Oasis In The Desert Ch. 01


It wasn't until I looked at her face I realized that Julie had been checking me out as well. When I saw where her eyes were focused I realized that I had become excited by her appearance and my cock had started to rise.

Before I could think of something to take my mind off her Julie looked up at me smiled and said, "We should be going."

Julie took my hand in hers and led me out of the building. When we arrived on the street I looked for her ever-present jeep as I tried to figure out how she was going to climb up into the jeep in the dress she was wearing.

But the jeep wasn't there. Instead I saw a late model mustang convertible with two other passengers already in it. The man driving the car was quite tall and I could see he was very muscular by the way his black tee shirt seemed stretched tight over his broad chest. The girl on the other hand was very slim to a point I would say she was too thin. Her face seemed drawn, which made her nose look too long. Her blond hair looked too thin and it didn't give off a luster like Julie's did. She was also quite tall standing two or three inches taller then my five foot eight frame. She was wearing a tight fitting dress like Julie was wearing, but on her it looked trashy.

As we came close to the car Julie said in a low whisper, "I hope you don't mind but when my roommate found out we were going dancing she begged to come along. Since I knew it would be impossible for me to climb into my jeep with out exposing myself I decided it would be a good idea to let her drive. Or should I say her boyfriend."

I squeezed Julie's hand and whispered back, "I don't mind though I didn't know we were going dancing tonight."

Julie hugged my arm with hers before she said, "Oh did I forget to tell you?"

When we got into the car Julie introduced me to her roommate, Tessa and Tessa's boyfriend Steve. Steve worked as a construction worker and Tessa was a bartender in a club. Before Steve had a chance to get the car on the road, Julie put on a kerchief to protect her hair from getting wind blown.

As we exited the campus Julie slid over to me and rested her head on my shoulder and before I knew it she had managed to slide my arm around her so my hand rested on her delicate shoulder. Her hand went to my left thigh and rested there. It wasn't like she was trying to get me excited as her hand just rested there, but I didn't need much as I felt my cock start to rise once more. It took quite a bit of concentration on my part to ignore her hand and get my excitement under control. I didn't want to embarrass myself once we arrived at the restaurant.

Once we were at the restaurant Tessa and Steve got out of the car first. As I got out Julie removed her kerchief and fluffed out her hair before standing. She then took my hand as I helped her from the car. Julie then took my arm in hers and we walked into the restaurant on the heels of Steve and Tessa.

Mama Rosa once again hugged Julie to her before turning to me and giving me a hug as well. Julie and Mama talked at length in Spanish for a minute or two before she turned to me and said, "Welcome to Phoenix I'm glad you decided to live here. My poor Julie needs a man in her life to make her happy."

Julie was flabbergasted and said, "Mama he's not my man and you shouldn't butt in."

"Oh he may not be yet but I can see it in both your eyes that you like each other. Now come and sit and I'll get you some beer. And you Ted no getting drunk tonight. How can you make love to Julie if you can't see where you're

going." Julie was quite embarrassed with Mama and she turned a bright red. I just laughed it off but I would love to make it all true.

The restaurant was the same as it had been that last time I was there. Only this time I sampled the salsa and sipped my beer. I was quite careful to only drink a little so I would be able to taste the food I only barely remembered from the last time.

During the dinner I learned a lot about both Steve and Tessa. I also learned a lot about Julie. Julie was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Both her parents were Mexican, which was where she learned to speak Spanish fluently. After high school she came to live in Phoenix to go to college and to be with her grandmother until she died three years ago. She also wanted to learn as much about her heritage and this was a good place to do it. She hated the winters in Chicago and even though winter in Phoenix could be quite cold it was far better then Chicago. I was almost sorry that dinner was over as I had learned so much about Julie that I didn't want it to end.

After I paid for the meal for everyone even though Steve insisted on paying for himself and Tessa, we drove to one of the dance clubs that Julie and Tessa knew about. The dance club was crowded for a Tuesday night and there was only one table opened when we arrived. That table only had three chairs so Tessa had to sit on Steve's lap till we moved on to the dance floor.

