tagSci-Fi & FantasyNight Creepers Ch. 01

Night Creepers Ch. 01

bysex slave©

Sandra stood up and yawned after memorizing her daily twenty five pages of the notes on the celtion dissertation on humans and mortality in art. Sandra had a way about her that made one think of distinction and statuesque competence. At five foot six she was above average height and her grace in movement was apparent as she glided around the perimeter of her blue walled room, stopping to gaze out her window momentarily, her fingers running along the wooden edge of her sill. Her lovely jade eyes surveyed her grassy lawn and the forest beyond.

Sandra could see many other things however that were outside the view of the expanse of her lawn and the mountain peek of grand itolis cortin, known as the grey spires. Sandra was born on the day of winters beginning on Samhain which granted certain clairvoyance and was only understood within a chimerical view of Sandra's own perception. It was beyond the serene and prominent landscapes of Morristown but seen through the disguises worn by its inhabitance.

The town itself held visions unseen by the eyes of normal persons but Sandra could see symbols brought about by the nighttime transformation of the Morrisstown civilians. Also the nature of the woodlands beckoned to her in the language of the heavens.

The sound of the mountain in front of her mansion of inheritance penetrated every part of her being.

"Oh lord," she blurted." I suppose that I will be separated from my studies once more this fine night." With an eye blink the land before Sandra's eyes was blackened by the magic surrounding the landscape in connection with her own ability to see the reality behind her environment. It was during such involuntary divinations that Sandra was allowed to see the darker site of many things.

Sandra slowly walked downstairs making sure to mind her steps on the somewhat creaky steps. Passing by her aged mother's room she noticed the bed was occupied. "Asleep and at peace," she thought. Sandra knew that soon she would be visited by the tormented souls of the town who one by one turned up in the hopes for solution in their positions of separation from their loved ones. Up to this point Sandra had no solution to the plight of the ten cases of suffering who seemed ever more dejected with their fates. They had been sent to her by Milliner the druid from the lonely North peak of grand itolis cortin. Who knew of Sandra's sacred birth and of a cure that she somehow also possessed but could not yet realize?

Sandra had dealt with some violent retches who demanded a cure to their invisibility and the rage that accompanied their night fevers. Just last week she had met the newest infection case named Sillis Cancrin of blue lake streets western end. The man was in a delusional fit and for the first time Sandra was afraid for her life in her attempts to aid the suffering. Mr. Cancrin owned the candle shop at West end and when his insomnia and night sweats turned into what is commonly known within informed circles as "night creep," he nearly lost his mind completely. Luckily Sandra had been out at town purchasing some goods for the banquet of the loyal members of town court or else dear Sillis would have been lost forever.

Because a person with an infected soul is rendered invisible and formless to all non infected members during nighttime they naturally fear the hour of darkness's approach and become unable to sleep in anxiety. Sillis was seen by Sandra wandering in a horrible fit of fear and delirium near dusk and she knew he must have come down with this strangest of fevers.

At present the ten night creepers were all living together in asylum at the cliffs Keep manor in collective isolation and meditation on a solution which most probably involved Sandra.

"If no one shows up tonight I will be quite satisfied, Sandra thought," but it was futile. The night had come on too fast this time...

Sandra's house seemed to be frozen in a state of ice. The blue hue surrounding her household possessions made her reflect on the coldness of past heart break. "Oh dearest Zebislon, why did thou forsaken my hopes for normalcy; something with you just seemed so right as to break me of this foul habit of never-ending empathy and servitude to this hopeless cause." She crept through the downstairs hall with its obsidian stone. Her front door seemed to open by an unknown force and the area outside was a thick mist which parted for her passage.

A voice cried out:

"Oh dear sage, your answer must be obtained." She returned a voice of weak retort,

"And how do you expect to do that; do you think I have not been trying to free the tormented souls of this valley?" Suddenly a form appeared He had sad eyes and a formidable countenance with brown hair and black boots.

