tagBDSMOut of the Frying Pan Ch. 03

Out of the Frying Pan Ch. 03


Holding my head up...watching him as he turns his back to me...the tingling seeming to fade away...not sure if I can even feel it anymore. Wriggling, trying to twist, pulling at my arms...if only could get even one free.

"AAAAHHHHH!" my ass is on fire...my body twitching, eyes flying wide....it seems to last forever...and when it is gone...my muscles lose all control...my bowels turning to liquid. Clenching ass cheeks, panting and gasping. A dribble of drool spilling over my lips.

He turns sneering. "Were you trying to free yourself?"

"No," it comes out a whisper.


I hear a scream in my ears...loud and keening...my head snaps back...omg...it is my own...shock registers in my brain...my clit is twitching, my vagina constricting so tightly on the invading metal rod that my body trembles. Drooling, feeling my bladder letting go, the hot urine conducting electrical shocks along my thighs....amping the sensations in my clit... Darkness once again.

Hearing my name, eyes fluttering open, a cold wet wave washes over me...reviving me...I see him standing in front of me, empty bucket in hand. Through gritted teeth he snarls, "Next time, I will turn the power on to full and watch your body twitch...keeping you awake with a constant stream of cold water..."

"The truth from now on....only the truth."

"Now we begin. I am setting the dial to two to run at five second intervals every five seconds....so five seconds of buzz...five seconds of rest...I will continue this until you have added your cum juices to the pool of piss on my floor. I would be careful to keep your ass tightly closed as you will be cleaning my floor with your tongue when we are done."

My heart pounds in my chest....tensing ...waiting for the first shock. A mild buzz on the bottom of my feet...tolerable...it moves to zap my nipples...looking down I am shocked to see them swelling...a warm wet feeling starting deep in my vagina. My clit bucking pleasantly as the current slips through it. Holding my breath to see where it moves to next. My bowels, impaled by the phallic rod tensing slightly, and then my cunt...feeling it filling with juices...oh dear....wet and electric...it dances along the fluid as it seeps out of me...and stops.

Gasping...drawing in great gulps of air...I look at my tormentor. He turns...now answer me this, "Are you enjoying the tingling sensations?"

Unable to find my voice, I shake my head in denial.

"You will answer me truthfully!" His hand moves to the remote at the same instant that his finger presses down my nipples and clit start dancing. Pain registering a moment later in my brain. I dance from toe to toe, the metal phallus grinding deep in my quivering pussy. Falling forward limply as the electric current stops, drool falling to the floor.

A voice in my ear, "Again, were you enjoying the buzzing before I turned it to six?" his hand digging into my cunt along the metal rod...feeling the wetness of me...the fluids of my wanton body betraying me.

"Yes." I whisper.

"Much better...that's a good girl." He softly caresses my cheek, places his lips on mine...as the current flows...three...it tingles all along...his kiss stealing the soft moans as my body adjusts to and enjoys this new sensation. His tongue invading my mouth...a brief pause and the flow is back...stronger but still pleasant...cunt flowing thick juices, I can feel them coursing over my thighs, conducting the current along the surface of my skin.

He pulls back, and watches me, my eyes smouldering, half lidded, moaning as my body embraces the current. Nipples swollen, clit erect, ass hole convulsing on the tingling metal dildo.

"Four now...ready? Not that it matters."

At four my insides turn to molten lava...screaming, my cunt lets loose a stream of thick white cum, it expels forcefully, as the power increases I am lost as wave after wave of pleasure pours over me. Wailing long after the shock waves stop, I fall forward, straining the bars and chains holding me upright.

I hear a chuckle, looking up and over I see him placing the remote on the desk. "The unit is randomly set to go off from 4 to 9. Enjoy, I know I will enjoy your screams!"

The seconds ticking by, his footsteps receding, only the sound of my own ragged breathing in my ears. Panic welling up in my throat, making it harder to breath as I count the seconds off...waiting for the first jolt..torturous minutes passing. My body still trembling from the pain induced orgasm, cold phallic rods driving deeply into my swollen insides.

Finally allowing myself to look up, glancing around the room. I am starting to breathe a little easier, standing on tiptoe to lessen the pressure of the metal rod in my pussy. I think I feel a jolt on the bottoms of my feet...counting to five...and then nothing...one, two, three, four, five.

