tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 11

Pastor Sarah Ch. 11

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Pastor Sarah was very impressed the minute she spotted Angie. Angie was Latin American and had dressed in casual clothes for traveling. Jeans that were molded to her body and a jersey top that showed off her breast very well.

Greg started unloading Pastor Sarah’s car and moving some things to his car and taking the other items inside the parsonage. Samantha and Sarah walked over to greet Angie. Angie, I would like you to meet Pastor Sarah, Sarah this is my friend and colleague Angie. Angie and Sarah shook hands but Angie and Samantha greeted each other with a kiss as their lips came together.

“Samantha says you have a question for me?” Angie said, directing her question to Sarah.

Before Sarah could speak, Samantha said, “Sarah was wondering if you would rather share her bed than be alone in the guest room.”

Grinning, as she looked Sarah over from head to toe, she said, “You didn’t tell me this assignment came with fringe benefits.”

Sarah said, “Can I assume you accept the lodging arrangements?”

“With great anticipation!” responded Angie.

“Great, let us help you with your bags,” Sarah said as they walked to Angie’s car.

Sampson had just finished work for the day as Walter came in from the golf course.

“How was your game Mr. Wilding?” Sampson asked as he loading his tools into his truck.

“Not too good today,” Walter responded, “I would like to blame it on the heat, but the truth is I am just a little off my game.”

“Well, I have good news for you” Sampson said, “You have a new high pressure showerhead in the master bathroom. It will clean you, massage and relax you all at the same time.”

“That is great Sampson, Martha tells me she is very excited about the work you are doing.”

Sampson wondered if she was talking about the plumbing or the fucking, but decided not to ask.

As Sampson made his final trip from the bathroom with the last of the tools he overheard Walter telling Martha that he had promised Pastor Sarah that he would take her friend Samantha out for a ride on the yacht on Monday.

“Did you say you would have the new toilets to install on Monday?” Martha asked Sampson.

“Yes, I will pick them up at the warehouse when it opens at 8:00 a.m.”

“I will leave the door open for you,” Martha said, “as I will go down to the dock with Walter to see them off. Thank you for all your good work today. I will see you Monday.”

When Sampson arrived home, Candice was getting everything set up around the pool for the dinner party with the Peter and Elizabeth Blake. Candice and Sampson had never openly swapped partners although neither were what you would call faithful to the other. They both suspected the other was fucking other people, but they never discussed it. Candice was not sure how to approach the topic with Sampson.

Sampson gave Candice a quick kiss and said he was headed for the shower. When he came out of the shower Candice was sitting on the bed holding his bikini bathing shorts and suggested he wear them as opposed to his boxer style swim trunks.

“Are you sure?” Sampson asked, “I have never even met these people.”

“Elizabeth is fascinated with black men and has heard rumors about the size of their cocks and so I thought you would really tantalize her wearing your bikini, especially if you get somewhat aroused.”

“But what will her husband think?

“Don’t worry about him. I will distract him by asking him to help me in the kitchen leaving you and Elizabeth alone in the pool.”

“Just how fascinated are you suggesting she might become?” Sampson asked.

“That’s entirely up to the two of you,” Candice said.

As Sampson saw Candice putting on her string bikini, he realized that it probably was more than meal preparation that was going to be happening in the kitchen.

They heard the doorbell ring, so they both put on cover-ups and went to greet their guests.

Peter had brought two bottles of expensive wine. A red and a white. They were both dressed in casual clothes and obviously had their bathing suits in the tote bag. Elizabeth took one look at Sampson and imagined him fucking her. When he asked her if he could take their tote bag to the guest bathroom, she was so preoccupied, she had ask him what he had said.

Candice was leading Peter to the kitchen and gave him a corkscrew to open the red, so that it could breathe and placed the white in the refrigerator.

“Why don’t the two of you get into your bathing suits and meet us at the pool,” Candice said to Peter.

Candice and Sampson went to the pool to get out the makings of gin and tonics. When Peter and Elizabeth arrived, they handed them drinks and sat on deck chairs making small talk and getting acquainted. Elizabeth talked about how excited she was to be having her whole house redecorated.

