tagNovels and NovellasRider Ch. 01-05

Rider Ch. 01-05


Chapter 1


Because I had been under so much pressure in the city I used the death of my favourite aunt as an excuse to take a sudden, but well earned holiday and decided to spend a couple of weeks in the country town where she had lived for over half her life and I had spent many happy times with her as a young boy. Driving into town and seeing horses grazing in almost every paddock reminded me that she'd always said that the place had more of them than it did people.

Having left as soon as I'd heard she had died I had two or three days to fill between my arrival and the funeral and I spent them driving around the surrounding countryside; both reviving my own childhood memories and making several obligatory visits to other, less well known relatives.

The motel I had booked into was on the edge of town, right next to a small stable with a training yard for show horses where every morning and evening two or three would be put through their routines. Because the river at that end of town was subject to occasional flooding most buildings, including the motel were built up on stilts and as the veranda running along the front of my wing gave me an excellent view, I got into the habit of spending half an hour or so out there with a drink before going down to the restaurant for dinner.

One particular team of horse and rider had caught my eye the first evening and although I really know nothing about horse flesh even I could tell that this one had real potential. He was quite magnificent, a big, strongly built animal, yet with perfectly controlled, very precise movements. What made him look even bigger was the small size of rider, who could have been barely eighteen, yet she handled him with ease, her upright, slender body guiding him through the complex manoeuvres and jumps with assured confidence.

Although I watched her riding skills with growing admiration the red-blooded male inside me couldn't help noticing and reacting to other things about her. The way her youthful breasts bounced beneath the tight sweater, the rhythmic rise and fall of her tautly rounded bottom, and the firm grip she kept of him with her long, obviously leanly muscled legs and thighs.

I admit that after watching them for a while I don't know which of the two I was really watching, the horse or the rider. Maybe my subconscious had picked-up on the contrast between the power of the animal and the vulnerability of the girl. Or perhaps there was something about her obvious mastery, her gentle dominance of the brute strength of the animal that stirred me. Whatever it was, after the first evening I found myself waiting anxiously for her to appear, and it would have taken fire or flood to have got me off the veranda while they were working together below me.

The motel was nothing flash, they liked to call themselves a family motel, but it was very comfortable and all the staff were friendly, none more so than the buxom waitress who seemed to run the restaurant. I got the distinct impression she had taken a fancy to me, and although the unspectacular uniform she was wearing couldn't disguise the rich curves of her figure, perhaps because she knew the reason for my visit, our brief conversations remained limited to my aunt and the respect the town had held her in.

As funeral's go, it went well. After the service I spent a couple of hours at the house of a cousin who had taken charge of all the arrangements, meeting and making small-talk with my aunt's friends and some of my other distant relatives.

So it was late afternoon before I could finally make my escape and as I walked back to the motel via a track beside the river I recalled memories of my aunt and the things that had happened to me when visiting her all those years before. In fact I was so deep in thought that I completely failed to notice the figure coming down another path and so her cautious - 'Hello' - took me by surprise and brought me back to reality with a start.

If it hadn't been for her riding outfit I wouldn't have recognised her, she was carrying her hat and the honey-blonde hair it normally hid cascaded down around her shoulders, completely altering her appearance.

'Now I know who you are, you're Mrs Yates' nephew, Robert, aren't you. You've just come from the funeral.'

'That's right.'

'I'm Amanda, everyone calls me Mandy. I'm sorry about Mrs Yates, she was a wonderful lady. We all loved her you know. We'll miss her.'

'Thank you, I'll miss her too, I'd lost contact a bit in recent years, but I used to spend quite a lot of time here when I was a boy.'

'I've seen you watching Champ and I working and couldn't help wondering who you were.'

'He's a magnificent horse, and although I don't know much about the technicalities, you handle him superbly.'

My unprompted compliment brought a slight flush to her cheeks as she smiled. 'Thanks, he's a great horse, very intelligent, he learns quickly.'

'Maybe so, but it's the rider that brings all that out, and it's obvious that you're very good at it, and that you love it.'

