tagFetishPunished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 08

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 08


For a long while the scene seemed frozen in time. Rachel with her finger inserted up my anus, and Troy with his fingers pushed firmly into my vagina. My Parents in Law, Jane and Ben, along with John and Debbie filled the doorway. Not surprisingly, all eyes centred on me.

Rachel and Troy had obviously got over the initial shock as I began to feel their digits ever so slowly extricating themselves from my most intimate cavities. I think they felt if they slowly withdrew no one would notice they had been sticking their fingers where they definitely should not have.

Unfortunately as Troy's fingers slipped from my vagina they made a loud slurping noise that filled the room. I clearly was very wet, and this only served to add to my embarrassment. I cringed in abject shame.

"I cannot believe you would enlist these children to satisfy your depraved sexual needs. Have you no shame?" accused my Mother in Law.

"But..." I wanted to explain that Rachel and Troy had hardly been victims in all of this, but I bit on my tongue, as I knew from bitter experience defending my actions would only dig a bigger hole for me, and I was already in big trouble.

"Well!" My Mother in Law had stepped further into the bedroom, hands on her hips. She presented an intimidating sight.

The other three adults had followed her into the room, and now everyone was crowded around the bed. And there I was, stark naked, and kneeling on all fours like an expectant puppy wanting a pat from its owner. I suspected I was eventually going to get more than a pat.

"No, Ma'am," I eventually managed to croak out, at the same time sitting up so I was not in such an obscene pose.

"Get back on all fours," Jane barked, "You obviously enjoy showing off the most feminine parts of your body, so you can stay like that until I tell you to move."

Wearily I resumed my position on all fours, only too aware the three males had all managed to congregate down the other end of the bed and clearly would have a magnificent eyeful of my swollen and well-lubricated labia.

"What do you think our son would think of his wife's behaviour?" my Mother in Law's words cut deeply

"He would be ashamed," I responded honestly, struggling to hold back the tears.

"Aren't you capable of masturbating yourself like any normal person?"

I looked up at my Mother in Law in horror. My ears burned. She glared at me and was clearly expecting a response

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered, very embarrassed by the topic and hoping my Mother in Law would quickly drop the subject. But she was only just warming up.

"I suppose you normally get other people to frig you since you are not capable of doing the job yourself?"

"No, Ma'am" I tried to sound offended.

"Well, what do you normally do?" My Mother in Law turned the screw.

"Pardon?" I frowned, not liking this conversation one little bit, especially as it was taking place in a small bedroom full of people, and I was the naked centre piece.

"What...do...you...normally...do...when...you...are...masturbating?" Jane had bent over so she was at my level and positioned her face right in front of mine.

I struggled for words, and was not quite sure what she was expecting of me in the way of a response.

"I, um, I just play with myself until I cum." I was burning with embarrassment.

"So you play with yourself?"

"Yes Ma'am." I was sure my whole body was blushing

"How?" My Mother in Law probed relentlessly

"How...what do you mean?" I stammered.

"How...do...you...play ...with...yourself?"

I could not believe the shame I was being subjected to. And in front of all these people. But the worse shame of all was the fact that I could feel my sexual excitement increasing. I knew my labia would be swelling before the eyes of the three males in the room. I silently prayed my juices would not begin running down my legs.

"Well?" Jane was becoming impatient for a response

"I touch myself on my private parts." I barely whispered

"On your cunt?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"You touch yourself on your cunt?" My Mother in Law was loving it

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Show us how?"

I looked at my Mother in Law, mortified. This was the first time my relationship with my Parents in Law had become overtly sexual. But I guess I started it by being caught with the fingers of two teenagers delving into my inner sanctum, so to speak.

"I can't," I whimpered

"Well if you can't, I can always get one of the men to do the demonstration for you. Ben has often told you what a lovely cunt you have. I am sure he would jump at the chance to be more upfront and personal with his Daughter in Law. Is that not the case, Ben?"

"You bet ya," Ben responded gleefully

"And I am sure you would assist, John?"

"Would I ever," John responded with undisguised enthusiasm.

"And I do not need to enquire about your enthusiasm to help out, young Troy. I think we have all seen that only too clearly."

Troy smiled sheepishly in response.

I had no doubt my Mother in Law would carry out her threat

"I will show you," I whispered in defeat

"I had a feeling you would," Jane responded in triumph. "Stay in your doggy position and ensure you keep your legs well apart so we can see clearly how our tramp of a Daughter in Law masturbates herself.

