tagSci-Fi & FantasyObsequious Ch. 3

Obsequious Ch. 3


In the first second of forever
I thought of the long past that had led to now
And never...Never...
- hawkwind -

I awoke in confusion. I Jeric who am immortal, never ending. I precursor of the white light, whose dawning opens more doors than seen even in the eyes and hearts of the charlatan sages and mystics that rob you mortals of a vision so vast.

So here I am trapped in a prison with the appearance of paradise for those of us with appetites jaded by an eternity of experience. She could kill me, of that I am certain; the razor whip wielded with love could end all that I've created myself to be. This frightens me, not because I fear my end; but because I want that end to be at the hands of my angel of lust, of desire.

As I lie here tied spread eagled on my back; chained by more than the mere physical, my demons rise to haunt me, to tease me with things that were once pleasurable. Always your face rises from the bloody mists that encircle my awareness, the same yet different as we travelled along the tide that is time; how often have I taken you? De-flowering you? Stripping away the layers in fits of passion bordering on the insane, each lifetime seeing you learn more about me, watching you remember more with each drop of blood I drain from your sweet throat.

As I lie here waiting for my Queen, I fancy that I can feel you lowering your self onto my rock hard cock, searing me with your warmth. You feel so good; I can see you silhouetted against the candlelight, your breasts pert, nipples hard. I wish with all my being that I could reach up and take them in my hands, but my chains are too much, frustrating me. Your rhythm is driving me wild, bringing me to the edge of cumming. Is this dreaming? I can feel you! Your teeth on my nipples, biting, the pain concentrating in my cock, is this it the final ritual, building on the wings of the small death, the orgasm. You feel so good grinding against me, I start to writhe with the build up of release.

"I see Jeric is ready for us!" Her voice and I am pulled back to the here and now. She's standing in front of me; one of her pets is on hands and knees, a leash around her neck. Even in the semi dark I can see the lash marks that decorate her body.

"How are you my dear?" She purrs "Are you ready for my pleasure" Tonight she is dressed in a black leather body harness her breasts pushed up and forwards. I hate it how she manages to turn me on despite myself; I can feel pre-cum leaking from the tip of my cock. With a laugh she leans over me and ties a thin strip of leather around the base of my cock and balls, pulling it tight I gasp.

"Are you ready Jeric?" she asks again, I nod.

With a tug she pulls her pet onto the bed with me, remnants of my dream still linger as the pets face is yours, or is it a spell crafted for her entertainment; cruel is this Queen of mine.

With a contemptuous wave of her hand she signals you to lie down atop of me, my cock caught between the tops of your thighs, teasingly held against your hot wet entrance, heat radiates from you in waves. I log to push inside of you and start fucking but the chains prevent me. This torture so sublime it hurts. You writhe and whimper as a whip cuts into the tender flesh of your back, my cock presses close to your hot vagina.

"Count the strokes little one" Your Goddess instructs, softly you count the strokes to ten, I can see tears of pleasure/pain in your eyes, your writhing driving me mad with desire, my bollocks aching with their trapped spunk. The whipping stops and you are pulled off me, grabbing your hair she forces your head into her crutch, being an obedient pet you know what she wants and you start to lick. I can see your long tongue working on her clit and hole, lapping at her heavenly juices. Before I realise it I let out a whimper, I need to taste you to stick my tongue up inside your cunt, to swallow your juices. In a blur my dark Queen slices furrows in my chest with her razor sharp nails. Moaning she starts to wank me off, I need to cum so badly it's unbearable.

Dark mistress pulls you away from her cunt and orders me to clean your face; softly I lick her juices from your delicate face, savouring the sweet taste. With you above me so soft and beatific I get an overwhelming urge to sink my teeth into your soft throat, straining against my chains I move forwards teeth bared ready, cock twitching and pulsing. Teasing me you move away from my teeth and position your pussy just out of reach of my teeth.

Her voice in my ear

"Make her arsehole wet for me my pretty" A flick of her tongue in my ear and I set to work on pets arsehole, my tongue delving deep, probing as far as I can get. Fucking your arsehole with my tongue, tensing I make it nearly as hard as my cock. Her, the dark ones hand grasps my cock as you writhe against my face moaning. A shift of weight on the bed and I impale my Queen to the hilt, my bollocks hurt with the need to come. After two stokes she climbs off me leaving me slick and wet with her juices, bitch I hate her/want her.

Leaning down by the side of the bed She grabs something, when she comes back into my line of sight I can see she's wearing a large strap on dildo.

"Have you made her nice and wet for me? Mr Jeric" Grabbing you she slides the dildo straight into your arse, I see you tense as the head penetrates you, stretching you wide open. From where I'm lying I get a perfect view as she rams it in and out of your arse, I start to lick furiously at your clitoris, I can feel your body getting tenser and tenser, a coiled spring awaiting release. She stops...

"Now pet untie our visitor" She hisses. You scramble to obey, your thighs streaked with juices and my spit shine in the light.

"Are you ready for your turn Jeric" I nod expecting something like this, she grabs me and flips me over onto my front. Hurriedly I am re-chained; I feel your breath hot against my arse as you start to get me wet. Our dark Queen stands in front of me obscenely wanking the dildo, a look of cruel amusement on her face.

With a final smile she moves out of my field of vision and I tense up waiting. I don't have to wait long with one vicious shove the dildo enters me splitting me in two as my cock spasms. I can feel you sucking on my cock, its too much, Demons claws rake my back and the heady stench of blood fills the room. Mercilessly she fucks me harder and harder as you suck my cock. In spite of the strap tightly wrapped around my cock and balls I start to come, violently I spasm, with a slap your head is pushed away from my jerking cock and my spunk lands in a sticky puddle on the sheets and not in your hot wet mouth.

Her laughter is loud as she continues to fuck my aching arsehole. She has no mercy.

I lie unchained, sore and used as you are led away on all fours, gag tight in your mouth, you look so inviting your pussy exposed, inflamed and wet, the red stripes from your whipping enhancing your figure. I long to escape this heavenly hell, my need to find you is growing as the wheel turns.

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