tagMatureNot Another Baby Sitter Story

Not Another Baby Sitter Story


OK, so you've read just about every baby sitter story that has ever appeared on this site for the last 5 years or more. Well, here's one more with a slight twist at the end. So, grit your teeth and slog through another one. I think you just might like it. Special thanks go to my new editor, "Bright Eyes."

Once you have found a great baby sitter, it is not wise to let any of your friends who are parents in on the secret. If you do, chances are the next time you call; she'll be busy at someone else's house. So it was with Tracy. We discovered her from a little hand written ad on the bulletin board at the super market. I copied down the phone number and later asked around to see whether anyone had hired her. To my surprise, no one I talked to had used her or called to check up on her. Even so, I decided not to call until the night before our company Christmas party. Our regular girl took sick and all the others we called were busy. Finally, in desperation, I called Tracy.

"Sure, I'll be over at 7:00, "she chirped into the phone.

I knew we were taking a chance but the twins were used to various new faces appearing in our absence so we crossed our fingers and went ahead and arranged to attend the party the next night. We left strict instructions about guests, alcohol and drug use. Tracy eagerly agreed to everything and before I could mention it, she asked for our cell phone numbers.

At just sixteen, she was slender, about 5'8" with long dark hair. She had a way about her that could only be described as beyond her years. It sort of made me think she had had a hard life and was used to shouldering a lot of responsibility. She just didn't talk or act like a teenager. A little rough around the edges is the best way I can think of describing her.

We arrived home after midnight and were stunned at what we found. The entire lower level of the house was picked up, furniture dusted; books and papers neatly put away and in general, everything was in much better shape than when we left. In the kitchen we found that all the dishes were washed and put away, the floor had been mopped and even the stuff in the fridge was cleaned up. The twins were sound asleep in clean P.J.s, their toys were all put away. I was speechless and my wife gushed with appreciation. I gave Tracy the regular rate and added a very nice tip.

"I never expected anything like this, Tracy, but can we call you again for next Saturday?" I asked with my fingers crossed behind my back.

"Sure, Mr. Miller. What time do you want me here?"

We watched her leave and drive off in an old, totally beat up Renault Dauphine. The ancient car rattled and lurched down the road and I began to worry that it would never make it to the corner but it did and disappeared from sight.

For the next two years, Tracy was a regular in our home, often brought in to help with the housework when my wife was covered up with her real estate job. Tracy was eager to earn as much as she could. Now 18 and graduating from high school, Tracy had plans to attend the local junior college in the fall. Although she was awarded some scholarships, Tracy still needed more to make it through the first year. (Tracy never told us much about her home life, only that she lived alone with her mother who was on permanent disability.)

Late one evening we came home to find, as usual, that Tracy had the house in spotless order. She went out to the old car and tried to start it. The ancient engine ground on and on and finally was silent. Tracy got out and came up to the house again, angry and flustered.

"The damn thing won't even start. My mom will be furious if I can't get home."

I said, "Are you sure you can't stay here until the morning? Why don't you call your mom."

Tracy called her and although I could not hear all of the conversation, it was obvious that her mother wanted her home now, not tomorrow.

"Tracy, I said, let me drive you home. I'll put a charger on the battery and maybe by morning it will be good enough to start the car."

"Gosh, Mr. Miller, that would be great. Mom is real upset when I'm not at home."

I drove her home and discovered that she was living in a run down trailer park. The trailers were really ratty looking although Tracy's was as clean and neat on the outside as an old mobile home could look.

"I'll be back in the morning with the car. You can drive me back home:"

"Thanks Mr. Miller, you are a real prince." she said.

She quickly slid over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. This was the very first overt act of affection she had ever shown me during the two years we had employed her. By this time, her slender body had begun to fill out with the curves one would expect from an eighteen year old girl. I could not help but notice her breasts seemed to be getting bigger each month. I dearly love my wife and would never cheat on her but I must admit that not all of my thoughts about Tracy were as innocent as they should have been.

