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Hi Guys

Well, I've dipped my toes as you might say, with Joan's story, "Horny Holiday Fun", I have left in, below the source of the stories, as I introduce Ethel's Tale, well, her first tale as I am sure she will have more adventures to tell us about.

My name is Julie; a long time reader of Literotica, one of a small group of similar ladies, all of us friends for quite a number of years. We are not youngsters, at present the youngest of us is in her fifties. The group is not a closed arena, some will arrive, and some alas will depart. Some of us were married, some not, some divorced, and some widowed our common factor now is that we are alone. We could, if there were just thirteen of us, be called "The Coven Club."

We share similar interests, we are all horny in various ways, and when we are not reading and discussing the content of your site we chat about our own experiences and tales from the past, and to be honest, our current activities.

A recent discussion encompassed the idea of recording our stories, and possibly putting them on the web. Our lives, language and styles are a lot different to the stories and things we see on Literotica, but we do think they may entertain your readers. I was elected to write up the stories, memories of our group. I will write as far as possible in the words used by the contributor, but I do think I may have to resort to a thesaurus from time to time. Well, the girls can be a bit crude.

Let me first tell a little about Ethel.

Ethel is a divorcee. Today she is in her mid seventies. Still has a nicely rounded figure, nothing spectacular, very, I suppose one would say mumsy. Greying, but still with a hint of the mousey brown she used to be. Because she was always a bit quiet at our get togethers we were all a little surprised when after several glasses of wine one evening she announced to us all that she had enjoyed an extra marital affair. Here is the story she told of how it started.

My marriage was more than a bit rocky. I had known for a while that my husband, Eddy, had been playing around He looked on me more as a convenience when he couldn't get his rations elsewhere. It wasn't that I didn't make the effort, I did, I always made myself available if he wanted, but having been brushed off when I had needs I didn't start things anymore.

It was a few years back now, and Eddy didn't find out about my affair until a long time after our divorce and then he had the nerve to ask why!!!

I worked in a bakers shop on a main road, in the Bristol area, life at work was not always comfortable, the road outside was being redeveloped, so the place was like a construction site. I used to travel the mile or so to work on a moped I had taken on when one of my sons moved on to a car. I certainly found it chilly round my lower whiskers during the winter months, with the draft up my skirt.

I think it was a Monday evening when Eddy came in late and snuggled up. I could smell perfume on him that I knew was not mine. I had been alone watching television on my own, and had quietly fumed and gone through a bottle of wine, I had expected Eddy for dinner and that had gone in the bin. Eddy had been "down the pub" so say, but strange there was no smell of beer. I pushed him away.

"Piss off you bastard" I got up and walked out of the room. He followed.

"What's that about? Can't I snuggle up to my wife for a bit of comfort now?"

"No you bloody can't. If you couldn't get it from your usual girlfriend you are not getting it from me."

"You know you want to."

"No, you only want me when she says no. So you can go without."

I went into the bedroom and jammed a chair under the door handle.

"I can't open the door"

"Use the spare room. You're not sleeping in my bed tonight, come to think, get used to it, we'll have separate rooms at least for a while."


That was the last I heard that night, but I was mad. I didn't sleep much; by the morning I had decided that what was good for him was good for me. I was still in a foul mood as I went to my work. Several days a week I started work at ten in morning and worked until five. The afternoons I generally worked alone. Up until about two o'clock there were half a dozen of us to attend the customers. There was one driver on the construction crew who came in about lunchtime for packed lunches for the office staff, who also came in the afternoon, for a quick chat if he was passing by.

I won't say my workmates fancied him, but there were ribald comments made each time after he left the shop. Today was no different.

"Nice arse!"

"I could do him a favour."

"Never mind that, he could do me a favour"

"Wow Mrs. Get in Line."

Those comments had never got to me before but today, the mood I was in, I thought

"Hang on there, yes, he could do me a favour, yes, I'll go for that and see if I can get his interest."

Ben was a bit of a flirt with all the girls, mind you, they were all younger than me, although he was quite cheeky when he looked in during the afternoons. I decided that tomorrow, when I only started at noon, I would see what I could do. I was pleased to see Ben that afternoon, and I am sure he could not have known of my ideas when we chatted. Yes, he was definitely flirting with me.

I smiled and asked "Are you flirting with me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Now there's a question to ask a lady, every lady likes being flirted with."

"Who am I to deny a lady a little pleasure? "Particularly one with such lovely hair."

"Compliments like that will get you anywhere!"

"Now who is flirting?" he turned to leave, it was just a few moments.

"Are you going to be in tomorrow afternoon?"

"Could be."

