tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 22

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 22


Note: This story is the twenty-second installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous twenty-one episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


The next morning were rose early; we had an exciting day planned. We had cars to pick up, furniture was being delivered and of course there was our realtor Barry.

All three of us drove to the Ford dealership so that we could trade our cars. While we were waiting, we had a short discussion.

"Girls, now that all three of us are sleeping together, do we really need this particular house."

Sandra thought for a moment and said, "Stevie it's an awfully good buy. I love the patio and pool area and the room in the basement is wonderful. I still like the house."

"But we really don't need two fancy bedrooms anymore. The master bedroom should be sufficient for us."

"I think the second bedroom could be the sex room for Sandra and me."

We both turned and looked at Julie.

"You know the room where we entertain our lovers when they come over."

Sandra smiled. "What a good idea Jules, I like this." She looked at me. "Stevie you won't be permitted to enter the room without our permission." She laughed, "Except of course to clean it after were done using it."

Julie laughed. "Oh I like that a lot."

"Okay, but what happens when both of you want to have a guy over at the same time?"

Sandra leered at me. "We use the master bedroom and you sleep in the garage." She started laughing. "Or we can create a nice sex area in the recreation room in the basement. It has a pool table, fireplace and bar; most of the guys I know would love it down there. Stevie this is a great big house. It has all kinds of potential for us."

I looked at Julie. "Sweetheart, do you still want this house?"

Julie blushed. "I just love it when you call me that." She paused. "Yes Stevie, I love this house. I really want to live in it."

"Okay Julie, You call Barry, here's his card. Tell him that we don't need to look at any other houses; we've decided to buy this house. Explain that were prepared to make an initial offer of $950,000. Tell him that he should meet you and Sandra at our apartment at 11:00 this morning and he should bring the necessary papers to make a formal offer."

"Why me?"

"First because both Sandra and I believe you can do it and secondly because your the one who sucked his cock yesterday. You have a little edge with this guy."

While Julie was making her call, our salesman arrived. He took Sandra into the office first. I went with her. As we sat down I said to her. "No extended warranties."

She looked at me. "Why not?"

"Because were going to buy new cars every year."

She smiled.

After a few minutes Julie joined us. We both looked at her. "How did it go?"

"Great, he'll be at the apartment at 11:00. He's bringing the papers." She paused. "He asked if he could bring another realtor."

"What did you say."

"I asked him if he was cute."

Sandra looked at her, "Well what did he say to that?"

"He said that he was very handsome. He's a little older than Barry."

Sandra licked her lips; "A little older, how nice."

I rolled my eyes. I knew Sandra, she was already getting excited.

Julie looked at me. "I told him it was okay. Are you alright with this Stevie?"

I smiled. "If I correctly remember the vow I took last night, I don't have much choice in the matter."

Sandra laughed. "That's my boy."

It took about an hour to finish the paperwork. The task was a little more complicated because the three cars were going to be owned by three different people.

I called my insurance man while we were signing everything and gave him the necessary details.. When we were done talking, he assured me that all three of us were now properly insured.

The girl's Thunderbird convertibles were beautiful. Sandra's was red and Julie's was black. I had a Beige Escape.

Sandra and Julie were anxious to try their new cars. We had a little time so I told both of them to go for a drive.

As they opened their car doors I said, "Remember, both of you have to be back at the apartment by 11:00 to meet Barry and his friend. I have another errand to run. I'll be there at about 11:30. Play first, save the business for later. Sandra, pull out your best lawyer skills if you need to."

They both assured me that they would be at the apartment on time. As they started their new cars I added, "I hope I get to walk in on a nice sex party when I get home."

Sandra smiled at me. "We'll try not to disappoint you."

I watched the girls drive out of the dealership in their fancy new convertibles. It made me happy to see them happy.

I got into my car. I liked it, it was nice and simple, but I now realized that I needed a second car. I needed an appropriate vehicle to use when I chauffeured my two beauties to meet their stud boyfriends.

