tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Greek Experience

Our Greek Experience


It was on a vacation to Greece in 2005 that I and my girlfriend of the time became exhibitionists. Leaving England behind for a week in the Aegean can do that to a couple. It was our Greek experience. I'm only sorry we can't post videos on the Greek National Tourism website. If there were any videos, which I doubt, and which I regret. I will have to use words to show you instead.

We were at the far end of a long beach, a hotel beach, but one that ended in an area where bands of low rocks ran down to the water. The rocks, which were just a couple of feet high, created little private nooks for sunbathers. It was late afternoon. We were feeling free and took all our clothes off and lay on our blanket on the sand. It was our second day, and we had observed that on this end of the beach nudity was permitted, though most people were wearing suits, or at least parts of suits. There were a number of other people there when we arrived, but most gradually left, as the weather was clouding up.

Everyone had left but us and a woman in the next strip of beach on the other side of the low rocks to our right. She was only six feet away, but we couldn't see each other unless we made a point of propping ourselves on our elbows or craning our necks and looking over the rocks. A few raindrops began to fall, which were actually pleasant on our warm skin. My girlfriend (her name was Valerie) rolled over on top of me to shield me (she said) from the rain. I brushed away the raindrops that fell on her back. Or rather, I started stroking her back, from the shoulders to her bottom. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. In a few minutes I was inside of her.

We were aware of our unseen neighbor. I though she might be able to see Val's back and buttocks if she tried. Val was trying to keep a low profile, but I had the impulse to lift my pelvis to raise those buttocks, which I did. That meant that Val just pressed herself the harder on to me, out of modesty. I pushed back. I kissed her on the neck, the throat, the shoulders. She sighed and she began to move on top of me, slowly at first, with a steady rising and falling of her bum. I was quite sure that she could be seen on the up-stroke. The woman right next to us just stayed there. She must have heard our low sex sounds and seen what was going on beside her.

I gave Val a good hard slap, just to make sure our stranger noticed. Val clung to me but kept her pelvis moving. She was riding me, pressing me, and I was lifting her with my hips, just to give the woman a little show. Val couldn't hold back; she bore down on me and rode me like a jockey clinging tight to his mount. We came together. We muffled our sounds, but they were unmistakable. It had stopped sprinkling. Val slid off me and collapsed beside me. Five minutes later the woman left, without acknowledging us, but I thought her face and chest were flushed, as if she had brought herself to orgasm.

Two days later we swam to a little cove in another part of the island and made love against the rocks, but no one was watching (as far as we could tell). But we admitted to each other that we wished somebody was. Then we swam back to the town's main beach, a small public beach frequented not by tourists but by Greeks, it seemed. Val was topless, which is not unusual on Greek beaches, and Val has beautiful full, firm, round breasts. I'm sure people noticed when she stepped out of the water. No one else was topless on the beach, but toplessness doesn't seem to bother anybody in Greece (and the men no doubt appreciate it).

We went to the outdoor shower at the end of the beach to wash the salt off. It was a bit removed from everybody and on a raised wooden platform. We turned the shower on and a heavy stream of cold fresh water tumbled onto us. I let Val have the first turn. I could see the male heads stealing glances her way, and why not? She was a beautiful sight. The shower stream was bouncing off her rather white body making rainbows in the full sunlight. The cold water tightened the skin of her breasts, lifting them, and contracting Val's rather large areolae. Her nipples stiffened and turned a bright rosy red. I could feel myself getting turned on looking at her and looking at others looking at her, but I don't think the bulge in my swimsuit was detectable by the beach people. In any case, it was covered. I got under the shower as Val wrung out her hair.

That was when I noticed four workmen sitting and watching from the top of the rise behind our end of the beach. There were in the shade of a tree, just taking a break and watching. I don't think Val had even seen them. I told Val to get back under the shower and that I would soap her up this time. I went to get soap from our beach bag and looked up to see Val on her pedestal like a statue of Venus with the four workmen behind and above her, themselves as still as statues as they gazed at her.

When I returned I worked up a lather in my hands and began to slide the soap over Val's body, starting with her shoulders and back. I whispered to her about the men on the rise, and she glanced quickly at them. She seemed a little embarrassed at first to be watched so obviously, but I reminded her that in Greece men have worshipped goddesses for thousands of years. And I told her that she was turning me on and brushed her ass with my erection, for now I was as hard as a post.

