tagIncest/TabooNiece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad

Niece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad


"Uhhh, fuck!" Heather shrieked, pulling her two sore fingers out of her gushing bald vagina and immediately sticking them in her mouth to suck off her sweet juices. Her knees trembled from the shattering orgasm as she lay back on her bed, her naked body flopping backwards to relax from the exquisite masturbation.

The masculine giggle over the phone rang in her ear. "Baby, you sound like you had quite a good time!"

The 18 year old didn't have energy left to even smile at the thought, her dozen orgasms in the last hour left her flesh limp on her bed. "Dang baby," the long-haired blonde cheerleader purred to her brand-new phone lover, "you are one good phone fuck, jesus I came so many times." She stretched her tongue out and wrapped it around one of her glistening fingers, sucking off her pussy-juice and washing it around her mouth, then doing the same to the other finger that had just been inside her spasming cunt. "Mmm, baby, I'm so wet!"

The older stranger on the phone groaned in satisfaction. "I bet you're a great fuck in person."

Somewhere, she had enough energy to smile at the thought. "Mmm, I am, you should know it!" The insatiable coed slid her fingers back down to her crotch, to lightly tease her clit and get some more tasty cuntjuice on her fingertips. "Are you like ever in Oregon? You should come fuck me."

"Maybe I should," the horny married voice smoothly chirped from long distance, "if I'm ever out your way. Do you like to fuck older men?"

Heather shrugged, and her voice sounded equally ambivalent. "Don't matter to me, I like fucking, that's all."

"I can tell," said the man she just met in Literotica's chatrooms not even 90 minutes earlier, "you sound like you know your way around a cock, and from your picture I can tell you get as much cock as you want!"

"Don't I wish." Her pussy, indeed, was spent for the moment, so the 18 year old rolled onto her stomach, realizing how wet her bedsheets were. The juices had been dripping out of her pussy, over her ass, pooling under her during the fantastic phone-fuck. "I'm stuck here at home another ten days for Christmas break, I haven't had any cock since I left campus over a week ago."

"Heh heh, that shouldn't be a problem, right?" snickered the perverted 40something, whose name she never really caught, "I mean, a blonde with C-cup tits and size 2 body should be able to walk into any bar and pretty much point at the cock you wanna fuck."

Wishful thinking, although the idea of being a slut for some complete stranger made her aching pussy throb a little hotter. "Aren't you sweet, but naw, you have no idea how remote our house is, and besides, we have family coming in this week, I kinda gotta be here."

Being reminded that she was stuck at home with no access to boyfriends or vibrators turned her slight grin into a pout. The phone sex was good, but dangerous; her parents or siblings could easily pick up the phone and hear it. Doing it at 3am, like right now, seemed pretty safe, but it was becoming increasingly frustrating during daylight hours that she hardly had privacy to find a place to finger-fuck herself to happiness.

Heather ended the call sweetly, taking the man's number if she wanted to call him for another late-night phone fuck. He was one of the better ones she'd had from online, and she actually believed him when he said he had fucked his 18 year old neighbor. Twisting her sweaty and slimy nude body, she glanced at the clock, it was 3:48am. Fuck, she had to get up early because the relatives were starting to arrive tomorrow morning. First, her mom's brother, Uncle Jake, whom she hadn't seen in years. She figured was probably only, what, 10 or 11 last time he was there. He was coming from Florida and rarely makes it out to the West Coast, especially with some kind of fancy job that put him in Europe and South America every month or so. The last memory the blonde had of him was a big-belly, boozing loud-mouth jerk who was constantly yelling at Aunt Peggy all the time. Heather wasn't at all shocked when Aunt Peggy left him a couple of years ago. So when Mom said that Uncle Jake was going to be staying at the house this week, getting here ahead of the cousins, Heather didn't look at it as a good thing.

The next day arrived, and indeed Mom woke Heather for early church services -- and including the 45 minute ride to the church, made worse by the weather, it started the day far, far too early for the sleepy, horny college freshman. Heather wanted to nap afterwards, but Mom had her busy supervising her younger brothers to get the house straightened up. All Heather wanted to do was crawl back into bed, where she could either sleep for hours, or fuck herself maybe thinking about the weekend she and her friend Jill had a month earlier getting banged by five studs on the school's hockey team. Fuck, the mere thought of that weekend made Heather's pussy moisten in her thong under her dress. But she had to put the lacivious thoughts from her mind, she was doomed to a boring family event.