'Oh I do! When everything's going well, it's as though we're no longer horse and rider, we become, well, it's actually hard to explain, but there's nothing quite like it!'

'You mean the team-work?'

'Yes, partly that, but there's more to it.'

'I guess there has to be an understanding between you, you must develop a real team spirit.'

'Oh yes you do, and although that's true with most horses, with some it's more pronounced, and with Champ that's especially true. At least that's what he's like with me.'

'You mean there's a kind of relationship that develops between you?'

'Mmm, yes.'

'In that case he's a very lucky stallion. And that might account for what I've sensed when watching you.' I said, semi-jokingly, expecting her to either ignore, or laugh at the flirtatious innuendo. But she did neither, I saw her face flush a little then she replied by saying.

'You mean you've sensed something, well, something sexy about it Robert?' she asked in a much quieter voice.

It was as though she'd read my mind and for a moment or two I didn't know how to answer. 'Well perhaps I would have used the word erotic, but I suppose it's much the same thing. Anyway, yes, that's sort of what I meant.'

'You got those feelings from just watching?'

'I have done, at least from watching you two.' I admitted.

'That's nice to know, and although I always get them, in the last few days they've been stronger than usual, I mean since I've seen you watching from the veranda.'

Just then we came to where the path split into two, one leading to the motel, the other to the stable and we stood there for a few moments, then, just as I was about to walk away, she said. 'Are you going to watch us this evening?'

'Of course I am.'

'Would you like to meet Champ, after we've finished our work I mean?'

'I'd like to very much Mandy.'

'Will you do something for me then?'


'Don't change. I mean keep your suit on.'


'You look nice in it. People here don't often wear suits, and certainly not the way you do. It makes you look different, important, powerful. And, sexy too.' she added with a hesitant grin, then colour returning to her cheeks when my eyes drifted down over the slender curves of her body before replying.

'In that case I'll certainly keep it on.'

Twenty minutes later I was on the veranda, drink in hand, waiting for them to appear from the stabling sheds beside the training yard. There were no other riders there that evening and the emptiness of the yard, the tense under-current to our brief conversation and the look I'd thought I'd seen in her eye all combined to make me feel nervously excited. But I didn't have long to wait before they appeared, she looked up, gave me a wave and then took the horse into his training routine.

The tension I'd been feeling increased as I watched them working together and although most of the time she concentrated all her attention on their performance, from time to time I saw her head turn slightly and felt sure she was staring up at where I stood, and of course couldn't help wondering just what was going through her mind.

My own thoughts were mixed-up, at one level appreciating the skills demonstrated by both horse and rider as they worked together. At another, watching the way she deftly controlled him with commands from her hands and legs, finding myself becoming almost jealous of the horse as I imagined her controlling me with similar, strong yet subtle movements.

Then after a while I noticed that she seemed to be having difficulties with the horse, he started to become skittish, tossing his head, snorting and balking at simple manoeuvres. Mandy persevered with him for a while then looked up at me, threw her hands up in despair, indicated she was going to take him back to the stable and beckoned me down to join them.

By the time I got down there she'd got the saddle and bridle off and had started to give him a rub down.

'What happened Mandy? What made him suddenly start misbehaving like that?'

'Give me a hand first please, then I'll explain.' she answered, passing me a piece of towelling. 'Follow the grain of the coat, rub hard.'

Having taken off my jacket and tie I set too, I wasn't used to being that close to a horse and as he was still snorting and stamping his feet from time to time, I was a bit nervous, but after a little while he became less restive and before we completely finished he was standing quietly.

Not wanting to be caught by one of the stamping hooves, I had initially kept a close watch on the horse, but as he gradually calmed down I was able to risk occasional glances at Mandy. Like mine, her face was beaded with perspiration, down her back there was a dark line of sweat and when she turned I saw how the thin, body-hugging jumper stuck to her. From the way it clearly outlined the tempting curves of her breasts I realised that she wasn't wearing a bra, and when I saw how sharply her nipples jutted, I realised that something had started to turn her on.

