tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe's Gonna Be a Star

She's Gonna Be a Star


Cindy Brown grew up as a very happy and normal girl after a rough start in life, when she was 3, her father left home, never to be seen or heard from again. Her mother had to go to work, she went from being a filing clerk, to a top salesperson for an electronics company. She traveled around the United States and loved what she did. They lived in a small suburban town, 45 minutes north of Chicago. Cindy was a very good student, not straight A, but pretty darn close. She was also heavily in the theater and drama clubs, always getting the leading roles in musicals and plays. Cindy and her mother were very close and had a great, almost sisterly relationship; it was just the two of them against the world. Cindy was also a very good-looking girl, not tall in stature, but she was lean, with a nice figure, shoulder length brown hair, nice perky breasts, and a cute little bottom.

Cindy was not a prude, she had made out with guys before, and one guy even fondled her breasts. She wanted to try to save her virginity until she got married, but knew that might be difficult because her hormones had started going a million miles an hour, and some of her friends were starting to have sex. There was a lot of pressure on Cindy, guys were always trying to get in her pants, but Cindy wasn't the type to let pressure get to her, or let anyone make her do something that she felt she wasn't ready for.

Life was great for Cindy; she loved high school, had a lot of friends, and could go out with any guy in school. One day, her mother started dating a police officer, his name was Jim, he was 45 years old, 10 years older than her mother was. He seemed like a good guy at first, but had an evil look about him. Cindy could feel his eyes checking out her young form every time he was around, and she couldn't understand why. Her mother, Sharon, was a fox; she took great care of her body and looked like she was in her 20's. Cindy's father was an alcoholic, he used to beat her mother both verbally and physically, Sharon's father was the same way, a mean nasty drunk, who died young, years before Cindy was born. Growing up, Sharon never had confidence in herself, always being berated by her father, and always dating the same kind of guy. Things had changed with her success at work, she was confidant and was making pretty good money, but she was also lonely, rarely going out on dates, and hadn't had sex in years. A friend of Sharon's who was also dating a cop, set her up with Jim, and they hit it off right from the start.

Cindy was glad that her mom was dating again, but she also noticed that her mom was drinking more than usual, and they rarely spent quality time together anymore. Cindy was very shocked when Sharon and Jim went on a long weekend to Vegas and came back as husband and wife, they had only been dating for 6 months, and marriage wasn't even discussed. Cindy got along with Jim, but wasn't ready for her life to be interrupted this way. Jim put his condo up for sale and moved right in, taking over the place like it was his, if she wanted to watch television, she had to watch it in her room, because Jim monopolized the TV, watching sports and porn movies. Sharon and Jim always drank a lot at dinner, and when he was drunk, Jim swore a lot and seemed like a different person, yelling at Cindy and Sharon. Cindy started keeping herself busy at school, joining as many clubs and performing in any kind of small theater group she could find, she was a natural actress and had a wonderful singing voice, she would do anything to be away from her once peaceful home.

Cindy came home late one night after rehearsal for Oklahoma, as usual, she had the female lead. Jim was yelling at Sharon and Cindy thought she could hear him striking her, Cindy was scared, but went and knocked on her mother's bedroom door, asking if everything was ok. Jim opened the door and Cindy could see her mother crying, and could smell the alcohol on Jim's breath. "What the fuck do you want?" He said, his voice slurring. "I heard some noises from your room, I just want to make sure that mom is ok," Cindy said meekly. Jim gave Cindy a backhand to her cheek, telling her to mind her own fucking business, and slammed the door in her face. Cindy went back to her room crying, scared at what her mother had done to their once happy and carefree lives. Cindy stayed as far away from Jim as possible, she rarely had any chance to talk with her mother, but could see that she was miserable, they both drank a lot at dinner every night, it was the same routine. Cindy would eat dinner quickly, go to her room to study, and would turn up the music loud to get away from the constant bickering that would occur.

