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Queen Bee Sora


I cannot believe I'm stuck in Mandingo. This was not how Sora had envisioned spending the remainder of her senior year of high school. Sora had lived her whole life up to this point in Japan, having turned 18 the previous week. When her father was dispatched to the United States in order to increase his company's market base, she was optimistic that it would be bearable living in Los Angeles or New York, world class cities with diverse populations. Instead, he was sent to Mandingo, American Midwest, in order to be near the geographic center of the United States. It was an affluent but small city, at least compared to her beloved Tokyo, Sora noted. Sora never wanted to leave Tokyo. She had a great life in Tokyo, with tons of girlfriends and the most popular boy in her district, Shigeru, wrapped around her finger. She really was the queen bee at her previous school, a role which she relished. Now she had to live in this shitty little hick town, in a foreign country and with a foreign language. There probably aren't even any Asians here, she lamented.

Sora knew that she had to stop her depressing thoughts. It was her first day of school, although as it was October the other students had started already, and she had to finish getting ready. She looked over herself in the mirror. She was 5'2 with light honey brown skin with a tinge of yellow. She admired her perfectly straight hair, jet black and falling down to her lower back. Her hair had been the envy of every girl in her old school. Even her bangs, currently cut straight across her forehead like many Japanese girls, were immaculate. As she was accustomed to attending private school, Sora wore a checkered red and navy skirt that ended a few inches above her knees. Sora examined her legs, which were slender but still retained a very feminine beauty. Japanese boys had gone crazy for them. She wore a white blouse, and noted that it clung to her white D-cup bra. Sora had been the bustiest girl in her old school, and every boy had coveted her breasts. She had used this to her advantage, as she regularly flirted with the boys in the school to get what she wanted. You don't just become queen bee for nothing, she thought to herself. There are probably some huge amazon women here in Mandingo with H-cup breasts though. Still, she knew none would match her beauty. Sora's dark brown eyes, glassy and innocent, really were spectacular. She had s little stubby nose that all men found cute, and full succulent lips. Sora finished applying lip gloss, slipped on her black one inch clog heels and hopped downstairs, suitably impressed with herself.

Sora grabbed her little black knapsack, swung it over her shoulder and headed out the door without a word to her parents. She was still angry with them over the move. She made the five minute walk down the street and arrived at Mandingo high. It was a large white school with large lawns surrounding it. There were already hundreds of kids milling around. Sora had heard that there were 3,000 students attending the school. She looked around at the other students. Mostly white kids, with a few black kids mixed in. As far as she could tell her suspicion had been correct. No Asians.

Suddenly Sora fell to the ground. She saw two girls storm past her. They turned around to see who they had knocked over. The girl on the right spoke first. She was 5'7, white and had long, red hair that fell into large curls. She was wearing jean shorts and a tight green t-shirt that hugged what appeared to Sora to be a pair of DDs. She stomped around in brown work boots.

"Watch where you're going you... an Asian?! Since when do we have an Asian here?!" She asked.

The other girl was black, and the first black person Sora had ever seen in person. She was 5'9 and had an afro. She wore jeans, black sneakers and a yellow tanktop. She was muscular, but had by far the largest ass Sora had ever seen.

"Awwwww meee sooooo SAAWEEEEE" The black girl sarcastically said.

English was not her first language, but Sora was fluent. She had watched television shows and movies in English for as long as she could remember and had picked up quite a bit. A bit of studying over the summer left her more than adequate with the language. Still, before she could respond to the girls they ran off laughing. Sora fumed. Bitches.

Sora's first three classes were humiliating. All of her teachers made a point of introducing her to the class like some sort of alien. Clearly the people of Mandingo had never even seen an Asian in person. The boys just looked at her like an alien, but the girls turned their noses up at her and scrunched their eyebrows dismissively when looking her way. Her class before lunch had been the worst. Her teacher, Mr. Flutesnoot, was particularly interested in Japan and asked her many questions. Sora pretended not to be able to understand him, and was highly embarrassed by the whole situation. He told her that she might want to check out the computer lab before lunch, although it would not be as impressive as the lab she was used to. Yes, Sora thought. Of course all Asians are into computers. Ignorant moron. Mercifully, the bell rang.