I turned her so that she faced the four men and so that I would not have to face the beach people myself. She tipped her head back and up into the shower stream and raised her hands to get the hair out of her eyes, lifting her breasts still higher. Her eyes were shut. She held the pose. I was showing her off with her full cooperation. My heart was beating like crazy and I was weak in the knees.

Reaching around, I began to soap her breasts, still turned away from the beach but facing the men. I wanted to bend her over and strip off her suit and take her then and there, but I just soaped those beautiful tits hard, letting my fingers play with her nipples as I bumped slowly over them, and whispered in Val's ear what I wanted to do to her.

Then, standing behind her, turning her head half around, I kissed her on the lips. Her kiss was hot and slippery. The bar of soap squirted out of my hand. In full view of the watching men I slid my hand down the front of Val's suit until I felt the top of her slit, which was just as hot and slick as her lips. We were getting carried away, but I knew it couldn't happen there. I didn't want us to be arrested or pointed at. I backed off.

She washed the soap off, we turned the shower off, we toweled off as if nothing had happened and no one had noticed us. Val put her top back on and we walked long the beach to go to our car. Our heads were swimming and our loins were pounding. No one said anything to us as we passed by. We drove back to our hotel and made violent love. I channeled the desire of all the men who had watched her, and she responded as if being fucked by five men in succession, coming once for each of us.

We had become confirmed exhibitionists.

The following day we went to a beach that was mostly for nudists. We lay on the blanket side by side. Sometimes local boys or fishermen walked past in front of us, and I could see them turn their heads as they passed for a glimpse of Val's bush and what lay underneath. She didn't even bother to keep her legs together. Val has a prominent, fleshy mons with a nice tuft of curling hair, and I think she wanted them to admire it. I know I wanted them to. I would have been happy if one by one they had stopped and plowed into Val to their heart's content and then continued on down the beach.

After we had been lying there a while, and after a swim, I noticed a red jeep slowly driving along the sandy track beyond the edge of the sand. It pulled up at the back of the beach, which wasn't that wide (we were in the middle of it), and stopped. A man got out, a youngish athletic man, maybe 30. No doubt he had seen Val's breasts and wanted a closer look.

The man lay down a towel, stripped off his clothes, leaned back against the front tire of the jeep, and took out a magazine. He was maybe 15 feet (five meters) from us, pretty close, though he seemed to pay no attention to us. Val seemed a little disconcerted to have a voyeur (it was clear that's what he was) so near, but the man didn't look like trouble. She turned over towards me, but of course when you're naked, that doesn't do you much good. The man took advantage of the situation to ogle Val's ass. I could see that he was beginning to masturbate behind the magazine.

I kissed Val on the lips and stroked her on the far shoulder with my right hand (she was on the man's side, though facing away from him). Her kiss told me that she was turned on, despite her shyness. Then I reached behind her head with my left arm until I had her wrist in my grip. Then I pinned her wrist to the blanket and returned her to lying on her back, forcing her down. I kissed her wantonly, plunging my tongue inside her mouth, and she sucked on it. At one point she glanced over at the man, who quickly covered up his erection. But she had seen it.

Her lips were nice, but I wanted her nipples. And there was nothing to prevent my having them. Her right arm was caught between us, her left was held tight at the wrist against the beach blanket. I kissed an earlobe, I kissed her throat, I kissed her the top of her breastbone. I felt her pinned arm tighten as I slowly slid my tongue toward the nearest breast. I should mention too that there was a surf fisherman not so far off, though he was oblivious to us. And a couple was walking toward us at a distance. It was not a very private place. All the better.

I fastened onto Val's rosy, meaty nipple. I sucked it, I bit it, I swallowed it whole. The man dropped his magazine and riveted his eyes on Val's breasts and stroked his cock openly. Val tried to raise her hand, but I held her fast. She had to submit to both of us. I had to do something about my erection before the fisherman turned or the couple reached us, There was only one place to hide it. I threw one leg over Val, another under, like scissors, and in an instant I was snugly inside of her, buried to the hilt.

Val turned her head to the man and watched him masturbate. Even I watched him. I didn't dare move my pelvis, I just pulsed myself inside Val tantrically as she gripped me tight. I paused my sucking and the man held up his magazine as the couple passed. Then I started to move myself just enough to press against that Mount of Venus with short rhythmical strokes, giving Val a good solid bump at the end of each one. She relaxed and let herself be fucked right there on the beach.

