tagErotic CouplingsMy Teacher - My Angel Ch. 02

My Teacher - My Angel Ch. 02


Here is the second chapter of the story. It can be read as a standalone story, but I would suggest that you read it after reading chapter-1, for the sake of continuity and better appreciation of the main characters

That week went like a dream for both Kamala and Sekhar. Having discovered sexual pleasures for the first time, they explored each other's body with the enthusiasm of pioneers and found even greater pleasures. On their last night together young Sekhar got emotional and asked Kamala, with all sincerity, why they could not marry.

"Sekhar! That can never happen. I am old enough to be your mother. Marriage can only work when both are in the same age group. It is a different issue that older men do marry younger women, sometimes. But, you would rarely find it the other way. If a woman marries a much younger man she would be ridiculed. It is providence that we came together and we have given each other so much pleasure and enjoyment. Let us both cherish this as a beautiful dream....that is all; a very sweet dream. You should get on with your life."

Kamala Madame was back to being his teacher again!

"Madame, can we again enjoy like this at least whenever there is an opportunity?" he pleaded.

"Would you want that?" Madame was smiling as she asked.

"Yes Madame. Very much." He responded eagerly.

In reply Kamala kissed him deeply and whispered a yes.

Sekhar's narrative

I was back to my routine life as a student. As the days went by, memories of that glorious week started receding. Our half yearly exams were fast approaching and Ramana requested me to join him for 'combined studies' at his place. He said that It would be a great help because I could then clarify his 'doubts' on the spot.

I wasn't against the idea because my own home was too crowded and there was a lot of disturbance. When Ramana's mother too spoke to my mother and requested that I help him, the matter was finalized.

Thus we started our combined studies. Ramana's home was a rented house. It comprised of one big hall, one kitchen and one small store room. It had a small backyard in which the bathroom and toilet were located along with a few flower plants. As his father was away at the project site and visited them only once a month, their home was barely furnished with just a few essentials only.

Ramana's younger sister Vijaya was around my age and she was in her Pre university course in a Girls' college. Vijaya was tall and slim and fair complexioned. She had a flat chest and a pimpled face. She had a nice smile and long, jet black curly hair which she wore in twin plaits.

In studies, she was like her brother, not intelligent and weak in mathematics. She often sought my help with mathematics and I loved acting as her teacher and bossing over her. She addressed me by my name.

The main entrance to their home opened into the hall. Ramana and I used to spread our mat on the left hand corner and study there. Vijaya used to sit at the other corner on the same side of the hall and facing us. The Hall had one ceiling fan located right at the centre point of the hall. So when it was time to sleep, Ramana and I made our beds under the fan towards the right side.

Vijaya and her mother made their beds a little away, towards the left side. All of us needed the fan to keep away the mosquitoes. We used to study till midnight and then sleep, while the ladies slept much earlier. Ramana slept like a log once he hit the bed.

My recent sexual fling with Kamala Madame changed me considerably. I was no longer a novice; as a matter of fact I now considered myself quite experienced. And I was now on the lookout for new opportunities. But I was mature enough not to brag about Kamala Madame to anyone. I continued to keep up my appearance of an innocent and intelligent teenager.

One night, after our studies we went to bed. Ramana slept within minutes and I couldn't sleep so fast and was tossing around. Vijaya who was sleeping next to her mother, with her back to me, turned around in her sleep. She was dressed in her normal dress of a petticoat, blouse and a voni (half sari). As she turned, her half sari fell away from her blouse.

As I have said earlier, Vijaya had a flat chest. She had very small boobs that were almost negligible; or so I thought till then. In her present position she was turned towards her right and resting on her side. In the dim light of the bed lamp, I could see her small boobs inside her blouse and they no longer looked negligible. She was probably around four feet away from me.

Then she did something that really sent my pulse racing. Her left hand moved as if to scratch her midriff and in the process her blouse got pushed upwards over her small tits. It looked as if her actions were genuine and blouse that was loose got pushed up accidentally. The net result was, the lower half of her small breasts were visible to me, including the lower half of her areole. The blouse miraculously still covered her nipples.