Cindy's mother had a business trip planned for a whole week, this would be the first time that Jim and Cindy would be alone for any period of time, and Cindy was really scared. The first couple of days went without any incidents, Cindy would go to school, and then would go to rehearsal for the musical, staying as late as possible. She would then go out and grab a quick bite to eat and hit the health club afterwards. She had her own car, so getting around town was not a problem. By the time she got home, Jim was usually asleep on the couch with the TV blaring and a bottle of whiskey in his hand or nearby, she would quietly go to her room, lock her door, and go to bed. This went on from Monday to Thursday, school, the play, dinner and the health club, then straight to bed.

It was Friday night, after rehearsal, Cindy and her friends from the cast went over to one of the group's house, Gina's parents were out of town, so she decided to have a little party. Cindy was not much of a drinker, but when handed a beer, she sipped at it for a while. One of the guys decided that a drinking game was needed, so the group, there were 5 boys and 5 girls, played quarters, a game where you bounce a quarter onto a table, trying to get it to bounce into a glass filled with beer. If you got the quarter in the glass, you could either drink the shot yourself, or pick someone else to drink it. After about an hour, everyone was feeling no pain, Cindy was drunk for the first time, and since she lived so close, would not need to drive home, she would leave her car at Gina's and pick it up in the morning.

The guys and girls started pairing off, Cindy ended up with Steven, a good looking guy, he was a couple inches taller than she was, with short blond hair, he was the lead in the play, so they had gotten to know each other pretty well. Cindy thought he was a pretty nice guy, and was even a little bit interested in him, hoping he might ask her out sometime. Someone put on some music and dimmed the lights as Cindy and Steven were sitting on the couch talking about the play, she was really nervous, and hoped Steven wouldn't be too aggressive her, it had been a long time since she had been with a boy. He placed his arm around her, and she placed her head on his shoulder as they continued chatting. He leaned over, smelling the light scent of her perfume, and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, she returned the kiss, and when she felt his mouth open slightly, opened hers as their tongues met halfway, lightly touching each other. They kissed like that for a while, Steven was going very slow and was very gentle, sliding his tongue into her mouth, investigating it with his tongue. He cupped her breast lightly over her shirt, it felt so good, and she made no movement to try and stop him, which gave him the confidence to try for more. He slid his hand under her shirt, and then under her bra fondling her breasts, rolling her pointy nipples with his fingers, her breathing speeding up rapidly, eyes closed enjoying his touch.

She was really loose, very buzzed and felt comfortable with him, hoping he wouldn't go much farther, but knowing she felt so good, that she might not try to stop him. While playing with her breasts, she felt his other hand moving up her thigh, rubbing her crotch, it felt so good, she wanted him and yet didn't want him to stop. She felt his hand unbutton, and then unzip her pants, this was going to be new territory for Cindy, no one but herself had ever touched her vagina. She wanted him to stop, grabbing his hand, trying to pull it away, but part of her was curious, so she let his hand slide down her pants. She almost jumped off of the couch when his fingers touched her pussy, it felt so good, there was no way she wanted him to stop, so she placed her head back on the couch and closed her eyes again, letting Steven have his way with her. He slid one finger into her pussy, and started to slowly slide it in and out of her, it felt so good, and when he touched her clit, she moaned out loud, "ohhhhhhhh, yes Steven, it feels so good, please touch me there again." Steven continued rubbing her clit with the tip of his fingers in a circular motion, she was really wet, and while she played with herself from time to time, it never felt this good. Steven grabbed her hand and led it to his crotch, she felt his cock through his pants, it was really hard, and he moaned when she fondled it. He pulled his hand from her pants, and unzipped his pants, lowering them; she had never seen a cock in person, only on her stepfather's porno's, it was standing straight up. Steven took her hand and placed it on his cock, it wasn't as big as the cocks she had seen on the porno's, she couldn't believe men could walk with cocks that big, and wondered how they could fit into women's pussies. She grabbed his cock and started stroking it up and down, drawing more moans from Steven, it felt good bringing him pleasure like this, and felt natural in her hands. He put his hands on the back of her head, pushing her closer to his cock, he wanted her to suck it, but she just couldn't do that.