I drove to the Lincoln dealership and bought a top of the line black Town Car. It was on the lot. I asked if it could be delivered to my apartment that afternoon. They told me that it could, people are willing to make lots of concessions when you purchase a $60,000 automobile.

As I drove up, I saw both Thunderbirds parked in my apartment building lot. The girls were home. As I walked into the building, I was hoping that they would be in the middle of a little party.

I opened my apartment door and stepped in. When I looked around, I wasn't disappointed. Barry and Julie were at on end of the living room. Sandra and a man I had never seen before were at the other end. All four were in various states of undress.

Sandra and her man were locked in a passionate embrace on the couch. He seemed to be in his mid 30's. They were both naked. Sandra was stroking his erect cock while they kissed.

I smiled to myself, there was never any doubt in my mind that Sandra would end up with the older guy.

Sandra looked up at me when she heard me enter the room. She kept stroking her guy's cock while she greeted me. "Hi wimpboy, this is my new friend Don; Don that's wimpboy." She grinned at me, "Listen, wimpy we're a little busy here. I'm about to suck Don's cock, then he's going to fuck me. Why don't you strip down to your panties and bra and go do the dishes or something,"

Don looked up and started chuckling. "Barry told me about you guys. I really didn't believe it." He shrugged. "I guess it takes all kinds." He chuckled a little more and went back to kissing Sandra.

Sandra leaned over and put Don's cock in her mouth. Don smirked at me while he started fingering Sandra's glistening pussy.

I turned my attention to the other end of the room. Barry and Julie were also naked. Barry was sitting on one end of the couch. Julie was kneeling next to him sucking his cock. When he saw me watching them, he smiled and closed his eyes. He was making it perfectly clear that he was enjoying himself.

Julie took Barry's cock out of her mouth and smiled at me, "Hi Stevie." As soon as she was done greeting me she put Barry's cock back into her mouth and continued giving him his blow job."

I decided that it would be best for me to obediently follow Sandra's instructions. I stripped to my panties and bra, went into the kitchen and put on an apron. Then I found a dust cloth, went back to the living room and started to dust the furniture. If you ever really want to feel like cuckold try doing housework in panties and an apron while your wife is in the same room giving another man a blow job.

As I worked I glanced over at Sandra. She was watching me while she sucked Don's cock. There was a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Stevie come here."

I turned, Julie was calling me. I walked over. She was on her knees on the couch. Barry was behind her. He was rubbing the huge head of his erect penis on the lips of her cunt.

She grinned at me, "I want you to watch while my stud fucks me." She giggled, "Maybe you can learn something."

It was obvious that Julie remembered the way Sandra had toyed with me last night when we were looking at the house. She was showing me that she could play the game to.

Barry laughed, "That's a good idea Stevie, stand right where you are and watch the master in action."

Barry mounted Julie and pushed his huge erection into her sopping cunt. When he was all the way inside her, he stopped. For a moment, he stayed perfectly still then he started to fuck Julie with long slow thrusts.

Julie closed her eyes. She completely forgot about me as Barry drove his engorged penis in and out of her enflamed pussy.

While I watched them, I heard a gasp from the other end of the room. I turned. Don was just pushing his stiff cock into Sandra's sopping cunt.

I stared at them, this was the first time I'd ever witnessed Sandra having intercourse.

Don was big. Sandra was holding her breath as his massive cock penetrated the depths of her womb. Sandra's exhaled when the full length of Don's cock was entirely inside her. She took another breath when her lover slowly pulled his cock back out of her cunt.

They quickly fell into a slow easy rhythm. Don fucked Sandra with long deliberate thrusts. As I watched them, I was overcome with envy. I wished that I was capable of giving Sandra the pleasure that she was getting from Don at this moment.

I heard Julie cry out from her end of the room. I turned; she was on her back, Barry was on top of her. He was fucking Julie with savage intensity. It was almost barbaric.

I watched Julie. She was in a trancelike state of pleasure. Her screams were cries of ecstasy not pain. Julie was clearly a woman who liked her sex a little rough.

