tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 05

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 05


When I awoke, it was pitch dark in the room, just a glimmer coming in through the drawn shades. For a moment I was confused, the events of the last hours so sudden that I had to be sure they were real. But when I realized that I still had one arm and one leg thrown over your body, there was no doubt.

I lay still, not wanting to disturb you, and listened to your quiet breathing. At last, however, nature called, and I gently pulled away from you and slipped into the bathroom. I checked my watch and was amazed to find it was after 1 AM. While I was there, I realized I should clean up a bit, and took a quick shave, then turned on the water and climbed into the shower. I was well coated with the residue of our juices. The warm water felt refreshing, and I began to come back to life - in every way. Of course, you were the only thing I could think of!

I lathered up and started to wash, when I almost jumped out of my skin! A hand was running slowly up my back. Turning, I saw you reaching around the shower curtain, and smiling at me. Taking your hand, I quickly helped you into the shower and put my hands on your shoulders, grinning at you. As you slid your arms around me I pulled you to me, our bodies and lips meeting at the same time. The warm water added to the sensation of your body pressed against mine. A long lingering kiss, punctuated with soft moans, ensued.

You pushed yourself back a bit, reached for the liquid soap, and proceeded to start lathering me up. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of your soft, wet, slippery hands running over my body. When your hands moved down to my cock, rock hard, of course, you gave it extra attention, as I shuddered with every touch. You did not linger too long, however, pausing to swirl your hands around my balls, then running them down my soapy thighs. I groaned when, at last, you straightened up and pressed against me for another long kiss.

"My turn," you said, and handed me the soap bottle.

I turned you around and lathered up your shoulders, running my hands over them as I combined a wash and a massage, loving it when you moaned and pressed against my hands. Slowly I moved down your back, refreshing the soap when needed. At last my hands reached your nicely rounded cheeks, and you wiggled when I ran my lathered hands over them, top to bottom, side to side, making sure my fingers slid down between them. Just once, I slipped my hand between your legs and stroked lightly over your pussy as I washed down the back of your thighs, but I did not allow it to linger as you tried to push against it. I could almost feel you pout.

Straightening up, I pulled you back against me and started kissing your shoulders and the back of your neck, hands around your waist. As I nipped at your ear lobe I whispered, "I hope you know how good you feel."

You murmured, "Mmmm, I know I feel very good right now."

You tried to turn towards me but I would not allow it, and coated my hands with the soap once again. Reaching around you, I placed my hands directly over your breasts, and proceeded to give them a long slippery massage, squeezing, rolling, stroking. I paid special attention to your rock hard nipples, which I tweaked, twisted and rolled with my slippery fingers. You were arching your back and leaning against me, so I was almost holding you up. I was delighted with the involuntary gasps and moans that escaped you with every touch of my fingers. I'm sure your breasts were as clean as they have ever been.

Finally, with a big wet kiss on your shoulder, I released you and lathered my hands once again. I washed my way down your torso, loving the feeling of your body against me as I did so, and I knew you could feel my hard cock pressing against your cheeks, moving as I stroked your body. More soap, and then I slid my slippery hands over your smooth pussy and made sure it was completely covered with the frothy lather. Of course I made sure to wash thoroughly, knowing it was needed and loving how you pressed into my hand each time it moved across your pussy, your hips rolling slowly but constantly. You spread your legs wider as I slid my slippery fingers inside, making sure all traces of our juices were washed away, even though I could feel more of your hot stickiness coating my fingers.

A few strokes down your thighs, and our wash-up was done. I made sure all the soap was rinsed away, then turned you towards me. The burning look in your eyes stunned me. You wrapped your arms around me, slid one leg behind mine, and crushed your body against me. Your lips ground against mine and you rammed your tongue into my mouth, where I eagerly sucked on it. I felt one hand slide down over my hip and then between us, where you grasped my cock firmly and pulled - hard! Your obvious intention was to make me as hard as possible as fast as possible. Eyes closed, I moaned and gasped as you stroked me hard and fast, fingers squeezing tightly.

Suddenly, you dropped to your knees on the rubber mat and stared up at me for just a moment. You slipped your lips over my head and sucked on it for a few moments, tongue swirling around. With another glance up you suddenly rammed your mouth down over my cock, and I felt tip enter your throat as your lips ground against my body. At the shock of being engulfed I had to steady myself against the shower wall, and my breath stopped completely. I could feel you trying to swallow me. You started stroking me with your lips, taking the entire length each time you sucked me in. I could feel your teeth, barely grazing my shaft, heightening the excitement.

