tagBDSMPleasure and Pain

Pleasure and Pain


I sat there kneeling on the cold floor looking up into his eyes knowing full well not to take my eyes off his and let them drift beneath whenever he was speaking to me. Whenever he spoke, I had to give him my whole attention. It was difficult because my mind kept wandering down below. As he spoke to me, teaching me of what he expected my eyes drifted from his eyes partially covered by glasses which did not take away from his manliness. They sat upon his regal nose, which was on top of a smile that took your breath away.

He was not smiling now. When he taught, he taught with a passion. His face was intense believing what he spoke. His lips were firm and his jaw was square. His jaw made you want to run your fingers lightly to each side and then to where his chin peaked out. As he started speaking again, I watched him glance to his other subs in training. Quickly making eye contact again for if broken, his wrath would be fierce.

People came to him because of his fierceness. When he possessed you, it was heavenly. Your body would be fucked and you will beg and plead for more until you were limp with exhaustion. Feeling myself react to the memory, I tried to control myself but I just couldn't help it. I just had to look down from his eyes; my eyes etched his throat watching his adams apple bob as he spoke. My breathing began to get uneven as my eyes roamed down to his broad, expansive chest seeing the power flow into his arms.

I see his body turn my way and I look up quickly and look back into his eyes. His body etched into my mind and the hunger starting. He looked around as if he already sensed one of us about to mess up as if he knew which one of us already and he was waiting to make an example out of them. He turns to another side of the classroom and I feel relief as nobody wishes to anger him. To anger him is to be so thoroughly used. Pleasure and pain in itself.

Having remembered messing up before I couldn't help but to remember how his expansive chest slicked down into his torso. He was as handsome as a Greek god and taught in the nude. He looked as if his body would marbleize at any moment. Looking into the heat of him you saw his member sticking out as he enjoyed what he taught. Showing his perfection as he taught teasing his students and teaching them self discipline. To look upon his maleness during training was to earn punishment.

To look upon such magnificence again, I tried to control it but it was too late. I drew my breath in as I could feel his eyes on me and his body turned towards me slowly, menacingly. As if he meant to stalk me, skin me, and devour me in one gulp. I look up into his eyes and see his anger, his passion, and his disappointment. His eyes bore into me as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to him close. I felt his breath on me as he melded his body onto mine his torso pressing into mine.

Knowing I was going to be used my pussy started to drip even though I knew the torment lay ahead of me. How could you not knowing the perfection, hardness, and the skill powerfully holding you up to his steel profile. His maleness jutting proudly against you. Everyone knew the punishment for failing this training. You will be fucked, used, and pleasured till you can stand no more. Excitement and dread filled into me as I looked at him. His breath leaning over me.

As his breath drew in he started to speak. You failed... Then he motioned to one of the other students who dared not disobey to bring the tools to the table. The student rushed over to do his bidding careful not to look upon the perfection. Rushing back with the tools, he set each one up and knelt waiting for further instructions. Waiting, hearing his breathing for his next command.

My scalp started to tingle remembering his strong grip and then he spoke to the class. This one has broken the rules. Her task was simple. This class is to teach you self discipline. Distraction within this lifestyle can be harmful. For her to remember this, she will be fucked, beaten, and used as this lifestyle demanded. His arms looked to me and bore into my mind. Through all this, you have given your trust to me, earned your place in my house. Remember, I will do nothing to cause you permanent harm. If for some reason that trust be broken, speak your safe word and it will be over.

He looked over the class and said listen up. Safe words are here for your protection. You hold the power in your hand to end this at any time. Giving the safe word is in effect is ending this. But be forewarned, giving it unnecessarily, will cause you to leave this training program. I have learned each of your limits and I will not cross them but sometimes you must be placed near to your limits to learn. He looks back at me with the fierceness boring into me as if he is looking deep to my soul. Do you understand this?

