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Her car had broken down at the worst possible time. After dark in a bad neighborhood. She started looking for a pay phone. Her cell phone was out of range. She mostly ignored the rude comments and invitations. She finally found an open bar with a working pay phone to call for a tow. And a cab.

When she turned back from the phone, they were all around her. Mostly drunk and all mean. She kept her back to the wall.

"We ain't had a piece of white ass since that do-good social worker came around," said one, looking her up and down. "Whatcha think boys? Think this one'll last longer?" Whistles and crude comments from the others.

She was more angry than afraid and it showed. She gestured to a dimly seen figure at the other end of the bar. "I'd rather go with him than let you lot near me," she said coldly.

"Hey Panther!" called one derisively, "she wants you!"

The man called Panther stood up. Easily seven feet tall and well muscled. He moved through the crowd of drunks, softly, with silent, deadly grace. She found herself looking up into cold black eyes. His skin was truly black and he was very handsome. She did not flinch when he caressed her cheek, watching the contrast of his black fingers against her white skin.

"I will call you Snow," he said softly. His voice was deep, softly growling. Then he smiled at her and she was lost. She dimly heard the others complaining as he put his arm around her shoulders and led her to a table in the corner. A large brandy was automatically set before him. He looked at her, a question.

She shook her head. "Coffee or tea," she said quietly. He gestured and she was given coffee. She stayed beside him, remaining silent when the cabbie she had called came looking for his fare. Panther's black eyes gleamed with satisfaction.

Closing time. Soon they were the only ones left. He drew her to her feet. His black eyes held hers. "Leave your clothes here, Snow," he said, "you will not need them."

She found her self slowly removing her clothes, folding and laying them on the table, placing her shoes and purse beside them. A sudden stab of doubt went through her. Why was she giving him such total control? She trembled suddenly, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She felt her nipples harden as she gave herself into his hands. Dimly, she wondered at herself. She was naked, walking calmly with him to his car, passing the last of the bar's patrons. And not caring. He put her into the back seat and got in with her. Panther's driver immediately drove off.

Panther pulled her into his lap and began caressing her body. She lay against him, quivering as his large hands cupped her breasts, gently squeezing them. He put his head to her breasts and began sucking on her nipples, pulling them through his teeth. She arched to his lips, moaning softly, her hands caressing his head. He spent the entire trip teasing and stimulating her breasts. When the car stopped, he carried her into his house. He had a special room for her. Large. Comfortable. And soundproofed.

He laid her on the huge bed. She watched him strip. A low moan as she finally saw him naked. He had the sleek body of his namesake and a long, thick penis cushioned on large, firm testicles. She hesitantly touched his penis. Hot and smooth. Then she kissed the very tip, her tongue teasing. He began to swell in her hands. She licked and kissed his growing length, occasionally sucking on the large testicles.

He eased her away from him, pleased at her soft sound of protest. Then he tied her to the bed. Black eyes gleaming, he moved over her. He began pushing into her with slow persistence. Her moans changed to whimpers of pain as the pain of his slow penetration began. The huge glans was as big as a clenched fist and it was stretching her impossibly wide. She was writhing, shuddering in pain.

"Nnnnooo, please, Panther," she groaned, "I…can't…please…you're too big!" She jerked and gasped as the hard, burning knob of flesh entered her. She looked up into eyes that held only lust.

"Scream for me, Snow," he growled. Then he plunged deep into her. She thrashed and screamed as he thrust again and again until he was completely in her. Her sobbing, pain-filled pleas only fueled his lust. Her screams kept him plunging hard and deep into her. And they both knew she was completely his when her orgasm burst and she caressed his huge, hard shaft with intense spasms that went on and on. He kept moving in her convulsing body, pulsing his fiery ejaculate deep into her until her screams were hoarse and her orgasm constant. Her focus narrowed to the sweet pain of his monstrous penis tearing deep into her over and over. He sated himself in her for hours until she could only convulse in orgasm. When he finally eased from her throbbing body, she could only whimper and twitch.

He lounged beside her, caressing her trembling body, as he waited for her reason to return. "Am I too big for you, Snow?" he growled softly.

She shuddered. "Yes, Panther," she moaned, "you are."

"Shall I take you back to the bar and give you to the others? They are smaller."

"Nnnnooo, please, Panther! I…want only you…I want you to…make me accept all of you…please!"

"Again, Snow? Now?"

