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Shower Love


We arrive at our summer home in San Diego around 3pm on a Sunday. We are both exhausted. It's been a long flight and a long day. I am wearing baggy cargo shorts and a tee shirt. You are wearing a thin linen sundress and my favorite, a pair of very thin white lacy cotton thongs, a favor to me since you don't normally enjoy them, although u have started to enjoy them. They breath very well and you said you could barely tell they where on.

As soon as we walk through the door, we drop everything, except for a thin set of bed sheets; we brought a clean set of linen for our bed. We quickly throw the sheets on, pull out a light blanket and gently spread it out over our bed. We kick off our shoes and drop ourselves on our four post bed. Our clothes ruffle as we drop. Your dress, as flimsy and thin as it is ruffled up over your panties. The setting sun is shining through the window and on the bed, highlighting your beautiful legs, your tiny little panties with the little bow on the top. I immediately start getting hard. Your eyes closed, one hand is on the bad, palm down and the other hand is on your stomach, just below your breasts. You don't realize your dress had been up revealing your panties, but you can feel a cool breeze from drifting over your hips. I roll to my side and kiss your neck. I place my left hand on your hip. Starting at your hip bone and working my way under your dress, palming your stomach, and up to your ribs. You move your right hand to my face, just under my ear. I remove my hand from under your dress, and replace my hand at your right breast. You're not wearing a bra so I can tell your nipples are hard. They feel like they are going to pop through your dress.

"I have an idea," you say. You get up and lead me to the bathroom. We have a full bathroom, stand up shower more than enough room for 4 people, and a full whirl pool bathtub. You stop and face me. You reach for the bottom of your dress and pull it up over your head, and drop it to the tile floor. You are standing there in nothing but your thin panties. You take a step towards me and help me unbutton my shirt as I undo my shorts and step out of them. You just as quickly pull the shirt off my shoulders. I, in my boxer briefs and you in your sexy little pinky thongs, we are breathing heavy and both very horny for each other. Our bodies collide and our hands are back on each other. My cock pressed against your very hot pussy. Your thumbs slide under my waist band, making sure to stretch the band over my cock, and down my thighs. I hook my middle fingers under the sides of the thong and start to pull them down. You break our kiss and you spin to face your ass to me.

You slowly bend over and pull them down. As you do so, you push your ass out to me. I grab a hold of you and you raise slowly back up, making sure the arch of my cock is pressed up the length of your ass crack. I hold your hips with my hands and feel your hips. You press your ass against me harder as I pull you tighter. You then place your hands on my hands, entwining your fingers into mine, making you move my hands. You run my hands all over your body. You are guiding, I am going at a slower pace, much slower than you want me to. I am taking my time. It's killing you. You love it. You release my fingers and raise your hands over your head, stretching your body up. You grab my hair, holding my head from above. I kiss your ear, your neck. I am running my hands still slowly all over your body. You are so soft, loving the tiny hairs all over your body, giving you goose bumps. I stop at your tits. Squeezing them firmly, but softly, pinching your nipples, painfully but deliciously. You moan, letting me know when to release.

I love your tits, I whisper. I spin you quickly, delicately. I hate to break up our beautiful intimacy but I reach over with a swift hand, pop open the shower door and hit the shower knob to hot, knowing exactly where to put the knob. I embrace you from behind you, me pressing my body to you again. I wrap my arms around you. My right arm over your right shoulder cupping your left breast, my left arm under your left arm, cupping your right breast, While your hands on my forearms. We fit together perfectly. My cock pressed perfectly up the length between your cheeks. With your eyes closed, tilted to the side, I softly kiss your neck. By this time the mirror starts to fog up. I release you from our loving embrace yet again and turn the temperature down a bit. I step in to test the water so whatever happens it happens to me first, as I like to say. It's hot at first, then very relaxing. You can tell by the look on my face that it's very pleasant. I hold my hand out to you to help you in so you do not slip. You completely douse your head in the water. A look of you having slicked back hair is very sexy too. I grab you and start kissing you again. You halt your actions and kiss me back. You place your hands on my hairy chest and kiss me. My hands on your hips start the ascent to your ribs.