I was truly fascinated by the sight of those small breasts that contrasted so much from Kamala Madame's large and full boobs. These had a strange appeal to me...they looked like flower buds and so inviting. I had this strong urge to uncover them completely and see her nipples too. And, if possible, I wanted to touch them.

Ramana was sleeping with his back to me. Her mother was, likewise, was sleeping with her back to Vijaya. So, there was no immediate threat from either. Vijaya herself appeared to be sound asleep. I made my move immediately.

I slid forward along the floor by a few inches at a time, till I was just a couple of feet away from her. I then lay on my belly, my pillow under my head and slowly extended my right arm fully along her bed. I just fell short of her exposed right tit.

Relaxing thus for a minute, I made a slight readjustment of my position and the tip of my forefinger made its first tentative contact with Vijaya's exposed ,small boob. It was very soft to touch and I just pressed my finger tip lightly into the flesh. It felt exactly like a bouncy rubber ball. I first wanted my visual treat. So, I gently pushed her blouse up, a little at a time and uncovered her breasts.

Her areole was perfect circle of very light brown. Right in the geometrical centre was her nipple. Each nipple was a small, pink rose bud. They contrasted so much from Kamala Madame's in size, color and texture. They looked so fresh, innocent and youngish. When seen thus in their totality, her small tits appeared very attractive. Now, I had to touch them...both of them.

I readjusted my position. I lay on my left side now, facing Vijaya who lay on her right side. I fully extended my left hand and just managed to reach her right tit. It was obvious that I needed to move forward a little more in order to palm her boob.

Even as was about to move, Vijaya shifted in her sleep. She turned further to her right and lay at an angle now. This move of her was very fortuitous for me because it brought her right boob into my palm, pressing against it.

Her small breast with its pink tip fitted smugly into my palm and I squeezed it once very gently, looking at Vijaya's face for any reaction. She continued to sleep, though her breath seemed to have quickened a bit.

Confident of myself now, I stretched my right hand and found her left boob which was now closer to me. My fingers found her small nipple and started a gentle tease. It responded immediately and stood out proud and erect. Her hardened nipple was very cute.

I spent quite some time playing with her cute breasts. I had the strong urge to kiss her boobs and suck them. But I knew the risks were very high at that point of time and I should be content with what I did for the present. I would look for opportunities in future. Silently I bid her a good night and turned over to the other side.

Next day was a busy day at the college. But, whenever I could, I thought of Vijaya's cute breasts and how heavenly they felt in my hands. I was determined to continue tonight and may be, I could do even better than last night, with a bit of luck.

When I went to their place that evening after my dinner for the studies, I found everything normal. It was obvious to me that Vijaya slept through the whole episode last night and she was another sound sleeper like her brother Ramana.

We went to bed around midnight and by then Vijaya and her mother were sound asleep. I waited for about fifteen minutes for Ramana to sleep before making my move. When I turned over on my left side to face Vijaya, I was thrilled to find two things.

The first was that Vijaya's position was even closer to my bed than last night. The second was that her blouse was partly open at the lower end and her small boobs were already peeking out.

Without wasting time, my hands got busy with her cute boobs and started playing with them. Her breathing quickened a bit and a very slight moan escaped her. That made me a little cautious and I reduced the pressure of my squeeze. After a few minutes, I dropped my right hand from her boob to her tummy and waist.

Vijaya was a very slim girl and she had a very slim waist. The curve of her waist had always held a fascination for me. Here was a chance to see and perhaps feel it. I gently rubbed her flat tummy which was silken smooth to touch as my hand traversed to her waist.

My fingers touched the top edge of her petticoat which is normally tied tightly around the waist with a string. As my fingers brushed against the edge, another surprise awaited me.

The draw string was loose and untied!

I couldn't believe my luck. As my fingers pushed it, her petticoat just moved down without any resistance. My right hand felt the smooth curve of her waist and I had to exercise a lot of self control in not grabbing it tightly. Caressing her slim waist, I analyzed the situation.

Could it be that Vijaya was aware of my moves and was actually cooperating with me? The open blouse and the loose petticoat pointed to that possibility. If that was the case, I could certainly proceed further. But I should tread with care.