As I looked around I saw that almost all of the girls were wearing short tight fitting dresses like Julie and Tessa were wearing. They also wore the spike high heels. Though some of the women were very attractive some of the others were quite plain and some were ugly to a point where they looked like men dressed in women's clothes. I didn't have much time to look over the crowd as Julie pulled me onto the dance floor and started to teach me how to dance.

At first we started out slowly as she tried to tell me what to do over the loud beat of the Latin music. It was quite difficult just keeping up with Julie as she twirled in my arms and rubbed her sensuous body on mine. My eyes were mesmerized by the way her hips moved as she dance at arms reach and then as she moved closer she rub her breasts on me in a way that made me think we were the only ones in the room.

We danced for two songs, but by the third I was starting to feel tightness in my chest that told me I was over doing it. Half way through the third song I started to feel a little dizzy and I knew I had to stop even though I didn't want to.

Julie also saw I was having a problem with out asking she pulled me back to our table so I could sit down. She got us cold drinks, water for me and a beer for herself before she sat down next to me and held my hand.

When my dizziness had passed and I was breathing normally she asked, "Are you okay. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No I'm fine now, I just needed to sit and relax for a few minutes. I guess I over did it. I'm sorry for spoiling your fun."

Julie laughed and said, "You didn't spoil my fun. I'm having a great time. I shouldn't have brought you here tonight, seeing how much running around we did today. But I'm not pleased that you lied to me." When my eyes told her I didn't know what she was talking about she said, "You told me you had two left feet and from what I just saw you were very graceful out there. I'm actually surprised you picked it up so quickly."

"You are a good teacher. It was very easy when you have someone as talented as you to lead," I told her.

Julie blushed at my praise and then she slid her chair over to me and rested her head on my shoulder while we watched the other dancers on the floor. After three more songs I felt myself once more so we went back onto the dance floor for two more songs.

We kept this up until the club closed at two in the morning. Tessa and Steve had been scarce through out the night and we only saw them once or twice on the dance floor before loosing track of them again. Not that either of us was looking for the other. As the club closed Julie told me that we can wait out by the car till Steve and Tessa showed up. She told that they always did it that way.

We walked out and the first thing I noticed was that the temperature had dropped at least ten degrees since we went into the club. Julie also noticed the change in temperature and it seemed to go right through her. I could see her actually shiver. With no coat to put on her I took her in my arms so we could share body heat.

As soon as I did this Julie looked up at me and with out even thinking about it my head moved down till my lips made contact on hers. We kissed for what seemed like forever till we heard Tessa ask if we were ready to go. With great reluctance I pulled my lips from Julie's as she said we were.

After Julie and I got into the car, Steve put the top up before driving me back to the campus. Julie stayed close to me through out the drive and I wanted to kiss her again, but I didn't want to pressure her seeing her roommate was in the front seat.

When we got back to the building where my apartment was I hoped that Julie would get out with me so we could kiss once more. Unfortunately she stayed in the car and only waved to me good night. I knew I screwed up kissing her and not waiting till we were alone and had more time together. But I couldn't help myself.

I felt rejected as I walked into my apartment as I tried to think how I could rectify the situation. I knew I could tell her that it was a mistake and I would never do it again but I also knew that whenever I had the chance I would try to kiss her again. Her lips were too sweet not to try again. Also it wasn't a mistake.

I had just gotten undressed and was headed for the shower when I saw that the answering machine's light was blinking telling me I had a message. After hitting the play button I found out the friend that was selling my condo had called. He showed the apartment to three people. One of the people wanted to buy the condo for my asking price if he could get the deal done in two weeks. He also told me to call him as soon as I got the message.

I looked at my watch and realized it was almost six in the morning back in New York and I almost decided not to call. But in the end I figured that with the commission he was making he wouldn't be too upset. I picked up the phone and called my friend.

