tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 11

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 11

byMy Erotic Tail©

Numchucks, the Legend

Chapter 11

Marshall, Texas~

I pulled up in front of Sandra's house with my truck pulling a sixteen foot flat bed trailer. Numchucks was in the bed of truck wagging his tail for he knew where Shinkers lived. It was March and the weather was nice, spring was in the air.

"What's the trailer for?" Sandra asked as she came out to greet Chucks and I.

"This is my last trip to Marshall. Your coming back with me." I had teased her for the last few trips that I was going to do this. I made three times as much as she did so I was pressuring her to give up her job and friends and move to Houston with me. I felt that the long distance romance was way passed finding an easier solution.

"Oh I am?" Her cocky little way flared out behind a smile. Her long red hair waved freely in the breeze as she thought long and hard what to say. "What makes you so sure I'll go?"

"I'm not, but I came with the trailer in hopes of talking you into moving to Houston with me." I could only negotiate with her, for telling her to do something would only insure that she wouldn't do it.

Houston Texas~

After a weekend of negotiations and a notice to her employment. The chore of finding an apartment that allowed two dogs. Enroll Phillip (Her son) in school and still make my deliveries had me busy for a bit. But we all found a little happiness in a two bedroom apartment off hwy. 290 in Houston.

The Dog's, Numchucks and Shinkers would rotate out every other day to ride with me to work. The apartment had a small patio and Phillip walked the dogs regular. So they got out more than the average dog.

Riverside Texas~

Phillip, who was in his early teens became the third leg of the hunting tripod. Carl Smith, a good friend up at the river allowed us use of his canoe whenever we wanted. Numchucks and Phillip tussled over who was going to sit at the bow in the canoe. They were the same size except Numchucks had Phillip out weighed.

There is something special about taking a youth out hunting for the first time. Explaining and guiding them along while they're excited, anxious and scared to death, all bundled up in the freezing cold, holding a shot gun, with more questions than any text book I ever read.

The responsibility of setting a person on the right path of Gun edict and proper reasoning for hunting in an age where its actually cheaper to go by your game bird in the grocery store. Proper techniques for field dressing and the importance of the Laws, rules and regulations. The instinct of man to hunt and to hunt with a dog and their importance. Of course the first bird downed Numchucks went for like a pro.

Phillip saw Chucks with a different perspective and an enormous respect. He also caught the Duck Hunting Fever. Of course Grandma's eyes narrowed a bit when he got a single shot 12 gauge for Christmas. But he showed nothing but respectful handling of his firearm at all times and showed to be a conservative shooter as well.

Houston Texas~

One day while at work, making a quick stop by the office to turn in some paper work, I got caught up in a conversation with my boss about hunting. He enlightened me that he was ashamed to say that after his experiences with Numchucks that he went out and bought a Black Lab. Not just bought the dog but then had it sent to obedience school, Retriever school, Children insurance behavioral class and snake training.

I had to ask what the snake training was? He informed me that they train the dogs to leave snakes alone. Well, the cost for this training was enormous and the sad statement he made that, his dog was, "Dumber than a bucket of rocks," was a common statement from many who had dreams of owning a retriever. He admitted that he didn't get to spend the time with him that he needed and I'm sure that's where the break down was.

Riverside Texas~

Glen was paddling the canoe. Taking turns was only a fair way to get around. The heat of the day had us going from shaded area to shaded area along the river. The overhanging limbs and leaves were refuge from the blistering summer sun. A little fishing was always a delight.

Paddling under another shaded area along the shoreline of the bluffs. Slowing up against a log to take a short pause in the cool shade. Numchuck's black coat had to be hot but we were making our way back from a morning run up river and the sun sprang up, a bit on the hot side.

The crashing, banging noise got my attention as I turned around and Glen was banging the paddle against the log with full force. Raising it over his head and bringing it down with a mighty crash against the log. Again and again. The paddle was shattering and splintering with each blow. The noise was cracking across the river in echoes.

Glen stopped and looked at me all excited and smiling. "I got him, I got him by golly." All I saw was what was left of a paddle in his hand and the pieces scattered in enough pieces that made it useless. And that was the only paddle, hence the taking turns to use that ONE paddle.

Looking down finally I saw his prize. A cotton mouth had curled up on the log that we just happened to want to be at, in the shade. We happened upon this little guys noon day resting spot. Well, not anymore thanks to Glen. The reason I brought this up was I was wondering if maybe we should put people through snake training. We were literally stranded (Luckily) "UP," river without a paddle.

Well, what did we do? I pulled the canoe with the rope and began swimming towards home. It was hot and the river was cool so away I swam. Glen refuse to get in the river after seeing as many cotton mouths as we had that day. Numchucks swam along with me. He took the rope I held, thinking it was a game and pulled the canoe swimming past me. So I crawled back in the canoe and Numchucks pulled the canoe most of the way home. Gotta love a dog like that.

Houston Texas~

My boss wanted me to take another group of people out hunting. He wanted Numchucks to be there as well as his dog. To not only see what to do by Numchucks example but in case the clients got a bird, then it would be retrieved for sure by Numchucks, if his dog didn't do well.

Riverside Texas~

Two canoes went out that morning. One dog, Numchucks. My boss didn't show. His partner and the people I was to guide showed up though, so away we went. Paddling across the river and into the flooded flats of Robs Lake in the dark of early morning.

Spreading the four men into two groups ensured them more Shots. The weather was perfect Duck Hunting weather, overcast and slightly windy. The birds were flying in and out of the decoys. The men were shooting up a storm and Numchucks was working back and forth between the two groups retrieving each and every bird.

If one group got a Duck and called Numchucks. Chucks would run over to that group and await the signal or pointing finger then head that way and then back to the other group. If there was any confusion, it was that Numchucks didn't know who to take the bird to. When this happened he would bring it straight to me. Give it to me and run after another as if to say here you know what to do with it, I'm busy.

The hunters were most pleased with Numchucks as was I. I've had some perfect hunts but this was one that was challenging for Chucks but he did as well as any champion. The men all ate breakfast while I cleaned the fowl. A heated conversation came about while they loaded up their vehicles to head home, to Houston.

"I'll give you 998.00 dollars for Numchucks. That's every penny I got." A man insisted with a serious tone in his voice.

"No, Numchucks ain't for sale."

"Look you can buy another dog and train it and still have plenty of money. Your obviously a great trainer. That's almost one thousand dollars." The man said with persistence.

"No, I didn't train him, he trained me." I replied with honesty.

"Here I'll loan you some more money," another man said trying to help his friend up the offer for my dog.

"How Much? Everything has a price." The man insisted. I could have made a pretty penny, I'm sure.

But the only thing I could think of was. "No, he's a present from my Brother and my Mother. You can't take a present and turn around and sell it." I said with a snicker.

"Sure you can." Was their reply.

"Well Numchucks has become more like family. And you can't sell family." I said with an even bigger grin.

"Sure you can."

Needless to say I didn't sell my family. Numchucks made some new fans and I made a few brownie points for guiding these gentlemen out for a hunt of a lifetime. His reputation grew and his performance only got better.

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