Resting my right hand on her flat belly, I gently pushed my hand down under her loose petticoat and slowly moved it down. I first encountered her navel. As my actions also caused the petticoat to move down, I had a visual treat too.

Her navel was small and a perfect circle with a tapering central hole. As my fingertip gently probed it, Vijaya gave a light moan. Her right tit moved further into my squeezing left palm.

Her lower abdomen was silken smooth and warm to my touch. I slid my hand further down till my fingers encountered her sparse pubic hair and touched her pussy. I was all excited now.

Ensuring that Ramana and his mother still had their backs to us and asleep, I moved my hand and cupped her virgin pussy in my right palm. I felt her gasp and her pussy quiver in my hand. Vijaya opened her eyes and gave me a shy smile.

Next second, her left hand went under her petticoat and covered the top of my hand resting on her pussy and slightly adjusted it. My thumb was now resting on the upper folds of her vagina and my fingers near her moist slit that was the entrance to her virgin treasures. Her own fingers were slim and long and they pushed my shaking fingers to her wet slit.

I was literally floating in high skies. She had now joined me in this erotic adventure and was my willing partner. I looked at her pimply face which now had a glow to it and her red lips were quivering and wet and very inviting. As if on a signal, we both moved our heads and our lips touched each other.

Next second my lips locked on her lower lip and started sucking it hungrily. In no time we were fully lip locked. Her kiss was very sweet, as if her lips were coated with honey! In my guts I knew I was the first to kiss her thus!

We were both lost in the sweet first kiss for a few moments. When we broke up, we quickly readjusted to each other's body. She moved her head on to my left shoulder with my left hand on her lower back now. My right hand and her left hand together rested on her pussy. Her right hand now grabbed the tent formed in my pajama.

As my middle finger slipped into her wet pussy, her hand unbuttoned my pajama opening and pulled out my hard cock. We clamped our mouths together in a deep wet kiss. Our fingers were frantic in their movement now; the desperate urgency of the beginners.

My forefinger joined my middle finger in her small, wet, juicy and hot cunt poking, probing and wiggling. Her own slim fingers clamped on my erect cock and stroked it furiously, up and down.

It was no wonder that in just a couple of minutes we both climaxed. My semen spurted in a jet on to her tummy and her juices washed my own palm. Vijaya cleaned her tummy and my cock with her half sari and with loving care.

She took a wet finger and put it in her mouth to taste cum. She made a face at me. Wiping my own palm with her voni, I too copied her move and tasted my own finger. It had a pungent taste and I too made a face at her.

Luckily for us neither her mother nor her brother was disturbed by our frenzied activities and that was the real surprise. We kissed each other good night, moved apart, turned our backs on each other and slept.

From next day things were different between vijaya and me. We were now secret lovers. We stole secret glances at each other, gave secret smiles, touched when no one watched us. We made love in our way in the nights, whenever possible.

We were however very careful not to arouse any suspicion. We knew this was the best we could do for now and we were both contented with that.

Nirmala aunty (her mother) visited a Balaji temple every Saturday without fail. The temple was some distance away and she generally left around ten in the morning and returned around twelve. This gave us an opportunity to plan for a day time romp. There were a few risks but the attraction of rewards was more overpowering.

Thus, on one Saturday, Vijaya woke up complaining feverishness and head ache and stayed back at home. I told Ramana on the previous day that my father asked me to take some visiting relatives on sightseeing. I bunked classes.

I left my bicycle some distance away from their home and watched from there. Aunty left promptly at 10am. I watched her take a rickshaw and waited for another five minutes. I was very nervous and looked around quickly before walking to their door.

The door was opened by Vijaya even before I knocked. She too looked very nervous as she quickly shut the door behind us. We both knew it wasn't safe to do anything in the hall during day because there were several windows that were open. Closing them during the day would invite suspicion of neighbors. Vijaya obviously gave it a thought because she led me to the small store room. I followed her.

That room was not full and there was some space available. There was a single cane chair there with a cushion. As soon as we walked into that room I shut the door and pulled her to me.

