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Night Duty


I was the only male nurse working on the ward at our local hospital. The lack of other male company never worried me as, although I was the butt of any anti-male jokes, I was more than compensated by being the one any of my colleagues (or patients) turned to when they were in the mood for flirting.

This was certainly true of my colleague on night duty last week. Evelyn, 25 years of age, petite, and absolutely gorgeous, had been moaning about her current boyfriend to me for at least an hour when she turned to me and asked,

"Do you know what I need?"

"A new boyfriend," I helpfully suggested.

"Well, yes, but what I really need is a right good fuck."

She said this with such a straight face, almost as if she'd asked for another cup of tea, that I wasn't exactly sure I had heard right.

"Say that again."

"What? That I need a good fuck? Well, I do. Steve (her boyfriend) is absolutely hopeless in bed. All I ever get is him banging away on top of me for a few minutes then it's all over and I'm left feeling very frustrated. Plus, I usually end up sleeping on the wet patch."

"There's always me," I prompted.

"That's very sweet," she smiled. "But I never fuck a cock I haven't tasted first."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but decided to go with it and see how far she was willing to take this.

"Well don't let me stop you."

"Okay, then," getting down on to her on to her knees in front of me. "Let's see what you've got."

I still didn't believe she was serious so I challenged her. "If you want it then you take it out."

"Right." And she simply pulled down the zip of my white uniform trousers, reached in and pulled out my rapidly stiffening cock.

"That's nice," she grinned and slowly licked her way up the length of my prick.

Still in disbelief at the turn this night-duty had taken, I was also aware that we were sitting at the nurses' station, in the middle of a busy ward. "What if someone comes in?" I managed to ask, although my eyes were locked on the soft lips wrapped around my cock.

Evelyn stopped for a moment, obviously thinking about this, then simply commanded me to move closer to the desk while she crouched under it so that, to anyone surprising us, it would appear that I was simply catching up with my notes.

Notes, patients, even hospital rules were the furthest thing from my mind as Evelyn continued to run her soft tongue up one side of my dick then down the other. As she pulled my foreskin back and lapped at my sensitive head, I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I was brought crashing back to reality by a masterful voice from behind me.

"What on earth do you think you are doing?" thundered our Matron who had entered the ward without either of us noticing.

"I'm just filling in some charts, Ma'am," I tried to explain.

"Don't make your behaviour any worse by lying to me, Nurse Thomson. I can see Nurse Wilson hiding under the desk. Come out of there immediately, Nurse."

The only way Evelyn could get out from under the desk was for me to move back in my chair but by doing that I would be exposing my now rapidly shrinking prick.

"Come out now, Nurse. Don't make me say it again," barked Matron.

Realising the utter hopelessness of our situation, I stood up allowing Evelyn to follow while, at the same time, allowing Matron a perfect view of my penis sticking out of my trousers. She simply stared in disbelief at me, at my cock, at Evelyn and again at my cock.

"Nurse Thomson, dress yourself properly. I will see both of you in my office immediately after you finish. Don't bother to change out of your uniform; it may be the last time either of you ever gets to wear them."

With that she turned and marched out of the ward, leaving Evelyn and I to consider our fate for the rest of the night.


The rest of the night seemed to drag by but soon enough we stood in front of Matron in her office, still in our uniforms as instructed. We both stood with our heads bowed, fearful of our punishment, fearful for our jobs.

"I have considered the best course of action to take and have decided to keep this matter between ourselves. However, this sort of behaviour is unacceptable and you must now agree that whatever punishment I deem to fit your crime will be undertaken by you in a true manner of humility and obedience."

Evelyn and I looked at each other, daring to believe that we may still have a future as nurses, and nodded our heads in agreement, both to each other and to Matron.

"Anything, Matron. Anything you want, we will agree to it," I hastily offered. "Very good. Now, Nurse Wilson, come round to this side of the desk."

Evelyn looked at me in bewilderment but did as she was told and walked round the big wooden desk until she stood beside Matron, who slowly pushed her chair back.

"Since it was you doing the sucking I am holding you the most responsible, Nurse Wilson," and, before Evelyn knew what was happening, Matron had grabbed her, pulled her over her lap and held her there with her right leg wrapped around Evelyn's, her own right arm pulled high up her back. She struggled and wriggled but Matron had a tight grip on her younger colleague and Evelyn was going nowhere.

"Let me go. Let me go. Let me go!" she screamed.

"Nurse Wilson, this will only get worse for you if you resist. You have agreed to accept whatever punishment I chose to deliver and there is no point in screaming as the office staff will not be in for a few hours yet. Now lie still."

