tagNovels and NovellasPlaying Santa Ch. 06

Playing Santa Ch. 06

byBjorn Wild©

On Wednesday and Thursday, the mall was very busy. Friday was Christmas Eve and there were still lots of kids that wanted to see Santa and parents trying to finish their shopping. They did let me off an hour early on Wednesday to do my own Christmas shopping. I did manage to meet Rachel both nights after work for some incredible sex in the back room of the salon. The only other difference was that I didn’t see Heidi. Liz helped me dress after doing my makeup. It wasn’t nearly as fun. On Thursday, as we were getting ready to leave, she asked, "Would you like to follow me home? Maybe you could come in for a nightcap."

Of course I did follow her home. I made two calls on my cell phone on the way. The first was to my old high school pal Brian. I told him my folks would expect me home, but I was telling them I was hanging with him for the night. He laughed, "Got lucky, huh?" and agreed. The second was a message on my parents’ answering machine that I would be at Brian’s. They were probably at Dad’s office party. I may be out on my own 90 percent of the time, but when I’m home, they expect me to check in. Rachel lived in an apartment about a mile from the mall. I parked my pickup and joined her on the sidewalk where we walked arm in arm to her apartment. She used her key to let us in.

As soon as the door swung closed, I grabbed her in my arms and lifted her off her feet, like I was carrying a bride over the threshold. I began kissing her and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I was kissing her forehead and eyes when she pointed to my right and I headed into a short hallway and then into her bedroom where I dropped her on the bed. I dropped beside her and was kissing her face and starting down her neck, when she said, "Lars, let’s shower first."

"Not a bad idea," I thought. "Sounds great. You lead the way."

Rachel rolled over and stood. She began stripping off her clothes as she crossed the hallway to the bathroom. I followed behind her doing the same. When we go to the bathroom I saw it was a tub with a curtain and a showerhead. When she bent over to start the water, I fondled her ass playfully. She wiggled it side to side as she adjusted the temperature and switched it from tub to shower. She stood, climbed in, and closed the curtain.

I climbed in behind her from the back end of the shower. The water was streaming over her head. I grabbed a bar of soap and lathered my body as Rachel shampooed her hair. As she finished rinsing her hair, I grabbed her and held her to my soapy body. "This seems like a great way to save on soap," I said as I rubbed her all over my chest. She just giggled and held on.

"Let me wash your hair for you," Rachel said as I let her back down. "On your knees, Santa."

I knelt down and she played the water over my hair and tipped my face up to get my extended beard. Then she poured a dollop of her shampoo into her dainty hand and began lathering my head. She used another dollop and did the same for my beard. By now, my eyes were closed tightly to keep the soap out. Rachel said, "OK, stand up now so I can finish." I stood and was expecting water when I felt her washing the hair on my chest. She then moved down and even washed the hair around my crock, using her other hand to move my growing cock out of the way.

She then removed the showerhead from the wall and spayed my groin, then my chest and finally my face. I bent forward at the waist and she sprayed across my head while rubbing it to get all of the soap out and then did the same down my beard and over my chest, cock, and balls. It was a marvelous feeling.

I opened my eyes and pulled her to me. We kissed passionately as I cupped her ass cheek with my left hand and re-hung the showerhead with my right. I then used that hand to fondle her right breast while we continued to kiss. I’m sure she could feel my hard-on growing against her belly. I knew I was right when she slipped a hand between us and broke the kiss to ask, "Is this for me?" as she squeezed and stoked it.

I responded by lifting her up with both hands beneath her ass until her face was even with mine and her legs wrapped around my waist. I reached farther and played with her pussy with my right hand. One finger and then two slipped in as she continued to smother my face with kisses. I positioned her on to of my cock and met no resistance as she wiggled onto it and sank to the hilt. I used my hands on her ass to bob her up and down. We kissed hard, stopping occasionally, only long enough for one of us to moan, and then kissing some more. I moved her up and down, up and down. The water began to cool.

"Damn," Rachel swore. "The water’s getting cold. We’d better get out."

I lifted her off of my erection and heard a plop as I came out. Rachel shut off the water and threw the curtain open. I expected a towel, but she just stepped out of the shower and hopped up on the counter by the sink. She beckoned me toward her. I came and kissed the top of her head, moved her dripping long black hair out of the way, then kissed her face and neck. I worked my way down, pausing to suck each nipple into a hard nubbin and continued across her wet belly toward the Promised Land. I knelt on the floor and dove between her legs. Her hand on the back of my head urged me on. I lightly kissed the patch of black pubic hair, wiggling my tongue in the damp spot. Her hands were pressing me lower and her legs spread wide. She moaned loudly as my tongue tickled her clit. I licked, kissed, and tongued my way down her slit as she moaned and pressed my head in more tightly.

I brought a hand up to assist with her pussy while my other one caressed her leg and up onto her belly and breasts. I continued to tease her, despite her pressing need. I would dip my tongue slightly into her slit and then kiss lightly with just my lips. I would tease her clit and move away. My fingers began to open her up and I pushed my head back to look. "Beautiful," I moaned and finally dove in as she grabbed my head with both hands. Now I licked, stroked, nibbled, and sucked her pussy with full effort. Rachel was holding my head in tight and writhing on the countertop. Suddenly she tensed and once again gripped my head in the vice of her thighs as she came in a spasm of orgasmic bliss.

