tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Fine Massage Ch. 9

One Fine Massage Ch. 9


I keep this thread here in "exhibition/voyeur" because this is where it started. But it has developed into much more, as time goes on, and our lives take a change.

Lee and I were driving back from the short Labor Day weekend at the coast. Until the last month or two, our lives were simple. I worked at my job at the Massage Therapy College, she is a simple housewife, we were both faithful. This weekend changed all that.

Lee lay back reclined slightly in her seat, the shoulder belt she was required to wear separating her naked breasts. Traffic was extremely light, as it usually is on a very early Labor Day morning. Lee had stripped to completely nude before we left, she stayed that way the entire trip.

We drove along in silence for some time. I reached over and brushed the side of her left breast, she smiled at me and broke the ice with, "That was fun last night. Tell me about Janet"..

I thought about the evening before, Janet and I had gone to her room at the motel, as Barry and Lee had gone to ours. The situation had arisen quickly, we had gone down there with the intent of seducing them, Barry had made advances quite quickly after Lee had pulled her knee up and opened her legs, giving him a clear look at her wonderful pussy!

It was a given from that moment on.

So: My Story.

I glanced at Lee, she at me as we both stepped up to the motel room doors with the other's mate. She gave me that little smile, I grinned, and Janet and I went inside.

Think of it, up to this moment, I hadn't said enough to Janet to fill a short sentence. Here I was alone with her, the obvious intent was sex, and to be blunt, I was nervous. I realized quickly that she was, also. I found some Pepsi, and poured us both a short glass, and came and sat with her at the tiny little table in the living room. Her first words were, "Do you want me to undress?"

I looked at her, and told her she could do what she liked, be comfortable, let's just chat and visit.

The truth is, after having been whacked off rather nicely, then screwed by Lee just an hour of so later, I was wondering if my 57 year-old dick had another shot left, nice looking 30-year-old lady be damned!

Janet seemed to relax, when she realized that I wasn't going to pressure her. "Barry likes to have me screw other men, then tell him about it," she said frankly. I explained to her that I was a massage therapist, and quite familiar with versions of that scenario, and it was fairly common. She picked up on my mention of being a massage therapist, and said that she and Barry came to this motel because of Tom and Kathy, that they gave dual massages for couples.

I mentioned that we knew, Lee and I had experienced their services just a few hours earlier.

"I have to have something to tell Barry", she said, and stood up and removed her halter top. I looked at her breasts, nice larger nipples, a hint of sagging, much heavier breasted than Lee. "Very nice", was all I said, as I took another sip of my Pepsi. Janet walked over to me, lifting both breasts with her hands, and leaned down and brushed her cheek and hair against mine. I touched her gently, exploring the unfamiliar flesh. She put her hands on my crotch, I wasn't erect, and I wasn't even feeling the beginnings.

"Take those off, I will help you" she said matter of factly.

This was feeling very strange to me, but I did as she requested. She fondled me briefly, then slipped her shorts down and stepped out of them. I looked at her full bush of black hair, so different again from Lee's trimmed light colored pubic hair. I then nuzzled her stomach, kissed her breasts, and picked her up and lay her on the bed. I might not be able to get another woodie, but I knew for sure I could give this lovely woman pleasure. I kissed ner, nuzzled her, using techniques I use in my massage practice, teasing, light them firm, variations all over her body.

She took my soft member in her mouth, and began to work me. I shifted around so I could reurn the favor, and we engaged in a classis 69 position, soon I was beginning to come erect again. She rubbed her fingers gently over the soft area between the base of my penis and my rectum, lightly teasing, and that did it, up I came!

We changed positions, and I slipped into her, it felt so different, but so good. She lifted her hips, legs spread wide, and mashed her pussy against me as hard as she could. I would stroke as deep as I could, and rotate and squirm against her soft flesh as she pressed up against me. It took me a very long time to cum, she climaxed several times, no faking, the flush on her chest and erect nipples made that clear. I gave her quite a story to tell Barry on their way home...

Lee's Story: After Barry and I went into the room, he grabbed me right off the bat. No talk, no nothing, just grabbed me. I didn't resist too much, until he pushed the top of my dress down and began to bite on my nipples. That hurt, I asked him to ease up, which he did. But he took off my dress, I was naked under it. Then he had his mouth on my pussy in seconds, licking like crazy, but he just did it and did it, on and on. It wasn't getting me there, so I tried to distract him by rubbing his crotch. He got up and took off his pants, and just presented his cock to me. I wasn't real excited at the prospect of him sticking it in my mouth yet, I was a long ways from turned on, in fact, I was thinking of taking a walk.

But I knew you and Janet were next door, so I felt a little obligated, although I am not sure why. I managed to get Barry about half hard, then as he stood there, I rubbed his dick until he spurted on me. That was about it, we cleaned up and dressed. I went outside, Barry came over and we chatted on the bench, until you and Janet came out about an hour of so later, laughing like schoolkids.

I do know one thing I need real badly, and I will use this way to ask. Ted! May I have Carey from your massage class come over again?

This is Ted again: I just read what Lee typed. *Hmmmm....*LOL* Sounds like fun to me!

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