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Nylon Suck Again


My cousin Jimmy and I burned up the telephone lines after our first meeting. In that meeting I had "borrowed" a pair of my sister's stockings and gave them to my cousin as a gift. He and I had a thing about women in stockings and he would focus on my sister. I tried the stockings on at his home one weekend and I ended up sucking him off twice that weekend. That experience was a first for each of us. We lived twenty miles apart and it was not easy to meet.

About two months later he asked me if I was interested in going camping at a place in Western New Jersey. He said he wanted to go with his friend Nils. I had never gone camping and had no equipment.

Jimmy's friend Nils (aged 21) had come to this country from Sweden. He was three years older than we were. Jimmy had befriended him as he lived around the block from Jimmy. They both shared a passion for hockey and they struck up a conversation one afternoon while Jimmy was playing street hockey with some other kids and Nils happened to walk by.

He said Nils was going to use his parent's RV and all I would need to bring was maybe a blanket, a change of clothes and some money for food and booze. During this conversation he asked me how my sister was and I said she was fine.

He seemed to be beating around the bush so I asked him what he really wanted to know. He said that he wanted to know if it was possible for me to get any new nylons from my source (my sister's drawer). He wanted me to bring stockings for the camping trip.

I asked him why I would want to do that as there would be three of us. There was a dead silence.

I asked him if he had ever said anything to Nils about our weekend months earlier and he was silent. He finally said, "Yes". I asked him "What did you tell him"? He said, "Everything". When I asked him why he said anything to anyone, he just basically said he had to tell someone and Nils was his best friend. He said Nils was "cool" and would not tell anyone.

He also said that Nils had told him that he had never received a blowjob to completion.

Part of me was very annoyed and part of me was extremely excited. Was there another "virgin" for me in the future?

One of my chores at home was to throw out garbage. I had to collect the trash baskets in the house once per week in each room and then collect those baskets into one large garbage bag. I would then bring the large bag out to the curb on collection day.

About two weeks prior to our scheduled trip I noticed one day while collecting the trash from my sister's room that she was throwing tow pair of old high heeled shoes and was also throwing out some pantyhose and some stockings. I could not believe my luck. I assume these stockings and pantyhose had runs in them.

I was able to pull the shoes and stockings and pantyhose and put them aside onto a bag that I then stored in the garage.

There had to be about three pair of pantyhose and two pair of stockings. I remember smelling one pair of the pantyhose. There was a scent of perfume and pussy. I had to jerk off and I did so into an old cloth in the garage. I did this for three consecutive days until my father started to ask me why I was going out there so often.

I did not tell Jimmy about my stash. He would call me in the weeks leading up to our trip and asked me how my "hunting" was doing. I told him "no luck" He said he basically had trashed the pair of stockings I had secured for him by jerking off into them for about two weeks straight until he had to throw them out.

I first met Nils on the Friday night of our trip. He picked me up at 6:30 P.M. Because where we live was closer to the campground, he picked up Jimmy and then picked me up. He was a thin guy with long (nearly shoulder length) blond hair. I would guess that he probably stood about six feet tall although it was hard to judge as he was sitting and driving the RV.

He spoke English with a Swedish accent but was easily understood. Jimmy sat in the right front seat and I sat on a chair in the rear. A few times during the drive, Jimmy would look back at me and make a high sign and I just ignored him.

I was asking Nils about Sweden. He talked about the long cold winters. He talked about playing hockey. He said his father was employed by an engineering firm that had bid on and was doing a huge project in this country. He was not sure how long he would live in the USA. I asked him how he learned to speak English and he said it was a requirement in his school. He sounded like a nice guy.

The camping site was called Hendershot Point and was about an hour and a half west of where I lived. There was a lake with row boats. There were places for tents to be pitched and a place for RV's to park and hook up to electricity and water. We arrived at about 8:00 P.M. It was sill light out.

Since Nils was experienced in operating the RV, he was able to do the hooking up of everything. In the RV is where we would sleep. There was a master bedroom. Then there were two other beds (one on each side) towards the front of the RV near the kitchen.

There was a microwave, full kitchen, shower and stereo with a DVD and CD player all set up. There was a table for meals and a table that could be brought outside of the RV and could be set up under an awning that folded out the side. There was a portable grill.

Prior to picking me up he and Jimmy had purchased food that included steaks, baked potatoes, chips, cold cuts and beer as well as vodka. I paid for my share.

No one felt like cooking so we made sandwiches for dinner. We then walked out of the RV and checked out the campground. There were a lot of campers on the grounds. There were some families and some couples.

Nils went to use the bathroom and Jimmy walked close to me.

Jimmy whispered to me "Did you bring anything?" I said, "Yes". He then touched his crotch. I asked him if Nils had ever "played" and he said that he had not but Nils was most interested in hearing from Jimmy again and again the details of the two blowjobs I had given him.

My heart skipped a beat.

I had showered before I had been picked up. I had my "stash" in my overnight bag.