Cindy said, "I'm just not ready for this, I will stroke it for you, but I can't lick it." He replied, "That's ok Cindy, I understand, please keep stroking it for me, we will go slow, I promise." Cindy was glad that he didn't try to make her go any further, and she continued stroking his cock, trying different grips and speeds, listening for his moans and movements of his body when she tried different things. She had a tight grip and was stroking him hard with fast up and down motions, his breathing had quickened, and he started moaning, "I'm cumming, yesssss," as white goo started spurting all over the place, on her hands, both of their clothes, everywhere. She took her finger, and licked the cum that was on it, it didn't taste that bad, so she tried some more thinking to herself, maybe I will suck his dick next time. They got cleaned up and kissed some more, both deciding to call it a night, he went looking for his ride, and she started walking home, praying that that asshole Jim would be sleeping off his latest drinking binge.

She walked quietly into the house on her toes, trying to not make a sound. She headed for her room and opened her door and was startled as Jim was in her room waiting for her, "where the fuck have you been," he slurred, she could smell the alcohol on his breath, he was only wearing underpants and smelled of sweat and booze. "Uh, I was at a friends, she lives nearby, I tried to be quiet, I didn't want to wake you, I'm sorry Jim."

"You are too young to be staying out this late, I will have to punish you," he said. "Please Jim, I promise I won't do it again, I will be home when you want me to, just don't hurt me," she pleaded. She tried to walk around him, but he grabbed her arm and dragged her to the bed. "Take off your pants and then lay on my lap," he ordered. "No Jim, that's not right, please leave me alone," she begged. She then felt his open hand strike her cheek, stinging and surprising her. "I will hit you a lot harder than that if you don't start obeying me, and don't call me Jim, call me daddy, or I will really make you suffer," he said. He was a lot bigger than she was, and since her mom wasn't home, she had no choice but to obey. She took her pants off and came closer to the bed, he had an evil look on her face, and she feared what would happen next. He was sitting on the bed, and pulled her by the hair onto his lap, smack, the first spank on her ass hit her hard, she was surprised and stunned.

Another spank to her ass, "owwww Jim, please stop," she begged. Two hard spanks rang down quickly onto her ass, "what's my name you little bitch?" He said. "I mean daddy, please don't hurt me any more, please," she pleaded. "That's better, what's the matter, never been spanked before? Well you will be my good little girl after tonight," he sneered, continuing his spanks to her ass. Cindy was crying now, pleading wasn't doing her any good, so she said, "I am going to tell mommy when she gets home." This only infuriated him, he tore her panties right off of her body, and started spanking her red ass even harder. "If you think this hurts, wait 'til you see what happens to you if you tell your mother," he yelled. Cindy was bawling now, begging Jim to stop, telling him that he was hurting her badly. Her ass was beet red and Jim decided that she had been spanked enough, but now he had a hard on and needed someone to take care of it for him. He pushed her onto the ground, pulled down his pants, grabbed her by the hair and told her, "you are now going to suck my cock and make me cum, if you bite me, I will kill you, you know I will do that. If you tell your mother, I will kill you."

"Nooooo, please daddy, I have never done that before, please don't make me, I promise I won't tell my mommy." He told her that she had better suck his cock, or he would go back to spanking her until she begged him to let her suck him, either way, she was going to suck him.

She looked at his cock, it was much bigger than Stevens, it was ugly, thick and smelled of sweat and urine. She stuck her tongue out and gave it a little lick, yuck, it tasted like pee, he grabbed her by her hair pulling her closer to him, telling her to get going, or take another beating. She started licking his shaft up and down; it was nauseating, all the horrible odors coming from his body, being forced to suck his cock. He told her to put his cock in her mouth, and she did, sucking on his head as he worked more of his cock into her mouth. Cindy was learning fast; she wanted him to cum as fast as possible so this nightmare would end quickly. She had about half of his cock in her mouth, he was forcing her head up and down, and she stroked his cock like she did earlier in the evening to Steven as he started moving his hips, forcing more and more of his cock inside of her mouth, his hand on the back of her head, moving it with his hips. He was fucking her face as she kept her hand on his cock to keep him from choking her, his grip on her head tightening with each stroke. He then grunted and she tried to pull her head away, but he was too strong as he filled her throat with his cum, making her gag. He made her lick his cock clean and then left the room and went to bed.