I turned back to Sandra and Don. She was now on top of him riding his cock. Sandra was gasping for breath as she rode her stud. Her moans of pleasure were getting louder. I knew my sweetheart. She was on the verge of having an orgasm.

Suddenly Sandra's entire body seemed to tighten. For an instant, she was utterly silent and still. It was the quiet before the storm, then the tempest struck. Sandra screamed at the top of her voice. As she screamed she bucked wildly against Don's cock. It was almost as if she was trying to impale herself on his ridged member.

After several seconds of this unbridled fury, Sandra started to slow down. Her muscles gradually relaxed and she started to regain control of her body. Eventually, she fell into her lovers arms and gently kissed him as she enjoyed the after glow of her climax.

I was watching Sandra kiss Don when I heard Julie let out an ear splitting scream behind me.

I turned. She was on top of Barry riding his cock and screaming in ecstasy as the waves of her orgasm rippled through her body.

Suddenly Barry rolled Julie over, got on top and fucked her with even more intensity than before. As he fucked Julie, he started groaning and then cried out. It was apparent that he was ejaculating his semen deep into her fertile womb while she was finishing a violent orgasm.

After a moment, Barry collapsed on top of Julie. His softening cock slowly slipped from her sopping cunt. When the head popped out, a large dribble of cum started to run from the base of her pussy into her ass.

I turned my attention back to Sandra. Don was now on top of her. He was straddling Sandra's waist while she jerked him off. I watched as he closed his eyes and ejaculated spurt after spurt of semen into Sandra's open mouth.

When he was done she looked at me and smiled. Don's cum was dripping from her nose and lips.

Sandra pushed her lover off of her and said, "Stevie come here."

I walked over to her. She pulled me to the couch and said, "Lick Don's cum off my face."

As I started to lick up his semen I heard Don say, "Mother Fucker! Now I have seen it all."

When I was done Sandra said, "Pussyboy, go do Julie."

As I walked over to Julie, Barry got up and moved away from her. She was lying her back with her legs spread apart. Her lover's cum was seeping from the base of her cunt.

I got on my knees and licked her pussy clean. Julie sighed when I moved to the little area between her pussy and her ass. She giggled when I licked Barry's semen from the crack of her ass and she moaned when I probed her asshole with my tongue. Her asshole didn't actually have any cum in it, but I knew that Julie would like it if I gave it a little cleaning anyway.

I let everyone relax for several minutes then I gave Sandra a subtle wink. She picked up on it immediately.

Sandra stood up, located her clothes and started to get dressed. As she was dressing, she took command.

"Okay everybody, we have work to do. It's time to put your clothes back on."

She turned to me, "Stephanie would you please make some coffee and put out some cookies. I think everyone might like a little refreshment."

Don started laughing. Barry looked at me for a moment then smiled and nodded. He understood our game.

He turned to his partner and said, "Don be quiet."

Barry knew that they stood to make a seven percent commission off of this deal. You do the math, seven percent of $1,000,000 wasn't chump change. As far as Barry was concerned, we could put on cowboy hats and start square dancing as long as he got his commission.

Don looked at Barry and said, "Hey man she called him Stephanie. Don't you think that's kind of funny?"

Barry repeated himself, "Be quiet Don." It appeared that Don wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The meeting went well. The girls proved to be skilled negotiators. I was an outstanding maid.

When the two realtors left they told us that we should have a response to our offer some time on Monday.

Shortly after the realtors departed, the furniture van arrived. The girls had made some nice purchases. We spent most of the afternoon rearranging furniture and unpacking clothing.

Late Saturday afternoon my new Lincoln was delivered. The girls were amazed. They were very pleased when I explained that it was the "limousine" that I was going to use to chauffeur them to and from their dates.

They were excited to try it out, so we finished our chores and cleaned up. That evening I took them to dinner and then we went out "clubbing".

I had a wonderful time watching the girls dance and flirt with other men. Near the end of the evening they both took a turn taking a guy out to "Show him the car". I stayed in the night club. I'd already seen enough action that day.

On the way home that evening they both agreed that the back seat of the "limo" was a wonderful place to give a blow job.

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