Looking into his eyes, I say yes Master. I feel comfortable trusting him to know my limits and do what he saw fit in order for me to learn. This was not a punishment but a lesson to assist me into learning my control. Needing no further instruction he let go of my hair and strapped me on the table tightly motioning to the other sub to tie the silk rope around my hands and ankles leaving me immobile. Having been through this I know that this will be intense pleasure and pain. My pussy already dripping I feel a drop fall from my leg and fall onto his. Clicking his tongue, he raises it to my lips roughly knowing it was my cue to clean up my juices. I lick it up sensuously as he pulls his leg away making sure to have his manhood brush by my face teasing me, out of my reach.

All I could think as I saw his manhood is I wanted it. I wanted it inside of in my mouth, in my heat, anywhere he wished. But if only it were so easy. I would come today...but I would come last. He turns around and speaks once more to the class. You may look elsewhere than my eyes. You will watch her torment, her pleasure. You will see what it is to be truly possessed. He turned around and it began.

The table was I was tied to was barely enough for my belly to lean over and have my arms tied out. By breasts hung hardening anticipating his torment. I liked pain so this was going to be a dream come true, but a nightmare at the same time. My legs tied wide apart. Wide enough for him to see everything and have access to my whole being. He paced around me watching every quiver planning every different move to prolong my suffering, my pleasure, my pain. This was his favorite part. He was a sadist. Pain made him swell. He loved it when his submissive loved pain too. He could let loose a little. Enjoy it more. He looked up and nodded to a person dressed in white a medic of sorts. A person who will keep watch over both him and his sub during their RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) it did not pleasure him one bit if his sub did not enjoy it. Also this person made sure neither one of them would go too far. They had intense training to be sure they didn't but accidents could always happen.

The nod signaled the beginning. His large muscled hand ran over my body and down my backside massaging my rear allowing my blood to flow. Confident that I was ready he picked up a crop and slapped it across his hands a few times getting a feel for the tool in his hand. Once again he runs his hand over my backside massaging it. He steps behind me out of sight and lays the crop down confusing me. I half feel disappointed, half relieved as I hear nothing. Then I hear him picking up metal and I freeze knowing what is coming next.

He steps in front of me, his body flowing like sinew each muscle rippling as he stand in front of me his manhood standing proudly. My mouth starts to water once again forgetting what is to come. I see his member dancing in front of me through his movement. He lets it dangle within inches in front of my face so close I know he can feel my breath. Intentionally he arouses me keeping his manhood out of my reach. Swiftly he grabs my hair standing me upright on the table. In a look of fierceness he runs his finger possessively over my body and around my nipples. Losing myself in the sensation I close my eyes my hips arching against the unmovable table and then I feel what I have forgotten.

I scream from the shock of metal clamping over my breasts. My rock hard nipples being clamped swiftly and without warning. Exquisite pain shocks through my body as my hips arch into the table as I begin to get damp again. Knowing my favorite part of bondage being breast torture and having experience in my nipples being squeezed in many different ways he knows how to bring me to the brink of pain and pleasure. My body shaking and my juices flowing. My nipples hard as rocks as I gasp my breathing into control. His face glows with enjoyment as I begin to open my eyes. He flicks each nipple several times to test it each flick bringing a moan. Knowing the clamps are properly on and will not fall he knows I can take more. Motioning for me to look into his eyes I look there drinking in his gaze. He holds up the nipple weights as I nod letting him know that I am alright and this is still SSC (Safe Sane Consensual). Smiling satisfactorily he allows me to watch as the weights gets placed on each nipple.

As the weights pull down I moan loudly. The clamps squeeze my nipples and I feel the white hot pain affect me all the way to my inner heat. My nipples being pinched together as the weights pull my breasts down. It was exquisite. Every movement was a combination of pure pleasure and agony. I feel him tap on the weights as I unexpectedly lose control and my pussy lets loose an orgasm causing my body to shake the weighted clamps making the orgasm all the more intense. Lost in my orgasm for what seemed like minutes and my body hung limply. Moaning and spent from that one orgasm.