A hot poker impaling my ass, it drives me forward, arms ripping at the restraining chains, too shocked to scream...counting , 4 and 5. The sheer bliss of the 5 seconds of downtime is overwhelming...my life has become just this...5 seconds counter balanced by five seconds of unease wondering where and how bad it will strike next.

As my brain registers the number 5...my throat closes shut, no breath even possible, my eyes rolling back in their sockets....my clit feeling torn right off my body...not sure I can survive this torment. The pain so intense, feeling tears pouring over my cheeks. Oh no....the five seconds...it hasn't stopped, my clit dancing on the end of the current, as it is joined by a strong rippling in my nipples....nerve endings protesting as each of my body's clamped and probed parts light up. My horrible body taking a perverse pleasure as the electric current jangles along...waking each part in turn....never stopping....just slowly increasing.

My screams echoing on the walls....bouncing back and assaulting my ears twofold. Screaming, my arms fully extended as I drop onto the rods inserted deeper still inside me...they flow with a life of their own. The electricity engulfing me...making me scream louder, longer, harder...as I quiver into another orgasm...juices hot and thick continue to drip onto the floor. Unable to stop the reaction of my wanton and lustful body...I cum and spew, screaming and drooling...until I can no longer see or hear...attuned only to the dancing of electric shocks taking control. Trembling, biting my bottom lip....howling like a wounded animal.

At last opening my eyes...and staring directly into the dark eyes of this man...who is using me in ways I had never before even imagined.

Taking a tentative breath. Even my lungs feel like they've been scorched. I feel gentle hands lifting my face, fingers curled and cupping my cheeks, while thumbs wipe the tear tracks, a touch so soft it makes my heart skip a beat. Just maybe, a glimmer of hope, that this is over. His lips fall on mine, tender and soothing, licking my bruised and bitten lower lip, a shiver of desire runs along my spine. Shaking my head, totally in shock at this unexpected feeling, I pull away.

Strong hands pull my face back to his. He still tenderly explores the warm wet inside of my mouth, probing, teasing. Finally he breaks the kiss as I lean into him unwilling to stop. Afraid that once he stops kissing me, he will be the brute again.

Fingers at my breasts, removing wires, between my legs, watching as the wires are placed on the desk. As the last wire is removed...the phallus in my cunt is taken out, muscles protesting as it slips slowly out of me. Needles pulled quickly from my nipples....screaming...sounding more like a moan...omg..what is wrong with me?

My sphincter tightening in preparation for what is to come. I brace, holding my breath...but it is not removed.

My hands are released and I stumble forward, barely catching my balance. "Down on your hands and knees now, and clean that pool of liquid with your tongue...and do it quickly!" a voice commands from behind me. Stiff limbed I drop to the floor, hesitating as I see the mess...cum mixed with sweat and urine, my nose wrinkling at the smell.

"NOW!" he yells as he pushes me forward by the dildo attached to the rod in my ass. Crawling, I lower my face to the floor, tongue darting out, lapping at the cold fluids, gagging as I force myself to swallow. Every gagging reflex causing my ass muscles to bite into the bit of metal inserted deeply into me. As I finally manage to gag down the last ...he pushes on the rod...propelling me forward, naked on hands and knees...he steers me out of the room.

I see a long dark hallway with a light at the end...assuming that this is my destination...I crawl, fast to try to get away from the pressure in my bowels. He keeps pace with me...laughing at my feeble attempt at relief.

As I near the doorway he let's go of the pole...it weighs heavy in my ass as it drags behind me. He enters the room ahead of me...pointing to the bed...he commands me to crawl up and lay on my belly. Quickly obeying, my tortured limbs seeking the soft surface...

Climbing quickly onto the soft surface...like heaven as my battered knees sink into the soft surface...I lay flat out on my belly....letting my head fall to the pillow...inhaling the sweet smell of sheets blown dry by the outside air. My eyes close as I imagine a better place...deep even breaths as I calm, muscles relaxing, even my ass feeling less abused, still impaled as it is by the cold metal rod.

