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We met in a hotel room, our respective partners knowing nothing of what was to occur, a chance meeting, an animal desire.. This describes our lust for one another from each persons perspective.

I'll start off by gently kissing your neck, all over. You'll moan at my touch. We'll kiss, and I'll put my tongue in your mouth, and swirl it around yours. The time will come where lust will take over. I'll trace a hand down your back, and slickly undo your bra strap with a single hand. Your tits will fall out and i will devour them. Your nipples will be hard already, and sensitive to my touch. i will twist one and suck on the other, you will be in heaven.


As I moan gently at you playing with my very erect nipples, my hand is running up the inside of one of your legs, skimming the bulge in your trousers, my hand runs back down the inside of your other leg, I can now feel a throb down below that I go to touch through my knickers but,


I have beaten you to it; you open your legs instinctively to give me better access as I rub my finger over your opening. Your lips are swollen and part easily for me as I probe with my index finger into your pussy. You are wet, very wet, coating my second finger as it too joins the first in your pussy. Removing my hand you gasp but I bring my fingers to my mouth and taste you. My cock is now straining to get out, and is searching for your pussy.


We keep kissing and I'm still rubbing a nipple as I return between your legs. All thoughts of stopping this have gone, I touch your clit and you explode into orgasm. I then suck your tongue, tasting my juices from it, my hand wanders back up your inner thigh where I stroke you through your trousers, feeling your excitement and hearing you gasp as I unzip you and slide a hand in to stroke you through your boxers, I hesitate for a second or two, teasing you, before releasing your cock from your boxers and feel your solid cock with my hand, reaching underneath to stroke your balls, feeling your pre-cum with my finger I then taste you and then begin to stroke your big solid cock.


I don't just want you now, I need to have you. It's gone by caring about others, animal lust has taken over. You bend down and lick the head of my enlarged cock. It throbs in your hand. I push my hips forward and you deep throat my cock. Warm and wet, just like I know your pussy will be. You squeeze my balls and continue to give me an amazing blow job, I pull away, knowing that I'm close, I want to cum inside you, not in your mouth.


I feel how close you are to climax, I stop abruptly and look at you, we both know what we want, at that I slide my panties to the side, lie you back and straddle your enlarged solid cock, sliding my pussy over your cock it slides in so easily because I am so wet, I writhe on top of you.


Your pussy feels amazing, so much better than your mouth. You lean forward and feed me one of your tits, which I devour, your big nipples easily filling my mouth. You move on top of me, lifting your hips up and down, my cock moving in and out of you. We get faster and faster, but I want you from behind. You lean over, your huge tits hang free, I grab hold of both of them and my cock finds your pussy,


You slide in so easily as my juices are flowing, you slide in deep, just how I like it, but you stop. I am loving the feeling of you deep in my pussy. You pull out completely and slide back in. we get a slow rhythm going, you stopping every so often to rotate and me feel your cock deep in me.


I coat my index finger in your juices and slowly push it into your ass. You cry out in both pain and pleasure. I move it in and out in time with my thrusts, and this drives you wild. Your juices are running out of your shaved pussy, and you are close to cumming. I can feel you tighten round my cock as I fuck you deep, but I pull out before you cum. I want you on your back. You know it, and lie with your legs spread wide inviting me in. You grab my cock and move your hips so that the top two inches enter your pussy. I thrust hard and fill you completely, and you wrap your left leg around my back pulling me deeper into you...


I wrap both my legs around you, pulling you deeper and you change position slightly so that you are rubbing at my g spot..I am at this point caressing my own tits, licking the solid nipples and you lean forward to share this with me, our tongues flicking my nipple. You then lean back and I move my legs to your shoulders. You hold my ankles and fuck me deep and hard.


It's getting too much for me, this amazing experience, you tighten round my cock as you approach orgasm, increasing the friction and bringing me close. I want to pull out and come over your tits, but the instinct to cum inside you is too strong, my balls start to rise and the blood to my cock increases making it bigger and stronger. You sense it and reach for my balls massaging them and sending me over the edge. The first pulse is strong and my cum enters your womb, you feel it and cum with me.


I want to feel your cum fill me as I feel your final hard thrust and you let out a sigh, I shake as I cum, feeling your cum deep inside me, you then pull out and I lick your cock clean of my juices, we kiss for a while and I go to the bathroom to turn the shower on.


My cock had softened, but I watched you walk to the bathroom and heard the shower running. A smile came on my face as I thought of you lathering up, and my cock twitches as if it knows what's to come. I walk into the bathroom and see you leaning back against the wall scooping my cum from your pussy. This amazing sight has me fully hard again, we kiss and you grab my cock, wanking it slowly. You move away but still hold onto my throbbing member, pulling me towards the shower.


As you step into the shower beside me, I am stroking your now hard cock, slowly, teasing the tip with my wet hands. We kiss gently our tongues probing each other's mouths, you reach down to my wet pussy and Instinctively I raise my leg to allow you easy access, I then get down on my knees, still having eye contact I can see the need in your eyes as I lick your cocks hard length and stroke your balls. I then take your full length in my mouth and I hear your moans of pleasure.


The water drips down on us, and your tits look so inviting, your mouth is amazing, and you kneed my balls as if to squeeze all the cum from them. Now I am in heaven, I thought I could last longer , but you're swirling your tongue around the sensitive tip of my cock, and wanking it with your hand. Your tits are made for tit wanking, you smile and cupping your tits around my cock, begin to wank me slowly. It's is completely lost between your huge tits, and I know I want to cum all over them.


Sensing that you may come soon, I lick the tip of your cock as my tits wank you, you spray your hot cum over my tits and lips, you kneel down in front of me as we lick my tits clean of your cum...we kiss again, tasting your cum, I finger my now very wet throbbing pussy then place it between our tongues, you suck it, tasting the mix of both our juices, I stand up but you stay down on your knees.


Your pussy looks inviting, all swollen and your clit is sticking out begging to be stroked. Brushing my finger over it I move my head down and lick your entrance with my tongue. You shudder and scream with pleasure. I dip my tongue into your pussy and stroke your clit with my finger. You are close t o cumming already, I can taste our juices, suddenly your pussy begins to spasm around my tongue, I know you're cumming and I increase my gentle rubbing on your clit. Your hips move forward and you push my head into your cunt. You scream as a huge orgasm overcomes you moving your hips 2 , 3 , 4 times. I smile as you come down from your high.

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