Very quickly, I was almost at the point of no return, and thinking you might want to save what you had brought to a boil for other things, I gently pushed back on your head. In answer you growled, as you rammed your lips the length of my shaft, your hands on my ass pulling me into your hungry mouth. You squeezed tighter, sucking harder and stroking faster. In total surrender I started rolling my hips, ramming my burning cock into your throat with every stroke. Almost at once I felt him throb, and my hands pulled your lips against me as I groaned deep and loud, shuddering as I felt my cum spurt down your throat again and again. You were almost gagging now, but I was determined you would have every drop that you had worked so hard to get.

Finally, there was no more, but I lingered a moment, loving the feeling of my still firm shaft in your hot wet mouth and the victory smile in your eyes as you looked up at me, lips still locked around me. Slowly sliding back, I watched my shaft emerge, pausing while you sucked and licked the tip for a moment, making sure you had every taste.

When you finally released me I reached down and pulled you up to me. I know you could feel my body shaking. We stood in the pouring water, arms wrapped, holding each other. Finally I managed to gasp out "I have NEVER ... felt...."

"I was hoping," you replied, as your arms tightened around me and your lips locked over mine.

Your searching tongue and your body squirming against mine told me what I already knew - I needed to return the favor, and could think of nothing I would like more! However, we had been standing in the shower for a long time, to the point our skin was almost wrinkling. I decided I could do a better job in the bedroom.

Your eyes questioned me as I shut off the water and reached for a towel to dry us off, but I whispered, "Don't worry, we aren't through yet," with a big smile on my face.

I led you back to the room and made sure the covers were off the bed, but instead of lying down, I took you in my arms and kissed you lightly, bodies slightly apart, as I grasped both breasts in my hands and slowly started kneading. Of course our kiss deepened and our bodies pressed together soon enough. Knowing you wanted lots more, I moved you to the bed and had you lie the length of it, near the middle. I knelt next to you and leaned over, kissing once again as I ran my hands indiscriminately over you. My tongue was deep in your mouth as I explored everywhere, never lingering too long in one spot, even when I knew you wanted me to. Finally I lifted my lips from yours and looked down, smiling at you. I ran my eyes over you, slowly, from head to toe, knowing you were watching me as I enjoyed every bit of you. "God, you're beautiful," I whispered.

A quick kiss on the lips and I grasped both breasts once again, first kneading, then stroking, fingers catching the firm tips and squeezing, softly, then hard. I pulled, twisted, stroked and teased as I stared directly into your eyes. Your breasts were gorgeous, firm and quite erect even while you were on your back. The dark pink nipples quickly wrinkled into hard red buds when I looked at you, even before I touched them. I loved thinking that was a measure of how great your want for me was. Your body was squirming under my staring eyes and my hands; you moaned and your hips rolled with each new touch. You gasped when I bent down and kissed your belly, so I did it again, teasing you. I slowly kissed my way up between your breasts, licked underneath and between them, fingertips holding and lightly squeezing the tips. As my mouth moved closer to the nipples I squeezed harder and I pulled up on them, loving how elastic they seemed.

Finally I took one breast in both hands, gave you a brief smile, then a lick and a kiss to the waiting bud. With a growl I engulfed as much of your breast as I could in my mouth, sucking hard and grinding my tongue against it. My sudden change of mood had the desired effect, as you arched your back and gave a gasping moan. My teeth raked lightly over the tip, then caught it and pulled up hard, then harder!

Meanwhile, one hand slid slowly down your body, finding your pussy, which was already dripping wet. I slipped two fingers inside, pressing as deeply as I could, swirling them around inside of you. Your body shuddered and bucked at the sudden intrusion, hips lifting off the bed as you pressed against my hand.

Damn! I love how you growl when you are totally aroused! I gave you a few quick hard strokes as I sucked hard on your nipple, then withdrew my fingers as my mouth released you. I held them close to your face so you could see how dripping wet they were, and you wanted to taste them, but I allowed you you only one little lick before I slowly moved them to my mouth and sucked on them as you watched. I wanted you to see as I devoured every sweet drop of your nectar.

I leaned over and softly kissed you so you could taste yourself again, then with a snarl I rammed my tongue deep in your mouth and my fingers back deep into your pussy. A few more hard strokes and I sat up on my knees and cleaned them off again, enjoying every drop. If you had not just drained me I might have fucked the daylights out of you right then, but although I was already hardening again, I had other plans first.