At first he wasn't sure whom he was talking to and once he had it all figured out he said, "Well the guy's in a hurry to buy. I think if you wait a few weeks he may offer more or you can get more from someone else. What do you think?"

"No, go ahead and sell. I didn't think you would get the price we were asking to start with," I told him.

My friend chuckled and said, "I thought you would feel that way. I sent you some paper work overnight it should be there by ten your time. It's a power of attorney naming me as your agent so I can sign your name to the paper work. This way you won't have come back for the closing. Just sign it and have it notarized then send it back to me."

"Great I'll send it back as soon as I find a notary. I'll send it overnight too," I told him. He then told me he was going back to sleep and he would let me know if he had any problems.

When I hung up the phone I was feeling pretty good because everything was working out just right. Not only did I sell my condo, but also I was making a huge profit on it besides. I could now buy a house down here for less than three hundred grand and still not dip into my savings. I knew the housing market was a lot cheaper in Phoenix so I could get three times the house and pay a third of the price.

I stripped off my clothes, thinking to myself that this was the best move I could have made when the phone rang. At first I thought it was my friend again but when I answered it I realized it was Julie.

"I'm sorry if I woke you, but I didn't know when I should pick you up in the morning," she asked.

At first I though she was sad of maybe distant. Finally I said, "Are you sure you want to do that. I'm sorry I kissed you. I can't say it won't happen again but I'll try hard so it doesn't."

I heard Julie giggle before she said, "Don't try too hard. I wanted you to kiss me too, but I think we should take this slowly. I don't want to go through what happen with my last boyfriend again. It was pretty ugly and I can't do that again."

"Sure we can take it slow if you want as long as I get to see you again," I told her. When she asked what time she could pick me up I said, "I have to wait till I get some paper work that's been sent overnight. I then need to find a notary so I can send it back as quickly as possible. Do you know a notary close by?"

Julie giggled and said, "I'll be there at nine thirty. I'll bring breakfast and a notary. After that we'll go house hunting."

"Great I'll have the coffee on," I told her before she wished me pleasant dreams and a good night.

As I got into the shower I realized that the day had turned out perfectly and I even had Julie telling me she wanted to kiss me too. As I thought back on the day my mind settled on the dancing Julie and I had done. Before I realized it my cock was rock hard and demanding my attention. It wasn't long before my hand was stroking my cock to visions of Julie's lovely breasts as they peeked out through he sides of her dress. I could almost see what they looked like I could imagine how soft they would feel in my hand. It didn't take long for my cock to start throbbing and in seconds I was cuming into the shower drain.

After my shower I barely had the energy to remember to set the alarm clock before I fell deeply asleep. But my exhaustion didn't stop the dreams of Julie dancing in my mind. I remembered every tantalizing move her alluring body made.

I had hit the snooze bar several times, not because I couldn't wake up but because I didn't want to. I wanted to see Julie dancing once more in my mind. At nine I knew I had to get up and shower before Julie showed at nine thirty. This time I didn't bother to relieve the tension in my groin, as I knew I didn't have the time.

I just got out of the shower and partially dressed in shorts before I heard a knock on my door. I threw on a camp shirt and had the first three buttons buttoned before I open the door. Julie was there as I expected and next to her was the FedEx deliveryman. I signed for the envelope and asked Julie to come inside.

I open the envelope and quickly read over the first page before Julie said, "Excuse me did you forget something?"

I had no idea what she was referring to until she pursed her lips together. I then took her in my arms and kissed her sweet lips. The kiss lasted for a few minutes till we were both out of breath.

When our lips separated she said, "Now that was more like it. I just hope I don't have to remind you all the time."

"I'm sorry but you did say you wanted to take it slow," I told her.

"Slow yes but not at a dead crawl" she told me as she walked away from me to the dining area. Her pert little ass wiggled in her tight khaki shorts. I then realized that this was the first time I saw her in anything but a skirt. She was also wearing a tube top that left her flat tummy exposed for all to see. When she turned back to me I saw that her navel was pierced with a large ring that held what looked like a diamond pendent.