The sides of your breasts, over the curves, down your stomach, my fingers brush your hairless pussy. So so very smooth, I love it. You had told me you had just gotten waxed, I guess I had put it out of mind for a bit. I want you I say. You give me your big beautiful smile. The same smile I first fell in love with back in the armory after you caught me whistling or humming the Indiana Jones theme song so many years ago. I spin you around again so your back is to the wall of the shower It was chilly at first, you gave a slight gasp. I started kissing your neck again; licking; lightly sucking; you close your eyes again and start cooing; smiling. I reach down with my right hand. Running my hand over your tits; gently at first; I pinch your right left nipple first; you gasp. Then to be fair I show equal attention to your other breast. Your breathing gets deeper.

The hot water is still beating down on us. Your left hand is on the wall of the shower, the other hand is on my left shoulder. I run my hand down your stomach, down your pelvis and slowly rub your clit. You quiver. You have anticipated my touch. My concentrated touch to your clit all day, all you wanted was me to touch you there. Now, finally, being made hot and relaxed in the shower with your fiancé, me, the man you love so deeply, with so much of yourself given to him, and he is touching you, where only he can and does. The only man you want to touch you.

"I love you baby." You whisper. Your thoughts have never been so saturated. I love you. I love you so much! I whisper. I rub you in such a way that I know you enjoy. I listen to your breathing, it quickens and you whimper. Your eyebrows furrow. I am listening to you and watching your face. It's so angelic. It does not take long for you to succumb to your impulses. You cum hard; tightening your legs on my hand. Your nails dig into my shoulder. Your breathing gets longer, more dawn out. You start to relax.

Quickly, I reach up, adjust the shower head so it is not on us as much, I grab you by the waist smile and spin you around again, so your facing the wall. I have you bent over at the waist with me behind you, there is a small step. I have you put your hands on it for support. "Oh really, you ask, knowing exactly what's coming next. Mmm, hmm. I respond, still smiling. I feel for your oh so very wet pussy, I lean in slowly. You reach behind and grab a hold of my very hard cock.

"mmmmm, nice." You grab my cock and aim it for your pussy lips. "Come here," you gently command. I comply and move slowly. I can feel your lips open for me. You coo as I continue to push. Your pussy takes the shape of my cock. You're always so tight, hot and wet. You sigh deeply. You start to push back, but I now I take control. I put my hand on your shoulders and pull you deeper. You gasp. I reel back and push slightly harder. I pull back and pull you to me again.

Each time I continue the action, there a sloppy slurping sound. The water is slopping between our bodies creating a kind of humorous noise. We are in the moment paying little mind to the rude sounding noise. The more intoxicating and sexual charged noises are far more enjoyable; the grunting, sighing, cooing and heavy breathing are much more pleasing to the ears.

Mmmmm, baby...um, I'm going to cum." Me too I quickly respond. Our bodies pounding together, with each slam of my cock into your into your pussy, there is a grunt from me and whimper small hint of a scream from you. You are in total rapture, pure ecstasy. Your pussy is dripping, quivering with excitement, trying to take in all of my cock. I fill you up so much, you're so tight. You don't think you can take any more of me. You are ready to cum so hard. Almost at the same time, we start saying, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Arrrgh!

AS we come together you both make our final thrust. Me into you, you against me, we freeze. Holding each other, neither one moving, finally what seems like minutes, we start moving; shaking; we turn the shower off, step out. Only then do we realize....no towels. We look at each other and start to laugh. "Air-dry," I chuckle questioning. You look as though you have a new wind; you look at me for a second and take off running. "Air-dry" I respond to my own question and I take off chasing you.

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