tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 06

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 06


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, woke in the early morning, the sun just rising through the trees. He could tell because Marigold's cottage did not have curtains on the windows, although that did not bother him - they were far too isolated for anyone to come across them.

He turned to see if the witch was still asleep next to him and was disappointed to see that she was not. As always in the morning, his magic cock demanded attention. But he had learned that he could ignore it for many hours before its call grew too much so he did just that, climbing out of bed and walking into the main room still naked.

Marigold was stood in front of the cauldron there, stirring a blue liquid inside. "Good morning," she said, letting her eyes wander over him.

"Morning," Jeffrey smiled. "I should be on my way, Marigold. I must find the bandit camp."

The olive-skinned beauty nodded, brushing her white hair away from her face. She had dressed into her black robes. "I understand. But first, to help you in your endeavours, I am brewing you a potion."

"A potion?" he asked. "But you have already helped me tremendously with the magical parchment, Marigold."

"That was payment. This is a gift." She grinned at him, before tossing a powder into the liquid. It hissed for a moment, then went still. "Almost done, I just need one last thing." She turned to him then. "I need a sample of your life force, Jeffrey, to attune the potion to you." She started to slink towards him.

"A sample of my life force?"

Marigold nodded. "Yes. Blood is the usual source. It is quick and easy to obtain and there's normally plenty of it. But it's not the only source." She reached him then, and moved to whisper in his ear. "I can use your cum just as well, Jeffrey."

Suddenly she sank to her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. Jeffrey moaned, quickly growing hard at the witch's work and soon his member was rigid. Marigold groaned onto his length, kissing and licking at every inch of flesh as she pleasured him with her mouth, using her lips and tongue and hands to bring him racing towards release.

They carried on that way for a few minutes as Jeffrey stared down lustfully at the white-haired witch so expertly sucking his cock and her eyes stared into his. He could feel her groans vibrating through his member and that was all he needed.

"Fuck!" he shouted as his orgasm hit him and his jizz spilled into her mouth. Yet Marigold did not swallow, instead letting his seed splash around her tongue. When he was done, she withdrew her head, reaching for a vial and spitting his cum into it.

"Perfect," she grinned wickedly, before moving to the cauldron and holding the vial above it. Catching Jeffrey's eye, she laughed. "Do not worry, Jeffrey, I will not add your seed to the potion. I do not expect you to drink your own cum."

He breathed a subconscious sigh of relief and Marigold giggled, before placing her finger on the bottom of the vial. Withdrawing it, a shining golden line connected her fingertip and the base of the vial, before she flicked it towards the potion. The glowing string splashed into the surface, the potion bubbling furiously. Then it went still. His cum remained in the vial, which she placed to one side. Then she dipped an empty flask into the cauldron.

"Your potion," she said happily, offering him the now-filled flask.

He took it gratefully. "What does it do?"

"It is an invisibility potion. It will hide you from sight for a full hour."

"An invisibility potion?" he gasped.

"Indeed. A single word of warning, however - when you are using it you must not cast any other spells. Magic will interfere with its effect. However, since you are a knight and not a wizard, I doubt there is much to concern yourself with."

Jeffrey was taken aback. This woman had provided him with two spectacular gifts, and all because he had let her travel on Swift. Well, that and fucked her so hard she had almost passed out from the pleasure. "Thank you, Marigold."

"No, thank you," the witch smiled. "And though it pains me to say it, Jeffrey, you must be on your way."

He agreed, returning to the bedroom to dress. Soon he was in his armour and he collected his pack. With a lingering kiss goodbye from Marigold, he mounted Swift and rode her away from the cottage, clutching the magic parchment in his hands and following the arrow.

Sir Jeffrey rode for many hours, never deviating from the direction of the map except where he had to follow a road or came across an obstruction. Even so, the arrow always made sure it was pointing in the right direction, flowing across the parchment like fresh ink. Jeffrey was amazed by it.

It was early evening when he saw the first signs of smoke in the distance. He had passed no villages for many hours and found himself well and truly in the wilderness. In the distance the mountains loomed tall, growing in size until they were breathtakingly large, and deceptively far away. The air was cooler here too.

Jeffrey reined Swift in to better look at the source of the smoke. Picking out a hill nearby, he angled the mare towards it and soon found himself looking down into a small valley. Sure enough, a few large tents were dotted around, surrounded by smaller ones. A wall of wooden spikes surrounded the encampment. It certainly looked like the bandit camp and the arrow on Jeffrey's magical parchment was pointing right at it.