Very early the next morning, I got the old wreck started and drove it to the trailer park.

The next time I called Tracy, I got the bad news that once again the car would not start.

"I'll come and pick you up", I said.

I drove to the trailer park and saw a couple of "good ol' boys" looking at the Renault.

"The starter and flywheel are done for," one of them said as I approached.

"For sure it will cost more to replace 'em than the car is worth," said another.

As I drove back to the house with Tracy, she was quiet and sulking.

"That damn piece of shit is going to ruin everything. If I can't make it to my baby sitting jobs, I'll never have enough for college," she moaned. I was surprised at her use of profanity. I realized that our relationship was becoming much less formal. It was then that I let the 'cat out of the bag' so to speak.

"You know, Tracy, I haven't mentioned your name to any of the other couples we know who need a good baby sitter. I confess we've selfishly kept this a closely guarded secret. If I tell a few of the people we know just how good you are, I'll bet you could get a lot more work. They, for sure, will pick you up and bring you home, just as I am doing now. Would you like me to tell a few folks about 'Terrific Tracy'?"

She giggled at the name, "Terrific Tracy" and said,

"Cool, David, that would be great. I'll still try to keep you as number one but if I could get just a few more jobs, that might make the difference."

I dropped off Tracy and my wife and I went on to the concert. Later, as I drove Tracy home, I noticed she was constantly looking over at me. Finally she spoke.

"Are you all right? You seem kinda down at the mouth. Did I do something wrong?"

I hesitated to tell a young girl, half my age, that I was having marital problems and that they were getting worse. For a while I said nothing and then I said, "No, Tracy, it's nothing that you've done. Mary and I are just going through a tough time right now. We are both so busy with our work and the twins that we really don't have any time for each other. It's like the romance is gone and neither of us has the time or motivation to fix things. Does that make any sense to you?"

With the air of a teenage know-it-all, she remarked, "So what you're saying is that there's no sex, right?"

"Well, I wouldn't put it quite so bluntly, but yes, that's part of it. "

"So what do you do, jack off by yourself?"

"TRACY! What makes you think you can talk to me that way? You asked me what was on my mind and I shared a little with you. You have no business...."

Then I stopped talking. Tracy had placed her hand on my leg, close to my cock. She had turned towards me and was staring intently at me. Even in the darkened car I could see her eyes, blazing, burning holes in my brain.

Softly she said, "I'm not a complete idiot. I have seen the way you've been looking at me lately. Guess what! I've been looking at you, too. "

At that precise moment, everything changed. I was no longer the employer talking to the "hired help." I immediately had the feeling that this conversation ought to be carried on in a less distracting location than a moving car. I drove through to the back of the trailer park, to a secluded thicket of volunteer trees. I turned off the engine and looked at this teenager who, all of a sudden, was not a teenager after all.

"Tracy, I said, just what are you talking about? Are you thinking I want to start something with a girl half my age? I've never cheated on Mary and as tough as things are, I don't want to start."

Her hand moved up my leg and now was resting on my stiffening cock.

"You may think you don't want to start something but other parts of your body tell me that's not completely true. We've known each other for over two years. I've seen you naked coming out of the shower....."

"What are you saying? When.....I didn't.....I'm not the sort....."

I was tongue tied.

"Last summer when you guys came back from the beach party, you were taking a shower and I was putting the twins back to bed after you woke them up. You ran from the bathroom to your bedroom. I saw you. You looked very good to me. Mary was down in the laundry room. I wanted to just rush into your bedroom and...I don't know what.... but I went home with a wet crotch in my panties. "

"Damn, I'm sorry if I caused any problems. As I think of it now, I was hard, wasn't I?"

"Oh yes you were. Nice equipment, I'd say."