I couldn't take my eyes off her as she set the table for breakfast. Her cute little ass bulged out every time she bent over the table. Once it was set she smiled at me and said, "Come on love it's time to eat. You can stare more later." That smile told me she had done it all as a tease. Call me stupid but I enjoyed it immensely.

As we ate breakfast I read over the documents and when I was done I felt that they were just what I had been led to believe. I may trust my friends but I was careful giving power of attorney to anyone.

When I was done eating and so was Julie I asked, "How soon can we see the notary. I would like to get these off today if it's possible."

Julie took her purse off the chair next to her pulled out a notary stamp and said, "As soon as you sign them I notarize them for you." When she saw my shocked expression she giggled and said, "I'm also the school's notary. Wasn't that convenient?"

I signed where my friend had left taped arrows and then handed the paper over to Julie. After she affixed the notary's seal and signed it she looked at the papers and asked, "Can you tell what these are for."

"They're a power of attorney for my realtor so I don't have to go back for the closing. He has an offer on my house but the person that buying it wants the sale done with in two weeks," I told her.

"Well I would say they're pretty important papers then aren't they?" she asked and I nodded my head. Julie pulled out a Fed-Ex envelope from her purse and handed the papers and the envelope to me as she said, "I can only do this if it was important. I mean the school doesn't want teachers overnight love letters at school's expense. But if it's important then its okay with the school."

Once I had the paper in the envelope Julie asked, "Now I'm not trying to pry but I need to know what you're looking for in the way of housing so I know where we need to look. I mean I don't want to show you houses that are in the two to three hundred thousand dollar range when your looking to pay less then a hundred."

I thought about this for a second and said, "I don't want to pay more then two hundred and fifty thousand. Of course that all depends on the house and where it's located."

Julie though for a second 'til she said, "I know a few subdivisions that you might like. Some of the more exclusive subdivisions you have to go with a realtor to get into them. We don't have the time for that today so we'll check out the ones we can get into. Whenever you're ready to leave we can go. We'll drop that off at the pick-up box on our way out." She told as she pointed to the Fed-ex envelope.

We spent the next four hours going from subdivision to subdivision and from what I could see they all started to look the same. The houses even looked the same. There was no distinct personality to any of the houses we saw.

When we stopped for lunch Julie asked, "Did you see anything you would like?"

I laughed and said, "To tell you the truth I felt like we kept going through the same subdivision all day."

"I know what you mean they did all start to look the same. It's too bad they stopped making houses like they did years ago. At least then your house looked like it belonged in the desert not like it could have been any where else."

The guy sitting at a table next to us started to laugh before turning to us and said. "I'm sorry for eavesdropping on you but you two have said the same thing I've been saying for twenty years. People come to the desert and they want to live in the same style house they left. These houses are so generic I swear you can go to any city in the country and fine the exact same house. By the way my name is Michael Taddleman. I deal in real estate and I agree with both of you the housing market is too generic but that's what the general public wants. Now if what you're looking for is something different and you want something on an old pueblo style or hacienda style I may have just what you're looking for. The only thing is the house is very old and it's out in the boonies. In fact it's fifteen miles from the outskirts of Phoenix. It has its own well and septic system and it has electricity. It needs some renovations. But it is livable as it is."

At first I was irritated that he had interrupted us and eavesdropped on our conversation but the more he talked about the house the more I wanted to see it. "Is there any chance you might have a picture of this house," I asked.

"Actually I do only because it's a friend of mine that owns the house. I don't keep it as listing mostly because of where it is and it's not what most people are looking for," he told me as he dug through his brief case.

When he found the pictures he handed them to me as his cell phone started to ring. I took the pictures and look at them as Julie slide over to the seat next to me so she could look at them herself.

The picture showed a house that looked like it belonged in the desert. It had a Spanish tile roof. Thick masonry walls and what looked like a porch that wrapped around the entire house. I could only see the front of the house but from what I saw I liked it and I could tell from Julie's enthusiasm that she like it too.

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