tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 06

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 06


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, steered his steed Swift behind Narlissa as she guided him towards the location of the axe according to the map that Breanne had given him. They had been riding all day, and it was started to turn into evening. He hoped that they found the cave soon or he would lose another day trying to locate it.

"How far are we?" he said, riding alongside his half-elf companion.

"Not far at all," she smiled. "It is just over this hill, apparently."

He nodded, excited at being so close to his target, and they carried on. Unsurprisingly, Narlissa was right, and as they reached the bottom of the hill he spotted a cave, with a mouth partially hidden by fallen rocks but unmistakeably deep and dark.

"I think that is it," she said. "Shall we go in?"

Sir Jeffrey quickly climbed from Swift and entered the cave, Narlissa not far behind. It was dark and musty and he could hear water dripping from further in. He wished he had a torch. Running his hands along the walls he soon found himself in total darkness and had to feel his way along. He really hoped this was the right cave.

"And that I don't get lost in here!" he said out loud to himself, then regretted it as the sound bounced back from the walls. He also hoped there was no one to fight. He disliked fighting. He heard Narlissa giggle from behind him. Clearly, she was more comfortable here.

As he rounded a corner his eyes widened. He could suddenly see, a glowing light seeming to fill the room in front of him. The room was more of a cavern, really, with small waterfalls falling into springs around the edges. It was then that he realised the glowing light was coming from the centre of the room, where an axe floated in midair.

"There it is!" he gasped, and he heard Narlissa's breath catch behind him as she saw it too.

"Go and get it, Sir Knight!" she said happily.

He stepped forwards. He was so close now, and he reached out to grasp the hilt of the axe...

"Stop!" shouted a voice, and Sir Jeffrey froze. He did not expect to find anyone else here.

He slowly turned, and his jaw dropped. A woman stood at the entrance to the cavern in shining silver armour. Long blonde hair fell from her head and piercing blue eyes shone back at him. She was glaring at him, and her hand moved to the sword at her waist.

"You are not to take that, thieves. It is mine."

"Yours?" Sir Jeffrey said, surprised. "If it is yours then why have you not taken it?"

She strode towards him then, anger in her eyes. "Because I had not found it. But it belongs in my family line, and as such I claim it."

Narlissa stood there, clearly scared by the woman, and Sir Jeffrey did not blame her. Narlissa could look after herself, but she was not a fighter, and this woman was fully armoured and clearly not wary about using her sword. Even Sir Jeffrey, who should have been ready to defend himself, found himself moving out of the woman's way as she pushed past him.

He could only stare aghast as the woman grabbed the axe and began to march from the cave.

"Wait!" he shouted after a moment. The woman did not turn back. He hurried after her, Narlissa on his heels.

Soon he found himself back outside again. The woman was climbing onto her horse, and he noticed that three other people were mounted around her, all men. They glared at him and moved for their weapons, but she waved them calm.

"He means no harm, I believe. He is merely trying to find a legendary weapon for the benefit of his Queen, are you not, Sir Knight?"

Jeffrey nodded, and stepped towards her. "I am indeed, m'lady. I need to do something of the sort to earn my rank as full Knight. I had hoped to take the axe, but you have taken it from me."

The woman's eyes narrowed, but despite that she did seem to be warming to Jeffrey. "It is my axe, Sir Knight. It is unfortunate you have come all this way, but that is the way these things happen. But now, I must go to have my rank confirmed by the Queen."

"You are a Knight Errant too?" Sir Jeffrey asked.

The woman nodded in response, before waving her companions to follow her. She rode from sight.

"Fuck," Sir Jeffrey said as she disappeared. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned to see Narlissa looking at him with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I know what it's like to see something you want taken when you've almost got it."

Sir Jeffrey shrugged. "I suppose I'll just have to try and think of some other way to earn full rank."

"Could you not follow her?" Narlissa suggested. "If you are present when she shows the axe to the Queen, she may feel pressured into making mention of your role in discovering the axe."

