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Review: Touch Me


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Twenty (20). Touch Me.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Syren (as Sonia), Monica Mayham (as Suzanne), James Bonn (as Dan) and Carolina Pop (as Julia).

A pretty copywriter's struggle to choose between male and female partners leads her into an intriguing three-way affair with her boss and his girlfriend.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Touch Me, she says that sometimes in life, you don't always get what you want, you get what you need and invites callers to talk.

Sonia answers and says that she has a story about 'wrangling' and that it all began with an unexpected encounter in an unexpected place. The scene shifts to a hallway outside a women's restroom and sounds of passion float into the hallway. Inside the bathroom, Sonia, a lanky Spanish woman and Suzanne, a tall blonde with big tits, are rubbing each other's bodies, then tongue kiss. Sonia kneels and begins to eat Suzanne's pussy while rubbing her breasts. There's a knock on the door and Suzanne yells that it's occupied.

Veronica thinks that that's the end of the story but Sonia says, "No, it's not. Let me start from the beginning." In a restaurant, Sonia asks Dan why she has to choose. Dan says that everyone makes choices but Sonia says she likes men and women, but prefers women. Dan tells her that she should stick with women but Sonia complains that she doesn't want to miss out on some great guy.

Dan shakes his head, saying that she's driving him crazy when Suzanne walks up to their table. He introduces Suzanne as his wife and Sonia as his copywriter. Suzanne tells Sonia that Dan talks about her all the time, that she's the star of the company. When she suggests ordering, Dan states that they should leave because there's no osso buco on the menu and that's what Sonia loves. Suzanne says that he seems to know more about Sonia than about Suzanne herself but he reminds her that he and Sonia have been working together for almost 2 years and that he and Suzanne have only been dating 2 months.

Sonia mentions that it's been two months since she broke up with Carol and the information piques Suzanne's interest. Sonia explains that she's in to men and women, hoping that it will increase her chances at finding true love. Suzanne wishes that she could be a little more adventurous like Sonia and Dan says that he'd be interested in seeing that. Suzanne laughs and excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Sonia decides to go with her.

They decide to share the single restroom and Suzanne questions her about her bisexuality and if Sonia believes that it would truly find real love. Sonia asks what Suzanne what she really wants to know and Suzanne asks to kiss Sonia. She lets her hands slide over Sonia's breasts before kissing her neck, then her mouth. The action returns to the knock on the door that Suzanne answers, "Occupied," and Sonia pulls Suzanne over to a chair, sitting while Suzanne eats her to an orgasm. Sonia trades places and returns the favor, bringing her to a climax then sharing a couple of kisses and rubbing their breasts together.

Veronica tells Sonia that she must have been surprised at what happened but Sonia replies that she was much more surprised at what happened after that.

Sonia and Suzanne return to the table and Suzanne invites Sonia back to their apartment for a nightcap. Sonia accepts but Dan is upset because he's hungry. The two ladies make to leave and he goes with them. At their apartment, Dan lights candles to set the mood and Suzanne pours everyone a glass of wine while Sonia sits on the couch and removes her shoes. When Sonia says that she's tired, Suzanne offers to rub her back and Dan watches excited. Suzanne tells Dan to rub her feet and he eagerly complies.

As Suzanne's hand slides down the back of Sonia's skirt, Sonia asks if they are trying to seduce her. Suzanne answers yes; Dan answers no and Suzanne asks him to do it for her. He removes his jacket as Sonia sits back up and he joins the girls on the couch, moving in to kiss Sonia's neck as Suzanne kneads Sonia's breasts. They take turns undressing each other, letting hands roam. Sonia eats Suzanne's pussy while Dan licks and bites her ass.

Naked, the two girls stand and rub their nipples together, kissing while Dan watches. Sonia licks Suzanne's nipples then lets her tongue travel down to Suzanne's pussy. Dan steps in, cupping Suzanne's breasts from behind, then sliding into her as Sonia stands, frigging Suzanne from the front. They change places, heading for the couch. Suzanne lies on her back and Sonia kneels over her so that Dan can take her from behind. Sonia cums with Dan and Sonia finds her own orgasm watching.

The next day, Suzanne is lying on the couch, naked and Dan tells her that she should go back to sleep. They talk about how wonderful last night's action was and he begins to rub her breasts, moving around to suck her nipples. As he does that, Suzanne recalls how Sonia's mouth felt on her nipples. When he goes down on her, she thinks about Sonia and does the same when he kisses her. It's obvious that she was very turned on by sex with another woman and that's all it takes to have her fucking him. He lies down on the couch and she rides him to a mutual orgasm.

At an Italian restaurant, Sonia is reading a paper, then looks up and notices Suzanne enter. She calls to her but Suzanne seems to ignore her the first time. The second time, she acknowledges her and sits down at Sonia's table. She's brought along a blonde friend that she introduces as Julia. They make small talk until Julia excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Suzanne says, "I'm not fooling you, am I?" Sonia tells her that she doesn't have to apologize for being curious, that she'd never say anything to Dan about it. Sonia asks Suzanne not to hurt Dan and she says that she never would. She invites Sonia over to lunch with her and Dan and Sonia accepts.

Dan is at home when Sonia arrives for lunch. Unfortunately, Suzanne is not there, having left Dan four days earlier. Dan explains the situation to Sonia, how Suzanne told him that after having sex with Sonia, she wanted to explore being with other women. When he says that that night they all spent together opened Suzanne's eyes, Sonia makes an admission that it opened hers as well: to him. She says that she's so in tune with him and that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him. He smiles and says that he couldn't stop thinking about her, either, and that he felt guilty. Sonia says that she didn't want to miss out on him and they start kissing.

They undress and Dan sucks on her nipple, then moves down to her pussy, giving it a good licking before biting his way back up her leg. They move into a 69 position with her on top, licking and sucking each other until he bends her over and takes her from the back. They change position again, this time with her sitting on his lap, her back to him, riding him until they both explode.

Sonia tells Veronica that Dan knew just what she wanted. When Veronica asks what happened to Suzanne, Sonia tells her that Suzanne moved to New York with Julia but came home to be her maid-of-honor. Veronica offers congratulations and signs off.

OPINION: Two out of four. I've heard of this happening so many times when a couple gets involved in a threesome and one of them decides that he or she likes the other party more. It was intriguing to see that the girlfriend left for a woman and the self-professed 'lesbian' ended up with the guys. Still soft porn but the plot line was nice.

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