'Was this the most humiliating thing my Parents in Law had subjected me to so far', I silently wondered, and all portals of my brain seemed to be in unanimous agreement that it was.

I took a deep breath before lifting one of my hands off the bed and slowly moving it down to rest on my inner thigh. The silence in the room was deafening. With effort I managed to lever my knees wide apart. I could feel my puffy and moist labia opening like a flower. My scent permeated the room, leaving no one in doubt of my heightened arousal.

I closed my eyes as I cupped my hand over my vagina.

"Keep your eyes open and look at me while you play with yourself," directed my Mother in Law.

I opened my eyes and looked plaintively at Jane, whose face was still only inches away from mine. Without even realising it, my hand had begun to rub itself up and down my pussy, and I could feel my wetness lubricating my fingers.

I let out a low moan, and was immediately embarrassed. My Mother in Law was actually smiling.

I could already feel my orgasm building like a runaway train and I was powerless to stop it. I arched my back down and opened my legs wider so as to afford my onlookers a better view. I wanted my humiliation to be as complete as possible.

Desperately I searched out my clit and pulled it hard until it was fully distended from its hood, then rubbed it furiously between my fingers. My groaning was becoming louder, and I was panting like a puppy. I was so aroused I very quickly began to orgasm. I slid several fingers deep into my vagina and thrust them in and out furiously. I was making slurping noises and could feel my juices running onto my inner thighs.

As I looked deeply into my Mother in Law's eyes I exploded in orgasm. My body shuddered and I wailed out loud with unadulterated pleasure. Even this first orgasm did not satisfy me and I continued to alternate between rubbing my clit and thrusting my fingers deep into my vagina. I knew I must look like an absolute slut, but I could not help myself. A second orgasm quickly built and again shuddered threw my body. I was bathed with sweat, and collapsed on the bed with exhaustion.

When I finally lifted myself up the room was empty. I could not believe what I had just done. It was inconceivable any self-respecting woman could behave like that in front of a roomful of people, especially when two of those persons were my Parents in Law. But then, so much of my life in recent months could not be thought of in rational terms.

I lay on the bed for a long while, contemplating what I should do. I had fully expected to be punished, and was surprised they had departed the room without giving me a thorough spanking for my behaviour. I had no doubt I would receive a severe punishment for my actions, and I wished they had done it already, as the dread of anticipation can almost be as bad as the punishment itself.

I had no clothes in the bedroom apart from my top, so I sat on the edge of the bed and put it on. I knew I would have to venture out sooner or later, but I stalled for a while longer as I was embarrassed at having to front up to everyone. Eventually I plucked up the courage, walked to the door, and gingerly opened it.

Everyone was seated around the big oak table eating dinner. They all turned to me and stared, which only served to increase my embarrassment.

"You are late for dinner." It was Debbie reprimanding me this time. "I should put you over my knee again and give you a damn good spanking."

The fact that Debbie is only a couple of years older than me made her comments even more humiliating. I knew I dared not argue the point with her.

"I am sorry, Ma'am," I could not believe I actually called her 'Ma'am'. It was bad enough having to address my Mother in Law as 'Ma'am', but I hoped it would please Debbie if I showed her similar respect. It seemed to work.

Debbie pointed to the spare chair. "Sit down and eat."

I quickly obeyed, even though sitting was uncomfortable as my buttocks were still tender from the horse ride. I had not realised how hungry I was from all this 'country living', and ate well while the others indulged in mostly small talk.

Without warning there was a gentle knock and the front door opened. In stepped a middle-aged couple and Debbie and Rachel rushed over to greet them with a hug. Debbie then turned to us and introduced the couple as her parents.

Debbie escorted the couple over to the table and began introducing the rest of us to her parents. Everyone stood up. I was about to do the same when I suddenly remembered I was naked from the waist down. I had been so absorbed in eating dinner I had temporarily forgotten about my state of undress. Soon everyone was standing, except myself. I think Debbie had deliberately left my introduction to last. With a huge grin on her face she pointed to me and made the introduction.

"This is Jane and Ben's Daughter in Law, Kym. She is from New Zealand."

Debbie and Rachel's parents smiled, and waited for me to stand to shake hands.

I blushed, and mumbled, "Pleased to meet you." But did not stand.

"Stand up girl, where are your manners?" It was my Father in Law, Ben, dishing out the reprimand.

Everyone was steering at me, and I wished the floor would open up and swallow me.