Seeing her like that rekindled and intensified the feelings I had experienced while watching them working together and I felt my cock responding even more strongly when I began imagining licking and sucking those tenderly lush breasts.

When we'd finished Mandy spoke reassuringly to Champ as she stroked his head before leading him off to his stall, and having put out some fresh hay, left him to eat. 'Well that wasn't such a good idea after all.' she said as she walked back to where I was standing.

'What wasn't? What happened?'

'I'm afraid you're to blame Robert.' she answered with a shy grin.


'Well me really, but you're the cause.'

'I haven't the faintest idea what you mean Mandy.'

'Stallions, like Champ, can be very difficult to handle, that's why so many are gelded, it makes them calmer. People swear that many can even sense when a woman is, well you know, having her period.'

'Oh, is that it, you're...'

'No, it's not that. But, well, I told you that the suit makes you look, well, sexy. Having you up there, watching us, it sort of got to me. You know, got me a bit worked-up. I'm sure Champ became aware of that, their sense of smell is very acute.'

We were both breathing heavily from the exertion of rubbing the horse down and I'd become mesmerised by the way the tight jumper accentuated her breasts as they rhythmically rose and fell - then by the sight of stiffened nipples, which seemed to be trying to force their way through it. But somehow dragging my eyes away from that delightful sight I saw that the flush on her cheeks had deepened.

'Maybe he smelt me too.' I said.


'You're not the only one that got a bit worked-up.'

'You did too, from watching us?'

'Uhuh. Well, more from watching you than Champ.' I added, letting my eyes drift back down to the tempting display.

Under normal circumstances I would never have done what I did next, and would certainly have never got away with it even if I had. I have no idea what got into me, but somehow I just couldn't resist the sight of her provocative breasts any longer, I found myself reaching out and letting the tips of my fingers of one hand drift down the outer curve of the nearest one.

Any other girl would have pulled back, probably given me a slap, but not Mandy, she sighed and actually leaned towards me, as though offering herself up to my caresses. So, encouraged by her movement I began making slow circles around the peaking tip, then, as I gently closed my hand around the firm globe, I reached around her with my other hand and pulled her towards me.

I kissed her, full on the lips. They were soft, moist - and immediately responsive.

Holding her close as I ran one hand up and down her back, I continued squeezing her breast with the other and felt her pressing herself forward in response. Then as her thigh felt the hardening length of my cock her tongue slid into my mouth, twining with mine as she pressed herself even more tightly against me.

When we finally broke for air she slid one hand down between us, her fingers tightening around the rigid bulge and as she looked up with an expression of excited anticipation she whispered. 'It feels as though I've got myself a second stallion!'

I maintained my hold of the heavy curve of her breast, cupping and gently fondling it, thrilling at its firm fullness. 'And your breasts feel beautiful Mandy. I can't wait to see them - and then kiss them too. But I'm surprised you're not wearing a bra, I would have thought it would have been uncomfortable riding without one, I mean, having them bouncing up and down.'

'Oh I usually do. But I wanted you to like me, so in the hope that you'd notice, I took it off.'

'I noticed, and I like, that and everything else about you.' I answered as I slid my hands down and hooked my fingers under the bottom of the jumper.

It was such a tight fit it proved to be a bit of a struggle to get it off, but it was worth it, her breasts were even more beautiful than I had imagined. Arcing up and out from her body in full, sweeping curves, curves tipped with pale pink, already stiffened nipples. I stared, wide-eyed and probably open-mouthed for a few seconds then, bending low and fitting one hand to the curve of her arse to hold her, I cupped the weight of one and lowered my mouth to it.

The feel of the warm silkiness of her skin against my face was unbelievable and while my fingers fondled and caressed the incredible firmness of her and my lips closed over the tip, sucking and nibbling it, I felt my body responding, felt my fully engorged cock straining against the tight confines of my trousers.