"I come from the Keep. A solution has been reached."

"You cannot mean that . . . do you mean to say that my suffering is finally over?"

"Well I suppose that depends on how you look at it."

"What do you mean," she was truly perplexed by the notion of her servitude continuing after the remedy of the ten townsmen. "What is my part?" The man shrugged and turned around, his head bowed. Sandra broke down:

"Do you understand what this damn sickness has done to my life, my studies and my love? This damn power of seeing the soulless victims of this mystery ailment has isolated me enough without you and the other creepers keeping me from the solution don't you think?" The man did not answer. "YOU fucker, answer me!" Sandra rushed the man and placed a hand on his shoulder only to be thrown backwards.

"Don't try and touch me mortal." Sandra began to cry producing small tears which ran downward on her cheeks. By the time she tasted her tears the mist surrounding them had lifted and the man turned and spoke.

"The only way for this curse to be lifted is for you to sacrifice your life for me! Okay now it has been said: Your body is a masterpiece and it must be slaughtered brutally in order to end this curse." The man unsheathed a huge blade of mighty steel and raised its edge. With the motion of his arms Sandra felt her body contort and finally sprawl onto the ground without her control of it. At the same time her clothes were shredded and floated up into the air.

As if a signal she spied the appearance of the ten night victims in their gowns of suffrage. There eyes were closed as if they were concentrating on ending their own misery as evident by the claw marks on each of their heads which were attained by the persistent involuntary attempts by the soulless to tear off their skin. Of course Sandra did not know if these marks were seen by only her.

"Is it true? Will my death Aleve your suffering?" Her voice was loud and contained a sadness of an absolute type. Her cheeks were damp with tears and she suddenly was sucked into a vortex of pain and anguish.

She saw her past lover and in her mind she was younger and at the time unaware of any sickness. Her lover embraced her and in his caress the world looked to be fair and equal. His firm hands had caressed not only her breasts but held tight around her, his tongue prodding the interior of her mouth and meeting Sandra's in lustful abandonment. Her long legs felt weak with the touch of this lover. His strong hands would touch those same legs, running upward higher and higher until he reached the soft spot between her lean and tender thighs. Sandra stood erect; her mouth slightly open and releasing short sighs with the thoughts that ran through her mind when it all happened, her nipples erect and her fingers clutching her lover's shoulders as he slowly kissed her thighs. His soft breath was everywhere and his gentle motions made her heart flutter with anticipation. Would he break her virgins seal? Penetrate her with his manhood and make her climax to leave this world forever? She remembered holding thoughts of such lust as to leave her feeling set apart from the proper schoolgirl image that her mother so valued and saw in her. "I want to feel him deep inside me," she thought and as if by an outside force granting wishes, she felt a finger enter her Virgin pussy, her warmth engulfing and tightening around what she knew to be the precursor to a new life in the ecstasy of another realm.

It never happened...

All that she saw of that days' shining radiance was that last lusty engagement fading out to the life which she was seeing end before her. Suddenly though it was all clear. She had that cock after all. She remembered for sure the time they spent, his hardness plowing inside her womanhood and her orgasm flooding the room and drowning them both. She could see it all at last, but why then did he leave her a letter of dismissal? After all, she had helped him swim through her orgasm as the ejaculate mingled deep inside her wanton loveliness.

"Oh, Oh," her reverie interrupted, she found the Man of terror poised to complete his brutal act. He appeared to be a soldier though his weaponry looked unfamiliar and his face contained a hint of sadness. Her naked body lay exposed and breathtaking on the grass which was now wet with what seemed the dew of this unfortunate hours tears.

"I see you still hold memories of foul intent Sandra," the man stated with a pompous air. With his sword he parted her legs and she looked down at the point of his insistence. What Sandra thought was dew was really the product of forbidden pleasure. With one quick movement the soldier ran a finger over the place where Sandra's bottom met the wet ground and removed some dampness with his finger to taste.