Sora decided to avoid the lunchroom. She did not feel like being stared at and looked down on by thousands of students. Sora took an apple out of her bag and headed toward the computer lab. Hopefully it's empty, she thought. Maybe I can talk to my friends at home on the computer for the whole hour.

Sora walked into the computer lab and looked around. Good, she thought. All alone. Sora sat at a keyboard and logged in with her school password. She suddenly heard heavy breathing and turned around, confused.

"Umm... ahh... hel.. hello" She heard come from the corner. Sora raised her eyebrows.


Sora saw two boys stand up. The first was a chubby white boy with greasy brown hair. He was covered in acne. The second was a rail thin black boy wearing glasses and with hair that seemed to rise on the sides and droop in the middle. Both were just like the nerds that Sora had been in American movies and TV shows.

"Ahhh are you lost?" The scared looking white boy asked.

"No... this is the computer lab?" Sora asked.

"Yeppers." The equally scared black boy responded.

Both boys looked at Sora with bulging eyes.

"Something wrong?" Sora asked, confused by their stares.

"No... it's just... we never see girls in the computer lab." Responded the black boy.

"Yes, definitely a rarity!" The white boy responded.

"Sorry..." Sora felt awkward speaking with the two strange boys.

"Are you from Japan?!" the white boy asked.

"Do you like anime?!?!" the black boy followed up.

"It's ok I guess... and yes I am..." Sora responded. Sora enjoyed some Japanese cartoons as a child, but did not want to be stereotyped.

The boys were excited by her response. Within moments they introduced themselves and began bombarding her with questions. The white boy was Martin, and the black boy was Louis. They were both huge fans of computers and anime. They were also extremely interested in Japan and considered themselves experts on the topic. Seeing an actual Japanese girl, particularly one as beautiful as Sora, walk into their computer lab was like a dream come true. They both tried to show her as much of their favourite anime as was possible in the lunch hour. Sora feigned interest, which encouraged them further. Sora noticed both boys occasionally getting lost staring at her chest and legs.

When it was almost time for the warning bell the boys told Sora they would show her to her next class. Neither of them would take their eyes off of her. Sora was happy to have male attention again, even if it was from two boys as awkward as Martin and Louis. In Japan, the most popular boys in the school would escort her to her class. Sora was disappointed to see the two girls who had knocked her down standing just inside the classroom she was supposed to be entering. I hate those bitches, she thought. They appeared to be talking to their boyfriends.

"Who are they?" Sora asked.

"Ah well that is Sharmell." Martin said pointing to the black girl.

"And that is Jerimiah" Louis finished, pointing to the black boy standing with her.

Jeremiah was 6'4 and very muscular. He had dark brown skin and wore short dreadlocks. He was wearing a black Mandingo football jersey and jeans. Sora had never seen a black man like this before. He was actually decent looking, Sora thought, for a black man anyway. He had a thin nose for a black man, but large black lips. He was much bigger than any man Sora had been in Japan. In Japan black people were looked down upon as stupid and inferior, only having the ability to compete in mindless athletic activities. This was a belief that was shared by Sora's family, herself included.

"Yeah, they've been dating since seventh grade" Martin continued.

"Jeremiah is the running back on the football team and co captain of the basketball team." Louis added.

"He's being recruited by tons of universities for next year." Martin noted.

"We both have acceptance letters to Yale and Ha..."

"Who is that?" Sora interrupted Louis, pointing at the white guy talking to her red haired enemy.

"Ohh... that's Austin... everyone loves him. His eighteenth birthday party last month was the social event of the year. He's the quarterback of the football team, co-captain of the basketball team, head of student council, member of..."

Sora stopped listening. Austin was 6'2 and quite well defined. He wore jeans and a white t-shirt, and Sora was quite impressed with how well he filled them. His blonde hair was combed carefully to the side and kept short on the sides and in back. He had very handsome features, she noted, and a very nice smile. Sora knew that in North America many Asian women and white men became couples. Looking at Austin, she could see why. He even puts Shigeru to shame, she thought to herself. And he's popular. I want him. I always get what I want.

"... and that of course is Cher. She's hot and everything but a total priss. Head cheerleader, student council and all that. They've been together since seventh grade too." Louis informed her.