The door slammed behind him leaving me to plot my moves. Well you know how it is; you have to stack the deck in your own favour. Most of my work in the afternoon is behind the scenes, so plenty of time to work things out as I did the preparation for tomorrow's business. I noticed for the first time that when I went to the fridge, and stood for a few moments that my nipples came up. Noted!

What could I do to enhance my chances? I experimented with the top of my overall, leaving first one then two buttons open, the two button was better, showed off my thirty eights to greater advantage. Now which bra shall I wear? Shower and shampoo in the morning, take it from there. I have to be honest, the girl's comments, and my new interest, and the bit of flirting, I was warming to the idea of bedding this guy, but I had to get him first, and the more I thought, the more I planned, the hornier and wetter I got. I usually had to put the "Back in Five Minutes" sign up at some stage during the afternoon while I nipped off to the toilet and also brewed a cup of tea. Today I had a more pressing need of that short break. A couple of vigorous fingers in the hairy pie was essential.

I was really high going into work on the Wednesday. The girls commented on my mood, and suggested that my Eddy had given me a seeing to, they could be so crude, if only they knew what I was up to... They didn't so I let them think Eddy was the reason. I had really worked on what I wanted. I know I wasn't going on a date, but I put on my sexiest knickers and bra, and I can tell you, on that moped it was drafty! I thought it would put me in the mood to try to win this guy and I was certainly horny.

I thought the morning shift would never go home, but eventually they did. I prepared myself for what I hoped would be a chance to date Ben. I saw the vehicle pass the shop; I was so excited that I was nearly wetting myself.

I wanted to make 'an entrance' so I waited in the back of the shop. Then the shop bell tinkled.

"I won't be a minute."

I undid the two top buttons, then opened the fridge and shoved my tits in as expected up came my nipples. I was so wet down below I might just as well have peed myself!

"Sorry to keep you."

I stepped into the shop. My disappointment must have been obvious, no Ben, just one of his mates.

"No Ben?" I enquired

"He's in the bank; I expect he will be in shortly. Two buns please."

My hands shook as I served him and watched as he left the shop. I was still determined make my "Entrance" so I went back to the rear of the shop. I opened the fridge and topped up my tits, pulled my cleavage as low as I could, then when the bell tinkled I stepped out into the shop.

"Oh it's you, hello."

"Well hello gorgeous! My mate said you looked fit to fuck! And he wasn't wrong."

I blushed deep red. "Oh my God, he didn't did he?

"Certainly did"

"You wouldn't want an old boiler like me."

"You don't look much like an old boiler to me. If you weren't married I would ..."

"Does the married bit matter then?"

"Not to me, but I thought perhaps to you?"

"So long as my "old man" doesn't find out I don't mind."

"That would be up to you. Would you like to come out one evening? We could have a chat, see what happens?"

"Are you serious." This was more or less what I was angling for.

"Question is, are you? When can you make it?"

"Tomorrow evening, He's on late shift, and so long as I am back by eleven I should be OK."

We arranged that he would pick me up several streets away from my house, about 7pm. As I approached the rendezvous the butterflies in my stomach fluttering like mad I could see Ben's van parked up. I had to steel myself not to turn and run back.

As I got in Ben said " You turned up then, I didn't think you would."

"I could say the same. I half expected that you were teasing me."

"What? Me? Of course not." We drove off.

"Where are we going?"

"Clevedon, I thought we could have a chat and maybe a coffee."

The journey was mostly quiet until Ben broke the silence.

"That was some look you had about you the other afternoon."

"Do you think so?"

"Was that just for me or do you always dress like that, because I haven't noticed it before."

"A bit of both, It was what I usually wear but I wanted you to notice."

"Yes, nice tits."

I blushed, I couldn't see it but I certainly felt it.

We found a café open, well, nearly closing where they made us most unwelcome as we sat drinking our coffee and chatting. A little later we sat in the van looking out across the channel at the sunset. We had discussed our various domestic situations, him not being attached but having some commitments, and me married, older boys, and not wanting to go for divorce until I had decided on where I wanted to be. Ben also introduced to the conversation that he would not particularly want a permanent relationship with a divorcee as it could cause a family upset. That suited me.

Then things changed drastically, and I wasn't sure that I was comfortable.

"I want this to be cold and calculated, no decisions to be taken in the heat of the moment and regretted. So is that Ok?"

Ben wasn't looking at me as he spoke but I was sure this was going to be uncomfortable. His hand was just above my knee.


"You don't want to rock the boat with your marriage. So you must be sure of what you want." He turned toward me.

His hand went inside my coat, he squeezed my right breast. I was staring out at the sea. I knew what I wanted, but I wasn't sure I could make it as cold as this. As he fondled my breast, his thumb was rubbing across my nipple. He continued...

"I am here because I want to screw you, I fancy you something rotten. If you don't want the same thing, then fair enough, I'll just drive you home and that will be it. But I think you do want the same thing."

