Photographic Memory


The street outside the resort complex wound through an upper-class district of housing for four blocks before it entered a main traffic corridor leading to the beachfront drive. The entire length of the beach drive was nearly three miles in length and offered the tourist and resident alike, a variety of restaurants, bars, pensions and shopping. The major shopping centers were not here, but further out near the residential suburbs.

Over the last ten days Ann and David had strolled past most all of the beach drive establishments, stopping now and again to explore the interiors of places offering the more authentic local items. One could find most all of the common types of beach attire shops. They all looked the same from Bali to Vancouver. The bars also lacked local character, instead opting to portray a theme that one could find anywhere in Europe.

Vehicle traffic was minimal on beach drive. Most of it was restricted to only commercial vehicles. Parking lots were strategically located at various intervals and were accessed from the neighboring traffic corridors. The entire area was designed to cater to the tourist and, of course, to the large hotel chains whose structures dominated the surrounding district.

They were passing a coffee shop that had become their favorite. It offered stools and a high table along the front and customers could sit and while sipping their coffees, watch the people pass along the street in front of them.

"I'd like an iced coffee," Ann stated, "would you like one?"


The lunch crowd had vacated the premises. At least half of the available window side stools were empty. The windows were open and the sounds of the street mixed with the sounds of the coffee bar's activity and music system.

"Grab those two stools at the end of the table over there by the street window and I'll get us a couple of iced cappuccinos," David said, pointing in the direction that he had indicated. He handed Ann his pack and went to the counter.

Returning with the drinks he pulled himself up on the stool next her. They slowly sipped heir drinks as they watched the street in front of them. Occasionally the sea breeze gusted through the window creating a fresh cooling effect.

"You look pretty darn cute today sweetie! You're making me horny thinking about what you don't have on under that shift."

"I'm still hot from my rubdown this morning at the pool. I asked if we should stop at the room for a while," she teased. "I'm getting hotter by the minute thinking of what you have up that leg of your shorts."

He raised his eyebrows and gave her a serious look. "Maybe I should ask you if you want to go into the back alley?" he questioned.

"I think not. I prefer the bed!" she said and laughed. "Time to play our dare game dear?" she asked. "It's my turn I think. Ready for something extra?"

He smiled at her. This dare game of theirs had started years ago and they had had considerable fun with it over time. This past week or so they had revived it with more than just the old regular stuff of earlier years. With all of the nudity that prevailed at the beach and, of course, the total nude environment at the resort, they had broken into new and exotic territory with their game. It had proven to be a real stimulant for their sex life. Both of them had wanted to make love at almost any time of the day or night. What was more, Ann herself had initiated things on her own more often than not. Being nude in public for hours on end had diminished her inhibitions, if not totally subduing them. That was evident the past several days in the way she never hesitated to challenge him in the dare game or to respond to his challenges. Some of challenges from both of them she, in the past, would never have initiated or consented to. He loved the game. She was enjoying it as well and had surprised him on a number of occasions with her ideas.

"Go for it!" he goaded her, "just remember, "I get the last one today. You had it yesterday."

""Pull the leg of your shorts up and lay your cock along your thigh. I want to see it!" she commanded.

He glanced around the room. It would be no problem inside, but the sidewalk pedestrians would more than likely have an eyeful should they look his way. He turned to face her rather than the street and slowly pulled the leg of his shorts up and away from his thigh. He moved the fingers of his hand up inside his crotch and pulled his cock out and along his thigh keeping it covered with his hand.

"Hmm nice!" she said, "now remove your hand and turn towards the street. I didn't say you could turn around this way."

He obeyed by turning slowly, the leg of his loose fitting shorts now stretched fully opened but now covering all but the head of his cock. He was stiffening slightly from the excitement of being commanded to flash in public.

"Open your legs a bit more!" He did. Any pedestrian now walking by the front of the coffee shop would certainly get an eyeful.

