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Review: Payback


Hot Line. Payback.

Starring Shannon Tweed (as Rebecca), Lawrence Poindexter (as Captain Lee), Alex Meneses (as Ellen), Al Ruscio (as Jim), Tony DiBenedetto (as Sid) and Michael Halberg (as Jack).

A female prison guard stalks and seduces her boss.


Rebecca is the hostess of a radio talk show that caters to things of a sexual nature. Caller Ellen begins by saying that something's been on her mind for a long time and that she wanted to know what it was like to hold all the cards.

The story begins at a women's prison called Longpines and Ellen says, "I guess all of us were imprisoned at Longpines." She talks of passions and sexuality repressed but that inside the compound, he was in control of everything and she wondered what that felt like. She knew that he could have had his pick of any of the women at the facility but she'd never seen him make a move on anyone. So she decides that she's going to find out why.

Captain Lee heads down to meet a busload of new prisoners and gives the four new prisoners the rules. As he leaves Longpines, Ellen says that she learned from one of the other guards that he always had a drink after work to unwind and that once she found out where, it was just a matter of time. He drives up at the bar and she is waiting in her car, watching him walk in while thinking that outside the jail, they're equals and she intends to make that known.

Nicely dressed in a black suit, Ellen enters the bar and her appearance is well noted by the other men, especially Sid and Jack who are playing pool. Jack makes a bet with Sid that for a hundred bucks, he can take her home. Jack sits down next to Ellen and she's already sized him up before he even starts speaking. She easily shoots down his cheesy lines while Lee and the bartender, Jim, watch in amusement and quickly sends him packing. Jack doesn't want to be embarrassed and he keeps trying until she has to slap him to make her point.

She orders a beer for Lee and he turns it down. When Jim brings it back to her, she picks up her drink and moves over beside him. She flirts with him but he resists, saying that he's married. After a little conversation, she challenges him to a game of 8 ball; loser does whatever the winner wants. He turns her down, rebuffing every attempt that she makes. Lee leaves to use the restroom and she's waiting for him when he opens the door. She tries again, showing him a tattoo on her chest: a red snake winding around a key. He asks what the key is for and she asks him if he wants to find out. Again, he turns her down and leaves.

Ellen says that she should have known that it wouldn't be so easy but that she wasn't finished yet. Lee pulls up outside of his house and enters, deactivating the alarm system and heading upstairs. He strips down to his pants and heads in to start a shower, coming back out to check the answering machine. He hears the sound of glass breaking and searches for his gun, which has mysteriously disappeared. He heads downstairs and checks the alarm panel, noting that the back door is open. He re-alarms the house and creeps over toward the back door. No one is around and a few wine glasses on the table have been broken. He shuts the rear door just as someone escapes through the front door, setting the alarm off again. Satisfied that all is in order, Lee heads back upstairs.

He is surprised to find Ellen on his bed and is outraged. He tries to order her out but she pulls the gun, explaining to him that it's time for payback. She orders him to finish stripping and to get in the shower. Reluctantly, he does so and she makes him take a shower, watching as he scrubs himself clean. When he gets out, he wraps a towel around him, then puts on a pair of jeans, against her wishes. Ellen is upset and orders him to take them off but he tells her that she's not in charge, the gun is. He tells her that she can't face him like an equal until she puts the gun down and that she's just scared.

She takes her jacket off and sets the gun down, talking about how exciting it must be for him to have all those women under his control. She rolls her hose down and strips off her skirt. Lee stares and can't resist her any longer. She orders him to take her bra off and he does so, kissing her breasts, then reaches down and handcuffs her to the chair. While she sits there fuming, he retrieves his gun and makes himself a drink. She uses his own game against him and he uncuffs her, telling her that she likes her men dominant and that all women do.

Lee lays her down on the bed, then stands to remove his jeans. They kiss again and she locks the other cuff around his wrist so that they can be equals. They make love then, first with her on top, then with him. They cum together and kiss. The next morning, she puts on her uniform and we see that they were playing a game. Ellen is his wife and also works at the correctional facility.

OPINION: Two out of four. A little too much talking. I guess it was meant to raise the sensual tension but it just a bit too much. Normal non-penetration sex but the storyline and the twist were interesting.

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