe that this has happened but I don't want it to ever stop. Let's jump in the shower and clean each other up."

We jumped in my shower and washed each other's body. It was so fun to shower with somebody again. She took my scubby sponge and washed every inch of my body, paying special attention to my breasts and pussy. I did the same to her and after we finishing rinsing her off she hugged me and placed her lips on mine and stuck her tongue in my mouth. God, I loved kissing this girl! We stood under the stream of water kissing and caressing each other's body for what seemed like forever. I didn't want it to end but a knock on the door broke us out of our kiss and back to our senses. "Mom, are you in there? Are you gonna be done soon? I want to take a shower too."

Oh shit, that was Amy outside my door. Does she know that Jenni is with me? Did she hear us making love? Is she looking for her sister? All of a sudden I felt a cold streak run through my body even though I had warm water cascading over my body. What the hell do I tell her? "I'm almost done Sweetie, just rinsing off. Give me five minutes and you can go ahead."

"OK mom, no rush. Hey, have you seen Jenni? I can't find her anywhere."

"No Sweetie, I haven't seen her. OK Baby, go ahead I'm all done."

Well, I don't know how, but we got through this undetected. Thank God for iPods, I don't think Amy heard anything or was oblivious to everything since she lives with those earbuds in her ears 24/7. I looked at Jenni and told her that we're going to have to keep the lid on this and not let her sister know about it. She agreed but told me that she wanted to come back tonight and have another session with me. I told her yes we would and that I wanted that too. We toweled each other off and what would have normally taken 5 minutes to do ended up being a ½ hour job due to the kissing and special attention that we paid to each other titties and pussies.

This is going to be a wild ride. Am I prepared for it? Hell yes I am! I can't wait, life is going to change dramatically and I'm ready to embrace it, and Jenni, with unequaled enthusiasm!

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