Ann slipped down from her stool and moved to the stool on the opposite side of David. Sliding up on the stool she kept her back to the window and faced towards the coffee counter across the room. She moved her hand to David's thigh and rubbed her fingers on the head of his cock. He grew instantly.

"OK sweetie. That's enough! Things are getting a bit out of control at the moment. Let's finish our coffee and leave."

Leaving the coffee bar David said, "It's my turn next! By the time we're through this afternoon you will be one sexed up girl sweetie!"

"Can't wait lover!" she shot back. "I'm ready for it now." And she was. She could feel her moist heat between her legs.

Today they found the beach was moderately crowded compared to some days. There was the usual mix of people young and old, attractive and not so attractive bodies. In fact, one could find most any shape of body. Some were fully clothed and some partially, but many were just plain naked. When one studied the variety of adornment, one found it rather mystifying that such a group of people could cohabit a small amount of real estate and not be somewhat in conflict. Such was not the case though. All seemed simply, just natural.

"Over here Ann, there's a good spot down closer to the water." David pointed to an area left of them and ahead about twenty yards. There were several groups of people between the vacant spot and the water and they seemed to be out of the main traffic flow of beach walkers.

David spread out his mat and did the same with Ann's. He then stripped and stood naked feeling the sea breeze caress and cool his body. Ann started to untie her straps on her shift.

"Oh no you don't honey!" he said, I have a dare for you. It's my turn!"

She looked at him with some question, wondering what it was he would dare her here at his spot. For a moment she was a bit alarmed that maybe he might ask something that she would resist. So far they had kept the game fun and clean, although at times it had gotten a bit risqué.

His silence and grin got the best of her. "What is it?" she wanted to know.

He looked down to the water's edge, past the two groups of naked young men and women, and some thirty feet away. "I dare you to walk down to the water and dip your feet a time or two. Then untie your straps and let your shift fall only to your waist. Stay that way for a minute or so while you play with the sand at your feet. Turn and face us and remove your shift entirely then walk lowly between those two groups back to me here."

She looked up and down the beach. Naked people were everywhere, however, where David had asked her to go there were none except for the dozen or so that formed the groups in front of them. What he had asked of her was to actually perform a strip act in a sense. Oh well, she could at least walk to the water she thought.

The water was cold. It was the Atlantic Ocean and unlike the Mediterranean to the East, the waters were quite frigid. Only the hardy went actually swimming.

She did the first step as he had dared and untied her straps letting her shift drop to catch it at her waste. Facing the ocean breeze her breasts nipples tightened giving her a jolt of pleasure that traveled to the small of her stomach and her cunt. She felt a wave of abandonment come over her and if David were beside her now she reasoned that he could have any way with her and she would obey. She felt an overwhelming desire to have him inside her. Becoming aware of her situation suddenly, she remembered the second part of his dare.

Her stomach was tight; her body was racked with an internal excitement that was actually making her legs weak. She felt that if she turned now it would be like performing for an audience. She was encountering a bout of stage fright so it seemed. This is crazy she thought to herself, no one is going to notice one more naked body. She turned to face her audience. She was being ignored; it appeared, by the women in the groups. The men showed a polite interest, which perked up considerably when Ann slid the shift to the ground and stepped out of it. She made her way slowly past the group and back to David. When she reached him she lay beside him and kissed him on the mouth passionately.

"Thought maybe I might not do it didn't you?"

"Not at all my dear, not at all. Bye the way, you are one beautiful, sexy woman my love. Your body is just made for sex and pleasure!"



"That little act you made me do created a feeling of total abandonment in me. I needed you badly, right there at the water. Do you want to fuck me?"

They used dirty talk with each other at certain times of sexual playing, but each time it was used by Ann voluntarily, as it was this time, it gave an instant measure of excitement to both of them. During times of high arousal such as she was experiencing now she became totally uninhibited. Her eyes, usually a sparkly pale green would take on a pleading look of uncontrolled desire. Such was the case as he looked into them now.

