tagInterracial LoveRace Play Ch. 01

Race Play Ch. 01


My name is Rose White and I'm a six-foot-three, busty and kind of chubby, big-bottomed white woman with red hair and green eyes living in the town of Brockton, Massachusetts. I'm an out and proud lesbian multi-millionaire and one of the kinkiest women you will ever meet. I'm really into race play. Race play involves individuals of one race sexually dominating willing members of another race. It's all between consenting adults. And it's a lot of fun. Which is why I'm so into it.

Presently, I'm having some fun with Elisa Brown, a big and tall, big-bottomed, forty-something black woman I met in the city of Bridgewater a few months ago. She's a public schoolteacher and the wife of a black man named Jorge Brown, who works as a state policeman. She also has two sons enrolled at Bridgewater State College. Yes, by all appearances she's a person with a normal life. Well, I've got news for you. Elisa Brown is bisexual. And she's really into race play. Elisa loves to play the role of black slave to my dominant southern white plantation mistress. It's a lot of fun for both of us.

I've always loved the idea of dominating a big black woman. Maybe because black women are so sassy. Especially in the big city. I have tons of fun with Elisa Brown. Right now, she's licking my feet. I am sitting nude on my couch while watching TV. Elisa cleaned up my house and took out the trash. When she comes to my house, she's always wearing a maid's uniform. I love seeing her in it. An educated black female professional playing the role of black slave woman to her wealthy white friend. I simply love it.

I watch Elisa Brown as she licks my feet. Damn she's good. And she's so submissive too. Hard to believe this woman used to be a famous college basketball player and graduated from Boston College with her MBA. I always knew lots of sassy black women were secretly submissive. Elisa told me that I bring out the submissive in her. When she's at home with her husband and sons, she is very bossy. At her school, where's she's the principal, she's even more bossy. Yet at my house, she is like putty in my hands. My very obedient black female slave who says yes to everything I ask her to do.

After she got done licking my feet, I ordered Elisa to lick my pussy. She is one of the best pussy lickers I know. I've got lots of women I play with. Like my neighbor, a plump and quite matronly, loud-mouthed Mexican woman businesswoman named Juanita. She's married to a wealthy Baptist minister and has two lovely daughters. Her family and friends have no idea that she sleeps with me. Also, she just loves to serve me. I love bossing black women and Hispanic women around. Whenever I see a good-looking black woman or a sexy Hispanic woman, I imagine them wearing maids uniforms and serving me in my mansion. Unfortunately, I can only play with my very willing black and Hispanic female slaves a few times a week. They're deeply closeted bisexual married women.

Elisa Brown is licking my pussy like her life depends on it. I love making her submit to me. She secretly loves being bossed around by white women. She told me how, while she was in college, she had an affair with a domineering white female professor. That dominant white woman really enjoyed spanking and whipping the tall and tough-looking black female basketball player. I guess Elisa simply can't get enough of white female domination. She doesn't sleep with black, Asian or Hispanic women. She's addicted to white pussy. And I thought it was only black guys who chased white chicks these days. Apparently, black lesbians and bisexual black women crave white pussy too.

After Elisa Brown got done licking me, I decided to give her a treat. I put a doggy collar around her neck and fixed a leash to it. Then I made her follow me around as we walked around the mansion. I love taking pictures of Elisa while she's on all fours, completely naked, a supposedly strong black woman finally brought to her knees. The thought of a strong black woman sexually submitting to me, a white woman, is enough to make my pussy not only twitch but gush with liquid excitement. After walking my slave, I donned my thickest strap-on dildo and told her to assume the position. Elisa Brown did as she was told. She quickly assumed my favorite position. Face down and ass up. I sprayed lubricant on her puckered asshole before applying the lube all over my dildo. Then I pressed the dildo against her asshole and pushed it inside.

I placed my hands upon Elisa Brown's wide hips and thrust my dildo deep into her asshole. The big black woman squealed as my dildo penetrated her asshole. I love fucking Elisa in the ass. Why? Simply because she once considered this to be her final frontier. Elisa won't even allow her husband to fuck her ass but she lets me have my way with any part of her body. While fucking her roughly with my strap-on dildo, I pull on her hair and smack her face. I berate her, calling her a useless slut, a weak whore and a dumb bitch. She squeals and tells me that she deserves what I'm doing to her. Of course she deserves it. I'm her dominant white mistress and she's my black female slave. Her big black ass belongs to me. Man, this is fantastic. I'm having a lot of fun fucking Elisa. My pussy is twitching, and I know I'm not far from gushing out lots of hot girly cum. And I didn't even touch myself. Wow. Elisa Brown's big body shakes under the force of my thrusts. I love fucking her ass with my dildo. It allows me to completely dominate her. I smack her face repeatedly, reminding her that I was the boss of her. This is fun!

After a few hours of play, Elisa is ready to leave me. I don't see her for a couple of weeks. I don't really miss her. I have two submissive Asian women, one submissive Mexican-American mama and a very submissive Native American slut to play with. My schedule is quite busy. The next time I see her, Elisa Brown is all smiles. She tells me that she has left her husband. To get a really quick divorce, she let him have the house and the cars. Her sons are in college so they won't need her much anymore. Elisa tells me that she also quit her job. And she went to her bank to wire all of her remaining money to me. She is moving into my mansion's basement. She wants to be my slave forever.

I look at Elisa, and my heart swells with joy. She gave up all that for me? Wow. I don't really kiss my slaves or show them affection. Not usually. For once, I make an exception. I kiss Elisa Brown on the lips, passionately. Then I pull her into my arms for a tight embrace. We go back inside the mansion, and she dons her now permanent black and white maid uniform. Elisa Brown is no longer a free woman. She's now my love slave forever. My strong black woman will be submissive to her white mistress for the rest of her days. I really want us to celebrate. So I go buy new whips, new chains, new collars and new dildos. Tonight, I'm going to dominate her like she's never been dominated before. Elisa must truly love me and she gave up so much to be with me. I love her too, you see. At long last, I found my partner in life. I call all of my other sluts and tell them they've been dumped. I don't need them anymore. I've got Elisa Brown. And she's all mine.

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