"I see your flavor has not altered since you have corrupted all these plain folks," the figure seemed to say.

"What do you mean?" Sandra demanded. "Do you mean to destroy me or speak in riddles? Or maybe your sickness and magic combination foreshadows the doom of the soulless and the mortals alike when you kill me and destroy my ability?"

"You little bitch! I am going to slice you in two!" The man again raised his sword and charged. All Sandra could do was close her eyes in anticipation of her return to the realm of her past existence. She searched her mind for escape but nothing came. Strangely however, neither did death. She heard a sound as the steel blade pierced the soil beneath her and a shriek of pain came from what was formally her own voice box but which now sounded somehow foreign. . Upon opening her eyes Sandra saw a naked woman of her same dimensions with her organs revealed and her blood cascading much like tears of larger voluminous content; raging riverward. The man was kneeling toward the corpse and upon retracting his blade he stood and shed a tear himself. It seemed to Sandra that the dead woman was this infected mans vision and the event was not in accordance with her own reality at all. The ten night creepers converged from the shadows and their facial scars seemed healed.

"Dearest Sandra, please say not a word in fear that if you do the man may think his job is undone and our lives might return to torment." Sandra merely nodded her head in confusion.

The tears did not stop flowing but neither did the new memories of past for Sandra. Now that part of her had been slayed she suddenly saw that the soldier was not one of the infected cases at all but she was rather invisible to him; her voice merely shifting meaning into a similar form in his reality.

"It was my willingness to die that released my healing abilities to you," she thought; my mortality in art. "Uh oh oh, Come to me you saved souls. This feeling is so strong. I must have the strongest of your seeds inside of my womb in order to save my potentials for a future generation." What am I saying? she thought. I cannot fight this desire. I feel it so strongly. I must have snapped. Her power was unleashed and there was no turning back. Her musty pheromones were wafting into the air and being picked up by the men around her. She could see their eyes and their looks were of complete lust. Her power to heal the soulless night wanderers had in it an inherent and unwieldy aftereffect of sexual need and a direct linkage from her own mind to the minds of her viewers. The men were speaking to her mind as they feared the return of the strange slayer and catalyst of their sexual and independent freedom.

The slayer was making his retreat with his hand on his sword hilt, his back to the now visible congregation of man-beasts, perverted and sick with desire. The slayer had no desire to turn back as he wanted never again to gaze into the eyes of his true love. That bright sunny school girl who traveled with him to the center of the amazing universe in the adoption of his style of penetration. Where upon he lanced their bodies together, pumping his hard manhood deep into her sex starved vaj. His semen had released in her a transformation which was total dismition and upon their separation he too had changed. Sin had taken on a strange role, kept distanced from his Woman Sandra for fear of total death under her spell. Her orgasm was like an injection of raw chemicals. He had thought his blood was bubbling as he penetrated her pussy at an ever fastening rate.

"Faster faster," she had cried; "pump your hard dick in me." With her legs in the air, he last remembered her haughty grin in her pleasure at his slavery to her. When his vision went black he was trapped in his inability to stop his throbbing cock from spurting his ejaculate ever deeper into her womb at her command and elation. "Ohh Sin, the moon is full and your little prick plays a larger part then you'd ever know in a normal lifetime." He could not stop cumming. He was pulled downward to suck on her awaiting nipples and her bottom moved upward to meet his cock as her pernicious cunt wraped its nails into his hard as stone penis, milling it again and again. Her seemingly endless amount of hands were clutching his balls and his whole body was being thrown into her pussy as she cried out obscenities: "oh, fuck me fuck me, oh oh." It was as if he could do nothing but serve this mistress. "oh oh oh," she panted. His eyes opened to his astonishment to see a multiplicity of faces where his JADE eyed girl produced such happy grins and social smiles at knowledge.