I was nervous as the sun went down. Nils suggested we return to the RV and maybe listen to music or just drink and hangout. There was something in the air.

Nils grabbed three beers for us. Nils was talking about Sweden and how he wished he could return to see some of his family and some of his old friends. I drank down my beer quickly.

I asked him about the women there as I had always heard about how pretty they are. He said they were, "Okay". Nils mentioned that Jimmy had told him that I have a beautiful sister and I said I thought she was. He also said he heard that she had long and beautiful legs. I did not comment.

Jimmy and Nils sat one of side of a kitchen type of table in the RV. Jimmy's eyes looked a little intense. I knew what was on his mind. Nils was playing it cool. Time seemed to be standing still. No one knew what to say next.

I changed the subject and asked what was in store for tomorrow as far as activities were concerned. Nils said we could rent a row boat and row out to a small island in the center of the lake.

There was a point in time that I recognized that I possessed all the attention and power in the room. I had seen this in my life when someone (like my sister) or other attractive women and they would have men around them vying for their attention with the hope of getting to know them and also wanting to get closer to them.

These guys were trying to act interested in my every word I said while what I thought what they really wanted was maybe a little show and a lot of action.

I could sense the agitation coming from Jimmy. He was antsy and appeared nervous. He seemed to no be able to get his cock in a correct position when sitting and was making constant adjustments.

Nils asked Jimmy and me if we wanted to watch a movie as there was a DVD player and television in the RV. We both said that would be good. He played the old Chevy Chase comedy called "Christmas Vacation". It is and was very funny. After it was over Nils said there were "other movies". I did not know what he meant.

Jimmy asked (quietly) if I wanted to "play". I said, "Yes." He said that Nils was cool and maybe just wanted to "watch". I was not so sure given the intense looks that Nils was throwing out. I was a little scared of the unknown. Control was the name of the game and I was outnumbered.

I had gone from being a person who had no experience with anyone a few months ago to now spending a weekend with two very horny young guys.

I used the bathroom and brought my overnight bag with me. I took my underwear off. I retrieved a black pair of sheer to the waist black pantyhose and pulled them on. I was careful so as not to poke any holes in them.

My sister had thrown out this pair as there was a small run near the bottom of them on one of the legs. There was still the faint smell of pussy and perfume in them.

I pulled on a pair of tight running shorts over the pantyhose so that inadvertently what I had on looked like a makeshift "Hooters" outfit. All I was missing was a big pair of boobs. I had put on a black tee shirt.

I had tried on a few occasions to walk in heels and it is more difficult than it looks. There was a black pair of pumps with a three inch heel that my sister had thrown out. They were worn and stretched out so they did fit me.

I put them on. Fortunately the pantyhose and shorts were able to compress my cock and kept it pointed down. I did not was not attention to my cock at that time but rather I wanted to be the center of attention for my newly discovered "other skills".

I do not have much body hair and very fine hair on my legs. With the pantyhose there was very little hair to be seen.

I walked out of the bathroom. I could see Jimmy and Nils intensely watching a porn movie. It was with two men and one woman and she was taking turns sucking on each of their cocks.

How appropriate.

Jimmy looked over at me and then Nils looked over at me and they both stared and said nothing.

I spoke first. "What does it take to get a drink around here?" Nils said, "What would you like"? I said, "A straight vodka and ice with three olives would work." He nodded and started to make me a drink.

Nils and Jimmy had been sitting on what passed as a couch near the kitchen table. I was able to walk in the heels to the couch without falling. I sat down next to Jimmy and crossed my legs slowly.

Jimmy said, "Wow".

Nils made the drink for me and got himself and Jimmy a beer and then sat with one being on each side of me.

We continued to watch the movie. By this time in the movie the woman was getting ready to get simultaneous loads shot into her mouth. There was some tension in the RV to say the least. She took two huge loads in her mouth and swallowed both after first vamping for the camera showing her come filled mouth. I had an idea.

I was starting to learn the gift of being a cock tease. For years I had noticed how women could manipulate men by doing something that appeared to be innocuous.

I stood and pulled up on one side of my pantyhose to eliminate a wrinkle that had shown itself on my left knee. I actually heard Nils sigh. This was just amazing.

I said to Jimmy. "You look uncomfortable in those shorts. Why not take them off?"

He had his shorts off in a nano second along with his underwear. He stood in front of me. Nils stared without saying anything to my left. Jimmy's cock was at full mast. I took off both of my shoes and pushed my feet against Jimmy's cock and gave him a little sample of a foot job. He moaned.

Jimmy stopped me and got on his knees and started rubbing his cock against my legs at the same time he was wrapping his arms around my waist. He was kissing my thighs at the same time. I felt another hand on my left leg and it was Nils. He was lightly touching me. I said nothing.

I was tempted to take off my shorts as my cock was so hard that I could have cut diamonds with it. I kept my shorts on and just took in with delight the power that I had.

