tagNon-EroticSenatorial Secrets Ch. 02

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 02


Author's Note: This story will have a hint of gay male in the beginning, but this chapter doesn't focus on that, but the hint is necessary to go with the preceding chapter and the lifestyle of the Senator. ~ Red


Taken from Ch. 01

"Yeah, he is, but eventually it'll all come back to him," Peter said. "Look, sis. I'm beat. I'm going to catch some sleep before we land. Got the whole family to watch tonight."

"Oh the twins too, you lucky SOB." Carolyn said her goodbyes and then hung up the phone. She turned back and began to file away the prints of Brad and another lover.

Peter pushed his phone in his jacket pocket and hurried to his seat. He buckled up and waited for the flight to get permission to leave. He closed his eyes, remembering the sights and sounds in the hotel room and inwardly cringed. His brother had cried like that, begged and pleaded to be left alone, then hours later he'd killed himself and Peter had held his body in his hands vowing to destroy the young uprising star of the North, that had raped his young sibling.


The plane landed a few hours later and once more the Senator from Ohio, was surrounded by his entourage. The press wasn't as thick at the airport, but there were a few local news crews taking pictures of the handsome man who many billed to be one of the uprising stars in Washington. Brad spied his limo, waved to the press and hurried over to take his place in the back of the long, stretched vehicle. He scowled at Peter and Samuel when he noticed no plaything waited for him. "Jesus Fuckin' Christ, where the fuck is my release. This whole day's been fucked up. First Carolyn's fuck up with that old ass in my bed and now this!"

Brad pulled a cigar from his breast pocket and lit the long thick rod. "Fucked up, damn it! You two know there is supposed to be someone at every freakin' stop. What happened to Greg?" He asked, not caring who he addressed. He was angry and wanted answers.

"Sir, Greg if you recall is out of town. His wedding was last week and they are in the Spain, your treat," Samuel said, pulling off his jacket and loosening his tie. "The others we've acquired in the past were unavailable."

"Unavailable? Why - - what was it, Gay March Day on the Hill?" Brad asked. He pulled his own jacket off and tossed it across to the other set of seats, where his two security officers sat. "Tell me Samuel how the fuck am I supposed to meet that tight as bitch I'm married to if I don't feel mellowed out?"

His eyes moved over both men and he raised a brow to Samuel, who was already removing his high priced silk shirt, that had been hidden under his black jacket. "You know your older than I like, but I see your willing to help me out."

He opened his slacks and took his limp rod out. "You know Peter, you could learn a lot from Samuel." Brad gazed at the other body guard, noting his lack of interest in what was about to occur. "Still not seeing the perks of being my plaything?" Brad asked the young man, then turned to see Samuel leave the leather cushioned bench. He spread his legs as his bodyguard settled between them.

"No Sir, I'm quite content fucking the female gender," Peter answered. He said nothing else, but stared down the Senator until the time Samuel was spending with his face buried between his bosses thighs was enough to distract the man.

Brad closed his eyes and pushed his fingers into Samuel's hair. His moans were soon filling the air and he had no worries over his body guard's sexual preferences. The only reason he kept Peter on board was because Peter seemed to know where to find the best, tight asses and the youngest ones too.

Peter did his best to block out the sounds of Brad Scholastic being pleasured by his co-worker Samuel. In his mind he thought of the restaurant where he was scheduled to oversee Brad and Samuel with Ohio's Lady and the twins. A smirk rose on his lips as he stared out the window, past the reflection of Samuel on his knees and Brad's look of pleasure. Gina and Gail hadn't fallen far from their father's tree. The two girl's were just as wicked as their dad, playing both sides of the fence as well as with the security personal that protected their father's body.

He closed his eyes, feeling his cock grow as he thought of the last time he'd been with both girls. His hand moved down to readjust his package and he heard a chuckle. He knew his boss would be thinking he was getting a hard on because of the blow job Samuel was giving, but he'd be wrong. Peter was getting hard because he was recalling Gina and Gail on their knees taking turns sucking his cock. Screwing Brad over in his political career was one goal that Peter was enjoying far more than he should have, but he'd never forced the girls to do anything they didn't want to do. They had pursued him. When he confessed it to Carolyn, she told him enjoy it, just take pictures. So he had.

