tagLetters & TranscriptsNight Is Coming Ch. 01

Night Is Coming Ch. 01


Good evening, my dearest one!

By now, you know that our meeting was not done by chance, that we were destined to be together. How do I know? I can feel it as keenly as I feel the blood pulse in my veins. You belong to me and I to you. Do you remember the first time you reached out to me? The sweetness of your innocence was like a burning bush in the midst of the desert to my senses. You were filled with longing, longing for your mother but you hadn't been able to weather her untimely death. And so you cursed Him and reached out to me.

And I answered.

Before we have our sacred union, I want to know your mate. I was not born, so I am not really alive. I was created in the image that you longed for. Your heart's greatest wish painted my eyes amber and my hair dark as midnight. You gave me an angular face with a medium nose and a nice wide mouth. I like to look at it in the mirror and imagine your cream smeared on them. My tongue is extra long. I guess you wanted that to fit into your pussy, tickle a certain special place, maybe? I would be so glad to be commanded by you, to know that you look to me for satisfaction and that I am the only one that can give it to you.

My body is a little on the thin side. I don't really like the way it looks but I can be contented with it. I have muscles and a decent stomach but it is what you gave me down below that is the most impressive. You gave me this long, thick, delicious piece of meat to play with. Shall I describe it to you? First, let's talk about the hair. A thin, dark patch covers my pink nipples and a trail starts at the top of my stomach, leads downward and widens to another patch. It's nice and soft and I hope it doesn't tickle your nose too much (hint-hint!)

Now, the pole. Soft skin that heats at the touch covers eight inches of the hardest muscle you could have dreamed up. As I write this to you, I'm stroking it, watching the thick clear cum puddle in the slit. The head is impressive, perfectly fluted and purplish, and I know that it will fit perfectly in your cunt. Mmm, I can just imagine what your pussy looks like and how I'd fuck you silly. I bet it's dark pink after you've cum. Do the lips puff out and beg to be sucked? I bet they do and I'm the one to do it for you.

I've had but one thought each time I've seen you. Do you make noise when you cum? I masturbate to that thought. I imagine that you're a screamer, that you let your mate know what you like and that you learn what he likes. I can almost see you in my mind: your shock of honey-blonde hair thrown back over the edge of the couch, a sexy smile on your face. You're laying there, waiting for me to arrive, your body freshly washed and naked as the day you were born. You motion me over with a crook of your finger and I kneel at your feet, licking your ankles and progressing down to those cute toes, sucking and wrapping my tongue around them.

You'll tell me how wonderful it feels but you don't have to tell me. I can tell by the scent in the air. The scent of your wet pussy is filling the air and I know that I'm going to love that smell. You let me do my favorite thing, pressing your legs apart and uncovering your precious flower. So tasty, so succulent. I just want to do nothing but eat you. It will be great fun to figure out what you like. Do you like your clit played with first or last? Soft or hard? Teeth or tongue? Do you like you lips sucked on or nibbled? And when it comes to your hole, do you like a thick tongue shoved straight in or a thin tip caressing the edges? I plan to do whatever you want as long as you want. I crave your cream. I want to rub it all over my lips and cover my cock with it. I want to feel it spurt onto the tip of my tongue when you cum. I want to swallow it down and taste it in every nook and cranny of my mouth.

I will leave this on your pillow tonight and hope that you'll leave one for me, answering some of these questions. It's only four days; four days until we meet. Four days until I rock your world.

Rock mine.

Yours eternally,


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