Jimmy stood up and moved closer to be. I leaned forward. I touched the head of Jimmy's cock with my fingers. I heard movement to my left and Nils had taken off his jeans and his underwear. I was touching Jimmy and I was looking (to my left) over at the second cock aside my own that I had ever seen.

The head of his cock was pink. He had blond pubic hair. The hair was sparse. He was uncircumcised. The pink head was gaining in size as far as width was concerned as it was now free. His cock was a little longer than Jimmy's cock but not as wide. He was stroking it and watching my every move with Jimmy.

In the middle of this the movie had stopped. I mentioned to Nils that we needed more entertainment. With his cock poking out, Nils now was looking frantically for another DVD.

I was playing it cool but there was intoxication, not from the vodka but from the ability to have two young guys absolutely catering to my every whim.

I crossed and uncrossed my legs first asking Jimmy to back up a little bit. I took a sip from my drink. Jimmy then continued to rub his cock and face on my legs.

Nils had found something and had placed it in the DVD and he then returned towards me and Jimmy. He took off his shirt. He had a nice body. He was a little bulkier than Jimmy and muscular. From the side his cock not only stood out but up as well.

I told Jimmy to stop. He looked like I had taken away his favorite toy. I asked Nils if there were any straws.

He looked like he wanted to ask why but just found a box of them and gave me the whole box. There was a kitchen knife nearby and I cut one of the straws. I then took two of the uncut straws and placed them in my hand so that one could only see the tops of them and added the one that I had cut for a total of three.

I said to Nils and Jimmy that they had to each take one and the one with the shortest straw would get a surprise. I was asked what the surprise was and I smiled and licked my lips looking at both of them.

I put my heels back on and would dangle one from my foot and then do the same with the other foot. These guys were going nuts.

I had the straws behind my back. Nils and Jimmy stood while I was sitting. My legs were now uncrossed and it appeared to me that one or both of these two hard and pulsing cocks were ready for some action. Their cocks were only about two feet from my face and both seemed to be throwing off heat.

I asked them both to close their eyes as I pulled the straws from behind my back and held them in front of me. They each took one and there was one left in my hand. They each took a long straw so we repeated the selection.

This time Nils ended up with the short straw. You would have thought he had just won the lottery. Jimmy was disappointed.

I took a sip from my drink and motioned Nils to move toward me. Jimmy stood to the side looking wide eyed and holding onto his cock as if someone was going to steal it.

I took off my heels and with one foot rubbed against Nil's legs, first one then the other.

Nils had his hand around his cock as he quickly moved towards me. His foreskin was pulled back and out of the way as he was rapidly expanding. The head was near my mouth as I started to look at it.

I touched the head with the tip of my tongue and then licked it lightly. I then touched his balls first with my hand then I pulled his cock upward with one hand and licked his nearly hairless balls. He was sensitive.

I then went back to his cock. I slid it into my mouth and then closed my mouth around it and did not move. I could feel and taste pre-cum making its way into my mouth. I pulled gently at first getting used to the length.

Within one minute Nils said he was close so I stopped and pulled him out. I pulled Jimmy closer to me and placed his cock just inside of my mouth and closed it just I had done to Nils. I could taste his pre-cum.

I told Nils and Jimmy that the LAST one to come could sleep with me that night in the queen sized bed at the rear of the RV. I was running the show.

I then sucked Jimmy into my mouth and started my tongue work on him. I nibbled on the head and he had to pull out as he was close.

I did the same to Nils. He asked me to bite his cock first gently and then a little harder and then to suck on it. I repeated this and he seemed to grow in size.

I then would return to Jimmy and he asked me to do what I had done to Nils. I did so and he really groaned. He grabbed the base of his cock as he seemed to be ready to come and move away from my mouth. His pre-cum was coming out in a steady flow.

I would stop and then stand touching my legs and then I would sit and cross and uncross my legs. They loved it and would ask me to repeat the crossing and uncrossing several times while they stroked their cocks. I felt like a high priced hooker.

I went from one to the other and as a few minutes passed neither one seemed to want to be the first to come. They only could be in my mouth for maybe ten seconds at a time before pulling out.

I finally pulled them close to me at the same time and managed (with some difficulty) to get each head into my mouth at the same time. It was impossible to get any real rhythm as there was no room for movement. I used both of my hands to hold them in my mouth in place. My tongue was slapping against the underside of each cock and I was swallowing a lot of pre-cum.

Both cocks were touching each other. I managed to suck on what was in my mouth. Nils groaned and nearly at the same time so did Jimmy. I got ready for the oral onslaught.

Where Jimmy pulsed when he came, Nils exploded. I could not count the spurts of come that flooded my mouth and spilled out onto my stockings. It seemed endless. I would guess that I managed to swallow about ninety percent of the two loads.

The tastes were hard to distinguish as there was quite a mix. I swallowed several times to get this entire come cocktail down my throat. I would guess that both cocks were in my mouth for at least one minute either spurting or dribbling with come.

I told them that they both won.

This was only Friday. We were at the campsite until Sunday afternoon.

There was more to "come".

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