tagInterracial LovePut It In, Coach

Put It In, Coach

byDai Raku©

It was the spring of my freshman year in college when I got my first blissful taste of chocolate.

Growing up in tiny Spearman, Texas there wasn't many Black families around; as a matter of fact I don't remember any Blacks in my senior class. When it was time to go to college, I decided to stay close to home and attend college, so I settled on a small college in the Oklahoma panhandle about an hour drive from home, it had an enrollment of only 3500 students.

My freshman year was full of late nights and alcohol. I swear to you 80% of the women there were alcoholics, they just didn't know it. In a town that small there wasn't much else to do besides drink and have sex, and every night of the week one or both of those activities were going on in someone's dorm room.

My roommate Jessica was from Guymon, Oklahoma about 20 miles from the college; her father was the local high school boys' basketball coach. She was a stone cold freak, sex to her was like breathing, and it had to be done in order to live. She loved Black guys, which were the only guys she would have sex with. She grew up like I did, not around Blacks. She said she had sex with her first Black guy her senior year in high school.

She was at a party when one of the basketball players at the college showed up. She said she was drunk and all over him, one thing led to another and he fucked her in her car parked in front of the party. It was the beginning of her obsession with Black men.

She would date White guys, but she wouldn't fuck them, she would only fuck Black guys. Dating White guys was her way of pulling the wool over her father's eyes. He wasn't keen on his daughter dating outside the race. That's the way we all grew up in that area, it was like an unwritten rule. You knew dating a Black guy was totally unacceptable in your family. Have a baby, do some drugs, hell even murder someone, just don't be caught dating a Black guy. It was like that and that's just the way it was.

The first time I thought about fucking a Black guy was after I witness my roommate get almost fucked to death by a Black football player. It was the weekend of our 3rd week of school. She snuck him in our room at 2 o'clock early Saturday morning. I was asleep, but her never ending moaning and groaning woke me up.

I was in bed with my back to her, but I rolled over and faced her, but pretended I was asleep. There was light coming through the blinds on our window from the moon. I could see him fucking her hard and fast. I felt sorry for her pussy, but even though he was really fucking her hard she was in pleasure paradise. I heard her say she was cumin at least four times.

I watched her ride him for a few minutes, and then she got off him and got between his legs and started to suck him off. The ray of moon light came through the blinds and covered his cock, and for the first time I believed what they said about Black guys. His cock was big and uncut.

I had to gasp for air when I saw it; I was trying to figure out how my roommate was able to take all of him inside her 4'11" body. He got an A for the fucking he put on her, but she got an A+ for being able to vaginally digest that much cock.

Listening to her slurping sounds she was applying to his cock made me want to get some cock put in me, but I wasn't going to go near the beast across the bed from me. She sucked on him until her little mouth got tired. He picked her up and bounced her up and down on his cock, her back was towards me, and I could see his cock stretching her little bald pussy, as he dug deep in her like a miner in a tram.

They finally finished up and I slid my hand between my legs comforting my pussy, and letting my pussy know I was going to protect her from an invasion like that which we both had witnessed. I knew after that night I was destined to get Black dicked, but I knew I was staying the fuck away from those big ass football players.

A month later I was at the gym watching the men basketball team practice and my roommate was salivating over one of the basketball players. I have to admit he was a fine ass brotha, but my eyes were on the assistant coach Leroy Holmes. The man stood 6'9" tall and was finer than a mother... you know what. I watched as he went through some of the drills and started to sweat, there's something about sweat on a Black man's body, don't ask me what it is, because I don't know. All I know is it is what it is.

The first time I saw Coach Holmes was during freshman orientation, he was in charge of the class. I didn't think much of him at that time; I just thought he was tall, but seeing him on the floor in his shorts and the sweat droplets covering his body made me crave him. My freaky roommate was scoping me out as I watched him intensely. She leaned over towards me and started talking shit.

"Girl I see you got your eyes on some chocolate. Damn are you coming to the dark side? She said.

"I'm just checking out the team." I said.

"Team my ass I saw you checking out Coach Holmes. You want him don't you?"

"No. Now stop it, I'm checking out all the guys."

"Yeah but you want some Black dick don't you."

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't."

"Girl you don't fool me, I know your ass be awake when I be getting my fuck on sometime."

"Most of the time I'm not."

"Yeah but sometime you are, and I know you've seen some of those monster dicks going up in me."