No, this was past and His slaying of Sandra had laid end to his torments. He would no longer have to avoid anything and his homoerotic affairs would be through as well. He knew now that the ten men of Cliff keep were dead. At least he thought they should be in his slaying of the Druid whore according to scripture. He had injected his infected sperm into the bowels of all ten of those wretched men while following his own night sickness and in his mutual orgasm with them they had become one in turmoil. Now after he committed suicide the thing would be over. I guess they all know that. I still cannot see the reason for the druid whore to abandon the idea of loving me.

As Sin was a victim to the violent lust of Sandra's arrival as a sage, now the death of Sandra's alter ego would render her the victim of a new type of perversion. The men's eyes fixed on their prey, they encircled Sandra. She could not fight the dirty thoughts in her mind that so pushed her desire for intercourse into her consciousness above all else. She knew that the blocker sperm within the former night creepers would stop the seeds of other members just as their own procreation would do battle in its own right. Sandra yearned to see the men she so aided do battle within her prized loins. She let out a groan as her deep seeded lust admonished her staring admirers. Suddenly she felt the hands of many men along the neat lines of her body. Her supple breasts were groped with fervor while the two men took each of her sides positioning her with her legs spread for her first provider. Sandra spoke out" "bury your weaponry to the hilt in my ready womanhood," as a tear of joy reflected the light of the early coming dawn. Meanwhile the knobs of several men stood poised in the same dim light; ready to open the doors to eternal safety in numerous pleasures and ephemeral lusts. Sandra's hands were reaching for all of the men's steadily enlarging gourds; her neck arching to greet all manner of manhood with open and closed mouthed kisses both to act out the clean girl image of tenderness and to destroy it in depraved sinful glory. Her first such embrace to a long curved rod came just as her tender labia spread to accommodate the girth of a stately and prodigious weapon belonging to the huskiest of men. O mother of mirth, such ORGY, CUM LIKE SNOW ON THE mountain peaks, shower your landscape.

Sandra lost any hold on reality as the thick and knobby prick spread wide her snatch and began ravaging her bottom side. "Oh, grant me your girth, plow it inside me and lose your hold as I have," she allowed. The nine other creepers, freed from their restrictive chains of isolation, fully immersed their minds and rigid cocks into the scenario. The cloaked men at Sandra's front side were blessing her mouth with their widths. One of these cocks belonged to Sillis, his reddened eyes seemed to Sandra to glint momentarily in sadness for his soon to come invasion, but the feeling passed. The impossible sized rods were rapidly leaking pre-seminal fluid which was making its way down Sandra's face. Her rocking bottom was cascading vaginal fluid with the rapid entry of gourd number one as her blowjob had the men at her sides masturbating their swords, leaving sticky bloody fluid on there hands. The hemoglobin and the pre-semen was mixing to splash on Sandra's face and backside while the front man pulled Sandra's face toward a helping of prodigious spunk. She attempted to swallow it all but the remarkable amount left her unable and two streams jetted out the corners of her mouth. She began to exclaim: "I need it inside of me to battle in my womb," her speech slurred with the opaque bubbling juice. Suddenly, the weapon that was bashing and ramming its way inside Sandra's used womanhood was shuttering from the hilt to the tip. The first share of potential life was spurting deep inside her pussy and Sandra felt herself beginning to climax along with her assailant. It was high time she lined up all of the night creepers to take her from behind in order to put the sperm to war inside her belly. She looked behind at the spent warrior and began: "I want more, I need more cum."

At that moment Sandra had lost all of her powers except the ability to induce instantaneous explosion from the sex of any male belonging to any species. This ability would set up a battle between the seeds of many men to procreate master offspring. Sandra was ready to welcome all the fluid from all of their nuts. Their cracking would be both physical and mental, but nonetheless the results would seep into her vagina. "Oh, give me your spunk. Bless my hot cunt with your seeds."

To be continued...

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