"You really are stoked up, aren't you? I hope that this doesn't turn into a dare my dear. I don't think we can do it here on the beach. I'm afraid that I would lose this one if it were. It wouldn't be fair play in our game"

"No, not a dare. Just stating what I'm wanting at the moment. I need you in me. I'm very hot and I love the feeling of being a bit reckless and sexy."

"That's good honey, the hotter you are the better for both of us later." He rolled onto his side to face her and propped his head up with his arm. "You look extremely desirable when you are so horny!" he said grinning at her.

"Thank you," she said coyly.

"The boys gave you a good look when you walked by didn't they," he noticed that they were still directing their gaze periodically towards them.

"I offered them a good look. I told you that I felt completely wild doing what I did."

"Roll over on your back and give them another good look why don't you."

Ann shifted from lying on her side to a sitting position. Her breasts, although not as firm as they once were, still proudly displayed themselves. She casually surveyed the beach scenes around her. "OK, but first, it's my turn for a dare. We are into the extras today right?" looking at David's semi stiff cock she licked her lips and said, "your time to stroll lover. Walk down their past that older couple," she pointed to their left where an older ‘textiled' couple sat some twenty meters away, "then down to the water and back along until you get down there where I was standing. When I motion to you, and only when I motion to you, walk back to me."

"Easy enough," he stated, rising to his feet and setting off.

She watched him stroll casually along the course she had set. In a few minutes he had turned at the water's edge and began walking slowly back. She had noticed that he had gotten himself under control, but he was still slightly stiff. He stopped in the directed spot and turned to face her. Heads in the group in front of them turned to casually observe his presence.

Ann held up her arm slightly, palm flat and facing towards him, an indication that he should remain in his position. She slowly parted her legs, spreading them enough to show her neatly trimmed cunt, the lips slightly parted and moist. She first smiled at him then quickly laid on her back raising her knees in the same motion. From David's advantage she looked like a woman who was completely ready to make love.

And indeed she was and ready to prove it by her next motion. Ann moved her hand to her cunt and slowly rubbed it, just for a brief few seconds as if innocently relieving an itch. David knew that it was neither innocent nor did it relieve the itch that prevailed. The action had done its required work. He desperately tried to avoid thinking of it, but the more he tried the more vivid the thought became. He could feel himself gliding into that hot, moist love box of his wife. He began to have an erection. Surely she would call him back. But she didn't. She lay there fully exposed ready for his cock. It was too much for him; he turned around and stepped into the cool water to get control of himself.

A few minutes passed before he had settled down and he was able to turn back to the beach. Ann still lay fully exposed as he returned to her. He observed that there were others that also were enjoying her position.

"Got you good didn't I," she gloated. "Would you like to fuck me?"

"Of course I would. And probably three or four more of those guys over there would like to fuck you just as badly as I do."

"Did I win this one?" she asked. "Can I close my legs now?"

"Yes. You win this one, but it's not fair. You don't have the same visible reactions to contend with."

She giggled, "I can still get the reaction from you. That's a good thing." She turned to her side now and faced him. "I love you David," she purred, "and I am so very hot and horny!"

"I love you too Sweetheart. You're lots of fun. I'm horny too! We should be able to make a great video tonight when Mark drops by."

"I don't believe you. You didn't make any plans like that."

"Wait and see Babe. Wait and see!" he chided her. "By the time I'm finished with you this afternoon, you won't care who is watching. Just like now. Look at you. Sopping wet you are!"

"I've got something for you sweetie," he said, reaching into his pack. Removing a towel from the pack he lay on his back. "Just in case I need it," he said. She was still on her side facing him. He stretched his right arm along side her. Roll on to my hand and arm he commanded her. She looked at him with surprise in her eyes. She anticipated what his next move would be. She ached to have her cunt massaged. Her belly felt tight again with excitement and she shivered a little with the thought of how bold this next move would be on their part. She hesitated in responding.

"OK. It's my turn and I dare you to roll on to my arm," he challenged.