He quickly led Swift back down the hill, knowing that a sentry might spot him if he stayed there too long. Then he moved back up the hill just enough to be able to see the camp once more but remain hidden from view. There, he began to plot his next move.

Slowly the sun sank towards the horizon and Jeffrey realised he was getting hungry, tired and horny. He sighed. He wished he could have brought Marigold with him, not just for her skills but also because he was sure she would have taken great delight in relieving him of his horniness.

A movement in some low-lying bushes at the base of the hill caught Jeffrey's attention. He flattened himself to the hill and crept forwards. A figure emerged from the bushes, moving towards Swift slowly and Jeffrey's breath caught. He could not allow any harm to come to his steed. Racing forwards as quietly as he could, he wished he had Narlissa's stealth.

But being dressed in full armour meant that he could not be very stealthy at all, and the figure whirled around to face him, withdrawing a sword. Jeffrey raised his hands. Was this a bandit?

"Who are you?" he demanded. "That is my steed."

"Are you among them?" the figure said in a strange accent, motioning towards the bandit camp. "A thief?"

Jeffrey shook his head violently. "I am not. I am Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land. I come on a noble task. Lower your weapon, please."

The figure lowered their weapon and stepped towards him. Jeffrey gasped.

It was a woman, wearing a tight leather chestpiece which stretched taut across a pair of large breasts and a short skirt with a chainmail overlay that served to highlight her long legs. She was tall, about 5'10" by Jeffrey's reckoning. Her figure was lovely, and her amber eyes equally so. What caught Jeffrey's attention the most, however, were the two almost-elven pointed ears on the side of her head, and her dull green skin.

An orc!

She did not look at all like he expected. From the stories he thought that orcs would be huge and barbaric looking, yet this woman was anything but. She was slender and feminine, as much so as any human woman, and just as gorgeous. With her pointed ears she looked like a taller and slightly broader elf, just with green skin. She didn't even have tusks or horns or any of the things he thought orcs might possess. She was simply a stunning woman.

"Then you hunt them too?" the woman said, nodding towards the encampment again.

Jeffrey took a moment to answer, so surprised by her presence was he. He had heard stories of orcs but never encountered one himself. He did not expect her to be so... attractive. Her brown hair was braided and held upwards in a tight ponytail. Orc or not, she was exceptionally hot and he was exceptionally horny. A familiar feeling ran through his groin.

He remembered then that she had asked him a question. "Yes, I do. And I guess so do you."

She nodded. "They have stolen something of my tribe's. If you wish to retrieve something from them, then we are allies, at least in this."

Jeffrey was glad to hear her say that. He got the distinct impression that this woman would be a formidable foe.

He smiled. If they were allies then they needed to know each other's names. "I am Jeffrey," he said, offering his hand. "And you?"

"Vrika," she responded, taking the outstretched palm. She grinned at him and nodded towards his hand. "Human customs are still strange to me, but I believe this is what you expected?"

He laughed. "Yes, that is a handshake. Come, Vrika, shall we make a move on the bandits?"

"No. It is too dark," the orc said bluntly, looking up at the sky. It was darkening quickly. "I have been watching them for two days. Their sentries are more numerous at night. It is the worst time to assault their walls."

Jeffrey did not disbelieve her. This orc was clearly well-versed in such things. "Then what do we do? Wait?"

Vrika nodded. "Yes. I have a camp not far from here. You are welcome to join me there."

She left then, striding away from Jeffrey. The trees were sparser here but he would still lose her amongst the shadows if he did not hurry. He mounted Swift quickly and rode after the orc.

They travelled only a short distance before he saw her tent. She moved straight inside, and Jeffrey dismounted Swift, hitching her to a tree nearby. He wondered if it was too dark to set up his own tent.

"I have food, Jeffrey. Come," he heard Vrika say, and he turned to see her smiling at him from the entrance to the tent. He quickly moved inside, eager to eat.

The orc woman passed him a joint of meat, which he hungrily devoured. It was rabbit, he realised, and delicious. Between mouthfuls, they spoke.

He learned that she was of the Tribe of the Blue Sword, and that she had been sent by her Tribe Chieftain to reclaim an item stolen from them by these bandits. She had been here a few days watching. Then he had arrived. She asked him what he was doing here.

"I was sent by the Duchess to reclaim something from these bandits," he said. He did not want to say the sceptre was missing since this woman was from the tribe that had given it to Lady Brenwick's grandmother.

Vrika stopped eating. "The Duchess? Jeffrey, I think we have something in common. If I tell you something, will you keep it to yourself?"

"Of course," Jeffrey nodded. He was a knight and an honourable man. He could keep a secret.