She came eagerly and we embraced. It was our first full bodied hug and we really loved it. We started kissing in right earnest. This was so much better than the nervous groping in the dark!

With mutual help we got rid of most of our clothing in a hurry. She was now clad only in a light blue petticoat. Her small boobs were enticing with their taut pink nipples. I now had only my striped drawers on me and my tent was already prominent.

As we hugged again, her small breasts now squashed against my bare chest. I had only a few hairs on my chest and it was muscular and hard, though not very broad.

As our bare chests touched and pressed, she gave a small sigh.

"Is it nice, Vijaya, your tits against my chest," I asked her.

"Yes, it feels so nice. Oh, Sekhar, my tits are too small, no? Everyone teases me in my class."

"They are small but they are cute, very cute and I love them," I answered sincerely.

Obviously satisfied with my answer, she kissed me hard as if showing her appreciation.

My hands now roamed on her ass which was undoubtedly her best asset. She had a wide ass, much wider in proportion to the rest of her body and her buttocks too were raised and inviting, though not fleshy. My hands grabbed and caressed them through her petticoat.

I very much wanted to see her totally nude, her thighs, her buttocks and her pussy.

My hands reached for her petticoat draw string and she made a half hearted move to stop me.

"Let us get totally naked and see each other, please. I am dying to see you naked and touch your pussy," I whispered in her ear.

She blushed pink but complied and untied her petticoat which fell in a heap at her feet. She stepped out of it. For the first time, I saw her clearly in her naked glory.

Her pussy was small in width and longer in length, covered with sparse black hair at the top. In the lower half I could see her lips shaping up like a flower just blooming with a hint of wetness. She was a fresh flower ready to be picked.

Her thighs were slender and so were her legs. The thighs needed a few more pounds of flesh on them but they looked good...smooth and toned. Her buttocks were very attractive and looked as if they were made for fondling. Her ass had a strange fascination for me, though I did not know then what it was!

I quickly removed my drawers and bared my cock and balls to Vijaya. She had an eyeful of both and her breathing quickened at the sight and she shivered.

As her hands reached for my cock, I pushed her away a little. I made her sit in the cane chair, her butt comfortable on the cushion. I had thought over the previous night what to do today. After all, I was experienced and as a young man, I should lead this innocent virgin.

"We will do different things today, Vijaya," I said. She nodded her assent.

Moving closer to her, still standing, I slightly bent and rubbed my erect cock on her chest and nipples. Next, I rubbed my own pubic hair against her taut nipples. She closed her eyes and purred. Then, cupping her face in my hands, I brought my raging cock close to her mouth.

I recalled how Kamala Madame sucked me and how heavenly that pleasure was. If she enjoyed doing that I was sure Vijaya would love it too. Most probably she did not know about that pleasure and I would teach her. She would be my pupil and learn it from me.

"Kiss my cock, you will love it, baby," I said.

She was fascinated by the proximity of my cock to her and touched her red, wet lips eagerly to its pink tip.

"Lick," I said with urgency.

Her pink tongue darted out and licked the helmet hesitantly even as her lips clamped around it. I was hot now with desire and pushed myself a little more into her hot mouth.

My hands left her cheeks and clamped on her head and pushed her head greedily into my crotch. My full length went into her cute little mouth and she gagged and choked. I pulled out immediately.

"Oh, I am sorry, it was so sudden," she sputtered.

"Let us do it slowly then, you take the cock in only as much as you want," I said.

She now held my cock in her slender left hand and brought her mouth close again and started swallowing, a little at a time. Opening her cute hot mouth, she took me in slowly, inch by inch, till the full length of my cock lay in her active mouth.

She then started sucking on it like an ice fruit. Her mouth was heavenly and as she eagerly sucked, it was obvious that she was now enjoying this.

Bending slightly in my standing position, I maneuvered such that my balls were hitting her small tits and erect nipples. Continuing to hold her head with my left hand, I pushed my right hand in between her thighs and grabbed her pussy. As my fingers probed, I found her pussy all wet with her own juices.

As I pushed my middle finger into her cunt, she stopped sucking instantly and moaned. I fucked her cunt with my finger, first one and then two fingers and she resumed sucking my cock with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

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