Frowning, he comes closer and glares at me hard. Enjoying it are we?

Exausted from that unexpected orgasm I lightly say yes Master.

He frowns harder and asks, Did I give you permission?

No Master. I lower my head looking ashamed.

You were told you would cum last. But since you decided not to wait for my permission you will cum many times. With that, he snaps his head up and addresses the group. You may all masturbate, but only orgasm once. He shakes his head and tells me we are not finished while he goes behind me and picks up the crop. Sated I prepare myself knowing what is coming. TWACK! One, Master. I flinch but keep my cheeks relaxed so it will not hurt as much. Clenching makes it worse. I wanted to enjoy these. TWACK! Two Master. The bite from the crop gets harder as his other hand caresses my rear. TWACK! Three Master. The crop swishes into my other cheek I feel the sting spread. TWACK! Four Master. This one is a little softer causing my body to relax. My rear stinging and warm his hand rubs it and then lets down a final T W A C K! On my rear causing me to moan loudly and fight against my restraints a little before counting the fifth stroke. I sigh as he runs his hand around my ass and his finger stroke the inside of my legs. He slaps my warm ass with my bare hand and motions for me not to count. He then leans over me making sure his body lays over my hot, bare bottom. His manhood lying hard in my heat. My juices once again start to flow.

He reaches over and I moan loudly as he releases the nipple clips as my blood starts to once again flow through my nipples. I struggled against his body as he pinched and caressed my already sensitive nipples. He bent over biting my shoulder hard causing me to groan with pleasure. Softly chuckling he moves me over to a different table making sure to brush my sensitive backside every chance he can. He ties me up with my legs high in the air where he and the whole class can see. My pussy drips shamelessly from my previous orgasm while he brings out a vibrator and places it beside me. I become disappointed seeing the vibrator unused to where I do not notice him mounting me. I really liked vibrators almost as much as his hard, nude body. Before I noticed he plunged into my pussy in one swift stroke. The size of his member impaling me and stretching me more than the average manhood.

I started to moan loudly with each stroke as my pussy became more and more wet causing me to cum over his pounding cock but he did not slow as I came and used my fluids to pound harder. Grinning and grunting on his own he then grabs my training belt designed with a tool I've never seen before. He briefly slows his pace he slides the vibrator through the hole causing it to settle over my clit. My eyes widen knowing what is up now. He turns the vibrator to high causing me to initially scream in pleasure. Once he sees the vibrator on high pleasuring my clit beyond words he goes back to pounding my pussy. Each stroke harder than the last. Beyond words I pull myself against my restrains as he fucks me. His hard, lithe body pounding on mine occasionally squeezing my tender ass.

Finally he roars with one final thrust and holds the vibrator in place over my clit causing my body to erupt in one more orgasm clutching his cock. As soon as his orgasm finishes, he turns off the vibrator motioning to another student to lick his member clean.

Motioning to another student to lick my clean, he glowered at me. I do not believe you have orgasmed enough yet slave. Tomorrow you will be sore and remember every pleasure, every pain, and every punishment. You will not forget your lack of self-discipline anytime soon. He motioned for the students to go back to their spots and walks back over to me releasing me and grabbing my hair. Leaning in close like he is going to kiss me then bites my chin viciously. The Master of teasing, torment, and orgasms. He yanks me carefully so I do not fall and moves me over to spreader bars and motions for a student to cuff my hands and feet to them. He nods in satisfaction dismissing the other slave to their spot and walks around me eyeing each curve I have, the welts on my ass, and you can tell which tortures would drive me the most insane. He then walks to a cabinet behind me to where I cannot see him and I could hear him rummaging and finally hearing him grunt as if he has found what he wanted. You hear items clang on a small metal table and the table being moved behind me out of sight. Next thing I know, a silk tie is tied around my head blocking my vision. You will see nothing, slave. You can do nothing but feel. Next thing I know, feel a leather paddle slide over my ass as if Master is massaging it. I sigh out a soft moan in the teasing and next thing I know he quickly swats my ass with the leather paddle a few times then caresses my ass. He swats my ass a few more times a little harder causing me to moan loudly on my already sensitive ass. He feels my ass massaging it then I hear him set down the paddle.