Mid-afternoon, Mom had the family dressed in their Sunday best and assembled in a line in front of the front door. Dad was getting back from the airport with fat Uncle Jake. Heather had prettied herself up but not like she was going on a date or anything; at least her long golden hair was brushed to its full immaculate volume. She heard noise outside the house, and a moment later, the door opened as Daddy arrived with the first of several visitors that week.

But it wan't the Uncle Jake Heather remember who strodes in, carrying two luggage backs and a Hefty bag full of presents.. This Uncle Jake was -- well, so NOT Uncle Jake. This Uncle Jack was . . . a fox. A fucking, studly fox. Tanned, muscular shoulders, firm flat tummy, broad thighs. Deepset beautiful blue eyes, and close-cropped hair. Apparently, divorce suited him well!

"Um, hi Uncle Jake," the blonde giggled girlishly, almost blushing, as her uncle she hardly knew stepped forward for a hug hello. The cheerleader immediately saw in her studly uncle's eyes that she wasn't what he was expecting either. That awkward little 10 year old had blossomed into teenage vixen, with her eye-catching pointy C-cup tits, sleek tummy and hips, and gorgeous long blonde angelic hair. Uncle Jake's eyes drank her in, moving from her exquisite neck down to even her pink-painted toenails on her perfect little feet. She'd been stared at by hundreds of men in her life, and it didn't take much to realize that was exactly what Uncle Jake was doing.

Mom dutifully instructed Heather to take Uncle Jake into the living room and "entertain" him while she and her father could get some snacks together. Heather didn't need any encouragement, although she did muffle a protest if only for appearance's sake. As she led her Uncle into the living room and offered him a seat on the sofa next to her, she found herself bemused at the butterflies in her stomach. Here she was, sitting on the sofa with this beautiful hunk of a 40 year old man, daintily crossing her legs and smiling at him because he's family, nervous what exactly to say. Instead, she found yourself wishing he wasn't a relative at all, because then she'd be free to whisper in his ear, "You're gorgeous and I'd love to suck your cock." But, that wouldn't be a good thing to say now, would it?

Uncle Jake pretended to ask Heather and her three much-younger brothers how they were doing and what haul they made for Christmas, but his eyes were all over his niece. As she sat back on the sofa, slightly emphasizing her breasts in her dress, she felt her uncle's attention continuously returning to her curves. She was still blushing, every time he would ask her a question. It was identical to any frat party where some stud tried to make small talk -- except, here, she couldn't end the conversation with some comment about how she'd just shaved her pussy bald.

The teenager found herself surprisingly relieved when her mother returned to the room with a tray full of chopped-up crackers. Heather could sit back and listen to her mom and her brothers banter on with Uncle Jake about all sorts of dumb things. Her brother Vic, the eldest of the three but only in sixth grade, immediately wanted Uncle Jake to show him the secrets of the PS2's latest ninja game. Uncle Jake remained affable with everyone, indulging his sister and her sons, but although he wasn't talking to Heather his eyes kept looking over to her, smiling warmly, finding the gorgeous cheerleader returning the smile enthusiastically. Her eyes and his catched each other and held onto each other in an electric stare for a few moments, until it seemed unnatural, something Mom might notice. Mom, however, was getting worried about her roast being overcooked or whatever. After a while Mom disappears back into the kitchen, and Mom fortuitously instructed the three boys to clean up their toys in the guest bedroom so Uncle Jake would have a place to sleep that night.

As the three youngsters noisily trekked down the steps to the guest bedroom in the basement, Heather found herself alone on the sofa with her hunky Uncle Jake. She continued to smile warmly, and she forced herself not to stare at his powerful chest or what looked like steel muscles on his thighs in his tight slacks. Instead, she acted like he was just any other family member, and the two talked about her first year in college, her boyfriends, where she wanted to go for spring break in a couple of months, all that normal family stuff. Heather was relaxed on one level, but her nerves were oddly on edge. It wasn't so much to an Uncle, but more like to a stranger whom she was trying to impress. For example, instead of telling him that her boyfriend asked her to go steady a couple days before break, she lied and said she has "a few guy friends, nothing really serious." Uncle Jake professes surprise and he said, with an amicable grin, that she was undoubtedly a heartbreaker, and Heather could not contend otherwise but just giggled.