I quickly moved between your spread legs and grasped your ankles, lifting them to my shoulders. I began kissing, nipping and licking your inner thighs, biting now, hard enough for you to feel my passion. I slid my hands under your ass and rolled you up off the bed, and as you locked your legs behind my neck, with a growl I buried my face in your dripping wet cunt! I divided my efforts between fucking you with my tongue, running my tongue up and down your slit, and drinking your flowing juices. I sucked hard on your totally engorged clit, teeth grazing lightly and tongue grinding hard. Your reaction drove me on even more. You were bucking as I held you in my hands; you started screaming in a strange high pitched voice, "Yes, Yessss, YESSSSSS," and at once I felt the warm gush of your flowing juices. I locked my mouth over your bucking cunt and greedily licked and drank every drop.

At last, the waves rolling through you subsided, and I lowered you to the bed. Quickly I scrambled up next to you and kissed you with my cum-soaked lips. Your body was still moving, quivering, jerking. By now of course I once again had a raging hard-on, which you could feel as I pressed against you, my passions totally aroused by the way you came for me. You reached down and held it, squeezing, but did not stroke. I whispered, "Do you want it?"

"Oh god yes, can you?" was your reply, and I realized you thought perhaps you had drained him dry.

I sat bolt upright and practically yelled "You'll see!!" as I pushed your legs apart.

It seemed we could not get enough of each other. However, the height of our passions in the last hour or two had taken the jagged edge off. The perfect chance to enjoy each other. As I knelt between your legs we smiled at each other a moment - I wonder who had the bigger grin.

I lifted your leg to my lips for a moment and gave you soft kisses along your calf. I spent another moment running my hands up and down your smoothness, ankle to thigh, not quite touching your waiting pussy. I grabbed a pillow, and as you lifted, I slid it under your ass. Holding my hard cock, I slowly rubbed it over your pussy lips, teasing you. You bent your knees and spread your legs wider and I slipped my fingers into you, sliding them very slowly in and out. Your eyes were closed, and I knew you were enjoying the feeling. Your hips started moving slowly, in unison with my fingers, and I could sense your passion rising again.

When I slid my hands up your body and quickly squeezed your waiting nipples, your hips lifted from the bed. Again I grasped my hard cock, slid the head up and down your slick lips a few times and gently pressed the head in. Your moan of pleasure was delicious. Pressing forward, I inched my way into you. Your hips lifted, telling me to keep going, more, more, more! It took a minute, but I slid all the way into you in one long stroke.

You whimpered a bit and were moving slightly, but I had to be still. My cock was tingling with the delicious sensation of the very tight fit in your body. I needed to regain composure and control. I bent forward and put my hands at your sides, supporting my weight and staring directly down into your eyes. Gradually I pushed harder, the position allowing me to slide in even deeper. Your muscles had relaxed and were not holding me quite so tight, allowing me to withstand the pressure a little better. Proving you knew how to push my buttons you stared up at me and silently whispered, "Fuck me." Not a command, a request. Slowly I withdrew, then slid in again, savoring the feel of your slick tunnel on my bulging shaft. Pressing, holding, in and out again. This time your hips rose to welcome me back. Both of us groaned sighs of pleasure. Gently, I started to fuck you, hips rolling in a smooth, slow cadence. Your body showed its appreciation, I could feel you contract around me with each stroke.

A little harder, a little faster, pressing to be sure I was all the way in each time. We gently rolled in unison. I began to feel the urgency in my cock. As I fucked you now, my body slapped against yours, and you half grunted, half moaned each time. First your hands were little balls, up by your head. Then you reached out and grabbed my arms, holding on as I rammed into you harder and harder. That gave you the leverage you needed to lift your hips and slam against me with each thrust. We were both starting to gasp for breath, I could see a sheen of sweat on your lip; I could feel moisture running into my eyes.

Breathing heavily I fucked you as hard and fast as I could, your body writhing under me. Your eyes were glazed, no longer looking anywhere, and I knew you were as ready as I. My flaming cock was tingling and threatening to explode with every stroke. I managed to gasp out "Do you want it?"

"Yes - now - PLEASE!!!"

ERUPTION!! My Cum shot into you with such force that you jumped, even as you screamed and squeezed tightly around me, you hips milking me, begging for more. My throbbing cock was still trying to pump more into you. My entire body was shaking, strength gone, and I collapsed on top of you.

Long minutes motionless, speechless, until I finally realized you were bearing my weight. I slid to your side carefully, and you wrapped your arms around me tightly. A gentle kiss, no words. In another moment, sound asleep.

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