I could feel Mandy's response too, her breathing had become heavier and her hands held me firmly against herself as I kissed and sucked one, then the other, then returned again to each in turn until both breasts were sensitively swollen, their tips even harder. 'Oh Robert that feels so good!' she said in a hoarse whisper as the rest of her body began squirming about. 'Just wonderful!'

'I could make it even better for you, kiss the rest of you, if you'd like me to.' I risked saying in reply.

'Would you? Would you do that for me?' she responded with a tone of excited amazement.

'Of course, I'd love to. If that's what you would like me to do.'

'Oh Robert, yes! Yes please!'

'You'll have to help me get your other things off Mandy.'

'Well actually you'll have to help me, with the boots anyway.' she answered as she pushed herself up, then got up and pulled a rug down from a shelf. Then, having spread it over a nearby bale of hay she sat down and lifted one leg towards me.

The boots came off with a couple of strong pulls and I watched as she undid the belt and zip on her jodhpurs then helped her pull those down too, leaving her wearing just a pair of plain white, cotton panties.

But innocuous though they may have actually been, at that moment, and on her, I thought they looked like the most erotic item of underwear I'd ever seen.

Apart from her lushly swollen breasts her body was slimly built, still curvy in all the right places but without a trace of surplus flesh anywhere to be seen. Her stomach was flat, and her thighs lightly muscled from her regular horse riding. But in spite of all those other delights it was the way the crotch of her panties bulged that really held my attention. If the prominence of her pubic mound was anything to go by I had one very over-sexed girl on my hands.

As I reached forward to ease her panties down I glanced up, her mouth was open as she panted for breath, and her eyes were staring down at me with a look of almost feverish excitement. That look, the way her breasts were heaving, the expanse of smoothly unblemished skin, and the taut firmness of her young body all served to further fan the flames that were already burning fiercely inside me.

But doing my best to ignore those, I slipped her panties off and eased her forward so her legs hung over the edge of the bale, then shifted them a little further apart.

In that position I could not only see the lightly furred mound but also the start of the pouting slit below it, and there was just enough light filtering into the stable to turn the drops of moisture already clinging to its outer lips into glistening sparkles. Everything that had happened indicated that I was going to find she had the most adorably responsive pussy and I just couldn't wait any longer.

Having eased her thighs just a little further apart I bent low, then lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders. I took another quick look at the tender pinkness of her pussy, seeing just how puffy and wet it actually was, then slipped my head down between the warm softness of her thighs, and began to slowly kiss and lick my way upwards.

Although I could tell from the sounds of her rapid gasping that what I was doing was increasing her excitement for some time she lay quite still, as though for some reason she was simply afraid to abandon control of her body's responses. But when, after spending a lot of time kissing and licking everywhere else, I finally slid my tongue down between the pouting lips of her pussy she reacted.

The sudden sound of her hoarse moaning and the rippling muscular spasms I felt starting to course through her body confirmed just how much pleasure she was experiencing. Then, as I probed deeper and began to dart my stiffened tongue in and out of her, she began to arch her hips upwards and I felt her hands reach down for my head, trying to draw me even harder up against herself.

I finally slid my tongue up over the swollen ridge of sensitive flesh above her pussy, steadily increasing the speed of its flickering as I felt her hips bucking to a more urgent rhythm. Then, waiting until I could tell from the pattern of her reactions that she was building towards her climax before, while keeping that stimulation going, pressing my mouth tightly against her and sucking hard.

As I tasted the sweetly acrid juices she gave a loud shriek of delight, and as the rest of her body began to convulse she grabbed my head even more tightly, pulling it hard up against her pulsating sex as her orgasm kicked-in.

I continued sucking her pussy and flicking her clit through a second, perhaps even stronger peak, then although I detected a reluctance to do so, she pushed me back a little. 'Oh Robert! That's just too fantastic! I never knew it could be anything like that. But you must be desperate by now.' she said while still gasping for breath as she tried to sit up.

'Well yes, but are you sure you want me to?' I said for some obscure reason.

'Oh yes, of course I do!' she replied, her eyes still blazing with the feverish light I had seen earlier. 'I'm no prick-tease, well anyway not with you.'

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