"The item I am trying to reclaim. It is a sceptre. The sceptre used in the peace ceremony with your people every year. What item are you trying to get back?"

Jeffrey's eyes went wide. "They stole our sceptre too! They stole both!"

Vrika considered a moment. Jeffrey got the impression she was very clever as well as beautiful and strong. "I think they have taken both deliberately," she said at last. "We shall have to find out why tomorrow."

She sighed and finished eating her rabbit, tossing the bones out of the tent flap. Then she turned to Jeffrey. "I am retiring to my bedroll now," she said bluntly.

Jeffrey stood. "Then I shall see you in the morning, Vrika, before we attack the bandit camp." He was going to have to find somewhere private to relieve his intense horniness very soon.

Vrika grinned. "Jeffrey, my statement was not an announcement. It was an invitation. I have learned a little of the human customs. It is time you learned some of the orcs'."

An invitation? Lust flooded Jeffrey's veins at the offer. "What is the custom?"

"We have made an agreement to aid one another. In orcish lands, an agreement is always sealed with one of three things: gold or blood... or sex. I do not need gold, Jeffrey, and I have no desire to fight you. If I am to keep custom with my people, that leaves us with only one option."

She lifted her chainmail skirt then, revealing that she was wearing no underwear. Jeffrey's mouth watered at the sight of her glistening pussy. Its lips were green, of course, but it was otherwise identical to a human's. He wondered if it tasted and felt the same too.

Before Vrika could say another word Jeffrey had dived between her legs, eagerly lapping at the orc's sopping wet cunt. She moaned, reaching out to grab his head, and he ate her yet more hungrily. Soon she was pressing her hips back hard against his face, enjoying his work.

Then he pushed two fingers inside her too and he swirled them around as he licked her clit and lips. He enjoyed the way her pussy tightly grasped his fingers and he could feel her tunnel narrowing on them as her orgasm rapidly approached. Her amber eyes rolled backwards.

It did not take much longer for the orc to climax against his face, smearing her juices over his chin. He kept kissing her cunt even as she came, and the orgasm seemed to last a while. Eventually though it was over and Vrika sat back with a grin.

"I'm glad to see you know your way around an orc's body," she giggled, before reaching down and grasping Jeffrey's chin and pulling him in for a kiss.

He kissed back, reaching for her chainmail skirt and Vrika did not stop him from untying it and pulling it from her body. Her long, strong legs were revealed in their entirety and he moaned at the sight. Then she started to undress him and soon his armour was discarded in the corners of the tent. Sliding the leather chestpiece from Vrika's body, Jeffrey had the orc naked too moments later.

Vrika grabbed his shoulders, pulling him down on top of her as they continued to kiss, then rolled over until he was on his back and she was perched above him. Her big tits hung down and he took hold of them eagerly, feeling the soft green globes filling his hands and giving them a good squeeze.

Jeffrey groaned as Vrika pulled away, then slowly turned around until she was facing away from him. Then she lifted her hips and settled on his cock, her hot cunt drawing him in as she lowered herself.

"By the moon that's good," she moaned, immediately moving her hips. She was soon bouncing very quickly, letting herself ride him with passion. Jeffrey appreciated the sight of her lovely ass and the curve of her body as she rode him. He could see her breasts swaying with her movements and he reached around her to grab one as she bounced on him in reverse.

Her tits felt wonderful in his hands just as her cunt felt wonderful around his cock. His fingers sank into the soft flesh of her breasts and then he dropped his hands to hold Vrika's hips instead. He could not keep them still, so desirable was she.

They stayed that way for a long while, their moans loud in the small tent and his hands exploring every inch of her lovely green body. Slowly the orc's movements grew more passionate and vigorous. He could feel himself surging towards release and he voiced a warning as Vrika's cunt started to narrow on his member.

"I'm so close," he groaned, feeling his balls twitching. He would come any second now.

"Me too! Yes!" she replied desperately, throwing her hips down. Her moans were insistent and she was not far away.

Moments later she shrieked out as her pussy seized hold of his magic cock. She pressed her hips down against him and whilst he could not see her face he could tell from her rapturous whimpers and the way her cunt spasmed that she was coming around his cock more powerfully than she likely ever had before. He joined her in release as his cum sprayed into her pussy, waves of pleasure pulsing through them both as they came in unison.

Afterwards, the orc slumped down on top of him, slowing lifting her hips to let his deflating member slip free. Then she turned with a wicked glint in her eye, kissing Jeffrey and settling down next to him.

"Our agreement is sealed," she said quietly, a satisfied smile on her face. "We will achieve our goal together."

Sir Jeffrey liked the sound of that.

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