I over-dramatized the intake of breath as she at last released me. She giggled. When I stood, she grabbed my cock, pulling me to her. I positioned it at her slit on the edge of the counter and entered her in one long, slow stroke and held her tight. Then I slowly began pumping in and out. I moved a little faster with each stroke. I then used a thumb to massage her clit as I could feel myself getting closer. When I felt her tense and clamp my cock with her pussy muscles, I came, sending streams of sperm deep inside her hot little body. As we relaxed, I lifted her up, releasing my dick from her velvet heaven, and carried her across the hall to her room. We snuggled together into the bed and were soon sound asleep.

I awoke to every man’s dream - she was sucking my morning erection beneath the covers. I reached down and pulled her up to me. "Good morning, Santa. What would you like for breakfast?"

I answered by crawling under the sheets myself and diving between her legs. We were soon in a 69 position and going at it until she came. As she clamped my head in the now familiar Asian crotch vice, I emptied my load into her mouth. She gobbled it up hungrily and did let me breathe again before I had finished emptying it all.

We lay there a few moments, then she jumped out of bed, throwing off the covers and beckoned me, "Come. Let’s eat breakfast."

She must have been up before she woke me. There were plates on the table with metal covers. She pulled them off to reveal sausage links, eggs, and hash browns. There was also a fresh pot of coffee and some orange juice. She motioned me to a chair and sat naked opposite me as we ate and visited. Mostly we talked about the mall and about my school studies. I tried to reach up to her with a toe, but a bar beneath the table blocked my way.

I did learn that she had lived in my hometown for only a year and a term. She was attending the community college as she worked and hoping to transfer into a nursing program at the end of the current school year. This would take her several hundred miles in the opposite direction of my college.

When breakfast was over, I helped her with dishes. More accurately, I played with her body while she washed the dishes. She did threaten to snap me with the dishtowel though. So I did dry some of them.

As soon as the dishes were done, we headed for the bedroom. When we got there though, Rachel stood and said, "We have to talk first."

I probably had a look of dread on my face. Rachel laughed, "Don’t worry. It’s not that bad. I just wanted to say that I am not ready for a serious relationship. I had a long time boyfriend that I finally got rid of in September. When things were good, they were great, but he had a bad habit of hitting me. When he broke a rib, I had enough. He’s in jail where he belongs. However, I don’t want a serious relationship now. I need to concentrate on my studies. But, if you’re willing, I really miss sex. I haven’t had any since just before Bob was arrested."

I was looking sympathetic and excited at the same time. "Are you sure?" I asked. "I mean, are you sure that just sex is alright with you for now?"

For an answer, Rachel crawled across the bed and pulled me over to her and kissed from my belly up to my face. "If you’re willing, I am. You are a very gentle lover, and I have enjoyed every minute of it so far. Come here and show me what else you’ve got."

I crawled onto the bed and rolled her onto her belly. I lifted her long ebony locks and smelled her hair before gently laying her tresses off to one side. I straddled her legs and began a sensuous massage at her neck, using the lotion that had been lying on the nightstand. I worked her muscles across her shoulders and down her back, stopping just short of her ass. I worked on those muscles for about ten minutes, then started working lower. As I massaged her, I would occasionally kiss her neck or back. By now, my erection was also rubbing against her legs and ass when I moved to reach higher. Rachel seemed totally relaxed and was enjoying it immensely judging from the sounds she was making. Lots of "Mmm" and "Ahh" with an occasional, "A little lower, please."

Soon I stood and gently moved her to the foot of the bed. I knelt at her feet and massaged her calves. Each stroke brought my hands a little higher and as I reached farther up her legs, she opened them wider and wider. I could see her labia, open, moist and inviting.

I moved up between her legs and concentrated on her ass cheeks. First I kneaded one and then the other. Then I worked on both, opening and closing her crack with each motion, exposing and hiding her rosebud and pussy lips. Finally I could stand it no more. I stopped, to Rachel’s protest, and grabbed two pillows, which she understood to allow me to slip under her lower stomach, raising that succulent ass into the air. Then I dove in headfirst. I licked her from clit to asshole and back several times, ending the last by slipping my tongue into her nether hole. Then I concentrated on her pussy until I could insert three and then four fingers. I moved to her clit and used my tongue to spell her name as it quickly emerged from it hood. I continued to diddle her clit with my thumb and her pussy with my fingers and again stuck my tongue into her asshole. Rachel screamed and writhed, but could not clamp me in her vice in that position so I continued on until she finally screamed, "Stop. Oh, God, stop. I have to calm down."

My tongue and thumb stopped their teasing, but I still had four fingers clamped in the rippling muscles of her vagina until her breathing finally eased. I slid my fingers out of her dripping snatch. Rachel rolled off the pillows and grabbed two more. When she again lay across them, her knees no longer reached the bed. Her legs were splayed widely apart and nearly straight with only her toes touching the sheets. I moved up behind her and rubbed my cock head up and down her slit and then plunged in. Rachel moaned loudly and pushed back against me. I began fucking in earnest now. My balls were slapping her exposed clit as I pumped in and out. I had a hand on each of her hips, pulling and pushing in opposition to the movement of my own hips. Rachel was moaning and saying, "Harder, harder," and "Oh God, this feels good." I just kept pumping. As I neared my climax, I lifted my right thumb to my mouth and moistened it. Just as I was about to explode, I worked my thumb into her asshole and Rachel began to climax too. I emptied my load inside of her and collapsed atop her back. As we relaxed, my shrinking member slipped out and we rolled off the pillows. As we lay there, she reminded me about the party after work.

We showered together, tenderly washing each other but without sexual activity. After we dressed, we each got in our own vehicle and headed to the mall. I drove around a few minutes before parking so we would not arrive together.

To be continued…..

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