"Hey to much info that's enough."

"You want me to hook you up with Coach Holmes?"

"No thank you, I'm not interested."

"Okay suit yourself, but just in case you want to know he works late at his office, and he has a bed in his storage closet for when he's to tired to go home late at night."

"How do you know so much about him?"

"I don't, but I fucked the coach he replaced, and we did our thing on that bed in the storage room when he would work late."

"It doesn't matter, I'm not fucking him."

"Yeah right, and I'm a virgin."

"Come on lets go to dinner."

"Okay Becky you go ahead and lead the way Ms. Undercover Freak."

I was doing some serious fronting with her; all the while as she talked to me my pussy was on fire with lust. I wasn't hungry for dinner; I was hungry for Coach Holmes. We sat through dinner and ended up back at the gym. As I opened the door, Coach Holmes was coming out.

"Good evening ladies." He said

"Hey Coach Holmes, how are you?" Jessica said. Trying to sound sexy and shy at the same time.

I just stood there unable to talk.

"What's wrong with your friend, does the cat have her tongue?"

"No she's just in shock from being so close to you. She's had thoughts of doing you."

"Is that right, and exactly what do you want to do to me young lady?"

"I don't want to do nothing to you, Jessica just acting silly." I said.

"Well I have to go, take care."

"Coach Holmes, you working late tonight?" Jessica asked.

"As a matter of fact I am why you ask?"

"You want the truth, or a lie?"

"I want the truth."

"Well if you're working late my friend Becky wanted to come visit you."

"Is that true Becky?"

"I guess, I don't know, yeah probably.'

"Sure come visit me and we can talk basketball, I'll be back in my office at 9:00pm tonight. Just come to the back door it should be open."

"Okay coach she'll see you tonight."

"If you say so, see you later."

"Bye coach, she'll see you later."

I glared at her with the disdain of a woman scorned. I was so mad at her, but at the same time I was grateful for her inviting me to his office. I went to my room and dreamed about fucking Coach Holmes hoping that would make the time go by faster. But it didn't time seemed to go by at a slower pace than normal. My mind was racing 100 miles per hour, I didn't know what to think, part of me was afraid yet part was excited. At that time I just wanted to feel him inside me, and I wanted it bad.

I dozed off to sleep and slept until 10:00pm. Jessica got me up with her loud talking and beer drinking with two of her male friends. I headed over to the gym with butterflies in my stomach and chills over my body. I got to the back door, but it was lock. I tried the front and it was also lock. I figures it was going to be in the cards that night, so went back to the dorm.

Jessica was still there with her friends and the three of them was getting busy, she was being fucked by both of them at the same time. The girl was a big time freak; she just loved fucking, especially by big Black guys. I didn't want to witness another one of her fuck session so I went to the lobby to watch a movie.

Two weeks after my inability to get into the gym, I ran into Coach Holmes when I was coming out of my evening biology lab. He stopped me and asked where I was going, I told him I was going back to the dorm to study. He told me I didn't need to study, he said I needed to go with him and help him with some work. So like a good girl willing to help the needed, I went along with him.

We got to his office and I could see his storage room door slightly open, and there was a roller way bed inside it. "Damn the girl was telling the truth," I said under my breath.I sat across from his desk as he fiddled around doing his coaching thing. We started to talk about sex and other shit.

"Have you ever been with a Black guy before Becky?" He said.

"No but I want to."

"Oh really, so do you have someone in mind?"

"Yes I do, I really want to get with you."

"Is that so, well if we do get together we have to keep on the d-lo."

"I can do that, I have no problem with that, because I don't like people knowing my business."

"So what are you into Becky?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know, like what do you like sexually?"

"Well I'll try anything once and twice if I like it."

"So you're down with whatever?"

"I guess you can say that."

He came over to where I was sitting and got on his knees in front of me. His huge hands and long fingers unbutton my blouse, his eyes widen as they eyed my braless breasts. My nipples got instantly hard as he touched them slowly and softly. I was completely at the mercy of his touches. My body basked in the extreme excitement from him being so close to me.

His soft full lips found their way to my thin lip gloss covered lips and gently placed kisses on them. The area between my legs was on fire, I yearned to feel him inside of me. I thought he would take me in a manly way, the way the football players had taken Jessica so many times, but he didn't.