"Yessss," Brad's voice ricochet around the limo's inner surface. Peter took a deep breath and waited to be addressed.

Eventually, Samuel was getting dressed and Brad was zipping up. "Liked that didn't you old man?" Brad asked Peter.

Peter turned to face his employer. "Guess it seemed that way, huh?"

Brad smirked. "I saw what I saw," he winked and reached over to squeeze the man's leg.

Peter's fingers curled into a fist, clenched tight against his chin. "Things always aren't what they seem Sir," he said and stared back at the Senator.

Brad glared and moved his hand back. "I keep you on because of your contacts Peter. You can be replaced."

Peter stared back at the man, feeling Samuel's eyes on him, wondering what he was thinking. He shifted so he better faced the rising star and his co-worker, crossed his arms in front of him, leaned back and smirked. "Sir, I can work for anyone. If you'd like me to put in a request to leave I will, but. . .yeah, my contacts will probably come with me. You aren't the only Senator living a secret life Sir."

Brad sneered. "No shit, but . . ." he flipped his hand in the air, "enough. I'll not push you Peter, but you can't deny you were stroking your cock a bit there, while Sammy was sucking me off. Take the night off, I don't really feel like having your negative vibes this evening. I'll have enough of those tonight with Savannah."

"I'll not deny it at all, and I'll keep my cell on in case you have need of me," Peter said.

"Good," Brad answered, a look of triumph crossed his face.

Peter glanced to Samuel and saw the laughter in his eyes. He rolled his, knowing that Samuel knew that Peter hadn't gotten hard by what he'd done, but had probably been thinking of fucking some hot number when he left the Senator. Peter chuckled, Samuel was right, but he wasn't sure he was going to be able to fuck the mirror images that were two of the most popular society numbers in the US.

The limo slipped through the final miles of traffic and then up to the front door of the expensive Meander Mix, an expensive restaurant that catered to the whims of those who brought in more money than the average American. The door opened and more flashes showed Peter, Brad, then Samuel making their way to the front door, to be greeted by Savanna Scholastic, and the matching set of bleached blonde beauties, Gina and Gail.

"Hello sweetheart," Savanna said with a smile. She wrapped her husband of twenty years in her arms and kissed his lips. Her tongue slid inside and she felt her stomach cringe, but her face never fell from the look of pure pleasure that was plastered on it.

"Hello beautiful!" Brad said with a grin and then turned to face the crowd. "If I wasn't a Senator, I'd toss this lovely lass over my shoulder and take her back to the limo. . .Hell, I just may do it anyway," he winked and made to grab his wife's thin waist and haul her away.

She playfully slapped at his arm. "You are wicked Senator Scholastic." Savanna smiled and pressed against him. She grinned wide for the cameras and then turned to her daughters. "Girls, lets get inside and enjoy some supper with your father."

They walked inside only to be stopped by the owner of the ritzy place.

"Sir, it is a pleasure to see you again. The package arrived and has been placed in your private dining room."

Savannah raised a brow. The package was probably a make up gift for missing their lunch date. She felt her hackles rise, but kept her smile on her face, her eyes sparkling and her demeanor of a loving wife intact.

"Thank you," Brad replied and led his wife to the room they had often used during their stays in the Casino City. When they reached the private dining area, the door closed behind the twins, leaving the body guards on the outside of it and the family alone. Savannah's hands dropped from her husband's waist and she walked over to an already opened bottle of wine; she poured herself a glass and down the chilled red liquid. "You better not have had any left over come in that mouth of yours," she hissed and then glared back at him.

"No Vana, I cleaned up before I got here and only Sam took care of things for me." He motioned for his daughters to take their place at the table.

Savannah rolled her eyes. "That's more information than I or they needed to know." She took her glass back to the table and sat down. A silver bell sat next to her plate and she lifted it. The tone sounded and a door opened immediately. The young man walked in and quickly set salads down for each person. Savannah watched her husband ogle the man and felt her fingers grip the stem of her glass, when he disappeared she chose to say nothing. She would speak with Brad privately.