Cindy went into the bathroom to clean up, brushing her teeth first, then gargling with mouthwash, trying to get rid of the horrible taste in her mouth. She then locked her door and went to bed crying, trying to figure out how to never let this happen again, and how she was going to explain this to her mother. She finally went to sleep, but woke up a lot and tossed and turned all night. Her mother would be home later the next evening, and she decided she would get up early and get out of the house so she wouldn't have to face that asshole Jim.

Cindy had set her alarm for early in the morning, getting up and taking a fast shower. She quickly got dressed, and tip toed downstairs hoping that Jim was still sleeping. She walked into the kitchen and he was there at the table having coffee. "Aren't you going to give your daddy a good morning kiss honey?" He asked. She walked over to him and tried to give him a quick peck, but he grabbed her, pulling her tightly towards him, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. The bastard didn't even brush his teeth; she wanted to throw up, tasting stale booze, cigarettes and bad breath. He finally let up a little bit, but pulled her down in his lap, he was still wearing last nights crusty underwear, she could feel his hard on trying to wiggle into her butt crack, his hands groping her breasts through her shirt. She tried to get away, but he was way too strong, she could feel his vile breath on her neck as he continued his groping and grinding. "Please daddy, I have rehearsal this morning, I can't be late," it was a lie, but Cindy would do anything to get away from Jim. Surprisingly he released her, telling her that if she gave him a great good-bye kiss, he would let her go, so she kissed him like she kissed Steven the night before, tongues swirling, his hands now groping her fine, but still sore ass, hating every second of it. She must have satisfied him, because he let her go and picked up the sports section. He told her that her mother's plane would be in at 6PM, and that since he had to work his beat, she would have to pick her up, which was fine with Cindy, she wanted to be alone with her mother so that she could tell her what happened last night.

Cindy walked over to Gina's house to pick up her car, stopping in to say hello, Gina was there with Rob, he stayed over and they fooled around all night. Cindy and Gina had been friends for years, not super close, but since they lived near each other, hung out together a lot. Gina was about Cindy's height, but had a big round ass, and a big pair of boobs to match, she had short brown hair, and wasn't pretty, but was really cute. The guys all liked her because she put out and was very easy, losing her cherry at 14. Cindy was just killing time, there was no way she was going back home until Jim left for work, so she stayed and chatted with Gina and Rob until she saw Jim's car going down the street.

Cindy was so happy to see her mother at the airport, they hugged and kissed each other hello, and Cindy could smell alcohol on her mother's breath. On the drive home, Cindy worked up the courage to tell her mother about what happened last night with Jim. Cindy's mom listened with a lot of interest, and when Cindy was done, told her that she had quite a vivid imagination, and that there was no way Jim would do that to her. Cindy was crying now, trying to concentrate on the road while wiping tears out of her eyes, her life had just turned into a living hell, she had to live with that asshole Jim, and now had completely lost faith in her mother.

The next year was hell; her mother and Jim were big time alcoholics, fighting all the time while Jim kept abusing both of them verbally, and her mother physically. Whenever Sharon went out of town, Cindy would do her best to avoid Jim, sometimes succeeding, other times forced to be punished by his spankings, and forced to suck his cock. Her grades began to falter, she just couldn't concentrate on her studies, but she did continue her acting and singing, hoping that someday she could make a career of it and escape her living hell. She didn't go out on dates anymore, she hated men and the thought of sex was disgusting to her, how could her mother do this to her, bring that asshole into their lives, ruining all the good that was happening before they met him.

Cindy wanted to go as far away to college as possible, while her grades had faltered a bit, she still had a 3.8 out of 4 average, and had great scores on her college prep tests. She had applied to and been accepted to a lot of schools and had narrowed her choices to Duke and U of Cal at Berkley. She talked about going to college one night at the dinner table, Jim and her mom were bombed at the time, and Jim told her that there was no way they could afford any of those schools, that he expected her to get a full time job and could go to Community College in her spare time. Cindy was crushed, she told them that there was a chance that she could get a scholarship to some of the schools, and if she had to, would pay for it herself. Jim told her that she wasn't going anywhere, that she had to live at home and start paying rent, that this decision was final, end of subject, Cindy went to her room and cried herself to sleep.

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