The blonde's father had gone out to the liquor store, which required a good 90 minutes. He was just arriving back now, stomping into the living room to shake remnants of the week's snow off of his boots. Uncle Jake immediately peeled his eyes off of the edible tits of the man's daughter, sitting upright to welcome back his brother-in-law. Uncle Jake and Daddy have always gotten along extremely well, almost unnaturally so; Heather sometimes thought Uncle Jake and Daddy knew each other better than Uncle Jake and his own sister, her Mom. Heather had always attributed to this as just another example of typical male bonding.

"Let me show you the ATVs," Dad barked at the guest, as he kept his coat on. "They rock."

Uncle Jake slapped his knees with a shrug. "Alright, I guess," he nodded, pushing himself to stand upright. Just before leaving the room with her father, Uncle Jake turned to smile back at his beautiful niece, "I'll see you later." He finished with a little, warm smile. He didn't need to do it; it made Heather feel special.

Heather could not help herself, she immediately skipped up to her bedroom. Her shaved pussy inside her thong was already aching for attention; it just did that anytime she found herself around a stud. Closing her door quickly, she leaned her back against it and hiked her dress over her hips. The crotch of her cotton thong was damp, wrapped tightly against her pussylips. The blonde spread her knees a little, looking down to her mound as she stiffened one finger and brushed it against her clitty and slit inside her thong. The light pressure felt good, a welcome relief. Inside her thong, her vagina ached to be filled with something, anything thick, quickly.

She thought about yanking her thong down and frigging herself to a quick orgasm, but her Mom's voice called from the first floor. "Heather, can you set the table?"

"Yeah, alright, I'm coming." Heather dropped her skirt, squeezing her thighs together for another moment's relief. It was ridiculous, of course, getting horny just because her uncle was a stud. It was her uncle, after all. But she could not deny the excitement that shot through her body everytime a hot man like him was checking out her big tits or tight ass; teasing a man, any man, was a joy to itself. She'd countless times flashed her breasts or butt at her own father, or even spread her thighs to show off the contours of her pussylips in a tight pair of panties or bikini, just because she knew her father was a pervert and probably got a hard-on at the sight of his daughter's body. Not in a billion years would she ever think about "doing" anything with her father -- yuck! -- but that never stopped her from flashing some skin.

So, the concept of flirting with her uncle didn't seem so bizarre, as long of course as it was just that -- meaningless flirting.

Before leaving her bedroom, her mind all wrapped around the idea of getting off at some point tonight, she thought maybe she could add a little more spice to her kinky feelings. Sometimes, just knowing she is being sexy was a source of excitement, even if no one else knew it. Heather pulled her dress up again, peeled off her now-soiled white cotton thong, and she fished out of her luggage her one slutty garment she'd brought home from campus -- a red, lacy, almost see-through thong, hooking high over her little hips and plunging deep into the crevace of her small butt. The front panel covered her mound but not by much, and if she spread her legs for a guy wearing it, he'd definitely see her slit through the reddish thin fabric.

Pulling the thong up tight, the strap in back sliding between her buttocks, it made her feel extra-sexy knowing it was on her. No one would find out, of course, but it made her feel better about herself.

Dinner sucked. The food was overcooked and probably lacked flavor anyway, and it was yet another lesson of why she loved being at school away from her three younger, annoying brothers. It was Nature's sinister plan that men, so adorable and lovely when they grow up with big cocks, start out the first 17 years of their lives as gnats that should be squashed. Heather picked at her food, passively watching Daddy and Mom chat with Uncle Jake, interrupted a billion times by the three little stooges. Uncle Jake was sitting across from her, and time and again he kept looking over the table at his delicious niece. Already in a generally horny state amplified by the slutty thong, Heather felt her nipples getting hard in her bra. The leaking of her pussy was definite. She found it tough not to squirm in her seat next to her parents, being eyed up by Uncle Jake.

As dinner ended, Mom asks her to take the dishes into the kitchen. Heather let out those usual "oh Mom!" protest, but she found it a relief to leave the boredom at the table. As she left, her brothers were released to go play in the TV room, which removed about ninety percent of the din as the bumbled off. Standing at the sink in the kitchen, Heather looked back to the dining room, and she realized that the way Uncle Jake was sitting, he was the only one who could see her in the kitchen. Mom was sitting with her back turned to the kitchen, and Dad was out of sight, sitting at the head of the dining room table. Although he was trying not to be obvious, Uncle Jake was definitely staring at Heather. His eyes peered into the kitchen right at the girl's body, then automatically he turned to look back at his brother-in-law to his side or his sister across from him -- only, moments later, his eyes would be glued in the kitchen again.