Candice said she was ready for a dip in the pool. As she lifted off her cover-up, Peter’s eyeballs almost left their sockets. Elizabeth followed suit in a bikini that displayed her figure quite well.

Sampson and Peter took off their shirts and followed the women into the pool. They swam for a while with each of the couples staying together. When Peter and Elizabeth were at the other end of the pool, Candice put her hand on Sampson’s crotch and asked him if he was ready to show Elizabeth how black men were endowed?

“No limits?” Sampson asked.

“No limits!” Candice acknowledged.

When Peter and Elizabeth swam back to their side of the pool, Candice set the stage.

“Elizabeth tells me you are a great chef,” Candice said to Peter. “Could you give me a hand in the kitchen.”

Peter was more than willing because Candice had indicated he would get to fuck her and that was going to be the way she would get them in the house. He didn’t give any thought to what Elizabeth and Sampson might be doing while they were in the house.

As soon as Candice and Peter left for the house, Sampson swam over to Elizabeth.

“Candice tells me you are curious about what it would be like to be with a black man.”

Elizabeth had not expected it to move quite this fast, but she said, “I did mention to Candice that I had always wondered what it be like to be with a black man. We hear a lot of rumors about how well black men are endowed.”

Slipping out of his bathing suit, he said “No reason to work on rumors, check for yourself.”

She reached into the water and took hold of his cock which was only partially erect and said “wow!” As she was examining his equipment, he was removing her bathing suit. When they were both nude, he kissed her and their bodies came together. Even his tongue seemed big as she opened her mouth to let him examine her tonsils. His cock was growing in her hand and she rubbed it against her pussy, imagining what it would be like to have it inside her body.

Suddenly he picked her up and carried her to a chaise lounge. With her sitting on the padded lounge, the head of his dick was even with her face. By now it was standing straight out and bigger than any dick she had ever seen in her life. He took a step forward and she opened her mouth. She took the head in her mouth, closing her lips around it and used her tongue in a way that was unique to Sampson. With one of her hands pumping his cock and the other massaging his balls, his load was endanger of erupting before he was ready. He didn’t know how much time they had, so he withdrew his cock and laid Elizabeth back on the lounge.

He used his tongue to prepare Elizabeth’s cunt to receive his cock. It didn’t take long for her to be very moist, so he moved up and she guided his cock to her pussy.

Knowing he was larger than anything she had ever encountered, he went slow, however, she urged him to go deeper and was able to receive him fully.

Her dream of being fucked by a black man was everything she hoped for and as he pumped at a steady pace, she felt her body having one orgasm after another.

“Are you ready for some speed?” Sampson asked.

“Bring it on Elizabeth said, and Sampson gave it his best jackhammer imitation. Within minutes, he felt his explosion building, so he drove as deep as possible and filled her pussy with cum.

Meanwhile in the house, Candice confessed to Peter that everything was already prepared for dinner, but that she really wanted to fulfill her commitment to him.

“Let’s use the guest room, so my husband won’t notice anything strange in our bed.” The main problem was the master bedroom overlooked the pool. She excused herself for a minute and went to the master bedroom to look out at the pool. Sampson was carrying their nude guest to a chaise lounge.

Candice had little if any interest in Peter, however, her years in the strip joint had taught her how to make any man feel like a king. For the next half hour she turned him everyway but loose.

Candice suggested that Peter clean up in the guest bathroom and she would use the master bathroom. This allowed her to check and see if Sampson and Elizabeth were ready for them to reappear. She saw that they were back in the water.

Peter and Candice came from the kitchen carrying trays of food. Sampson and Elizabeth, dried off and put on their cover-ups for dinner. Peter poured wine for all and they had a very pleasant meal. Elizabeth complimented Peter on all the work he and Candice had done in preparing dinner. Peter was happy that Elizabeth had no idea what they were doing in the bedroom.

Sampson invited Peter to join him for a game of pool in their game room. While they were gone Elizabeth and Candice discussed their activities.

“I can’t thank you enough,” Elizabeth said. “Sampson was great. Peter is just so boring.”

“He may know a few new moves now,” Candice said, “if you can encourage him to try some new things. Rent a porno flick and suggest you try some of the things you see on the movie. He just experienced many of them.”

Later that week, Elizabeth called Candice and thanked her for turning her husband into a sex machine.