Incredibly embarrassed, I pointed down to my crutch, trying to remind them I was actually naked from the waist down.

"What's wrong with you girl?" Ben was acting confused, but I knew full well he was aware of my nakedness. I was being set up to be humiliated, yet again, by my Parents in Law.

I stared down at the table. "I do not have any panties on," I mumbled.

" You don't have any panties on!" Ben acted as if this news was a total shock. Jane, John and Debbie had a similarly shocked look on their faces.

"No, Sir," I continued to mumble.

"And pray tell me," my Father in Law enquired, "why is a grown woman sitting at the dinner table in a state of undress?"

"It is a long story," was my evasive response. I was blushing bright red.

"Well I am sure our guests are very keen to hear your little story of explanation."

I looked up at Debbie and Rachel's parents. They had a look of keen anticipation on their faces, and were obviously fascinated to hear why a grown woman is sitting, near naked, at a dining table.

I closed my eyes and tried to recall the events of the day, and then think how I could recount them to two total strangers. There seemed no easy way. It was going to be a humiliating experience no matter how I recounted the day.

I decided to get it over as quickly as I could.

"We went for a long horse ride, then stopped for a swim. Us young ones stripped down to our underwear, but I was only wearing a lacy pink thong as I did not know we might go for a swim. I was also wearing no bra," I added as an afterthought. "I did not want to get undressed and was naughty when told that I had to." I could not believe how I was sounding like such a naughty young child.

I continued. "When I got out of the water I was made to take off my panties. Then I had to go over Debbie's knee and have my bare bottom spanked. I was then told I had to ride back on the horse with no panties on since I am so naughty. And I got such a sore bottom."

I had rushed it all out with hardly a breath. I looked up at everybody staring intently at me, and incredibly I could feel my body beginning to betray me. I was becoming sexually stimulated.

"And what happened when you got back?" Ben probed.

. I inwardly groaned. I had hoped my explanation would satisfy everyone. I took a deep breath, and then went for it.

" When I got back my bottom was sore and Rachel and Troy rubbed some oil on me to sooth the pain. But I let them touch me on my private parts." I could not have been more embarrassed, confessing my sins in front of everyone, and especially Rachel and Debbie's parents.

"My, oh my, you have been naughty." It was Debbie's mother who addressed me. "I think you had better stand up."

Hesitantly I pushed my chair out of the way and stood up. My inclination was to clasp my hands in front of my pubic area but I did not want to risk upsetting my Parents in Law, so I placed them at my side. My top only came down to my belly button so my shaven pussy was in clear view.

Debbie's parents stared at me with what seemed to be a disbelieving fascination. They were not shocked, which surprised me.

Debbie's dad turned to my Parents in Law. "She is very obliging. She must enjoy being punished like a brazen tramp?"

It was time for the Mother in Law to get in on the act. "Oh yes, in fact she gets so excited she gets very wet. Don't you, dear?"

Jane turned to me with a big condescending smile. This was going from bad to worse.

"Yes Ma'am," I pouted.

"Are you wet now?"

I just knew she was going to ask that question. I thought very carefully about my reply. I knew my humiliation had made my labia damp. If I lied my Mother in Law was just as likely to check me out.

I hung my head. "I think I might be Ma'am, just a little bit."

Jane gave an exaggerated, "Tut, tut. What are we going to do with you?"

It was now Debbie's turn to tighten the screw. "I don't want you getting wet on my dining chairs. They have just been covered. Get the tissues on top of the fridge and bring them to me."

I trotted my bare backside off to the kitchen in search of the tissues. I could feel all the eyes checking out my naked buttocks. When I returned I endured a similar scrutiny, this time on my exposed pubic region. I dutifully handed the tissues to Debbie. She removed several and handed them to me.

"Put them on your chair....neatly," Debbie ordered.

Embarrassedly I carefully laid them over the fabric of the chair. Debbie then removed another handful of tissues

"Now wipe yourself before you sit down. Knowing how your juices run, I do not want to take any risks."

I could not believe she would make such a request of me. Stupidly I looked to my Parents in Law for support, but was greeted with satisfied grins.

With great reluctance I opened my legs wider, and in the full view of everybody I wiped my labia several times. Debbie held out her hand and I handed the tissues back to her. My dampness was clearly visible on the tissues.

"Incredible," Debbie's Dad muttered, disbelievingly.

"After dinner she is going to be punished. You are welcome to stay if you wish." It was my Father in Law, Ben, speaking.

Debbie and Rachel's parents readily accepted his invitation.

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