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Party Favor


Lilli had been drinking more than normal, celebrating a great week. She looked forward to a weekend filled with finding a new friend, one who could fill her mind with fantasies and experiences, if only for a night. She had been talking with Nicole, a woman who caught her eye as she stepped into the club. The pounding beat of the music seemed to time the laughter that Nicole drew out of her as they swapped life tales, lies, drinking stories. Lilli had not been with a woman but had fantasies about what it would be like. As the alcohol drew her in, she could feel the heat of Nicole's breath as they were pushed together by the crowd, her own nipples now stiff, brushing against the dark velvet of Nicole's blouse. She shivered inside, wondering what this woman's neck tasted like, what her skin would respond too. Nicole laughed and danced with Lilli, drinks spilling as the ground together on the dance floor.

Lilli's breath caught short as Nicole reached for her, grabbing her hair at the nape, pulled her mouth to hers. The crush of soft lips and the swell of Nicole's tongue squirming in elicited a deep moan, Lilli's sex now wet as this stranger lewdly kissed her in the swirling crowd, her mind reeling as she could feel the eyes on her, watching as Nicole's hand slipped under her skirt, the hand squeezing her ass brazenly. Nicole pulled back, hand still wound in Lilli's hair, her eyes locked on, unwavering.

"I know you Lilli, I've known your type for sooooo long sweetie. I promise you you won't be hurt.... much. Trust me, and you'll never regret it." with that Nicole thrust her tongue back into Lilli's mouth, filling her as she crushed them together in a harsh embrace.

Lilli was unable to move, her mind running at a frantic pace, trying to absorb what was happening. Nicole giggled and held a card out to her. Lilli took the card without looking as Nicole slipped off the floor, her eyes cast back as she blew a kiss to the stunned woman. Lilli looked at the card, elegant and embossed, edged in gold leaf. On one side was a phone number. The flip side only said one word 'PET'. Still slightly stunned and unsure she went to pay phone, fingers fumbling as she dropped coins in.

The voice on the other side answered after two rings, a deep voice that simply said "Guest or Pet?"

"I, uh...um pet?" she finally managed to squeak out.

"Wonderful, where are you now, we'll have a car pick you up."

"I'm at...Club Caesars on...," she stammered.

"Yes we know, Old Kent Rd, perfect. Stand in front, when you see the car with a red flag tied to the antennae, show the driver your card, he'll do the rest. Take a deep breath pet, your world is changing," he said cryptically.

Lilli drained her glass, the hot feeling in her stomach fighting the butterflies of excitement. She knew nothing about Nicole, this card, who she was going to. But she knew that she wanted this, the feeling that she had experienced when Nicole held her tight, using her mouth to push her tongue in rather than to kiss her properly had thrilled her, her thighs wet with wanting to fall to her knees and do what she was told. Lilli loved to surrender her control to others, her fantasy to be used for the pleasure of others, drawing her own form service, use, humiliation. She knew inside what she was getting into, but the anticipation of what might actually be happening swelled her labia, the itch starting again.

The night air was crisp as she waited, looking for the car. Finally a dark sedan pulled up, the driver's window coming down. She saw the small flag, red with a golden unicorn in the center. Lilli extended the card for him. He never looked at her face, studying the card quickly, the locks on the rear door opening with a click. Saying nothing he waited for Lilli to enter, the door locking again as she settled in. The ride was quiet, no talk forthcoming from her driver. He acted as if she were not even there. The music wafting back was light, her mind clearing as she felt the knots building in her mind, wondering if she could do this, the craving deep in her cunt telling her yes, she must.

The house was large, its location unknown to her. The windows had been tinted so dark she no longer had any idea where she was, how long she had even driven to get there. She again approached the door with her card out, the large man again never looking at her. Looking at the word 'pet', he placed his phone to his ear, whispered something that Lilli could not make out. He opened the door for her. Lilli stepped into a large entry hall, the only lights barely illuminating the dark wood on the wall, the frames holding long dead relatives she assumed. Nicole stepped out of shadows a wry smile on her lips.

"I'm glad you were brave Lilli, so happy.... Come I'll prepare you." Nicole's hand was extended; Lilli took it, shaking as she did.

Nicole said nothing as she led Lilli to a bathroom, its size larger than the entire flat Lilli lived in. Nicole reached out and undressed Lilli, the clothes slipping off, puddling at her feet. The bath water was warm as Nicole had Lilli stand, her hands swift as she scrubbed Lilli, her fingers dancing on her, probing inside her opening cunt so briefly, just a tease as Lilli was bathed, then dried. Now naked as ready, Nicole drew Lilli's head back, slipping a large leather collar around her throat. Collar may not be enough to describe it, large enough that Lilli felt that her head was pushed up, the leather so wide, rings adorning it in a circle. Nicole held the leash out where Lilli could see it clearly then snapped it in place. She tugged once, pulling Lilli with her.