We both just sat for a moment in silence. Tracy suddenly leaned over me and yanked the seat back lever. Snap! I was instantly prone in the diver's seat. Tracy then deftly pulled down my zipper and her hand snaked into my pants and grasped my cock through my boxers. "From that moment I wanted this, David, and what I want I usually get. "

"Tracy, just what the hell are you doing? I can't let this happen. Get your hand...."

The second my cock was out in the midnight air, Tracy's mouth was sucking it in. I knew this was wrong, this was cheating, and yet I could not bring myself to stop her. It just felt so damn good! Her head pistoned up and down. Saliva drooled from her mouth down my cock and into my shorts. The car was like an echo chamber with the sucking sounds of a woman on a mission. Our moans combined to add to the sound. She mewled and occasionally gagged on my cock. She was trying to get more of it in her mouth. She took her hand away from the base to extract my balls. She then bent lower to lick them and suck them into her mouth.

Part of me, the married man, could not believe I was letting this happen and the other part of me, the red blooded American male, said, "Don't be an idiot. Let her go for it." My brain was on overload. Almost involuntarily I gripped her head and forced it up and down. I could feel the pressure building and felt I had to say something.

"Oh my god, Tracy, you are driving me crazy. I can't hold out much longer."

She never replied. She just doubled her efforts and soon I was squirting streams of semen into her mouth. I blasted shot after shot. She didn't stop. She just swallowed and kept on going until I became so sensitive I had to pull her head out of my lap.

I was gasping. My chest was heaving as though I had just run a 100 yard dash. Tracy slid back over to her side of the car.

"Now, David, old married man, how was that? Did you like it? Want to try again?" she said with obvious mirth in her voice, breathing rather heavily from the effort.

After a few moments I was finally able to speak.

"I feel completely drained, you sweet devil, and it is going to take me a week to recover. I just don't know what to say. That was the best ever for me. Mary is just not into that sort of thing. I can't remember if I've ever had anything like it."

We sat for a few minutes more. I pulled my car seat up.

"I better get back home or my mom will start to worry. But, any time you need a little relief, just let me know," she said with smirk on her face.

I drove her back to the trailer.

"Here's your fee for baby sitting and if you will let me, I would like to add something for the......therapy, we might call it."

I handed over the baby sitting fee and added $50.00.

"Hey, David, that's real good of you. I can use every nickel. Thanks."

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and jumped out of the car. My balls were aching, trying to replace the load I had just pumped into her mouth. I managed to drive home even though my vision was blurred.

Several weeks went by before I called Tracy to come look after the twins. She was busy and I had to call someone else. For over a month that summer, we could not catch up with her. Word had gotten out that this jewel was available for baby sitting and house cleaning all at the same time. Finally, late in September, I called her and she had an opening.

We were all excited about seeing her again. I was a little uneasy that something might slip about that night back in July but Mary and I had patched things up and we were doing much better. I pushed my worries to the back burner. I heard a honk outside the house about 6:30. I looked through the window and was dumbfounded. There was Tracy sitting in a fire engine red convertible. Not the newest model but still looking very good. We all dashed outside.

"Well, folks, what do you think? Are these cool wheels or what!"

We all just stared in amazement at the car with its mag wheels and tan leather upholstery.

I finally asked, "How in the world did you ever......aren't you going to college?"

"Oh yes, I am, and in two years I'm going to the university."

"But, how did you....I mean, this car must have cost a bundle....and I thought..."

Tracy just smiled and said, "You remember last July when I said that if I wanted something bad enough, I usually get it? Business was very good after our 'discussion' and I found a number of folks just eager to avail themselves of my services."

When my wife wasn't looking, Tracy winked at me. Instantly I realized that every client who hired her as a baby sitter was a potential customer for other....."services" and word of her domestic and "therapeutic" skills must have spread throughout the community.

As we drove to the concert, my wife said, "I think Tracy is going to be a success no matter what career choice she makes."

I answered, "I'm sure she'll major in business. She's a born entrepreneur."

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