tagBDSMSharing His Slave Ch. 01

Sharing His Slave Ch. 01


Naked, I knelt in the center of the room for my Master's pleasure. My dusky pink nipples were hard nubs on the tips of my heavy round breasts. With my hands clasped behind my back, my thighs spread wide and my eyes downcast, I tried to be the very image of submission as I waited for Him to return home.

While I waited, I wondered what my Master had in store for me. I only knew that He had called me after lunch and said for me to prepare myself well and to wait for him, in position, in the entryway. So I shaved myself more carefully than normal, washed, dried and lightly perfumed myself with the subtle, musky rose oil blend my Master likes. My black leather collar stood out in stark contrast to my pale skin. Anxiously I waited.

My knees aching on the hardwood floor, I finally heard keys jingling outside the front door. Doing a quick silent check that I was exactly in position, I waited a minute more for my Master to enter. At last I heard the door open and close and footsteps tapping the floor. Confused, I listened. It didn't sound like Master was alone. How strange! Master had never brought anyone else home with Him when He knew I was awaiting his pleasure.

"My god, John you're right. She is lovely." I heard the stranger's voice as the footsteps grew closer.

"Thank you, Alex. I thought she would please you." My mind raced. Why would Master be concerned if I pleased this man or not? Had I displeased Him lately? Was my Mater growing tired of His slave?

"Stand up, slave, let us look at you." I heard my Master's voice and I obeyed. I rolled as gracefully as I could from my knees to my bare feet. I spread my feet more than shoulder width apart and moved my clasped hands up behind my neck, my stomach in tense knots. Eyes still downcast, I blushed a little as the stranger, Alex, walked a slow circle around me.

"John, she is stunning. She seems very well behaved, too. How long have you owned her?"

"Not quite a year yet. She's had her little rebellions, but she's eager to learn and is coming along nicely."

"How does she take the strap?"

"Her ass colors nicely under the paddle. She still breaks position sometimes under the strap. I reserve the cane for the worst disobedience, it terrifies her. I've only had to use it twice." I felt the part of my anatomy currently under discussion burn with the memory of the cane. Alex stopped right in front of me.

"Look at me, little one." I heard him speak softly. I lifted my chin and met his gaze. Startlingly bright blue eyes stared back into my green ones. He had short, almost black hair and a generous mouth. His shoulders were broad and strong and he was a couple of inches taller than my Master's 5'10". The tip of my tongue nervously darted out to moisten my suddenly dry lips.

"May I touch her, John?" Alex spoke to Master with his gaze still locked on mine.

"Please do, Alex. She has exquisite skin." Master sat down in a straight backed chair to watch this man take His property, my flesh, in his hands. Alex reached up and cupped my face in his warm hand, then pushed his fingers up into my dark auburn hair. He rolled one of my achingly hard nipples gently between his large fingers. I felt his hand stroke down the clean, curved line of my waist and the smooth flare of my hip to cup my bottom. To my credit, I didn't even flinch when Alex touched me.

"Did she know you were bringing me here?" Alex asked my Master as he stroked my bottom and hips, walking slowly around me again.

"No, she didn't. I didn't feel it necessary to tell her. She is my slave, and will do as I wish." Master smiled, and His eyes glinted with pleasure as he watched me stand perfectly still under His friend's hands. As Master met my eyes, I lowered my gaze again towards the floor. I could see Master's shoes as he approached me. I felt Alex close behind me and the heat of his hands on my bare sides and breasts as Master took my chin in His hand and lifted my face to Him.

"Listen closely, pet." He began. "This man is My friend. I am going to watch you pleasure him, and you will obey him as well as you obey Me." Master smiled at me, and as I felt my heart warm in response to Him, I also knew what He had left unspoken - that if I failed to obey, His displeasure and my punishment would be severe.

"Alex, enjoy my slave's body well." Master moved back to sit in an overstuffed chair to watch me. Alex moved around in front of me."

"Kneel, slut." He directed me. I returned to my kneeling position on the floor. "Look up at me, little one. I would know that you hear my words and understand them all." Again, I looked him in the face.

"From your own Master's lips, you heard that He is lending you to me for a time. I expect you to obey me without question. I will not hesitate to punish you as if you were my own property. You will address me at all times as 'Sir' or 'Master Alex". You will not cum without permission. You will not speak unless spoken to. You may cry out, but not without reason or to try to evoke pity. I know you have been well trained by your Master, and I expect to see His hard work shining through in your behavior."

"Now, the first thing I want is to inspect your slut body." Sir motioned to the solid coffee table in the center of the living room. "Lie down on the table top. Spread your legs over the sides of it and lift your arms up over your head." I rose from my kneeling position, the thought of exposing myself so intimately to this stranger burning humiliation in my mind, and approached the coffee table. Taking a quick glance at Master, wishing it were His words I was hearing, I laid down on the table. Spreading my legs as much as I could, I set my toes on the floor. I raised my arms up over my head and crossed them, letting my wrists and hands dangle over the end of the table.

Master Alex smiled a little as he approached me. He let his fingertips trail over my arms and past my underarms, checking the smooth skin there and tickling me ever so slightly. Suppressing the urge to giggle, I remained still for his inspection. He stroked his warm hand down my thigh, then my calf, feeling the soft skin of my legs. When he rounded the end of the table, he ran his hands up both of my legs, checking how well I shaved myself that day. Kneeling between my thighs, Master Alex focused in on my pussy. I could feel his eyes searing my pink flesh even before he touched it. When he did touch me there, it was all I could do to not cringe away from him. It had been so long since anyone other than Master touched me like that... I concentrated on lying still and making Master proud.

I tried to relax as Master Alex probed my wet folds with his fingers. I could feel him pulling my flesh open, prying my lower lips apart, and just looking at my cunt. Humiliation burned hot and red in my cheeks, I could feel the heat rise in my face. Master Alex leaned so close to me, I could feel his heated breath on my skin. I felt his fingers stroke my pussy lips, then he pressed one of them into my hot hole. While he pushed into me, I could feel his thumb stroking the outer flesh, almost molding it away from my opening.

"John, I can find no fault with the care Your slave takes of herself." Master Alex abruptly withdrew his finger from my body while speaking to my Master. A moment later, I felt his finger press against my mouth and I could smell the scent of my own arousal. "You know what to do, little slut." He whispered. I opened my mouth, and let his finger enter it, sucking and licking my own musk from his finger. He smiled at me when he removed his finger from my mouth. He walked away and looked at one of the hooks Master had placed in the wall, this one a little lower than his shoulder height. "Come here slut, kneel down right here." He grinned and motioned to Master as I rose from the table and approached him, kneeling where he indicated, placing my hands on the floor and resting my head on my hands. Ass high, the my stomach lurched nervously as I heard the two men leave the room and wondered what they were planning for me.

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