Lilli was ushered into a large hall, men and women mixing around each other, all naked. Lilli saw other women a few men, collared the same as her. One small blonde woman was on her knees near Lilli as she entered her head back, mouth open. Men stood around her idly stroking their cocks, talking amongst themselves as if this girl was a potted plant, a thing. Each man fisted himself faster, grunting as his semen rained down, filling her mouth, the girl not swallowing. The hot spunk stayed in her mouth, her tongue coated white waiting for the command to swallow. Lilli's own cunt was dripping, her mouth open without thought as she watched this, wanting to be that girl. Nicole watched her for a reaction, again smiling. She dipped her finger in the sticky pool there, drew her sperm slathered finger out and offered it to Lilli. She opened her mouth quickly, sucking the strangers cum off, savoring that hot, salty tang. Nicole laughed pulling Lilli in farther, the girl still on her knees, throat muscled now working as she drank her prize.

Lilli was pushed down on a large ottoman, on her hands and knees. Men immediately stepped op to her, fighting to fill her mouth first. The jostled good naturedly, pistoning their shafts in and out, taking turns in her. Lilli felt her chin wetting as her drool coated her face; the rhythm of pricks going in and out pooling her spit. Two men then pushed in at the same time, Lilli's mouth stretching wide. She jumped so slightly a she now felt a tongue worming its way into her anus. Her head was held still, she had no way of knowing who was doing this to her. She felt nails on the back of her thighs from the tongues owner, Lilli knew that a woman was rimming her, stabbing her tongue in and out, fucking her asshole. The nails drew up, prodding into her wetness, her labia swollen and red. Lilli felt her cunt swallow the fingers greedily, opening up. A fourth finger added, she came shamelessly, sperm shooting into her mouth as she did. Lilli drank quickly, the softening cock replaced by another without pause.

As she heaved in orgasm, her hole was opened farther, the woman now fisting her cunt, the ache in Lilli acute now, cumming in waves as her ass was slapped, a crowd gathered around as strangers watched her suck, her cunt filled with a woman's fist. The commented on her, loudly saying 'good cunt, look at her.... she loves this the slut.... fucking pig, that's what she is a fucking pig whore...' The words caused Lilli's eyes to squeeze shut, cumming again just from listening to the people talk about her like this, casually, kindly, but true. Her cunt suddenly empty as the fist was pulled out, Lilli was flipped over on her back. Her head now pulled up as women pushed the men away, squatting over Lilli's mouth, grinding their own slippery pussy's on Lilli's mouth, shivering as they dripped honey into her sucking mouth, her tongue frantically swiping at the lips, the clitoris above her. The taste was similar to her own, but each different as men' semen was all different but the same.

After 6 or 7 women, Lilli not able to tell one woman gripped her ears, her cunt just over her mouth. "OPEN BITCH" she growled at Lilli, pissing hot urine into Lilli's mouth, the liquid filling her, running over her cheeks. Lilli coughed, sputtering from the unexpected assault, the women's laughing stinging as she was used as a toilet. Again and again the women stepped up, covering her in yellow liquid. Her tits were pulled, the nipples stretched out, clamps placed on them as she was turned and slapped, their spit now mingling with the semen and piss on her body. Lilli was now a sloppy mess, her body no longer able to tell one orgasm from the next. Men laid down pulling her onto their shafts; their friends holding her ass open, pushing in to fill her holes. Sometimes she sucked one in her mouth as well, other times women kneeled next to her, holding her hair. They pushed her head back and forth, not allowing her to suck the men; instead they used Lilli's mouth to fuck the men's cocks like another cunt. They hissed in her ear as they did this, chanting almost that she was a filthy whore for them, that they would keep her here, never letting her go, using her as they wished. They called her every name their perverted minds could imagine, whispering that her holes were filling with spunk, that the other pets here were going to piss on her, fist her ass, her cunt. Lilli simply trembled, cumming with each new invective, each insult.

Lilli was now made to kneel again, ass high in the air. Man after man fucked her ass, her hole sore from the friction but the semen spilling out as they pushed in lubricating her as the fucking kept up. She could feel some men peeing deep in her, the scalding feeling of hot piss a new thrill, degradation. It had been going on for hours, her hair now caked back, semen, sweat, spit, piss all intermingled. Her tits were raw from the slaps she had endured, the clamps placed and removed randomly. She once again licked at a women spread before her, finally noticing that the owner was Nicole, her eyes again locked on her as she held Lilli down, pushing her cunt up, willing Lilli's to make her cum again. Lilli's heard a deep keening moan, a scream almost. She suddenly realized the sound was coming from her own body...she burst finally, collapsing as sperm again filled her bowels, spent and unable to move.

She awoke in her own bed, the raw marks on her body and unimaginable taste in her mouth testament that she had not dreamed the night before, her cleaned body notwithstanding. She was still naked, her clothes neatly folded on her chair. She had no idea how she had gotten back, who had brought her.

A packet was next to the clothes. Lilli opened it, videotape falling to her bed, a set of sharp, color photos with it. Lilli studied each picture, each one with her filled with a penis, maybe two or three. Lilli's slipped the tape in, watched herself opening as fists went into her, as she licked women whose name she never knew. She saw her mouth open and smile as semen and piss filled it, her pretty face reveling in being used. Without touching herself, by memory alone she came again. The final item was a new card, the same as the one before. "PET" on one side, a phone number on the flip. A handwritten note was attached by paper clip that said simply till next time, kiss, Nicole. A kiss was pressed in with lipstick. Lilli wondered if she should call now, or wait till tonight. Either way she had to have it again, and again and again....

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