Her gaze traveled to her daughters and she wondered what they were thinking. They'd said nothing, since their father's arrival and though that was typical of them, she knew they were upset that he had missed lunch. They had voiced it to her, commenting under their breaths that he was probably "butt-fucking some young ass, male cunt." Savannah had cringed at their venom, but hadn't denied it. He probably had been and that was why his flight had been delayed. The private Cessna had been scheduled to leave that morning and arrive in Vegas in plenty of time for the family to be together.

She chewed her salad, the flavor bland to her, though it was full of rich herbs and succulent vegetables. Savannah allowed her mind to wander as her husband attempted to make amends to the twins by presenting them with gifts they all knew were picked out by Samantha, Brad's assistant, one of the few women on his list of employees.

A memory rushed forward and she fought the tears that welled up as she recalled the past. They were staring at each other, fingers clasped tight and a smile on their faces. She could sit back and view the ceremony as if she weren't living it; she had though. She'd been the bride, the woman with her hair piled high on top of her head and her long neck exposed. Her body had been dusted with a light powder that shimmered as the candlelight that surrounded the church cast an ethereal glow around her and her newly wedded husband.

The memory moved to their wedding night. "I love you Brad," could be heard in her head and his answering. . .

"You own my heart."

They had moved as one, each one sliding their fingers over skin that she had thought was virginal. Hers had been. She'd saved herself for marriage. Brad had told her he too was a virgin; later she learned the truth. "Beautiful," he had said. The blush on her cheeks had been real.

"I am scared." Her admission brought a smile to his cheeks and then he'd comforted her, setting her mind at ease with whispered words and tender touches.

When they both woke the next morning, she was snuggled against him and he had wrapped her tightly in his embrace. "Love me forever?" she asked, moving to slide over him, suddenly wanting to experience all the positions her naughty collection of books had shown her.

"Forever and a day," he answered back.

Savannah sighed and brought her wine to her lips. "Forever and a day lasted a little under two years," she thought to herself.

"Mom!" the voice of Gina, the eldest by five minutes reached her and she mechanically turned her eyes on her. She gave herself a mental shake and swallowed her tasteless lettuce.

"Yes, dear, I'm sorry. What were you saying?" She blinked back the unshed tears and answered the repeated question with a soft smile and a yes.

Gina sighed, but left her mother's lie alone. She watched the bell reappear in her mother's hand and soon the salads disappeared to be replaced by the meals that each one had ordered. Her leg pressed against Gail's and she felt the invisible strength each one gave the other with just a simple touch. They'd been close all their lives. Their relationship as tight as many twins were, but as their parents hostility became more openly displayed in the home their quest for love and peace manifested into something more intimate. Gina felt her sister's hand rest protectively on her thigh.

"Daddy, thank you for the earrings," Gina said and looked from her mother to her father. Her smile was plastered on her face. The earrings would be worn once she told herself as she slipped the emeralds from her ears, gifts from Gail and slid the diamond ones in their place.

"I'm glad you like them. I had picked them out a few weeks ago, for your birthday gifts, but since I was going to be late. . ." Brad smiled and shrugged. He cut a slice of steak and pushed it into his mouth. His gaze shifted from his daughter to the man serving the wine.

Gina watched her father dismiss the man and knew it was because he wasn't young. Gina silently appraised the form fitting uniform coat and found her sex tingle at the handsome gentleman, gauging his age to rest in the mid twenties.

"Well... now you just have to go shopping again," she said with a smile, inside though she wondered what Samantha was going to choose for their Christmas gift this year.

"Yes, dear I do. I enjoy seeing you smile." Brad took another bite and complimented the server, asking him to relay his message to the chef.

Gina tossed back her long blonde strands and squared her shoulders. "Daddy, Gail and I were invited to go dancing tonight with Alexia and her fiancé Micheal."

"Senator Alan's kids are in town?" Brad asked.

Gina and Gail both nodded.

"They are here supporting a new wing opening at the hospital, its being named after Alan's mother. She passed away last month remember and it was her campaigning for the funds that made it happen," Savannah answered. "I'm okay with them going if you have the personnel to help protect them."