I bit her shoulder, and with my free hand stroked her breasts and gently rubbed her clitoris. In time the moment came for both of us. Val stiffened, thrust her hips upwards, and shivered as the orgasm took hold of her. I felt myself gushing and pumping into her. Then the man brought himself to orgasm with a soft cry. I saw the sperm shoot out of him onto the sand. The fisherman never turned his head.

All good things must come to an end. But not without a finale.

Our ferry to the mainland was due to depart at midnight. We were at the quai at 11:30, in line with other cars on a broad concrete jetty. Midnight arrived, no ferry. I went and asked. An hour late. We had nothing to do but sit there in our rental car. We decided to sit in the back seat, with the front seats moved all the way forward and the seat backs tipped forward too. I said something about hotel rooms being sexy. Val said "and rental cars."

The people around us had left their cars to go smoke, all but the man right next to us. In other words, we had an audience. Or else someone who would have us arrested if we tried anything. We kissed and fondled in the back seat, like teenagers at the drive in. Val's top came off. That got the man's attention. He began to watch every move we made. He looked interested.

I took off my shirt. I unzipped Val's jeans. She unzipped mine, then kneeled on the back seat and went down on me, facing away from the man, who couldn't really see the details. Which is why he swung open his door and stood between the cars. Our back window was rolled down enough for him to have a clear view, without reflection from the glass, but not so far down that he could reach in. Val didn't know he had gotten out of the car; she was too busy with me. I wanted to show the man something. I started to tug Val's jeans off. It wasn't easy, but bit by bit I teased them down over her ass.

Her knickers travelled with them. The man whipped out his cock and started to stroke it. Then he reached into his car for a small flashlight. He shone a beam on Val's round rump as I revealed more and more of it, until I had dragged her pants and panties right down around her thighs. I envied the man the sight he must be having of her scut, the fleshy cleft with its tuft of pubic hair sticking out and curling up as if to beckon any male to mate.

I reached around and slowly slid a finger down the crack of Val's ass. One teasing swirl around her anus and then into the hot center of her body. Val responded by increasing the rhythm of her sucking and stroking of my cock. Finally she came up for air and was rather shocked to see the man outside our window. She buried her head on my shoulder. But I took her by the hair, drew her head back, and kissed her hard. "Take off your pants and straddle me. That's an order," I said. She said no, but I insisted. In one quick motion I lifted her bra and began to suck her mouth-filling nipples until they were swollen and rubbery between my lips. That changed Val's mind, as I knew it would. I love to see her lose control of herself when desire dissolves her inhibitions.

No one else was around, just us and the man. And then another driver came back to his car, on the other side. We froze and ducked down, but he had spotted us. He understood what was happening and froze outside his car to watch. The new man looked around to see if anyone was watching him. All clear. The man got in his car, then rolled gown the window on our side for a better view.

I told Val to grab the roof straps. She was in the zone now of not caring who was watching. I told her how sexy she looked and that I wanted to show her off to the whole world, beginning with the men to each side of us. I took off my pants and briefs, then Val impaled her beautiful body on my swollen cock. The man with the flashlight directed it right on the place where I was penetrating her. We both watched ourselves where that little spotlight struck: a rhythmical pole dance as Val slid up and down my slick shaft.

At first Val was a bit hunched over me, but after a while she straightened up and then bent back, hanging from the straps as if she were riding a swing. I stroked her swollen clitoris with my thumb. Val tipped her head back and moaned. The sight of her throat, her breasts, her smooth belly ending in those wet curls and that pink portal: that was heaven.

Val righted herself and began to ride. She took charge and used me the way a teenage girl uses the pommel of her saddle when she is out riding and no one is looking, rubbing up against it till she comes. Val and I came together, and I think we were a little loud. The men jacked themselves to climax, though we didn't watch. We heard the low grunts of orgasm, though. The standing man quickly slunk back into his car.

The ferry had been spotted. There was movement of people toward their cars. We threw on our clothes and got ready for the trip to the mainlaind.

We have since gotten into the dogging scene where we live. And we have been back to Greece, with a video camera. But still no posts to the GNTO website.

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