"This might be a bit too much in the extra category dear, so stop if we are being too obvious," she responded to his challenge. She rolled next to him and he positioned his arm under her. The palm of his hand reached to her pubic mound and he felt the small neatly trimmed patch of air in his hand. She pushed herself hard against his hand. He moved his arm lower and tried to insert a finger into her slit. "Spread your legs some. Make it easier for me." She moved her legs apart slightly and he inserted one then two of his fingers into her very wet cunt. She let out a small moan as he worked them in a circular movement on her clit.

"Hmm that feels good honey. I need you though!"

"You will get the real thing later sweetie. Right now enjoy it. If you spread a bit more, the boys down there will have a better view. They seem quite interested!" She spread herself a tiny bit more. He loved it when his wife was excited to the point of where she was now. He probably could suggest mounting her right there and she would comply eagerly.

David covered his steadily hardening cock with his beach towel while he continued to rub her clit, causing Ann to quicken the pace of her breathing.

"Honey, You keep that up and you'll make me come soon," she told him. As a reply he rubbed faster causing her to press herself hard against his fingers. She started to rotate her hips slightly.

David removed his hand saying, "that's a bit too obvious my dear, we'd better stop." The three men lying between them and the water's edge had smiles on their faces. They obviously understood what was happening, but had not indicated so to their female companions. "The audience appreciated their show Sweetheart," he said, once more turning on his side towards her, the towel still discreetly positioned on his body. "Time to just lie here and enjoy the sun and surf."

The afternoon sun, now considerably more intense, beat down on them as they bathed in its heat, turning from time to time. ‘We forgot to bring a bottle of water today," Ann said. "Why don't we go for a walk and buy one somewhere. I'm tired of just laying here."

He looked at his watch. Two forty five. "Fine with me," he replied, "let's pack up and go. There are plenty of vendors along the beach."

The beach area had become more crowded during the past 2 hours and after finding a bottle of water to purchase they walked slowly along near the water in order to avoid most of the traffic. Staying close to the water allowed them the freedom to continue sans clothes, which would most likely be not appropriate at street level or beyond. Although the local bylaws sanctioned only certain areas for nude sunbathers, it was generally accepted that at any part of the beach nudity would be tolerated. However, there were no exceptions at street level. Occasionally you would see individuals attempting to expand the borders of freedom and being confronted by a patrolling officer instructing them to return to a nudist area.

They had reached the end of the more popular areas and the crowd had thinned out. "It's almost four o'clock, let's head back to the resort. If you like, we can stop for another iced cappuccino," David suggested.

"Maybe we can make love prior to dinner tonight and put this big thing to good use!" Ann said, giving his cock a playful pull. It felt warm in her hand. She could feel the pulse in it as it responded to her touch.

"No maybe about it," he retorted, "need I remind you we have a filming appointment tonight!"

"You just don't stop do you? I know you're not serious."

"Listen, I know I lost a dare this afternoon, but I'll have you know it is the only one today – so far," he added.

"Yes," she was quick to reply, " and it's my turn again to think of something. I'll get you on the way home with something. Watch out!"

Ann slipped into her shift, tying the strings behind her neck, while David pulled on his shorts and buttoned his shirt. They made their way up to beach drive and started the walk back to their resort.

"Would you like an ice cream cone or maybe a dish of ice cream?" he asked as they approached a small store with a storefront freezer.

"No not really, I would prefer the iced cap that you mentioned earlier. Can we look in this ladies shop?" Ann said, spotting some light summer dresses in the window. "I noticed these the other day and I should se if there is something to take home for the girls. They always need something." Ann was always picking things up for the girls. Our two daughters were in their twenties, but Mom and Dad still needed to spoil them.

"I thought you were ready for some action in bed? Now you want to stop and shop?" David wasn't always that enthused about shopping.

"It's still my turn for the next dare dear," she shot back, "yes, I'm ready for what you've got. I have been since you started fingering me on the beach! Maybe I'll ask for it in here," she said stepping into the doorway. "Follow me like a good boy!"

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