I imagined him yanking me from the chair; turn me around and bending me over the chair and dick invading me from behind. But to my surprise he took his time with me, and he was gentle it was like he was a teacher and I was his student and he wanted to make sure I learn my lesson the right way.

The excitement of his touches and the realization of me getting fuck by a Black man for the first time made my panties wet. I could feel my pussy's self lubrication trickling out of me and coming face to face with my panties. The many nights of watching Jessica get big dick fuck by so many guys was running through my head. The exhilaration on her face, her moans and groans, the hundreds of time she said "Fuck me harder and deeper," all flashed before my eyes, which made me want Coach Holmes even more.

His long warm tongue escaped from his mouth and found a home upon my breasts, as he ran his tongue over each breast and kissed and sucked on my hard nipples. My hands began to caress his body and slither over his perfect bald head. His tongue was like a key as each placement of it upon my body opened my legs further and further apart until the width in which they were open left no doubts about what I wanted. I wanted him between my legs, and it didn't matter if he dove between my legs head or dick first, just as long as one of those heads was between my legs.

His huge hands picked me up from the chair; I stood there trembling from his touches and the excitement of not knowing what he was going to do next. He slid my blouse down my arms; next he turned me around and unzipped my skirt. I was standing there with my back against his chest with only my Looney Tunes panties on; it was testament to the moment. An older, stronger, more mature man, with a young inexperienced woman who didn't have a clue as she stood wearing cartoon covered panties.

Coach hands came in front of me and massaged my breasts; I could feel the rising of the once small bulge in his pants. The many tiny hairs on my arms were standing at attention. The chills and tremors he sent throughout my body with his tongue tracing over the back of my neck took me to my knees. It was too much to handle standing up; I put my elbows on the chair and spread my legs. I wanted him to take me doggie style right there on the floor.

I looked back over my shoulders and he was removing his clothes. First his shirt came off revealing his hairless muscular chest, then he removed his shorts, and his dick was definite a sight for sore eyes. I was ecstatic about the size of his dick; it was about 4 inches and not thick like the dicks I had seen go into Jessica, so I felt relieved. The whole time he was touching me I was a little afraid that he would be too big for my little tight twice fucked pussy.

He walked around in front of me and sat in the chair, his limp dick was in my face, without him saying a word I knew what he wanted me to do. Looking up at him I held his dick in my right hand and rubbed his chest with my left. My small mouth moved up and down on his dick until I got it hard. His dick grew 3 more inches as I reached my maximum dick to mouth intake, which was only about 5 inches.

I orally made love to his dick with the devotion of a sexually deprived woman. My tongue rolled over his dick as my slurping increased along with my suction. I had accomplished my mission of getting him hard as a rock and getting an orgasm while I sucked his dick.

Coach Holmes pulled me up by my shoulders, standing in front of him he pulled his shorts over to him with the heel of his foot. He retrieved a rubber from the back pocket and proceeded to open it and cover his saliva drenched dick.

After fully covering his dick, he grabbed my legs one at a time and sat me on his dick with my legs wrapped around his waist. He rose from the chair and stood up with his dick all the way in me. He walked to the storage room and we got in the bed in the missionary position with my legs completely wrapped around his waist. He felt so good in me I had to express my satisfaction.

"Oh coach you feel so good in me." I said. "Oh yeah just like that, and right there, don't stop, whatever you do don't stop."

He didn't disappoint me; he kept the same pace and brought out another orgasm from the deep part of my sexual valley. My hips met his every movement, as I held on for my sexual life. I rolled over on him and began to ride the black bull like a real cowgirl would. I could feel every inch he had up in me and the sensation was awesome.

With my hands on his chest I fucked him like he deserved to get fucked. My masterful pussy contractions and inner pussy muscles held his dick captive long enough to allow his dick to cumatized my pussy with the eruption needed to make it happy. I rode his dick until I felt it got limp and slid out of me. I leaned forward until we were breast to chest and I kissed him passionately as I rubbed my pussy over his limp dick and stole another orgasm.

Exhausted, we feel asleep with me on top of his muscular chest and my soaked pussy resting atop his limped rubber covered dick.

Coach Holmes and I were lovers for the remainder of that year. It was some of the best sex I ever had. He left the summer of that year to go play professional basketball overseas. I never heard from him again after he left. But trust me he left his mark on me. On my right thigh there's a tattoo of a heart, and in that heart there's the letters C.H.

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