Knowing she was in Uncle Jake's spotlight added to her erotic feeling. Heather opened the dishwasher and start putting the plates and silverware into it. She had her back to her uncle, and she bent down -- way, way, way down. Her dress, which drooped past her knees, still covered her entire ass. But she knew her studly uncle was likely staring directly at the shape of her tight butt, seeing the curves of her cheeks and how it lacked any fat and was just pure, small round female muscle. Heather dared not look back into the dining room, but she carefully, piece by piece, deliberately, slowly put the silverware and diningware into the dishwasher. A task that normally lasted 2 minutes took 10, or more. She wiggled her ass a couple of times, thinking to herself, I should just turn around, see what he is doing. There was no noise from the dining room, only low tones of adults talking about boring stuff.

Her heart thumped, with her butt on display for her hunky uncle. Dare she look back? Was he watching, did he realizing she was showing off her ass proudly? She had the image of looking back and finding her prudish mom glaring at her, and she didn't want to face that. But . . . her pussy leaked in her tight red thong, she was sure that sexy older man in the other room was gazing at her ass and imagining his tongue in it, probably. So it was her uncle? The thought that she was so hot even her own uncle wanted to do her affirmed her sexuality.

She couldn't resist. Turning her head over her shoulder, she looked into the dining room. She saw the back of her mom's head, and past it, Uncle Jake's admiring eyes, riveted on the sight of Heather's ass. He grinned; Heather smiled back.

Mom started making motions to get up, so Heather had to stop her teasing. Not long after, Heather was seated across from her uncle at the table again, with the pesky brothers reassembled, and Dad handing out dessert to everyone. Uncle Jake was doing his best to talk to her parents, but the whole time he was looking at the gorgeous blonde vixen across from him.

Her uncle's constant admiration put the question in her mind more directly: Was he just being a normal man, scoping out the hot blonde with the killer body, or was he actually hoping to get some action out of his sexy niece? If he was thinking that . . . she shuddered to conclude the idea. No, there was no way she would get it on with an uncle. But knowing he might want it, for real? That was an extremely hot, taboo concept that she actually savored.

After dessert, Daddy and Uncle Jake continued talking endlessly about business opportunities, sports, and all sort of other crap. Mom took advantage and brought Heather back into the kitchen to wash up the pots and serving dishes. Heather tried to put her uncle out of her mind, but she found herself looking into the dining room every chance she had. Uncle Jake, if he caught her eyes, would smile warmly, although he wasn't staring lecherously as he had been earlier.

Daddy ultimately took Jake into the TV room, where they put on a basketball game and settle back. Mom eventually said she could finish the rest, so Heather was released from her chores. Suddenly, the girl found herself axious. Her pussy ached, it was tingling and drenched and wanted attention in the deepest, hardest way. Teasing her hot uncle, knowing he loved her body, had proven to be an incredible elixir. Heather had half a mind to go sit with Daddy and Uncle Jake, maybe to stare at her handsome uncle some more, but her pussy was aching too much. It was almost becoming sore.

It was only about 8 pm, but when nature calls, Heather had to respond. She informed her mother, in as bored a voice as she could muster, that she was going to take a hot shower and go to bed early. Mom didn't seem to care. Heather quickly scampered up to her room and shut the bedroom door tight. Yanking her skirt up with one hand, her other hand shot to her crotch. Her thong was soaked; the juices were leaking profusely through the lacy fabric.

Heather was on auto-pilot. She yanked off the thong and removed her sundress, and quickly she wrapped her sleek 18 year old body in her long robe. Her bedroom door didn't have a lock, but the bathroom did. She slipped into the bathroom, locked herself in it, and ripped off the robe. Standing naked in the mirror, her nipples pointing out of her curvy tits, Heather admired herself in the mirror. It happened every time she caught the sight of her naked body. Heather, who had eaten a fair number of pussies in her 18 years, definitely agreed that if she'd ever meet another girl with the same body, she'd want to fuck that girl instantly. For hours. Heather just lusted for her own body, she knew she was incredibly sexy.

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