"Dad it'll be cool. One guard will be fine for us. I mean none would work. Alexia will have her entourage, but I know you like having someone with us," Gail said, before Gina could answer.

Gina agreed and waited to hear her father's answer.

"I'd feel better sending someone I trust. Samuel's filling in for Benny, but Peter is off, maybe he can be reached and meet you two there. I know Alan's security is good, but yeah, it is always safer to at least put one of your own in. If something is going to go down, I'd like to feel my kids were more important than another, at least to someone."

"I agree," Savannah answered. "I trust Peter."

Gina grinned and felt Gail's hand squeeze her thigh again. "Peter would be great," she said and knew her sister's pussy was getting as wet as her's had the minute her father had said the man's name. She also knew her mother would agree to Peter; Peter wasn't fucking her dad.

"I'll have Samuel ring him then." Brad got up and walked back to the door as his family resumed their meal. When he returned, he sat down and finished his steak, informing the girls that Samuel would do his best to track down the body guard.

Both girls grinned and finished their marinated chicken and rice. Their mother lifted the bell again and dishes of cheesecake drizzled with maraschino cherry juice and two cherries were presented to them. Dessert was finished in silence, only the door being knocked on, opened and Sam's "thumbs up" interrupted them.

When dinner concluded Brad rose and helped his girls from their seats, kissing them both. "Let me check on the details with Sam." He left, saying nothing to his wife.

"What are your plans tonight, Mom?" Gail asked, her fingers slipping to the small of Gina's back. She'd done her best to offer support while her father and mother shot glares at each other.

"Your father and I have a fund raiser to go to, nothing too major, just some environmental thing to raise money for them and us," she said nonchalantly. Her fingers toyed with the pearls Samantha had picked out. She would wear them everyday. Her friendship with Samantha was special. They weren't lovers, though they had been for a short time, then Samantha had married and Savanna was left to search for release on her own; she'd found it in the arms of strangers, usually men or women she found admirable in some way.

Brad returned and for a moment the bliss of her memories washing over her gave her an image of Brad the way he had been when she first met him; it quickly disappeared. He had thrown their marriage away years ago; she gazed at her daughters. Did they know it was because of them that their dad turned to others to fulfill his needs and then discovered he liked the kinks and the risks he took?

She didn't think they knew, but she did know they hurt too. She wanted to embrace them and tell them it was okay to do what they did to feel better, but to be safe. Savanna had learned of their relations with men and each other through her own people. When she suspected her husband of cheating on her she'd hired a team of detectives, men her father recommended. She kept several on a private payroll and they had told her of Gina and Gail's bonding, a bond that started to grow more intimate after the age of fourteen. Now they were adults and she cherished the fact they found each other when all she and Brad gave them was hell.

"Samuel reached Peter and he'll meet you at the club. Your car, Gina, is being brought around, so when you and your sister are ready Samuel will follow behind you in the sedan then," Brad turned to Savannah, "he'll return to the hotel, where a limo is going to take us."

Savannah said nothing, just nodded her head and watched the girls walk over to kiss her cheeks. She breathed in their pricy perfume and smiled, wondering if they would be at the club long or disappear with Peter. "Be back tomorrow by noon," she told both girls. Her dark brown eyes locking with their emerald ones, an unspoken message passed between them.

"We will," Gail said and hooked her arm through her sisters.

Savannah and Brad watched them walk away and then she rose from her seat. "They are great girls."

"I know." Brad pushed in his chair and headed toward the door. "Let's get this over with," he muttered and held out his hand.

For a brief moment she wanted to refuse, then she thought of how it would look. The shining star of the political world and his equally well-known wife deserting him in his hour of need. She was a name in several households; her father was a man known for cutting edge technology and her mother, a renowned talk show host. Her hand moved into his and she closed her eyes. "I don't think I love you anymore."

Brad swallowed and turned to look down on her. She gazed back up at him. Suddenly, she felt older than her forty-three years and he looked older than his forty-five. "The feeling is mutual, trust me on that one thing." He cocked a brow and opened the door. They stepped out as a couple and were surrounded by their armed personnel. They moved as a committed couple to the limo that waited for them.

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