Samantha and Angie spent most of their evening preparing their material to hang Brian tomorrow night. They also prepared for their meeting with Susan. Sarah was doing preparation for Sunday’s service and Greg just relaxed in the den reading and listening to classical music.

When Sarah had completed her work, she went to the dining room which Samantha and Angie had converted to look like a corporate board room with projection equipment, screen, speakers, etc. They were reviewing the pictures she had taken of Brian ass-fucking his secretary in his office.

“What type of equipment did you use to get these shots?” asked Angie.

“Let me get it from my office and I will show you.” Sarah responded. She brought the laptop in and showed Angie the tiny cameras and microphones. “Would you like a demonstration?”

“What do you have in mind?” Angie asked.

“We could have a little fun by making Greg the object of candid camera.” Sarah responded. She was always looking for ways to play tricks on Greg.

Samantha said, “This should be interesting.”

Sarah booted up the laptop and started the recording devices. The microphones were recording what they were saying in the room and she demonstrated how you can place the cameras anywhere you can stick them to a surface. The looked like tiny flowers. She demonstrated how you could set the camera to record a shot on certain intervals or by a click of the mouse button.

“I will go into the den and pretend to be looking for a book and plant the one cameras pointing to the lounge chair that Greg is sitting in and another at the sofa. We will take turns making him the object of candid camera.”

“I knew I was going to like her.” said Angie.

Looking at Angie as she left the dining room, Sarah said, “I will get him warmed up for you.”

With Angie and Samantha watching the laptop, Sarah went into the den to setup the cameras and microphone. Since the doorway was behind Greg, she simply walked in and stuck the microphone on the back of the sofa. It was an omni-mic which would pick up sound from anywhere in the room.

“What are you reading?” Sarah asked.

“Just a mystery I found on your bookshelf..”

“Speaking of my bookshelves, I have not gotten them arranged. I simply unpacked books when I moved in and can never find what I am looking for.” She said as she pretended to be looking for a book while she was placing the microphones. “Well, it is not here, I must have taken it into my office.” With the speakers in place, she turned off the stereo and walked over, removed the book from Greg’s hands and sat down in his lap.

“Man, she is the coolest I have ever seen,” Angie said as she watched Sarah position herself in Greg’s lap. “What does she mean she will get him warmed up for me?”

Samantha laughed, “With Sarah, you never know, the first time she got him warmed up for me he fucked me for two hours.” She then related the story of when Greg was a mentor for Sarah and how she had pretended to be all business while sitting in front of him with no bra under a tight sweater and no pants under a short skirt showing him everything she has under that blonde bush for an hour. “When he got back to the dorm, he literally ripped my clothes off. It wasn’t the first sex we had enjoyed, but it was the best. He was really turned on. I didn’t know why, so I just enjoyed it.”

Turning their attention to the laptop, they saw Sarah running her hands through Greg’s hair and asking how he was enjoying the weekend so far.

“Anytime I get to play with these, it is a good weekend,” Greg said as he ran his hand up under Sarah’s blouse and felt her bare tits, moving from one to the other and pinching the nipples.”

“So, what do you think of Angie?” Sarah asked as she moved her ass around Greg obvious erection. “Would you like to stick that thing in her?” she asked as she moved her ass around Greg’s lap.

“Are you suggesting she might be interested?

“Interested? I heard her telling Samantha not to be surprised if she snuck in and got into your side of the bed in the middle of the night.

Samantha laughed out loud, “That bitch never changes, she said, prepare yourself. I can tell by the look on his face, that Sarah has him ready for action.”

Sliding off his lap and kneeling in front of his chair Sarah said, “I better check your equipment as she unzipped his pants. Removing his cock, which was fully aroused, she licked the end and said “I dare you to sit here with your dick out when she walks in the room.”

“Are you crazy?” Greg asked knowing he probably shouldn’t challenge Sarah.

Starting to shove it back in his pants, she said “Well, if you are not interested!”

“I didn’t say that,” Greg said reaching down to take his cock out again.

Sarah stood up and pushed the chair back to the reclining position. Taking Greg’s hand and placing it on his cock, she said, “Play with yourself until something better comes along.”

When she walked back into the dining room Angie and Samantha were looking at the screen of the laptop in disbelief.