Cher. I want what you have, Sora thought.

"Heyyyy look Shar, it's the Asian girl and the two dweebs!" Cher yelled in Sora's direction.

"Awwww don't they look cute together! They belong together." Sharmell yelled in response.

Sora was mortified. She ran to the back corner of the class and sat down. She hated them.

The rest of the day flew by, as Sora thought about how much she hated Cher and Sharmell, and how handsome she thought Austin was. Jeremiah was OK looking for a black guy, she admitted. After school Sora hurried home and hopped on the computer. She Skyped with her friends and with Shigeru. The whole time she was distracted by her thoughts of Austin. I wonder if he likes Asian girls, she mused. Lots of white guys seem to.

Sora changed into a long yellow tshirt and went to bed. I should be the most popular girl here, she told herself. I can be. Austin is popular. If I had him, I would be popular too. I can do this. I will be queen bee again.

Sora was horny as she went to bed. She thought of Shigeru. He had been the most handsome boy in her school, 5'10 and well built. Sora thought back to the sex she had enjoyed with Shigeru. She knew that she kept him more than satisfied. Shigeru never lasted more than 5 minutes with his gorgeous girlfriend. Sora had enjoyed the sex too, she told herself. She had enjoyed the orgasms she had during sex. They were not as great as the orgasms she heard about from American movies, but they were still enjoyable. Still, she found that she derived more pleasure from touching herself. She began rubbing her vagina. Sora kept her vagina hairless, unlike most other girls she knew in Japan. The rest of my body is hairless, Sora had thought. Why shouldn't my vagina be? She also enjoyed the skin on skin contact, and didn't want hair getting in the way. Shigeru had appreciated it, especially when he provided Sora with oral sex. She had demanded oral sex with great regularity. Sora's thoughts drifted from Shigeru to Austin. Austin had an even better build than Shigeru, and had a manlier aura. He's so popular too, Sora thought as she increased the speed of her fingers on her clit. There must be a reason so many Asian girls go for white men...

The next morning Sora once again prepared for school. She wore a similar outfit, except this time her skirt was pleated and tan coloured. She started thinking of ways to get what she wanted.

Sora kept to herself for the first three hours of school. It was easy, since no one showed any interest in talking to her. She watched Austin in the period before lunch. Cher held his left hand in her lap, on top of her mound, the whole time. At the lunch bell Sora quickly walked down to the computer lab.

Martin and Louis both looked ecstatic to see Sora. They had worried that they had scared her off by revealing their favourite anime show too rapidly.

"Hey Sora! How was..."

"Can you see the schedules for all of the students in the school?" She interrupted.

"Well, we could. We know these computers inside out." Louis informed her.

"Yeah, but it's against school rules. We could never actually do it. Why do you ask?" Martin questioned.

"I just want to see the schedules for everyone. Can you do that for me?" Sora pressed.

"It's against school rules. We can't get in trouble. It would..."

Sora tilted her head down and looked up at Martin and Louis with her gorgeous dark eyes. She batted her eyelashes at them and began twirling her black hair around her right finger.


Both boys melted instantly. They stumbled all over themselves to break into the schedule files for Sora. Once their work was complete, Sora found Austin's schedule. Math, chemistry, english and gym. Sora was not looking forward to gym. She printed it off and put it in her backpack. Soon we will be in every class together, she told herself. He will notice me.

Sora approached Mr. Flutesnoot following lunch.

"I need change classes." She told him in her fake broken English.

Mr. Flutesnoot looked at her. She really was a beautiful girl. He had always been interested in Japan, and their women.

"Oh hello Sora! Let me take a look at this. Hmmmm. Math and chemistry are probably fine. Gym shouldn't be a problem. English though? I don't think you are ready for it yet."

Sora was not happy.

"Please?" She asked with a pleading look as she played with her fingers behind her back.

"Well I guess you're right. You have to learn sometime!" Mr. Flutesnoot could not deny the beautiful Japanese girl this small favour.

"Tutor?" she asked.

"Good idea. There's a list somewhere..." Mr. Flutesnoot wandered off.

Sora only had one in mind.

