tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Point in Waiting

No Point in Waiting


Taking her walk at night, like she often does, Erin's mind was off in another place. This place was consumed with the grief of her ex. Remembering the fight that had happened 40 minutes ago, the screaming and anguish. 'He said he loved her then why couldn't just wait' was all she kept thinking. Her walk began to lead her on to a bike trail that lead into a small patch of forest, she was going here because she always felt safe here. Heading off the trail and heading fro a creak her depression caught her in mid stride and she collapsed into sobs.


After he came from jacking off he just stood there becoming furious. Furious at women. All he wanted was a nice clean girl to fuck, no attachment, no dating, just to fuck. Not a whore cause she would be filthy. "Women want men to be honest," he said to himself. Turning and punching a tree, "Then why am I perverted for being honest!" he screamed. Walking back to the bike trail he was remembering a time when a women accused him of rape. "She wanted it," he was saying when he heard someone crying. Looking around he saw her curled up. She was so delicate and fragile, "why is she crying?" he thought. Slowly walking closer to her but out of her sight he saw the curve of her hip and the fairness of her skin. His heart started to race. Then his eyes went to her legs, her long slender legs that were bare to her upper thigh, then her round breasts. Suddenly he became hard. He was hurting. He had to have her.

All she knew was that she was being flipped on to her back. There was a man with dark hair and bright eyes above her. "what," was all she had time to say because he pressed his lips on hers. She tried screaming but his mouth wouldn't let her. Then his hands grasped her breast and made her hurt. She kicked him but he slapped her back, leaving her stunned he tore off her shirt. She didn't know what to do she knew this was wrong but didn't know how to stop it. His mouth came down on her breast, his tongue tracing her nipple. She tried pulling away but he had her pinned. Then he bit her and she screamed. She suddenly felt an ache between her legs, she was turned on! Then his hand started down her pants, kept her legs closed. He pushed them apart, the heat of his hand on her forced her to arch her back then he put a finger in then two.

She Knew this was wrong it felt so dirty but so good. She couldn't believe this was being done to her after the fact her boyfriend just broke up with her for not doing this! Then with a quick movement her shorts and thong were off and she was laying there naked. A cool breeze came along and her skin thrived in the feeling then she was burned by the heat of his mouth trailing down her stomach where his hand was. She started to kick and writhe he just held her down with one hand and had his tongue trace the lips of her pussy. She felt the hotness of his tongue and started to move her hips, her breasts were starting to ache. He stuck his tongue in her, started to lick more and she started to come. Warmth spreading over her body, her mind suddenly gains holed of the situation. She reaches her hand down and grabs him by the hair and pulls as she kicks him.

With him off of her and her not pinned, Erin tried to get up but her legs were to weak and the throbbing between them made it difficult to run. She finally got her body to listen and started running but he wasn't very far behind., but when she thought she could get away he grabbed her hair and pulled her down. There was a splash, they where in the river. Him standing over her, she tried to get up but he just pushed her back down slamming her back in to the mud. Straddling over her he takes his cock out and started to trace it on her soft stomach then moving up he put it between her breasts. He had become so hard and she was soft and fair compared to him, pushing her breasts together he started to fuck her.

Staring at his cock as it moved between her breasts the throbbing ache had returned between her legs. His long hard dick was right there, hot and gorgeous rubbing against her breasts. Suddenly there was a pain in her, it shut up to her beasts and back to her center. She struggled to get him off , he was on his back, she got on top and slid him into her hard. She scream because of a moment of pain But she started to ride him. Then she kept riding him harder, her breasts where bouncing , cheeks flushed, and both of them starting to sweat. The feeling inside of her began to get worse, his hard dick in her, the throbbing, skin on fire she began to scream, muscles contracting, hips moving, with her realise she collapsed. But he wasn't done.

Throwing her on to her back he started to thrust. Every thrust hit the back of her and made her become hot again. Her hands on his back, finger nails scratching, he started to come as she started to again. "Hit me, oh God please hit me," she begged. A smile spread across his face, he backed handed her leaving a red welt. "Again," she whispered, but this time when he did it she moaned. He came down and bit hard on her chest she screamed, then he pinched her nipples and she screamed again begging for more. He pinched harder and he started to move inside her again. They both came the last time, both exhausted, both satisfied.

Erin was the first to get up, she started to walk home but went a different route. She needed to talk to her ex.

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