He removed his hand from my coat and started making little circles with his finger on my knee.

"I want you, I have told you that. Before anything happens between us I want you to say the same thing. I am not looking for a one night stand, I want a relationship..."

I still stared out over the sea. God I wanted it but I wasn't able to say the words. This was not what I was expecting at all. He was being so cold. Ben continued.

"Here's a way to tell me that we both want the same thing."

A couple were walking hand in hand along the waterline below the promenade where we were parked.

"I want you to take off your knickers and give them to me."

"Oh my God!" did I hear that right?

It felt like hours that I continued to stare out to the evening sky. All the time his finger circled on my knee. I moved just a fraction he moved his hand. I hiked up my dress slipped my hands into my knickers and took them off. Sitting back in the seat I leaned forward and put them into my hand bag.

"That wasn't the deal, come on, hand them to me."

I handed him the knickers, he shook them out and looked at them, then neatly folded them and put them in his pocket.

"Phew...you had me worried for a minute. I thought you were going to bale out of the deal. Now we have a cold decision. Let's enjoy our time together."

I was very relieved. Suddenly it was like a weight being taken off me. Ben sneaked a hand into my dress, then into my bra, his cold hand on my naked breast and I really want it to be there. I responded stroking the front of his trousers and feeling his erect dick within. Suddenly I wanted to do more so I found his zip and let myself in. He meanwhile started stroking my knee, and gradually worked his hand up to my pussy.

"Aghh...Aghh... Aghh!"I gritted my teeth and threw my head back as his finger touched my pussy I just could not contain myself and came vigorously. I almost pulled his dick off. Luckily he did not come.

"I think we had better find somewhere a bit more secluded." Ben thrust the van into gear and accelerated away. My dress was rucked right up exposing my pussy, and his dick was still in my hand. Between gear changes he fingered my slit. Ben reversed the van into a deserted farm gateway and invited me to the back of the van behind the door of which was a thick sleeping bag. His hand slipped up under my dress to fondle my naked pussy under the guise of helping me in. As I crawled forward he threw up my dress and kissed my exposed cheeks. I sat on the bag, Ben standing outside the open rear van doors. His erection was still sticking out from his dark trousers.

"Raise your knees."

I did as he asked, knowing that he was looking straight at my Naked wet secret.

"Come closer"

I slithered myself toward him just longing to feel his length within me. As I came within reach he started to fondle my breasts. Then he unbuttoned the top of my dress, then reaching around me he first pulled me closer until my heels were on the vehicle bumper, and my bum on the edge of the floor. Then he released the clasp of my bra freeing my tits to the night air. My nipples were hard as hazel nuts as he bent to flick his tongue across them. His fingers parted my pussy lips and I came like waves crashing on a beach. I grabbed for his dick and pulled it towards my hungry hole.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded and slumped backwards into the van. With a single thrust he slid straight in to me and again I climaxed, his rhythmic pumping had the climaxes rippling through me. I can only say I had never experience such feelings in all my life. He continued thrusting into me for what seemed like hours before he asked.

"My juice, in or out?"


"My spunk, do you want it up you or on your belly?"

"In, fucking in in in."

Several more deep thrusts were succeeded by his eruption within me. He pulled me into a sitting position, hugging me to him and lashing me with kisses which I of course returned with equal vigour. Our tongues probing each others mouth.

My climaxes ebbed away as he slackened and started to slip from my pussy.

" Ok for you?"

I was only able to nod my response, my breath had been taken away by the intensity of my feelings and I started to weep.

"Are you alright?" he looked into my face with deep concern.

"Yes" I sobbed. "I am fine it was just so intense, I didn't realise sex could be that good."

He buttoned my dress and helped me from the van. We drove back to the area I lived in quietly and at a discrete distance he stopped to let me out.

"What about my knickers? Can I have them back now?"

"What for?" he laughed "You are not going to put them back on and I might need them."

"Will we be doing this again?" Ben asked.

"Hmmm...yes..., probably." I wasn't going to refuse him...ever.

"Do you know where I live?" I asked.

"Sure do."

"Give me a few minutes, then follow me down. When you see the house, you will see a white card in the upstairs window, when you see that, I am home and alone and not expecting my husband. If you are passing call in."

I shut the van door, and set off down the road. My upper thighs cool in the night air, and getting wetter by the minute as Ben's juice started to run from me with no knickers to inhibit it.

The concerns I had during the conversations earlier had fled, yes, this was going to be just what the doctor ordered. Eddy had had his last shag off me. I could have a better sex life without his involvement. Ben was a great guy and I knew I would be alright with him.

This of course was only the beginning and we had numerous times together which I can tell you about another time.

X Ethel

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