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Review: Blind Date


Passion Cove. Blind Date.

Starring Caroline Ambrose (as Samantha), Alicia Moorland (as Elise), Michelle Turner (as Jane), Johnny Angelino (as Richard) and Ciaran Tompkins (as David).

A friend plans a blind date.

* * * * *

Elise and Jane are sitting on the beach and Jane is depressed about her boyfriend, Ralph, who has broken up with her. Elise tells her that he was a grade A jerk and tells her friend that the best way to get over a guy is to get a new one. Just then, two guys come jogging down the beach and they stop to talk to the girls. Jane sends them off by rudely telling them that she wants to spend some alone time with her friend and they jog away. Elise tries to raise her mood but Jane is still pining over Ralph. Elise has brought Jane to this specific beach house because it is rumored that whomever stays there finds true love and romance and Jane finds that hard to believe.

Elise heads down the beach after the joggers and Jane falls asleep. In her dream, she is jogging when a male jogger, one of the ones they met earlier, plows into her. Her ankle is a little sprained and he takes a look at it, explaining that he's a vet. He picks her up and carries her into the house and she asks him to wait as he turns to leave. She pulls down the top of her bathing suit and proceeds to 'thank' him.

They kiss, gently and unhurriedly as he rubs her breasts, then pulls her suit off along with his own. Jane climbs on top of him, slowly rocking back and forth on his rod then they change position, with ______ behind her until they end up in the missionary position, fucking until they cum together.

Jane awakens alone and thinks. Later on, Elisa and Jane are enjoying a bubble bath and drinking mimosas. Elise talks about her erotic dreams and tells Jane that her boyfriend, David and his friend are coming by for dinner. Jane is upset because she expected the weekend to be just for the two of them and then realizes that Elise is setting her up with a blind date. After a moment's complaint, she starts to ask about the guy and Jane tells her that both she and the gentleman, Richard, will both be blindfolded all night. Jane doesn't like the idea and leaves the tub, saying that she won't do it.

Elise finds her later and convinces her to do it and that she'll make sure that nothing happens to her. Elise sets the table for four as Jane prepares for the date, wondering what she's gotten herself into. She calls Samantha, the landlord of the place, and asks for a refund. She says that she can't and urges Jane to relax and enjoy the place. Meanwhile, Elise is in her bedroom, preparing for the date in a different way. She takes a fur-covered glove and rubs it all over her body, stopping to remove her bra.

Jane comes to ask her something but pauses in silence when she sees her friend. Her removes her own clothes and strokes her body as Elise rubs lotion all over her chest, then slips a hand into her panties while pinching her nipples. Both women climax and Elise quietly leaves. Just before the date, Elisa comes to see Jane and hates what she's wearing. Since Jane didn't bring anything sexy, they go to raid Elise's closet but Elise blindfolds her first. She removes the dress, shoes and the awful bra and panties as well.

Elise chooses a sexy red bra and matching thong panties as a start, then finishes with a tight black dress and high-heeled red shoes. A spritz of perfume and she's finished. David calls out that he and Richard have arrived and Richard turns out to be the male jogger from this morning, the one that she dreamt about. The couple maneuvers the blindfolded pair into the dining room and Elise feeds Richard, making him suck the juice from her fingers when she feeds him oysters on the half shell. She tells Jane to lick David's fingers clean as well when he feeds her.

Elise unbuttons Richard's shirt, saying that he's too hot and rubs his chest while David rubs Jane's arms, rubbing a flower along the valley of her breasts. Both Elise and David continue to feed them and each other until David removes Jane's dress and Elise removes Richard's shirt. The blindfolded couple then feed each other food, smearing it across their mouths and everyone laughs. Elise puts their hands together and lets them touch briefly. Next, she spills some cognac on Richard's hard stomach and has Jane lick it clean, stopping them when they start to kiss.

Time for dessert now. Elise and David leave Jane and Richard with a platter of strawberries and whipped cream and they feed each other before kissing. David and Elise head up to the bedroom and start to undress. Richard pushes glasses and dishes off the table and lays Jane down, removing her bra and panties then kisses his way up to her nipples. David and Elise continue their fucking upstairs while Jane and Richard find their own way to paradise.

OPINION: Two out of four. I'd give it higher marks if it wasn't for the sex. There's a funny scene where Elise is riding David and you can see his tiny, flaccid dick flapping about. Hmmm. I loved the story and the idea about the blind date. Very innovative. If you can stand to laugh at Elise and David's sex scenes, then this is a good story to watch.

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