Evelyn was obviously trying to take in all that was happening to her and did as she was told but Matron's next words were about to have her struggling wilder than ever.

"Nurse Thomson, you were obviously waiting to get into Nurse Wilson's knickers so you will decide if she should be spanked with them on or off."

I was just as lost as Evelyn at this turn of events but Matron had guessed right -- I would love to see Evelyn's knickers; even more, I would love to see her sweet arse without them.

"Off, please, Matron," I begged.

Evelyn raised her head to glare at me but her attention was soon drawn back to her own predicament as Matron lifted her white nurse's uniform dress, pulled her knickers down and left them wrapped around her knees. I had often caught a glimpse of her panty line through her uniform when the light was in the right direction but now here they were and I no longer had to guess.

"Nurse Thomson, come round here and remove Nurse Wilson's knickers."

I didn't have to be told twice as I practically ran around the desk, knelt behind Evelyn and removed her cotton panties as she tried to kick back at me with all the strength she could gather. Kneeling there I was inches from her bald pussy and beautiful up-turned arse but I didn't have time to enjoy the experience as Matron was glowering at me.

"Stand up," she commanded. "Do you like Nurse Wilson's knickers?"

I looked down at the small bunched up bikini-type briefs and simply nodded.

"Do they smell nice?"

I raised the treasured panties to my nose and inhaled, deeply. Evelyn had been wearing these same knickers throughout our twelve hour shift and the smell was intoxicating; musky and strong. Again I simply nodded to Matron.

"You may keep them as a souvenir of this night but also as a reminder of everything that's about to happen." And with that she started to spank Evelyn's neat arse. Blow after blow rained down on those perfect cheeks until they very quickly became pink then red. Evelyn struggled with all her might but to no avail; this was obviously not the first spanking Matron had administered. I, on the other hand, simply stood and watched -- and grew more aroused by the minute. My cock was straining against my trousers and I would have loved to have released it but I was too scared to move.

As Matron started to tire the spanking slowed down until, eventually, she stopped and pushed Evelyn off her lap on to the floor.

"Now, Nurse Thomson, I think it's time you became involved. Since Nurse Wilson obviously enjoys sucking your cock, I think it's time that she did just that. Take your cock out."

Evelyn was by now trying to hide her battered arse by pulling her uniform down over her naked rump but I couldn't wait to release my cock and did as I was told immediately.

"Now, Nurse Wilson, suck!"

Evelyn was ready now to do exactly as she was told and crawled over to me on her hands and knees. Without looking up she took me in her hand and then, for the second time that night, wrapped her lips around me. She went slowly at first, too slowly for Matron who glared at me.

"I don't think Nurse Wilson has any enthusiasm left. Fuck her face."

I should have been thinking about the consequences of our actions in the ward; I should have been thinking about ways for us to get out of this situation; but all I could think about was the gorgeous Evelyn kneeling before me, with my cock in her mouth and permission to "fuck her face". Not wanting to anger Matron, I did just that.

When my cock slid deep into her throat, I began to think that maybe Evelyn was enjoying this after all as she slid her tongue around my cock as it moved in and out. Just then I'm sure I heard a gasp from Matron as she watched me fucking Evelyn's now hungry mouth. Evelyn was able to take the entire length of my cock without a problem and she began to moan with desire and reached down between her legs and play with her dripping pussy. Very soon I knew that I was going to cum and felt my balls tighten just before I shot a huge load of cum deep into her throat. She gulped and gulped trying to swallow as much as possible but some still dripped out the side of her mouth and ran down her chin.

As my cock slipped from her mouth, Evelyn leaned back on the floor, rubbing her pussy furiously. I stood watching in amazement, unable to tear my eyes from the sight of my beautiful colleague writhing on Matron's floor, one hand teasing her throbbing clit, the other plunging in and out of her dripping cunt. Faster and faster her hands seemed to go until they became almost a blur to my disbelieving eyes but, very soon, her whole body began to tremble as her orgasm hit her.

"I'm cumming. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING!"

Evelyn collapsed in an exhausted, but very satisfied, heap. She lay on her back, her legs spread wide open, her uniform around her waist and her fingers in her mouth as she sucked her own juices from them, one at a time.

Her screams seemed to shake me out of the trance I seemed to be in and I suddenly remembered where we were. I looked round to see where Matron had got to and nearly collapsed in shock. Matron, our fifty year old, greying, stout Matron stood in the middle of her office dressed only in black, velvet corset, black satin knickers and black stockings attached by short straps to her corset.