Sora went to bed naked that night. She lay in her bed and grabbed her left nipple. Her nipples were light brown and quite large. They were roughly the circumference of an American nickel, she noted, and pointed out quite a bit. Shigeru had often fixated on her nipples during sex. He loved kissing and sucking them whenever he had the chance. I bet Austin would love them, she thought to herself as her other hand moved down to her vagina. He will want me. I want him. I bet his white dick is even bigger than Shigeru's six inches, Sora told herself as her pace quickened.

That night Sora was happy with herself as she went to sleep. I have to work hard, she told herself, but everything is going to work out. I know it.

The next day Sora switched most of her classes so that she was now in every class with Austin. She wore a similar outfit as every other day, this time with high white socks rolled up just below her knees. She noticed some boys glancing at her as she took her seat. Sora was happy to have a bit of attention from the more normal students.

When gym came, Sora had to change her outfit. She had packed some short pink shorts and a turquoise tank top to go with her small white sneakers. Sora changed in a bathroom stall. Her shorts showed almost her whole legs, and hugged her ass. Her ass stuck out somewhat, certainly more than most of the girls back in Tokyo. Sora was happy about this. American boys like that, she told herself. Her tank top showed off Sora's soft shoulders and ample cleavage in a way that her blouses had thus far concealed. She watched herself walk by in the mirror and was impressed with the way her chest bounced with each step. She was ready for Austin to watch her in the gym.

Sora noticed the glances she got as she bounced into the gym. All of the other girls in the gym class were either large, brutish rugby players or stoner girls who only sat on the sidelines. Sora was definitely a welcome addition to their gym class.

Austin saw Sora walk into the gym, short shorts leaving showing off her soft legs and small round ass. His eyes then moved up to her upper body and he was shocked to see her large breasts jiggle as she walked. I did not know the Asian girl was packing those, he thought to himself as his eyebrows raised. Sora's tits were not as big as Cher's, but they looked even bigger on her smaller body. Incredible proportions, he told himself.

The gym teacher walked onto the floor and told everyone to start stretching. Austin was a leader in the school, so he told him to lead the stretches. Austin started the stretches with toe touches. He could not avoid noticing the Asian girl across from him. Every time she bent over her cleavage spilled down, drawing glances from all of the stretching males. Austin changed his instructions, begrudgingly. He noticed that the Asian girl did not respond to the change in directions. Maybe she doesn't understand English very well, he thought. I should go over and help her.

Good he's coming over, Sora thought to herself. Too bad the little Asian girl can't understand English, she grinned.

"CAN YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING?" Austin asked the Asian girl.

I'm not deaf, Sora thought. Oh well. She shook her head and conjured up a nervous look.

"OK I WILL HELP YOU." Austin had never seen an Asian girl in person before. He thought her eyes would be slanted and tiny, but Sora's were a pretty almond shape and quite large. The look that she gave him, a mix of nervousness and complete innocence, made his pulse race. Cher could never pull off a look like that. Austin moved to kneel behind Sora. She had to spread her legs first, he thought to himself.. wow, her hair is really shiny. It was completely straight and black. It was incredibly sleek. Beautiful really, he acknowledged. Ok, move the legs. Austin placed his hands on the inside of Sora's thighs. Her legs were skinny, but once again very well proportioned. Delicate was the word, Austin thought to himself... and so soft. SO SOFT! Cher's legs were always smooth, but Sora's were even smoother and were the softest thing Austin could ever remember touching. This is incredible, he thought as he felt his dick stiffen. After almost a minute he realized how this must look and stood up.

"Alright then... this is it. Good job!" Austin tried to sound casual.

"Thanks!" Sora responded. That went well. His hands felt so good on my legs.

I guess she knows some English, Austin noted as he went back to his original position. He tried to discretely watch Sora for the rest of the class.

That afternoon Austin noticed that the Asian girl was in all of his classes. He looked at her in class. Her hair was still immaculate, and the white blouse accentuated the beauty of her warm, honey coloured skin. Her short checked skirt made Sora look innocent but incredibly sexy, Austin thought. The skirt also gave a great view of her legs, especially when she crossed them underneath her desk. He was further captivated by the sight of her shoe casually dangling off of Sora's toes. Her feet were really cute, Austin thought to himself as he shook his head. He looked up and Sora gave him a small smile. He suddenly felt a slight tingly sensation in his stomach.

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