I listen intently as he tells a slave to come and whispers to the slave so I cannot hear. Next thing I know the other slave's hands were massaging my rear with oil. I moan as this feels so heavenly. I recognize which slave this is knowing I have played with her a few times. We have a closeness that few other slaves share and on top of that Master owns us both. Next thing I know her finger dips into my asshole causing me to moan and arch my hips. Feeling the oil heat up my juices start to flow again and Master says enough. I am somewhat disappointed as she stops but I know Master has a plan. Master dismisses her to her spot and the next thing I know I have something at my ass. He leans over and bites my ear and says to relax as he inserts it. I moan feeling the plug insert into my ass.

He proceeds to turn on the vibrator function on low. Enough to torment me, not enough to cum. Next thing I know, I feel cold steel in-between my legs. Two balls connected together being rubbed into my juices before slowly inserting them inside me. My pussy seems to suck it inside as I feel whatever material connecting them hanging in-between my legs. This sensation gets my juices flowing more as I moan. I hear him walk around to the front of me and making sure the tie is still in place. He leans in close to where I feel his breath. You will love this my pain slut. My hips jerk involuntarily and I can feel his grin as the devices torment me.

Please Master. I want him inside me so bad.

Not yet my slave. I feel a pang of disappointment but gasp as he slaps my ass. The balls and the plug making it all the sweeter. I hear him step away and hear something being shuffled. I feel him at my rear turning up the butt plug on high. I moan and breathe getting myself under control. This orgasm you will ASK. He enunciates the last word knowing if I do not, I will not have an orgasm for a long while. I writhe as he places nipple clamps on me and feel his breath as he leans over rubbing his chest over the clamps purposely tormenting me. They are clovers slave. Next thing I know, he is putting weights on and I scream in the torment-pleasure.

I feel myself close and I ask him if I can come only to hear a stern not yet. He says to get ready and next thing I know I hear a click and the balls in my twat are electrified. I scream but electricity is a turn-on that he rarely indulges in. OH MY GOD! I yell. And he waits just in case the safe word is said and when there is none, he clicks the switch again. Master, I'm so close I moan in-between the screams.

Not yet he growls. Next thing I know the balls are removed and I feel so disappointed but his fingers are inserted instead fucking me hard. And I feel his breath coming close to my most intimate part as he suckles lightly and I become so close and he stops allowing me control over myself. Next thing I know I hear a vibrator turn on and he places it over my clit as he starts to finger me harder. The vibrator is on low but I hear clicks as he turns it on high and I buck. The butt-plug stimulating me as he turns it up to max as well begins to hold my hips to keep me still. Both the vibrator on my clit and ass on their highest setting I scream out a moan and I hear him say NOW. I let loose a strong orgasm that makes my toes curl and my body convulse.

He turns off the vibrators and removes the plug and I hear them placed on a table as I hang limply while Master releases me and takes me to a bed big enough for two as he cleans me up and cuddles me. Aftercare I think lightly to myself. Stroking me and massaging my ass from all the swats as if making it all better.

After what seems like forever but was only minutes later, I hear the medic walk over and stand patiently. Master nods to the medic in acknowledgement as he allows the medic to examine me. The medic gives the all clear and Master smiles then looks around the room.

He stands back up to address the class. Class, I hope you all learned a lesson. Clean up the toys and the room. He smirks looking at juices on the floor. Then shower. With that he left the room and the other students began to clean the toys and the room and the sub that massaged my ass with oil before came over to me cuddling a few minutes and then helps me to the showers and bed. I will be sleeping like a baby tonight...Tomorrow is for reflection.

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