"Now it's my turn for some fun," she said with no little menace as she walked over to the supine Evelyn and straddled her face with her muscular legs. Before Evelyn could move Matron pulled her lacy knickers to the side and lowered her hairy pussy to her younger colleague's open mouth, kneeling over her shoulders and trapping her on the floor.

"Now, lick my pussy and make me cum if you still want to keep your job."

This night just seemed to become more and more bizarre as each turn just shocked me even more. Evelyn didn't seem to hesitate as the older woman presented her cunt to her younger colleague's mouth.

"Yes!!" hissed Matron as she felt Evelyn's soft, wet tongue begin on her. She had only ever been eaten by men before but she had been waiting for a chance to ensnare young Nurse Wilson ever since she had started to work for her. Now she had her exactly where she wanted her -- between her thighs licking her soaking pussy. It was even better than she could have imagined.

Evelyn's tongue was moving on Matron's swollen pussy lips like she was licking a lollipop. She licked up one fat outer lip and down the other. Then, as Matron pulled apart her own lips, Evelyn sucked the inner lips into her mouth, gently nibbling on the very sensitive and very tender body. Finally her tongue found Matron's hole and began to push into her body.

Matron groaned loudly as she tried to force herself harder against Evelyn's mouth. She, in turn, sucked harder and then forced her tongue in and out. She pressed her tongue in as deeply as it could go, searching for more of Matron's sweet juices which were pouring into her mouth...

"Yes, yes, yes," Matron gasped. Her legs locked around the young girl's neck, pulling her deeper between her thighs, forcing her mouth tighter to her cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes, eat me, Nurse," she gasped. Her hips began to buck and she threw her head back, abandoning herself to Evelyn's greedy mouth. She started to cum, slowly, then it was as if it crept up on her and washed over her like a wave. She collapsed forward, her pussy leaking into Evelyn's mouth. She, in turn, was busy drinking down the older woman's juices like a thirsty man in a desert.

After a few minutes Matron finally climbed off Evelyn's face and allowed her young colleague to breathe again. She sat next to Evelyn, her knickers back in place but with a huge wet spot at the crotch. Evelyn lay flat on her back, her uniform still around her waist and her pussy waiting to be fucked.

"Nurse Thomson, put her out of her misery," commanded Matron and I didn't have to be told twice to climb on board and fuck this gorgeous woman. My cock soon found the entrance to her cunt and, trying to take my time, I slid into her dripping hole. She, however, was having none of it. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her.

"Fuck me now! Fuck me hard!"

So I did. Faster and faster my prick pistoned in and out of our cunt; deeper and deeper she pulled me with her legs, her hips thrusting up to meet my downward surges. I thought it couldn't get any better until I suddenly felt Matron's hands on my arse. She pulled my cheeks apart and started to tickle my arsehole with her finger.

"That's nice," I thought then almost instantly her finger was replaced by her wet tongue and I thought I would never come down from this high. Her playing with my dirty hole had slowed down my fucking of Evelyn who was now wriggling below me in impatience.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! You owe me!"

I suppose I did and it was no great hardship to be plunging my hard cock into my colleague's tight pussy so I resumed my thrusting only for something else to start probing at me rear. I looked round and saw the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Matron was kneeling behind me, her knickers gone and in their place was strapped on a huge dildo that I suddenly realised she was going to fuck me with. But I was trapped. With Evelyn's legs tight around me and Matron's heavy body now lying on top of me I wasn't going anywhere.

Without any further hesitation Matron slid her huge cock into my virgin hole. I felt I was being ripped apart but once she was all the way in she stopped for a moment to let me get used to this strangest of feelings. This was when Evelyn took her revenge on me for her spanking earlier.

"Do it, Matron. Fuck him up the arse. Push his cock into me."

Matron was going to do just that as she started to move her plastic cock in and out of my arse and forced me in turn deeper into Evelyn. As my poor arsehole got used to the feeling the pain started to lessen and I began to feel that this wasn't so bad after all. I resumed my fucking of Evelyn below me and Matron and I soon got into a rhythm of moving together. Evelyn just lay there being fucked, the weight of our two bodies pinning her to the floor. But her pussy had waited too long and in no time at all I could feel the first tremors of her cumming start in her pussy.

"Yes, yes, YES! I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'M CUMMING!"

That was all it took for me to cum too, as her cunt tightened around my prick, I flooded her with my spunk. Matron just kept on hammering into my poor arse but I was beyond worrying about that now as my spunk started to leak out of Evelyn's cunt and drip on to the carpet.

As Evelyn and I finished and I collapsed on top of her, Matron finally pulled out of my hole and stood up, towering above us.

"You both did well -- for a first time. I will see you both here tomorrow morning at the same time."

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