I can hear him moving...but utter no sound as he is not touching me...the pain of my zapped body ebbing away...so tired. Letting my mind drift, sleep overcomes my tortured limbs.

My eyes flying open... not sure what has awakened me. Taking stock...I am still lying in the bed, my head lays heavily on the pillow, no hands touching me. Suddenly the realization that my ass is on fire...real fire...omg...lifting my upper body, I turn my head to look over my shoulder. There he is, something held in his hands pointed at my fiery hole. He is using a soldering iron to heat the metal rod, attached to the metal phallus, and I am being heated internally. As it reaches my brain, so does the pain...grabbing the headboard I pull myself away from it, only to have it pushed even deeper...held in place by his hand.

Sobbing I beg him to stop, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are hurting me....I cant take anymore...STOP! Strong hands grab my shoulders, and squeeze cruelly, bruising my delicate skin, digging into tortured muscles, they roll under the assault giving new sensations to my baffled brain. So much pressure on my shoulders, in my bowels.......then a quick release. A shock as a bucket of cold water is thrown over my ass....and I hear the maniacal laugh of my persecutor...or is it my own...have I gone mad?

Screams assault my ears.....my ass still heated internally but the cruel metal rod is removed....quickly replaced with something....once again glancing back I see a long tube attached to a bag. Shivering as the icy cold liquid cools my insides...at first feeling so welcome, then feeling the pressure building...unbelieving of the size of the bag and how much liquid my ass is accepting. My belly swells and cramps, rebelling at the vast volume of fluids that have been injected through my ass, my bowels stretched...they convulse, trying to expel their contents. Just as I feel that I will be able to push it out...the tube snakes out to be instantly replaced by an enormous plug, sealing my entrance...not allowing anything at all to pass. Screaming in frustration, aching, the cramps making me curl into a ball....sobbing, I rock back and forth on the bed, praying for unconsciousness.

After what seems like hours, but is in fact only minutes, the bed sags and I open my eyes to see the dark orbs of my assailant staring at me. His lips curved into a smile, but not a smile on that evil face. Shuddering, my teeth chattering as much from fear as from the cold liquid that sloshes within me. He brings his lips softly to mine, his hand strokes my hair, his body curling next to me. He utters soft soothing sounds, disarming me...letting me have hope once again.

Soothing sounds as I am guided to the bathroom, the plug teased slowly from my ass, and pushed quickly onto the toilet. I wait...tensed to see if he will leave and then...too late my bowels explode....the massive amounts of liquid emptying into the toilet. Gasping as the cramps make me curl over my body. My stomach rebelling and I feel the urge to vomit. Grimacing as I swallow back the urge, the relief as the cramps lessen, my bowels turning itself inside out in its haste to empty.

Finally feeling strong enough to hold myself upright, I look to find him watching me intently. Not yet realizing that I am staring back at him, the smile grisly on the face of this monster.

Finally noticing me, he motions me to stand up. I frantically look for something to wipe myself with and am startled to action by his loud voice commanding, "NOW!"

He grabs my elbow and steers me to the shower where he turns the water on and adjusts the spray. Pushing me, I stumble into the stall where the warm water pours over me. Inhaling deeply, I let the water wash away the sweat and other bodily secretions. A bar of soap is pressed into my hand and I lather all over. My aching body quivering with the mere touch of soap. Rinsing off in the stream of water, I see shampoo and ask permission to use it.

He nods and I pour a generous amount into my hand and take my time lathering, and massaging my scalp. Turning to let the water rinse all traces of soap. He watches me and as the last bits of suds rinse down the drain he turns the water off and holds a towel for me. He wraps me up and takes my hand leading me back to the bedroom where he indicates a box on the floor. Those are for you, dress quickly, I will be back in 5 minutes. My fingers fly to open the box. I do not want to incur any more of his wrath so I dress quickly. Pulling on the panties, purest of white and then the stockings, black of course. The short thin skirt and lastly the blouse, palest of pink and sheerest of sheer. As I fasten the last button he arrives in the doorway.

"You must be hungry , follow me."

I walk behind him until we reach the kitchen. He indicates a chair and when I am comfortably seated he pulls my hands behind my back and secures them to the chair. "Now, let's have a bite to eat and talk. There are things I need to know about you."

...To be continued...

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