tagErotic HorrorNocturnal Lustings Ch. 03

Nocturnal Lustings Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Jonathon

Everything seems different now. Even Mina doesn't seem the same to me anymore. I still love her deeply, but my experiences have changed me, and I don't know if its fair to her to carry on with our marriage.

The time I spent at the castle of Count Dracula haunts my nightmares still. The shadows and whisperings in the darkness that followed my every movement there. The Count himself. I feel them with me now even though I am home with my Mina.

My Mina. How can I ever tell her what I have seen, what I have been through? She'd never understand. Her delicate nature and sensibilities would be shocked. She'd never forgive me for my actions. For what I had to do to escape the castle and the Count. For my betrayal of her and my oath to her.

The soft voices, calling me to them with their siren song. I was helpless to do anything but obey. I lay on that bed and waited. They came to me. Their limbs entwining around mine, mouths moving over my skin as they tore my shirt open. Doing things I'd only heard about from friends who frequented the whorehouses around town. I was theirs to use as they wanted. I was helplessly lost in the a whole new world of sensations. A world I had never before experienced. A world I wanted more of.

Tongues grazed across my skin, against other tongues as they playfully licked and kissed all over my chest. I'd never before felt or seen anything like it. Two of them started caressing each other, as the third licked my throat. I remember her husky voice in my ear telling me to relax and enjoy it. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was awash with desires I had never known before, desires I was loving.

I managed to sit myself up enough to watch the two women as they kissed. Their hands stroked over each other's full breasts, caressing them as tongues entwined and moans grew louder. I felt as though my eyes would pop right out of my head. I'd never seen two women... I was spellbound by the vision of them and the voice whispering in my ear. I was helpless to do anything. My hands felt like they were tied down. My whole body was on fire, the heat rushing through every vein. My eyes, locked on the writhing women in front of me, my body belonged to the one licking my ear. I would have done anything at the moment for her to just touch me. I gasped as her teeth nipped gently at my earlobe. They were so sharp and the pain was welcome.

Her hands finally stroked over my chest. My body arched up under her caressing fingers. Before I knew what was happening, she was straddling my hips, her body grinding against mine. I remember the feeling of her tongue as it dragged from my ear down my neck. She licked the pulse that was pounding just under the skin of my throat. Her teeth tickled as she also dragged them over it. It seemed to excite her more. Her body writhed against mine, harder, her movements faster. I finally gained control of my limbs. My hands shyly touched her back, resting there. I was unsure of what to do. Her skin felt so cold to my touch. She was so different from the warmth of Mina, my Mina. For a second, my heart felt heavy as I thought about my Mina and of my betrayal of her. But it was a fleeting thought. Soon my mind was only on the woman licking my neck, and the two licking at each other. I let all my inhibitions and thoughts of anything else go. All I wanted was to lose myself in what they would show me. I wanted to know everything, experience everything. I was theirs to use and abuse. I was completely under their spell.

The tongue moved down my chest. Her teeth grazing slowly over one of my nipples. I arched my hips up, grinding myself hard against her. She seemed to like that. I heard her moaning as she roughly bit me. I felt her teeth sinking deep into my flesh. The pain...so exquisite...I wanted more, I begged for more, and she gave it to me. Her teeth dug deeper into my flesh. I could hear her sucking. I had the briefest thought that she was drinking my blood, but I knew it wasn't something women did. It was a fairytale from the darker times told to scare children into being good for their parents. Bloodsucking vampires existed only in their nightmares.

The other two soon lost interest in what they were doing and joined us. One slowly licked up my arm. Her tongue dragging over my skin, teasing it gently as her teeth also grazed my flesh. The other was ripping open my breeches, pushing the first one from my body. Soon I was completely lost in a sea of tongues, limbs and sensations. All I wanted was more.

The pain. The all encompassing yet exquisite pain was bliss. I could feel their teeth sinking into my flesh. One at my neck, biting me, sucking the blood from my veins as another bit at my wrist, her tongue swirling over my skin. But it was the one between my legs, sucking on me that I loved most. Her lips were wrapped around me. Her mouth sucking hard on my cock before she sat up, staring straight up into my eyes. I saw her face change, her teeth growing into points, before she slipped her head back down between my thighs. I felt her mouth around me again, but this time, she bite into me. I arched up screaming in pain and pleasure.

Then it stopped.

He stood there watching us. Watching those women feeding on me. I didn't understand what it was he said to make them stop, but I knew he was angry with them. They scattered, shrieking with frustration at not being able to finish what they had started.

I lay trying to catch my breath, trying to understand what had happened as I watched him give them an infant. Its pitiful screams for its mother soon cut off as they devoured it. I felt sick. Thats the last thing I remember before passing out.

When I woke, I was back in my own room. Was it all a dream? Were the shadows of this forsaken castle playing with my mind? My body was covered with bruises and marks. I knew it had happened, but I couldn't explain it. The feeling of sickness in my stomach was joined by a secret thrill. I had enjoyed it. I wanted more.

He left soon afterwards. For London I assume. But he left me as a toy for those devil's bitches. I was their plaything, and secretly, I loved it. They would use me for their pleasure, but always they would leave me lingering on the brink of death so they could play their games the next night. Some nights they wouldn't touch me at all, just made me watch as they took pleasure with each other in a tangle of naked writhing bodies and mouths. I had never seen anything like it and I doubt I ever would again. All I wanted was to be theirs. To be the object of their desires and passion. I knew they were slowly killing me, draining me of my life's blood but I didn't care. The feelings they gave me was all I wanted.

Mina. Her face invaded my thoughts. My dear sweet Mina. How could she compare to this? How could she ever arouse me in this way? Was I better off here letting these demon women feed on me? Or should I return to London and to my Mina? What shred of sanity I had managed to hold on to urged me to go home to her. To leave this place of hell and go back to life as a normal man. But how could things ever compare to the heights of ecstacy and depths of depravity I had experienced here with his whores?

My sanity won out and I escaped as they slept. She came to me. My sweet Mina. I tried to push everything I'd been through from my mind, but as she slept beside me at night, so peaceful and serene, it was them I saw. Them I wanted.

Mina was everything I had expected and everything I had wanted before I knew better. She was sweet and innocent and pure. But I want a whore. I want a slut. I want someone I could act out all the sinful things I had seen with. How could I ever have that with my Mina?

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