“Leave you clothes here,” Sarah said to Angie.

“All of them? Angie said in surprise.

“Why not?” Sarah asked.

“Why not?” Angie responded as she started to strip.

Samantha just shook her head. “If I live to be a hundred, I will never be able to figure out what is on your mind.” she said as she looked at Angie standing in the nude.

“Without saying a word, simply walk in and lie on top of Greg and while his mouth is dropped open, simply kiss him ramming your tongue down his throat. From there you are on your own.”

Samantha and Sarah watched on the laptop as she carried out her instructions. You could tell, Angie didn’t need anymore instructions. After she removed her lips, she moved up, placing her tit in his mouth.

“That’s one way to keep him quiet” Samantha said as clicked the mouse to record Greg sucking on Angie’s tits.

Without saying a word, Angie stood up and walked over to the sofa, stretching out and spreading her legs. Looking Greg in the eye, she started licking her lips and rubbing her pussy. It didn’t take Greg long to figure out what she wanted and he knelt beside the sofa and started kissing the inside of her thighs as he worked his way closer to the solid black bush. He gradually worked his way to the center using his tongue to split the lips of her pussy and gently probing around before penetrating with his tongue.

“Let’s see what he learned on the yacht during the contest,” Sarah said as she watched Angie starting to move under his lips. Sarah suddenly realized that Samantha’s hand was traveling up her thigh. She spread her legs to give Samantha’s hand freedom to her pussy.

As they watched Angie getting more involved, Greg suddenly moved his mouth up her stomach and concentrated on kissing her breast.

Angie spoke the first words. “Why did you stop, I was just about to come.”

“Sarah will explain it to you, Greg said as he returned to her pussy to bring her up again.”

“What a good student.” Sarah said.

“He did that on the yacht this morning,” Samantha said. “I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. He brought me to the edge four times before he let me explode. You are a good teacher.”

They watched as Greg brought Angie up again and held her off. The third time he kept driving forward as her body started to twist on the sofa. In one quick move he replaced his mouth with his cock as he entered her in one swift action.

Angie said, “There is more room on the floor,” as she pushed him off. It caught him by surprise and before he knew it, he was lying on the floor and she had stripped off his slacks and jockey shorts, and impaled herself on his cock. Samantha was busy clicking the mouse and she hoped she caught the action of him getting thrown to the floor.

“Why don’t you strip and join the party?” Sarah said to Samantha. Samantha stripped and went into the den. Without saying anything, Samantha walked in and put her pussy over Greg’s face with her back to Angie who was impaled on Greg’s cock. Reaching around Samantha, Angie covered Samantha tits with her hands and leaning forward kissed the back of Samantha’s neck. Greg wasn’t sure what all was going on but he was enjoying it.

Angie lifted herself off of Greg and returned to the dining room and Sarah took her place. When Sarah arrived, Samantha was on her knees and Greg had entered her from behind. Sarah slid in position for Samantha to eat her pussy. When Greg came, Sarah, invited him to come to the dining room to view some interesting pictures.

With all four of them standing in the nude, they projected the pictures of Greg and the three of them alternating positions.

The amazing thing was that it had all taken place with almost no conversation.

“I was really trying to figure out what was going on.” Greg said.

“I wanted a demonstration of how Sarah’s surveillance equipment worked, said Angie. It is better than a lot of the stuff the FBI is using.

Why don’t we all get cleaned up and ready for dinner, Sarah suggested. I have two showers and we really should conserve water. She took 4 straws and cut them to two different lengths. Holding them out she invited each person to choose a straw. Greg and Angie got the short straws, so they went to the guest room shower and Samantha and Sarah went to the master bath.

After they had soaped each other from head to toe, Greg said “You left before I was finished. How about if we finish what you started.”

Taking hold of his cock, Angie said “I always finish what I start.

Lifting her by the buttocks to accommodate for the difference in height, Greg held her against the wall as she opened legs and guided his cock to her pussy. When her orgasm started, Sarah and Samantha could hear them from the other shower.

“Too bad we didn’t put a camera in the guest shower.” Samantha said.

Smiling, Sarah said, “We can watch the slide show later.”

“You never fail to amaze me,” Samantha said.

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