She shuddered again and could only nod. With a low growl, he mounted her and plunged completely into her, forcing her to accept his entire, monstrous penis in a single, savage thrust. Her wailing shriek of pain and pleasure echoed in the room. He took her hard and long as she writhed and screamed and convulsed in constant orgasm until was completely sated and she was nearly unconscious from the constant orgasm. She was asleep as he slowly withdrew from her.

She awoke alone, her body aching and sore from his massive penis. When she came out of the shower, he was waiting for her. Her breath caught. He was elegant in an expensive black tuxedo.

"Close your eyes, Snow," he said softly. She did, and felt him touching her softly, dressing her. "Now, you may look."

The woman in the mirror was a stranger. The dress was soft and flowing, glittering like new fallen snow. It plunged to her navel in front and to her tailbone in back. The sides were slit almost to the hip. And it was almost sheer. She wore no underwear and her nipples were very visible. Then he put the diamonds on her.

"Panther," she whispered, eyes wide.

His smile was predatory. "We are going out tonight," he said. He tossed a white fur stole over her shoulders. He took her to dinner at an exclusive restaurant, and then out to the clubs. She knew they were creating quite a stir, and she found herself enjoying it. She was Snow. Cold to everyone except him. The huge predator, Panther. He was very pleased.

They ended up at the bar where he found her. This time there were no whispers or crude remarks. She was now Panther's woman and off limits. They sat at the table in the back. Her old clothes were still on the table.

"Snow," he said softly, "I will give you a choice." He touched the folded clothes. "Do you want these clothes again?" She looked up into his burning black eyes. She could leave him if she wished. He was offering her a chance to go back to her old life.

She touched the folded bundle, looking down at the clothes, then up into his eyes. She smiled up at him. "I chose, Panther," she whispered. "I have no need for these things anymore."

"I will not offer again," he warned, a hint of a growl in his voice.

"I know," she replied, softly, "let's go home."

He took her back to her room and slowly removed the dress and the jewels. His clothing followed and they were both soon naked. He was already aroused, his penis huge and hard. She trembled slightly. He was going to hurt and she wanted him.

She caressed the hot monstrous erection. "You are too big for me, Panther," she whispered, a small smile on her lips. Then she looked up into his burning black eyes. "Make me scream? Please?"

Growling softly, he pushed her to her hands and knees. Then he mounted her, thrusting hard and deep from behind. She arched back, shrieking in pain, as he forced the entire massive length of his penis completely into her. He reached around and gripped her breasts, her nipples between his fingers as he squeezed and pulled at them while he thrust hard and deep into her. She writhed, screaming as he rode her hard, taking her to constant, intense orgasm, pulsing his fiery ejaculate deep into her again and again.

He stood up, holding her tight against his chest, still hard and deep in her. She was quivering, his hard body against her back, his hands tight on her breasts and his huge penis impaling her.

She caressed his hands, rewarded by his squeezing her breasts tighter as she moaned in pleasure. Then she reached between her legs to caress his large, firm testicles. She could feel the hard root of his penis where he impaled her growing hotter and thicker. She moaned softly again. "Mmmmmmmm, Panther!"

His reply was to bend her over the bed and begin thrusting into her again until her screams were hoarse and her orgasm constant. Through the rest of the night and until late in the morning, until she was limp, quivering, her body throbbing in constant orgasm. He slowly withdrew from her as she sighed into sleep.

When she awoke, she was tied to the bed. Panther was kneeling between her legs, hugely erect. He held a small vial of liquid in his hand.

"If you survive this, Snow," he growled, "you will be mine forever." Then he swallowed the liquid. His back arched and his penis surged to an impossible size. When he looked at her again, his black eyes held burning ruby highlights.

She trembled in anticipation of the intense pain to come. He was not slow or gentle. He plunged into her, tearing, excruciating, completely. She went rigid as the pain ripped through her. Her shriek of agony tore at her throat. And he kept thrusting hard and fast, forcing the entire, impossible length completely into her with each savage stroke. Her screams became hoarse and finally deteriorated to whimpers as she thrashed and convulsed in constant exquisite orgasm. Whatever he had taken had increased his stamina as well as his size. He thrust into her hour after hour until she could only convulse in constant orgasm around his tireless penis.

She never knew how long he used her. When he finally finished, she could only sigh and sleep. And when she finally woke up, his huge, hard penis would be waiting to plunge into her again and again…forever.

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