tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 02

Natalie-Alone Ch. 02


Once again, thanks to my great editor, SummerSphinx.

This part of the story it's being viewed, mostly under Mr. Raphael Vega's eyes, remember that. Oh, um, there is no sex here.... Remember, not everything is the way you see it! ENJOY!!!


...but before leaving, Mr. Vega, would you like something to drink? A coffee, chocolate, anything?"...



When Natalie greeted me, David was scared; you could see it in his eyes, he was stiff and it was easy to catch the sound of teeth grinding coming from him while thinking what I might say; he tapped my leg and when I looked his way, he gave me a fiery look advising me to watch out. But I had too much in my mind and just laughed it off.

The way she addressed to me, with such familiarity and sweetness for the many telephone conversations we had through the week (because of all the documents I needed prior to the meeting), I saw a spark in her eyes and body language while she was telling her version of the story, something called to my soul. Smiling to her, I said: "Finally I can put a face to the beautiful voice I have been listening to for the past few days".

Certainly she is beautiful, her sweet voice that changes depending on her mood made me notice HER, from all the persons I talk to daily, just HER: one afternoon her voice had changed in such a rough way that from then on, whenever she answered, I asked "who's this?" and she kept saying "not again... are you doing it on purpose?" always concluding with a laugh, and so did I.

She has me walking on the hills already and I have not felt like that for a while because I built walls around my heart, not allowing anyone in to protect myself from the hurt I had felt so long ago. I had never imagined loneliness could hurt just as bad. It's been three years already... but I'm scared, hurt, I'm still suffering for what I did to her, Amelia...

My family and friends are always inviting me out, and showing the female diversity with the reminder that I need some company. Notwithstanding, for the first time in three years I am feeling woozy to call her, just to listen to her... I'm not expecting or wanting anything but to know her, she caught my attention and I want to know why? Why now? Why her? But that's not possible, I just can't: not after Mikey and Amelia.



It occurred three years ago, how can I forget it? It was on a Saturday; June 14 at 10:00 a.m. when I got the call...

I was fighting with Amelia, my high school sweetie and wife since we graduated from WWU (Western Washington University). It's incredible how hard it had been for us to be happy after such a long time; our marriage was practically sinking, I was working too hard to raise dad's business in this state and she was working too much with her paintings, interior décor and our son: our four year old baby, Michael Raphael, we used to call him Mikey (because of Mikey Way from the group My Chemical Romance.... It was their songs, she always said, that helped her get in touch with her soul while painting).

But that terrible day... we had a fight because she wanted to see a house and was expecting to stay there "creating"; I couldn't stay with Mikey because I had a meeting and our parents and siblings were out of town. I had told her a thousand times to meet our neighbors and get a nanny to leave Mikey with; but no, our son should always be with us! And now she was the one asking to keep him away from her?

I refrain for that fight over and over; I should have taken Mikey with me... maybe, just maybe they would still be alive...


I was out of this world, so once again Natalie inquired: "Mr. Vega would you like something to drink? A coffee, hot chocolate, anything?..."

I looked into her eyes: small, almond shaped, dark brown with such a deepness that you meet her feelings and mind; her lips: thin, inviting you to discover how they will look after a long lasting kiss; her puffy cheeks (a Latin trademark) it just attracts you to notice the whole face, these cheeks make you smile when the person is smiling or scare you when they are mad. I know faces like that but none of those persons seems as sweet as she does.

She is special; she's got this energy all around her, so bright, God, she's light ...

Getting down from the cloud this beauty took me into and showing most of my charm with each word, I said: "how about you let me take care of your clothing since I was the stupid man who spilled the hot chocolate all over you?"


When Mr. Vega said: "how about you let me take care of your clothing since I was the stupid man who spilled the hot chocolate all over you?", I know my face turned from tanned to ghostly white as blood left my face while in my mind, a voice shouted: Oh God he is the man? No way and I just insulted him, in his face, my boss' friend, my angel, I'm so damned!! MY BIG FUCKING MOUTH!

I left the meeting room: legs and mind disconnected. Mr. Williamson called and I turned to see him calmly walking towards me while saying: "don't worry, he informed me of the incident prior to the meeting; if you don't want him to pay for the cleaning services, come to me with the bill, I will pay for it," and with a smile he turned into the meeting room.

I was feeling so bad, on my way home I was mindless; tripped by several persons, amongst them, my upper floor neighbor, Dr. Shuber; a good sight for sore eyes I thought.



I was restless, the meeting went off in a snap while thinking on her, on how she might have felt; my day went from bad to terrible, meeting after meeting, paper after paper (that's my daily work as the President and co-owner of a very important communication company both for the government and general public).

I needed to burn the emotions flowing so decided to fit up the body I had left aside for a few weeks while business traveling and family meetings. Being intimidatingly serious, having strong arms, big chest, and reaching 6.0' tall, my body was starting to show off the lack of exercise and excess of wrong food (too many restaurants to offer their delights and my carefree for whatever I eat but rather how everything looks is wrong food).

Notwithstanding my features; deep inside I'm as sweet as cotton candy, a real softy who craves for some love, but I get that from my family and soul brother, Michael. Growing up and studying together, being both families tied because of our friendship and some businesses, we are inseparable, nothing tears us apart; not even that time when he and Amelia cheated on me...