Sir Jeffrey considered her for a moment. It was better than doing nothing, which was the alternative. He nodded. "Ok then, Narlissa, take me to the city."

"I cannot take you into the city, Jeffrey, as I am a wanted person there, but I will take you to its walls."

She quickly mounted up and Jeffrey followed suit. They rode quickly from the cave, after the woman who had taken the axe.

Swift lived up to her name over the next few hours as he hurtled through the wilderness. Narlissa's steed, too, was very fast, and although they never saw sign of the woman and her three companions, he knew that they were not far ahead by the freshness of their tracks.

Eventually, they came to a main road, and Narlissa slowed her horse as they reached it. She looked at him with a sad smile. "We are here," she said. "So I must leave you now."

Sir Jeffrey glanced up the road. The sun was setting in the sky now, the darkness of night falling over the land. He could see the city guards beginning to line up at the gate as it shut. He did not think he would make in into the city before night.

"Narlissa, I do not think I will make it beyond the walls tonight. I shall have to wait until morning. Would you perhaps be amenable to receiving payment in one final installment?"

He turned back to her with a grin, and was delighted to see the glint that sparked through her eyes. "I did show you through the forest to here..." she agreed, before nodding.

"Good, I see an inn a little closer to the city."

They rode towards it, and though Sir Jeffrey was annoyed that he would not get into the city tonight to chase the woman who had taken the axe, he was pleased at the prospect of another evening with Narlissa. Judging by the throb that had started in his balls, so was his magic cock.

They reached the inn not long after, and Sir Jeffrey handed a gold coin to the lad who ran out to get their horses, and they both stepped inside. He noticed three men sat at the bar eyeing him, but ignored it, hopeful that they were not going to cause trouble and were merely jealous that he was in the company of such a gorgeous woman in Narlissa.

Handing a gold coin to the barkeep, he headed upstairs with his half-elf companion. It was only minutes later that he stumbled into his room with Narlissa already kissing him, shutting the door behind her.

Her armour was off in what seemed like seconds, and so was his. They collapsed onto the bed and Sir Jeffrey delighted in the feel of the half-elf's naked body against him. Her large breasts were pressed against his chest and he slowly rolled over. He began to kiss her tits and she moaned, pressing his head into her cleavage.

Soon he had kissed lower and he pushed her legs apart with eagerness. She cried out as his tongue found her pussy, running along her lips.

"Oh yes, Jeffrey, eat me like that!"

He did as he was told, hungrily eating her cunt, enjoying her taste. Narlissa moaned loudly on the bed, writhing at his efforts, and it wasn't long until her eyes flashed open and she arched her back.

"I'm coming!" she screamed, before collapsing back onto the bed and breathing in deeply. She glanced at Jeffrey, grinning.

"Now I want your big cock inside me, Sir Knight," she giggled. He climbed up the bed, kissing the half-elf as he positioned his member with her pussy. She moaned into their kiss as he pushed inwards.

Her velvet cunt felt amazing around his length and he stared into her brown eyes with bliss as he started to move his hips. Soon he was pumping away with pace, both of them groaning and moaning with the utter pleasure of their fucking.

"You feel so good, Narlissa," Jeffrey grunted, staring at the beautiful woman beneath him. Her body shook and she grinned up at him.

"Then fuck me, Jeffrey!" she said with need in her eyes.

He could not resist, and started to hammer his cock into her cunt. She felt amazing, and he could feel her muscles tensing and untensing with pleasure. Soon, however, she was hunching forwards, and he knew from the look on her face that she was going to come again. This time so was he.

"Oh fuck!" he shouted as his cum burst from the tip of his cock, spraying into Narlissa. She screamed out too, her juices seeping from around his member as she came onto his cock. Her cunt spasmed against his length as she twitched with utter ecstasy.

After a short while, she collapsed back onto the bed, where Jeffrey rolled over to be next to her.

"I hope your final payment was worth staying for, Narlissa," he grinned.

"Final payment?" she smirked. "Oh no, Sir Knight. We have morning yet."

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