tagGroup SexRace Play Ch. 05

Race Play Ch. 05


Hey, there. My name is Robert James O'Neill and I'm a tall, lean and mean, green-eyed and blond-haired Irishman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I'm a college professor and by night, a sexual adventurer. I'm very much into race play and currently, I'm having some fun with my friends, Sheila and James Lorne. They're a working-class African-American couple I've known for a long time. James is a college football coach and Sheila is a community college professor. They're both into interracial-themed dominance and submission, otherwise known as race play.

James Lorne is something really rare. Definitely unheard of. A willing African-American male cuckold. A black man with a medium sized black dick who enjoys watching white men with really big dicks fucking his big-bottomed black wife Sheila. I'm totally down with that kind of action. Who says that people have to be rigid in the bedroom? Certainly not me. I'm the most open-minded person you will ever meet when it comes to sexual experimentation. I've slept with women and men of all races. I respect everyone and all I ask is that they respect me while we're playing together. It's fun when we're all in agreement about what we want to do together.

Presently, Sheila Lorne is on all fours, face down and ass up. I am thrusting my long and thick white cock into her asshole while her black husband James Lorne watches. He strokes his medium-sized black dick while I pump my really big white cock up his sexy black wife's tight asshole. Sheila Lorne is screaming like a woman possessed. James glares at me as I fuck his wife up her fat ass. I grab a handful of her long black hair and yank her head back while ramming my cock up her asshole. Sheila squeals as I do this. I laugh. I love the sound of her screams.

You can't believe how much fun I'm having here, folks. I've played with a lot of black couples before. Usually, both the hubby and the wife want to dominate me. Since I'm a bisexual male who likes to switch, I don't usually mind. This is definitely a fun switch. For once, I get to dominate a black man's very willing and sexy black wife while all he can do is watch. This is definitely one for the books. Usually, cuckold fantasies involve a black man dominating a white man's wife while the white man watches.

Sheila is screaming in delight and fingering her pussy while I ram my dick deep into her asshole. My good friend Sam once told me that big women have naturally tight assholes and that big black women have the tightest assholes of all. Now that's something I can believe. Sheila's asshole feels warm and tight. So wonderful around my long and thick white cock. After fucking her for some time, I feel like I am ready to cum. And cum I did. I blast Sheila's asshole with my hot manly cum.

James Lorne comes along and sucks my dick after it just went up his wife Sheila's big black ass. For his reward, I put James on all fours and decide to give him a good butt fucking. Like me, James is bisexual. He likes a good ass fucking every now and then and I am definitely happy to oblige. I spread the big black man's ass cheeks wide open and insert my cock into his asshole. With a swift thrust, I go deep inside. James screams as I enter him. His wife Sheila Lorne is watching us, fingering her pussy as the male to male sexual games play before her eyes. Clearly, she's turned on by watching her big black hubby sexually submit to a skinny bisexual white guy. This is so cool.

James asshole is wickedly tight, even tighter than his wife's ass had been. I grip his hips tightly and slam my dick deep inside his asshole. His ass is warm and tight, even warmer and tighter than that of Sheila. How in hell is that possible? Could black male ass be more fun to fuck than black female ass? Only a bisexual like myself can find out for sure. I drill my cock into James Lorne's tight ass like a miner looking for gold in the old west. James is screaming like a man possessed. Sheila laughs while watching her husband get the ass fucking of the century. Hot damn. This chick is so frigging hot and kinky. If she weren't married, I'd wife her for sure!

Sheila decides to join the action. Out of nowhere, she produces a scary-looking strap-on dildo. She inserts it into James mouth and the big black man obediently sucks on it. Sheila winks at me while thrusting her long and thick dildo down her husband James throat. He is taking the dildo deep down his throat like it's nothing. Clearly, this big black man has done this before. That's cool. I've sucked my share of cocks and dildos over the years. Both black men and black women have dominated me and submitted to me. I am a sexual dynamo, folks. You name it, and I've probably already done it.

I thrust my cock deep into James ass, going balls deep. I'm surprised at how much cock the big black man's ass can take. Sheila tells me that she's shoved her entire fist up her husband's ass before. Wow. This sounds intriguing. I fuck James ass until I cum, then pull out. He sucks my dick, draining my manly cum while Sheila has a go with his ass. The big black woman spread the big black man's ass cheeks wide open and shoved her dildo deep inside of him. If James could have screamed, he probably would have but his mouth was packed full of my long and thick white cock. Sheila pumps the dildo into James ass, practically tearing his ass apart. I wince in sympathy. Sheila reads my expression and tells me that James is really into rough sex. Well, since she's his wife, I guess she knows what he wants and needs. Still, I couldn't imagine a giant dildo slamming my ass like that. Wow.

After a couple more hours of sucking and fucking, the three of us are more or less sated. We hit the showers together. I leave the Lorne residence. Both James and Sheila Lorne are quite happy with me. They want me and my big white cock up their big black butts next week, and tell me to bring lots of lube. As you can imagine, I'm quite happy to oblige. I'm totally into interracial sex. Open-minded and sexually adventurous black couples like the Lornes absolutely rock. I'm going to have a fun week!

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