Once at my well-known gym I greeted some people, changed up, chatted with the trainers and finally began exercising. Then, right when I was walking out of the weight benches, saw her. No way, I thought nearing the lady at the running machine who was definitely enjoying the music coming out of her earplugs, eyes closed. The sight of an Angel, I thought. She looks beautiful, with her black knee pants, Grey T-Shirt with big red words stating SWEET. Yes it is her and her hand is bandaged?

In a casual manner I said: "so, that bad? You went to the doctor?" no answer, sure with her eyes closed she is not able to see if someone is near and she is not aware of me; a devilish grin in my face as my hands increase the machine inclination makes her open her eyes while saying out loud "Sandra!..."


Sandra (my roommate) always increases the machine's inclination level when she wants some attention and as I open my eyes find that it is not her: it's him, AGAIN!!

He's still showing his wicked grin and laughs at my disturbed face, he is not my favorite person today yet he asked: "that bad? You went to the doctor?"

I checked my bandaged hand and said: "yes, I did see a doctor" and fixed the machine's inclination while looking at those gorgeous amber eyes that were smiling at me.


I couldn't wait for her to speak again and I need to know how bad the burn is so I test: "show me, please".

Nat said: "if you have not noticed, I'm exercising so just tell whatever you want and let me finish my routine".

Her answer wasn't the best one, she is mad at me just like some dogs to cats. Sure it was my fault. I sigh. I'll just walk for a while. Moved to the walking machine beside hers, turned on my IPod, and started the machine while enjoying some music and de-stressing.

About five minutes and two songs later, I was asking myself if she is or not Latin? Where does she come from? What languages does she speak? (To work for David she must be, at least, be bilingual) Her body shows Latins features but where is she from? I start looking over my playlist and find a Latin singer; a smirk in my face and eyeing her decided to test this theory


I was rude with him when he asked to see my burn; I was not mad at him, although it sounded like that. After all, my boss still wants me at work, HELL there's no one to cover his secretary's maternity leave and it was not easy to find someone with the requirements they ask: BA preferred (check with MBA), over 7 years' experience (check with 10), bilingual (check with three languages) and secretarial skills amongst others (check for all).

I came out of my daze to find Raphael looking at me, no longer smiling although not mad, just kind of sad or is he worried? He turned on the machine beside me, put on his IPod plugs and enjoyed the music while taking a walk.

Breathe Natalie breathe and forget, that's all you can do now. A few minutes later, as I was finally letting out all the fury, he started to sing! Is he crazy? And he is singing one of my many favorites: ♪"...es mejor vivir un día contigo, que vivir un año sin tu abrigo, y es por eso que hoy te pido: que me des tu cariño para yo quedarme..."♪; No way, Juan Luis Guerra? How does he know his songs?

I had to stop my machine and looking at him said: "do you really know what you are singing? or ...

He cut me off by saying: "I knew your accent was Latin but where are you from?"

Staring at him I'm thinking: he's got to be a crazy, stalker person... "You don't answer a question with another" I said and expected for his answer.

He smiled and nodded while saying: "I do understand Spanish"

But I was not to imagine how beautifully my native language would sound on his mouth until he said: "Mi familia de parte de padre es de Puerto Rico" (TRANSLATION: my dad's family is from Puerto Rico) ¿De donde eres? (TRANSLATION: where are you from?)

...still believing he is a psycho I just said: "I'm Latin and that's the most you will know".

So many thoughts flowing on my mind, I felt a cold fear coming up my spine and nervousness for today's strange situation with THIS man, so, once again I run away from him and headed home.



It's been almost two weeks since we met, strangely I'm missing her; when I call David's office she immediately transfers the call with a polite "please hold". There are no more laughs, no more mood changes, always serious, it's like she hates me. David keeps saying, "she's ok, we're just busy with the presentation". I asked him about her clothing and he said she refused credit for the expenses.

I've been sending her flowers, don't know her favorite color yet but I learned she loves roses. My delivery boy hand delivered and waited for her response. "I love roses" she exclaimed as she saw the 15, different colored bouquets. At least I've been able to learn something. What I don't understand is WHY CAN'T I STOP THINKING OF HER? I thought it was pity or sadness for her burns but no, she is different, fire, fury and somehow I know she's got something; for me?



I've been receiving these flowers for almost two weeks now, every day one color, except that when it all began, there were 15, today it's 2. Every day the same note: "____ days to see you again, RV". The first time I got these flowers I was so happy, did not know who send it but then read the card: "15 days to see you again, FORGIVE ME, Raphael Vega".

It is emotional to receive such a gift yet I'm scared, why send it? Why should I forgive him? He is strange, such strong features; why would he care for me? Last time someone acted like that, my heart was smashed into little pieces and burned to ashes. Although the flowers are beautiful and I've tried to return them without the Flower Shop's or Mr. Williamson's approval, I'm getting anxious just to imagine what will occur when THE day arrives.

Mr. Williamson knows what his friend is doing and on the third day I received the flowers, he asked me into his office and said: "I need you to know that Raphael has suffered too much for the past three years and it is incredibly good that he is looking upon you. If you don't like him at all better turn him down now, if there is some light in your heart, for his, get to know him"...

I've been following his instructions by declining to talk to Raphael, after all what might a rich Adonis like him want with me and why? I'd rather live my life and reach my dream than ending up with pieces of a heart that I've been fixing for so long... and once again end up, ALONE.

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